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Spells and Wishes - spellsandwishes.com - Fake Review Forum


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Spells and Wishes is a fake forum created by one of my competitors. Spellsandwishes.com is a website used to draw traffic by posting false defamatory reviews about nearly every other successful spell caster and psychic online. I’ve heard numerous complaints from people who have been influenced to purchase services from Spell Binding Sisters as they are highly advertised on their forum.

Spellsandwishes.com is nothing but another website forum scam. The admins on their forum spend most of their day posting comments under multiple profiles pretending to be victims and/or people who have seen results using the Spell Binding Sisters or Amanda Woods.

Red Flags:
  • None of the users on SpellsandWishes are using real avatars. If it were a real forum, wouldn’t you expect there to be at-least some profile pictures of actual people?
  • Why does every comment on their website look like it was typed by the same person?
  • The forum is poorly put together. If you try to post good reviews about anyone, except for SBS, your account will get banned or suspended.
  • Marie and Infinity are admins, yet both of them claim they were repeatedly scammed by nearly every spell caster/psychic on the planet.

I would strongly encourage the owner of SpellsandWishes.com to remove ALL defamatory and false comments off of their forum before they end up served with a court order and sued.
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If you are under the impression that you can use my name, bad mouth me and my website so that you can make money, you were sadly mistaken.

Remember, you started this willful, malicious aggression. I have never done anything to you to deserve this. You have no idea what you have just started. I do not lack the funds or the manpower to destroy you in any arena. You have made a stupendous mistake. You have no idea what I am capable of!

Resolution: This topic and videos will be removed from Ashra.net when you have removed ALL topics related to "Ashra" from your website.

Update to Spells and Wishes: I'm not behind the attacks that have been happening to you during the week of May 20 - 26th. I suggest you investigate and find out who the source is. If I had any issues with you, they would be posted on my forum where I can easily remove them as per the message above.[/box]
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I looked at their website right now on spellsandwishes.com and just by look of their website is totally fake. You can tell it just by looking and there are list of spell casters on their website including Ashra and I checked on it and there are people who like three persons who say that Ashra is not real. Just by the look on their profile, its really just a made up profile and there are no avatars on their profile. So they are just doing it to make money off Ashra's reputation. Its such a shame that Ashra's competitors are doing this to her. They are so cheap to the fact that they made dummy profile just to trash-talk Ashra. They are really insecure about Ashra becaue Ashra is the best spellcaster ever. So guy, I don't think you will believe that spellsandwishes is real. Just by looking at there website, it already looks so unreal. Don't trust any other spellcasters, only trust and only go to Ashra Koehn because she is real and legit.
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I have never heard of Spells and Wishes until just now, but I hope that no one else will fall for their fake forum. I feel so bad for everyone that has found the Spell Binding Sisters through their forum and lost their money thinking that they were real spell casters. No one should trick others that need help from a real spell caster. Especially if those people that say they’re spell casters will take your money and run. Hopefully more people will find you Ashra because you really seem like the only real spell caster online and your spells actually worked for a lot of people.
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It just seems very odd to me that they promote the same people all over that site (spellsandwishes.com). I’ve been a member there for a few months now trying to research spellcasters and pretty much used everyone they all recommended and saw no results over months. But within only a little over a month of using Ashra I’ve had so many signs and movement and even a little contact from my ex. I had none of that with other spell casters. It just seems like whoever runs that site is in with certain “spell casters” and using that to make them money.
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Wow, I'm actually glad this is here. I actually considered going to them for a spell at one point but now I'm glad I found you, Ashra. Hopefully anyone else considering will stumble on this thread while doing a search or something to check their facts.

I agree that the Spells and Wishes forum looks and feels fake.
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I too came across SpellsandWishes. To me, that name does sound fake as well. I find it rude and offensive that they are treating Ashra like they are better than her when they are not. I was looking on their forum and they basically just talk bad about everyone. Ashra is not the only victim, there are a lot of credible and popular spell casters and psychics being slander by their so-called forum. Too many red flags stand out.

First of all, you can tell they are fake if the administrator uses a profile picture that does not show who they really are, they just show a picture of a sunset. If you are going to make a site, at least show your face so we know your real. Apparently, they are not real, if they dont show their face. There are so many other things wrong with this website that makes spellandwishes look fake. I would not use that site, there are no real spellcasters on there. The only real spell caster I know of is Ashra.

Thank you to whoever made these videos and thank you Ashra for sharing these videos! It really helps a lot!
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I looked up Spells and Wishes after I saw all the topics saying they are fake and straight away I saw a lot of red flags about their forum. None of the comments were real and the people clearly just want money from you and don't actually care about your situation or even care about helping you. They defame every one of their rivals and then try to manipulate you towards Spell Binding Sisters which seems to be the only spell caster being recommend on their site.

Their forum (spellsandwishes.com) is a trap to convince people that every one is fake except for SBS or Amanda Woods. Don't fall for it!

I'm so glad Ashra created a topic about them so we are warned and can warn other people who need actual help these people are just scams. I would only trust Ashra.
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Her competitors need to stop playing these games. They are not only taking advantage of the weaknesses of these people who is asking for their help.

Thanks for this video Ashra. I looked at Spells and Wishes and I can't imagine how many fake accounts they are making daily to manipulate their visitors. Stay clear away from them.

Good luck guys! just no matter what happened. I will stay here.
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Wow. I really didn't know that they are fake! Luckily I never use their services at all and decided to go with Ashra.
I’m actually quite fuming about their Spells and Wishes Forum! Poor Ashra she puts her 100% into helping people/all her members and she gets treated this way! It’s awful and so disrespectful to her. I believe in Ashra Koehn and her spells 100% Why would we see so many signs and so many movement like we do?! This is clearly not coincidence is it!

It’s so frustrating I can only imagine how Ashra is feeling! I hope this post gets approved because I want to get my point across that Ashra is REAL! And also her SPELLS!

My opinion on the Spells and Wishes Forum:

My opinion on the Spellbinding Sisters:
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I've heard about Spells and Wishes before. The fact they started an entire topic/forum discussion on you, Ashra, is unreal. I knew it was sketchy when they would sometimes divert their "complaints" about you to "hey try this person, I had good luck" big time competitor alert! The forum, spellsandwishes.com, is terrible and one of the worse reviews sites ever. I hope people aren't able to fall for it. I'm so glad I found you when I did because I instantly felt safe knowing I was doing the right thing and did not feel pressured whatsoever. Also, the amount of positivity and testimonies on this forum are real and kind. There is no need for negativity or bad-mouthing... something that website obviously hasn't figured out yet.

Thank you for sharing, Ashra. I hope you are able to put a stop to them at the very least and get this resolved soon!
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That's so awful!! Sorry Ashra that people do that. It's a shame how people can do things as such. I have seen a few pages and stuff like that. Clearly Spells and Wishes is a fake forum. It's pretty obvious when you look that they are not real.

A lot of Ashra's competitors use dirty tricks. Don't fall for them. They only want money from you and they keep taking more and more saying this wrong with your aura or something dark is on you and you need to buy more spells and stuff. It's all about money out there nobody cares about your problem. But Ashra definitely is different and cares about everyone who comes to her for help.
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Spells and Wishes is not a real spell casting company. They are fake and take people money and the spells do not work. They keep making excuses so they will get more money out of you. They are really jealous of Ashra so they try to slander her name but I am a witness that Ashra is REAL and her spells do work. She has so many success stories as Spells and Wishes have nothing but bad reviews. I would not waste my time with their silly forum spellsandwishes.com; even if they gave me a free spell that did work. They are selfish rude and just all around bad. I hope everyone takes my advice and does not deal with Spells and Wishes.
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I believe the person who created their fake review forum ‘Spells and Wishes’ has nothing better to do with their life other then bring Ashra down.

Ashra is not a vicious person, I really don’t understand why she is always attacked, she doesn’t deserve one bit of it.

To me it seems like other spellcasters or people claiming to be spelcasters to lure people in, are truly jealous of her and her success that they need to impersonate her or bring down her good name.

Leave Ashra alone!
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The Admin (Marie) couldn't make me laugh any harder:hilarious:. What a joke! They not only removed my comments from their forum, they ban my account!:hilarious: I can't say I didn't expect it. I saw it coming! Guys... their forum (Spells and Wishes) is totally fake and none of the comments on their forum are real. They use the forum as a tool to funnel traffic towards Amanda Woods and Spellbinding Sisters.

Marie seems to laugh in your face when ever you say anything positive about someone who is not one of their "recommended" spell casters.

I also heard that they use your email address and personal information against you. Because they are not a real company, all rules are out the window. They will scam you until your penniless.
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Yeah! I have noticed that none of them are real accounts on SpellsandWishes. They don't have real picture and the way of writing of all the comments are same...

How can a person do this?
How can a person cheat another person who is already in trouble just for money?
Disregard of someone's feelings and making money out of their misery is terrible....
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The spellsadwishes.com website is a defamatory forum that is just there to defame successful spellcasters and make potential clients believe that the spellcasters they are promoting are real but they are just a bunch of scams.

They administrators of this forum pretend to have hired Ashra before and got no results from her spells but they dont even talk about the exact spells they got from her. I am sure they don't even know the spells she has on her website. They are selfish, rude and will insult anyone who posts a positive review about any spellcaster that they are trying to defame. I wrote about the positive changes I have seen in my ex since I hired Ashra Koehn for anyone out there who might be looking for legit spellcasters on that forum, but I I just got insulted by one of the administrators known as Marie and they banned my account.

They are just so rude. All they do is trash talk Ashra along with any other spell caster or psychic who is popular and then pretend to have had success with the spell binding sisters and Amanda Woods to make people believe in them and also hire them to cast spells for them.

Ashra is legit and does not deserve what this people are doing and saying about her. Spellsandwishes.com is a fake forum and no one should believe a word they say. Spellbinding Sisters a.k.a Amanda Woods should cast real spells if they even have the gift to cast spells and let their results and success speak for themselves and not trash-talk spellcasters who are innocent, honest and legit.
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Wow I can’t believe that one of their admins called someone an “idiot”. That means they know Ashra works and are now trying to put down people who have used her.

Now they locked the thread saying Ashra was sending people over to post. I was actually a member of that forum way before this one.
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To the Admins of SpellsandWishes.com:

If you are under the impression that you can use my name, bad mouth me and my website so that you can make money, you were sadly mistaken.

Remember, you started this willful, malicious aggression. I have never done anything to you to deserve this. You have no idea what you have just started. I do not lack the funds or the manpower to destroy you in any arena. You have made a stupendous mistake. You have no idea what I am capable of!

Resolution: This topic and videos will be removed from Ashra.net when you have removed ALL topics related to "Ashra" from your website.
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Marie makes me laugh. :hilarious: Nothing is more fake then a faceless admin on a silly forum called SpellsandWishes. You ban my account when I tried to post anything positive on your forum. I hear you call people idiots when they have an opinion you don't like to hear. I'm not the only person saying this. Many people find you rude and heartless.

Marie, why don't you show your face!:laugh: If you are so real (as you claim), then you should be able to show your face. I doubt you ever will, but you'll come up with a nice excuse.
Ashra is right. Spells and Wishes is a fake and slanderous website. Do not listen to them and do not follow them. They defame every popular psychic out there in an attempt to lure in new clients. Most of her competitors are fakes. Take a look at the success rate and stories on here. You all know better than to turn to Spells and Wishes and Spell Binding Sisters.
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I was called a lurker for saying something positive and saying I had actually used the other spellcasters and no results.
Before Ashra, I used Spellbinding Sisters and saw no results. I tried contacting them and they never bothered emailing me back. I was naive and thought real people were commenting on the Spells and Wishes Forum. As such, I hired Amanda Woods when SBS failed to deliver on their promise. I had the same experience with her; no results. Their forum is a scam. Its so obvious when you take a step back and realize how their scam works.
They banned me. See this just proves all our points. They are fake and don’t care about anyone. They just want to scam people out of their money. I used both Spellbinding Sisters and Amanda Wood before finding Ashra. Because I didn’t know better I found that page and thought hey people had results. But now I know better. And the fact that they ban people and close threads because we say something positive about Ashra just proves they are not in it to help people. I’ve never been banned from anything in my life. And to get banned because I’ve had results with someone they don’t promote is just ridiculous.
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Dar2003, I am terribly sorry they banned you. SpellsandWishes.com is fake, so I wouldn't get too upset over the fact that they banned you. Its stupid of them to ban you even though you were saying positive things about Ashra Koehn. I know Ashra will never ban you if you are just being positive about her and everyone else on this forum.
Have a great day!
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I just viewed their fake forum and I think it is really pathetic. You can really tell most of the comments are by the same person or few people which is quite sad. I also saw that they bad mouth every other spell caster but themselves which just goes to show they are desperate and have to bad mouth others to make themselves look good which really has not worked :D. Ashra is amazing and she is a genuine spell caster and psychic. I will always stick with Ashra and recommend her for anyone who wants real results.

Amanda Wood of blackwitchcraftspells.com ( Black
Witchcraft Spells ) should be avoided along with Spellbinding Sisters.
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SPELL BINDING SISTERS and SPELLS AND WISHES is the worst spell casters ever. You might as well waste your money or just throw it away. You do not get results and they will not reply back and when they do they are very unprofessional and rude and they are only about money. They always say you need more spells. I would not recommend anyone to them and they slander and try to get people to believe Ashra is not real but she is. I have seen movements and signs with my spell and she replies back when she can and she helps me and many others. She cares about all her clients and I am so glad I found her and she is helping bring my lover back. THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO ASHRA I appreciate it you are a blessing to me.
So glad to see my videos uploaded along with others. Thank you so much Ashra. It is really necessary to spread the awareness so that innocent ones don't fall into this. And I come to know that Amanda Wood is also one of them. And I am thinking of making a video about that too...
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Spellsandwishes.com is website to discredit successful spellcasters and to make potential clients believe that Spellbinding Sisters and Amanda wood are real spellcasters. I contacted Amanda Wood some months ago, but she didn't even bother to respond to my email or even get to know my situation. I haven't heard from her up to now which only shows how fake she is. The spellbinding sisters are also fake. A real spellcaster won't hire people to trash talk successful spellcasters just to get the attention of potential clients and lute them in to believing that they are the only ones who can deliver results, rather they will let their good work speak for them which they don't have because no one has had success with their spells. They should give up and take down the spellsandwishes.com forum, blackwitchcraftspells.com, and find something better to do with their lives.
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I am sorry for Ashra having to face all these people trying to write negative reviews of her. Only Ashra should be trusted because she genuinely cares about her clients and she takes the time to listen to them. All of her spells are effective and we don't always have to pay with money.

Contact Ashra so she can help you :D and don't listen to these fake review forums.
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Ashra has just brought to my attention via email that Spells and Wishes is using my profile pic and username. She asked if it was me, and I was shocked by what I saw: Not only did Spells and Wishes steal my profile pic and username without my consent, but they also went on to write in their forum that I put my faith and trust in Ashra and that she failed me. What?! I quickly emailed Ashra back and let her know that this wasn't me, and that I was appalled that they would do this just to try and ruin her reputation. It's insane!!! I've been working with Ashra for a few months now and I am so pleased with all of her work. Since she cast my last spell about a month and a half ago, my lover did make small contact with me. He's breaking out of his shell slowly, and it's all because of Ashra, so whatever Spells and Wishes is trying to do, it isn't working. I'm warning everyone to be cautious of them; they do steal pics and usernames from other sites, a lot of them being from Ashra's forum, and they use them to tarnish the reputation of every single spell caster except SBS (Spell Binding Sisters), who have proven to be a total scam. Please be careful. According to the source Ashra sent me, they made the fake profile of me less than a day ago, and my new profile picture has been up for about 5 days on Ashra's forum. If I could sue these people, I would, but I'm sure by the time I do, they'll get rid of the evidence that my property was stolen. Also, I've read and heard that if you talk nice about any other spell caster except SBS, you get banned for it. How can you get banned if you never sign up on the forum? It's so confusing, but what they're doing is wrong. They need to be shut down immediately.
I checked the spellsandwishes.com immediately after I got curious and saw this thread.

Obviously for me their site is a huge fake because all of those people who posted comments seems typed by the only one person, and the funny thing is that I never saw even one person on that site showed their face. All of them was hiding their faces so it is a big fake and everything that has been said there was definitely a lie.

I won't doubt that it's created by one of Ashra's competitors and the one who created that site was just envious for the success of Ashra, that person has no life and don't need our attention because we know the real Ashra, she will never be a scam because she had changed so many lives.

Don't worry guys I believe they will receive a bad karma from what they've done, they will never gain from the rude things they've doing.

The truth will always prevail.
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The fact that so many people still feel the need to stoop so low to try to attack & tarnish Ashra's name & career because of her rising success is hideous. She works so hard for every single person individually & the envy of the competitors is ridiculous.

I've strayed away from commenting on topics related to these to avoid harassment from 'them' as they are well-known for attacking customers of Ashra's on YouTube, Facebook, & any other pages they can find her supporters, but the truth must be spoken. There are real people in need who reads these mind controlling, false, negative websites & forums about Ashra & unfortunately are completely brain washed & derailed from contacting her, thus blocking any success of their desires.

No one ever regrets working with Ashra because she's so genuine & sincere about helping those who come to her. Unlike others, her emails are actually completely original & personalized to/for each individual, not just copy/pasted to everyone as others do.

The fact that they only do these heinous things for money is atrocious. If you're familiar with Ashra & the forum by now, you know that's the last thing she cares about. She went as far as creating a point system to earn spells for those who cannot afford in cash. What other casters do that? No one. It's literally like food stamps for spells :laugh:. She even insists to never go beyond your means for any spells if you are purchasing in cash.

I truly feel for those who were sucked in to those false blogs about Ashra & turned away, they'll never get their true desires met & will waste so much time & sadly money on imposters. Positivity always prevails over negative, the low vibrations could never compete with the strong high vibrations of energy. Just as they could never compete with Ashra. All will be brought to the light. I hope every member here truly trusts Ashra because it's a dangerous landmine field of scammers & people with bad intentions out there & this is really the only safe haven for us in need
I'm so sorry this has happened. No true spell caster should build themselves up by tearing others down. We use this forum as a way to build bonds and trust each other. Never has Ashra made me pay for something I could not afford. Spells and Wishes cannot be trusted. No one on that forum is real.
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So that's why Amanda Wood won't respond to me. She is a F*****G FRAUD! I HAVE ALSO tried Spellbinding Sister and they keep making
excuses. All the did is waste everyones time and money.

It's funny how the only good reviews about them can only be found on their fake forum called Spells and Wishes.
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I agree with Ashra on this one 100 percent. Spells and Wishes is in the business of smearing anyone who does not pay to advertise on their site. That is their business model, plain and simple.

We would be willing to combine efforts and resources with anyone who wants to go after them and shut them down. After all, what they are doing is not legal and we are prepared to lawyer up if that's what it takes to stop seeing our brand smeared, as well as those whom we know to be honest and not deserving of the treatment they receive on that site.
Same here. I was going around asking about Amanda Wood. I then signed up on Spells and Wishes, told my account was approved and a day or two later, I was banned. I will never go to her again.
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It makes me sad when spell casters tarnish the name of magic by only using their skills to earn money. Sometimes they don't even have skills unfortunately and are just feeding off of other people's talents. It is sad to see that there are people who just want to hurt other people and feed off of their desperation. I would just stick to Ashra because she takes the time to help us and help her clients.
I did not know about this website. But I know now, looks fake, just like Ashra said. Always try to stay away from these fake spell casters. Thank you for the videos Ashra and the person who made them. Now that you have Ashra by your side, I do not think there is any need for another spell caster. I am happy that I found Ashra. My worries are are a little less just because of Ashra. Anyways, sending positive vibes to all of you. Stay happy and blessed. Keep fighting and smiling. Your life is worth living for.
Best wishes to all of you