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Spells and Wishes - spellsandwishes.com - Fake Review Forum

I have never heard of spells and wishes until now. I appreciate you posting this for me and for everyone else. There are so many illegitimate people out there. It's horrible to think that people are that selfish and would take advantage of people when they are reaching out for help.
Ashra, again, way to tell them off with such class. You go girl. Keep up the strength. Do not let their disrespectful words and actions take you down.
I did not know that Spell and Wishes are associated with Spellbinding Sisters and Amanda Wood. I actually came across the spellbindingsisters.com website and was intending to try out their services because their price are very affordable. Only came across testimonials from their clients and I thought of giving a try. Not sure the testimonials are real or fake. But after reading this forum, i have decided not to work with them since they are scammers. Thank you for this thread.
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I have never heard about Spell and Wishes until right now. She is propably fake. I would only trust Ashra Koehn for my love spell. All the other spell casters are fake. They are angry because Ashra Koehn is very popular and successful. There is no reason for hate and rude comments to Ashra Koehn. She is an angel and very kind person. l and she wants to help us and our situation.
About 70% of the spell casting websites are fake and spellsandwishes.com is no exception. I have tried a lot of them and I realized over the years that I was being taken advantage of and lied to. This is why I won't speak to ashra and ashra only because I know that I will get real results!
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Hello everyone! I had no idea about the fake forum until I found what Ashra posted here. I visited the website and it seemed like the admins were trying to defame all of online spell casters and advertise Spellbinding sisters, Amanda Wood and their other fake characters. I knew of SBS, I was scammed by them a while ago, they were only after my money. It's such a shame to have dealt with them. I read somewhere that someone said people who give reviews on this forum are only one person. I am a real person and post on this forum without any force. I believe the person is Ashra's competitor. Their forum is as fake as they are.
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Hey everyone!!!! I hope your all are doing good and having an amazing day. WOW, thanks for the information and warning Ashra, I have never heard about this website or about them but I did read a lot of reviews telling that they are fake and trying to scam others and bring bad names to the other spellcasters and psychics online. It's such a shame that they are very underrated but yet tries to fool others. They're not going to reach anywhere with this or by trying to mislead Ashra's loyal customers with their fake reviews. Ashra is the best spell caster and she's very kind and genuine too.
Spells and Wishes? That website already sounds fake by the name of it! I don’t understand why people are so afraid of their own methods of spell casting. Why are they tying to defame Ashra and copy Ashra and badmouth her? It doesn’t make them look any better!!! They should be ashamed of themselves. Ashra deserves better than this! She actually uses her abilities that God gifted to her to help people like me. Some people like myself really need help from someone like Ashra. Everyone who agrees with spells and wishes should be ashamed of themselves! If you don’t have anything nice to say then just leave Ashra alone! All she is doing is helping innocent people like me by using white magic and her own abilites! You can’t copy what she was born with! Ashra is AMAZING! Period!
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What's happened to the forum for Spells and Wishes? - it's been inactive for the last 3 days?
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I am hoping by now that Spells and Wishes has been removed and taken down. I came across this and many others. Not real people and own posting links to their own services. They prey on people wanting information that just need help. I was unable to join groups or comment.
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