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Spells to Change Your Eye Color Permanently

Ina Veerapen

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I had Xara Matsagou cast a couple spells to change my eye color, but they didn’t work and I just recently found out that her site isn’t even real.

Does Ashra Koehn have any spells for permanently changing your eye color?

I was born with brown eyes, but I would like my eye color to turn light blue without using contacts. I want them to change in a natural permanent way.
Hey Ina! How are you? I'm sorry to hear that you too have fallen victim to Xara, and yes her site is not real. I'm sorry you had to go through this disappointment like some of the other members here on the forum. I know Ashra has beauty spells but I'm not sure if she has a spell to completely change your eye color. If you click on her website on the top of the forum, it will take you to her website and you can fill out a contact form asking her if she has the kind of spell you are looking for. I hope this helped you Ina :)
I think a lot of people would like to change their eye color including me. If anyone is able to do this using a spell, it is Ashra Koehn. Try contacting her and letting her know what it is that you would like to change about yourself. Maybe she can help.

Before finding Ashra, I did frequently visit Xara's website and requested a spell to change my eye color which clearly didn't work. I also saw a video where someone claimed she used one of Xara's change your eye color spells, but when you watch the video, I didn't see any differences in her eye color.
Hello Ina. I'm not sure if Ashra Koehn has a spell to change eye color. I know she has spells to make you more attractive, and other types of beauty spells so it is possible she does. I would imagine the magic from these spells help one become more comfortable with themselves. But it would be interesting to know if she does have a eye color spell. Like Kate said, contact Ashra and she'll do what she can to help you out.
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Ina, I also tried that before I found Ashra. Actually in the topic on that spell caster I found Ashra's website.

I was also a victim of Xara, but I'm not bither anymore because I am happy now with Ashra Koehn.

I am not sure if Ashra has spells to change your eye color, but Ashra would be the only one I can think of who would be capable of using a spell to accomplish this for you. Just email her and tell whatever you need and she will try to answer you back asap.

Any updates you need just go here because this is her personal site. Good luck and leave that Xara spell caster because of bogus infomation she has on her site. I was one believer and never return from Xara again. I stayed with Ashra.
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Hey Ina, I too was a victim of Xara. I've always wanted lighter eyes since I have dark brown eye color. My only possible hope is using spells to change my eye colour. I'm not sure is Ashra offer spells to change eye color thought. It might be best to contact her and ask.
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Oh I also did try to cast so many spells to change my eye colour on Xara's website. However it turned out that she was only playing with other people's feelings. Well, if I am not mistaken, there are some members who purchased a beauty spell from Ashra and they got positive results with that. Hmm, well I am not sure whether it works on changing your eye color from brown to blue because it actually sounds impossible to do. You better have a word with Ashra personally. Please keep us updated when you get a response from her.
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Hi, Ina. Before I found Ashra, I found Xara Beatrice Matsagou on Change your Life Spells. I am also one of her victims just like you. This website claimed that all the spells are free for cast. I got some love spells cast by her, but I didn't get any results. I also saw that there was an eyes color changing spell on Xara's website, but I doubt the spell is real. In science, we cannot change our eyes color, but with spell I don't know. You can try email Ashra to ask this spell is real or not and she got cast this spell or not. If you get the answer, welcome you share this information to us at the forum. Thank you.
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Hi Ina,

I'm sorry to hear you fell into Xara's traps!

I could imagine how upset you would be putting your trust into someone who is not who she says she is.

I have read positive reviews on Ashra's eye colour spells, you should try one, you will not be disappointed!
Hi, I also tried some of Xara's eye colour spells and they didn't work, and I also agree that her site isn't real. Ashra is a real spell caster and it may be possible that she can do this for you.
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Hey Rachele! :laugh:, I found something funny in your post. You are so right about us not being able to change our eye colour. I was born as an Asian girl with black eyes. Either way, it is impossible for me to change them into blue eyes like foreigners have. Xara Matsagou is a fake, so what do we expect from her changing eye colour spells? It's nonsense. I hope everyone is okay. Sending lots of positive vibes your way.
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Xara Matsagou is fake so any spells from her doesn't work. I am not sure if Ashra has a spell for changing eye colour. I would like to have brown eyes, but I am ok with my black eye. The big problem on me is my eyeball! it is really annoying.

Hello Fera, can I know where do you came from? Where in Asia? I am a Filipino. and we have both black eyes for sure hihi.
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Well I was also in the same boat trusting that Xara much before I came to know about Ashra. I'm fortunate that the very next spell caster I found was Ashra and I couldn't be happier. Eye color changing spells would be so amazing, most of the people look beautiful due to their eyes and having them tuned your way can make anyone beautiful. I'm sure Ashra may have some super powerful spell to achieve those results. I'm curious as well :)

I remember being on Xara's website to help change my eye color to a light blue and a tint of green to it. I had emailed her about it and didn't get a response back either. Slowly then I had realized that Xara wasn't real and so was the website as well too. I would have absolutely loved for my eyes to be a different color but I do wonder if it's actually possible to do that, though. I'm unsure if Ashra has any spells for changing the color of our eyes.
Honestly when I went on Xara's site I thought the change your eye color spell was so awesome even if it was not real. I do not know if Ashra has any kind of eye changing spell, but I do have to say that you can email her and ask her. Ashra has so many spells that I am sure if you need this to happen if you are sure then you can have Ashra to help. Ashra is the only spell caster I would try and trust when it comes to eye changing spells. Other spell casters may not know how to cast spells that well and end up doing something wrong so just think about that for a second if you want to try another spell caster! I am sure Ashra will be able to help you because like I said before she has so much spells that I doubt she wouldn't have this but yeah.
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Hello everyone,
I feel sorry for those who have fallen victims to Xara Beatrice Matsagou. She makes false claims about what all she can change through her spells. She is not genuine. It is just a sort of a technique to hoodwink masses.

Ashra's spells are genuine. I wonder whether she has any spells to change eye colour but I know for sure that there are oculoplastic surgeries made available in certain parts of the world. Also laser surgeries can change eye colour! :)

So you can achieve the desired eye colour!

Ashra's spells are mainly for achieving more complicated things... such as gaining your lost love back!:)
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I would love to be able to change my eye color to the deep blue almost purple color I had when I was a baby. My mom said my eyes were like Elizabeth Taylor's. They ended up changing when I was about 2 years old. I love the color of my eyes now as they are hazel brown and green, sometimes when I do my makeup my eyes look like cat eyes:laugh:
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This is a total stupidity :laugh: :D I don't believe how people even go for such a stupidity. How can someone change your eye color that you are born with. It is impossible, and who would want a spell to change the eye color when there are contact lenses available in the market so cheaply. One can simply buy those lenses and have an eye color of their own choice it is as simple as that. I totally think it is dumb to go for a spell to change the eye color. Spells can also be used for real things not imaginary.
I'm glad that Ashra doesn't offer such ridiculous things such as eye color changing. That isn't something you can put into the universe to change its something you are born with and can change with cheap contacts that are always noticeably fake. Love yourself please as you are and don't pay someone who claims to change your appearance physically. That's a big load of garbage. Love ya mean it! Have a wonderfully wonderful night!
Hey guys! I don't know if Ashra has any spells for this or not. But I wouldn't change my eye color if you paid me. My eye color matches me hair color. If our eye color matches our hair color I don't understand why we would want it to be mixed matched. If we don't want it to be mixed match that means if we changed our eye color we would change our hair color to match it. I just can't see it as something I would want to do. But to each their own. There are colored contacts that you can get now. The only time I would want a different eye color is for Halloween. I would get contacts for that.
I've used Xara several times and I got nothing from her. It's definitely a ploy so don't expect your eye color to change. None of the spells she offers work. Also, all her reviews are fake. It's made it hard for me to believe any reviews just because my past of believing Xara's reviews only to get nothing out of her so called "spells." It's a very fishy website. Steer clear from her!
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I would only change my eye color because the color that I was born with I don't really like it and it was Hazel with a tint of gray to them. If I could change them to another color, it would have to be green eyes with a tint of light blue. Having this color, I do believe that it will complement with my hair color very nicely, though. Although I don't think that it's actually possible or even realistic but to think of it, it would have been nice.
I have seen so many spell casters in their site say they can change your eyes and stuff, but when I had tried the spells my eyes stayed the same. I don't want to change my eyes. I personally think my eyes are pretty and cool. My brother and I have what looks like trees in our eyes... it is kind of hard to explain. Andrew always told me he liked my eyes so I think I would rather keep them the way they are, but if you want to change your eyes you could always ask Ashra or get a beauty spells since you can personalize it and make it. However you want it to be and do the things you want. I suggest asking Ashra though. I know Ashra is very powerful and so that is why I suggest to personally ask her.
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What's even more funny with Xara is that her website works based on your device time. So whenever you request for a spell to be cast and change the time of your phone or computer to the time the spell is estimated to be cast, you will see that spell has been cast. Discovered this a long time ago and it's ridiculous haha.
I did not know by now that a spell like that even exist! Are you sure that it can be done by any spell caster? To be honest, I have red hair and brown eyes and I would love to have gray eyes but I can not believe that it can happen. I am new in all of this and there a lot of things I do not know and have to learn but I find hard to believe that can be done. I have also read about that Xara is fake but I heve never tried to cast a sprll with her help.
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If I do decide to change my eye color I will do a beauty spell with Ashra. If I do change them I will change them to gray because I have worn gray contacts before and they looked so sexy on me. Xara spells are crap. She is truly a fake because I tried a few of her spells before with no success. At least with Ashra I have seen results. There are way too many fake spell casters and psychics out here.
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Guys one always needs to apply some logic, science and reasoning to anything in life :cool:. Eye colour is decided by genes order/sequence. Its is not possible to change it in adulthood. It can only be changed by way of genetic recombination before conception. If some spell caster is saying that s/he can change eye colour then Genetics becomes redundant. You can change your eye colour through coloured lenses :p. Why waste time in spell casting. Guys you need to know that spells work on the principle of Metaphysics. It works on abstract energies . In love it works this way, creating/changing feelings for the other person. It does not work for altering physical features.
I would never want to change my eye colour as I don't think another colour would suit me. My eyes are a dark brown and even though I think blue and green eyes are beautiful I don't think I would like right with those colours. Also Dean always loved my eyes and was always telling me I have gorgeous eyes so I would never change my eyes for that reason also. I think everyone's eyes are beautiful in their own way but I can understand some people wanting to change theirs. I would love to hear if Ashra has got a spell for this as it would truly be amazing if she could do that.
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Hello Princess! I couldn't agree with you more. It was Xara who deceived some people by making statements that they were able to change their eye colour with her free spells. I cast her eye color spell many times, but nothing happened you know. I still have black eyes as an Asian's typical. Ashra does have a beauty spell and we can customize the spell for our own purposes, but I don't think it's possible to change the eye color because we are born with unique colored eyes, so yeah it's something difficult to come to life. Sending lots of positive vibes everyone's way.
I do know for a fact that many have fallen for Xara's false claim about her being able to change your eye colors. Everyone that I know who has tried her spell for that did not receive results at all. I would not use Xara for any kind of spell because she is not true to her work and is probably not even a real person. However, maybe Ashra Koehn can help with that. I don't know if she offers spells that can change your eye color, but I do know that she offers beauty spells. Maybe if you tell her in your order form that you want your eyes a different color, then maybe she might be able to do it. I feel like Ashra Koehn is the only person who is capable of doing this.
I tried out the eye color change spell and it didn’t work. I was quite disappointed. I wish I could change the color of my eyes but I now realize that we cannot… and that Xara isn’t a real person. I fell victim to her many times before coming across this forum. I’m sorry any of you had to deal with this. If Ashra ever comes up with an eye color changing spell, I’d like to know about it.
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You are beautiful the way you were born. That is the original you. I don't think changing eye color is a good idea. I mean i never want to do that.

I saw these kind of spell was there on xara's website but you see none of them worked. I dont know much but i dont think there is anybody there who can change your body part or eye color permanently. They can make you attractive with spells. So who ever comes near you will fall for you. But changing somethibg in body permanently with a spell. I really dont think there is anything like that. I think ashra doesnot do these kind of thing. She seems to be a very authentic person so she will only do things that work properly. At least i hope so.
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Hey Ina! I was a victim of Xara too. I'm sure Ashra can help you with your eye color! Just email her and I'm sure she can get with you as soon as possible. Ashra's spells are free with karma points and have higher success rates that any other spell caster. If i were you i would ask Ashra for help! Good Luck!!
Guys if you want coloured eyes just head to the store and buy coloured lenses. Its as simple as that. I think Ashra does spells which are possible scientifically. Love spells work on the principles of Metaphysics, which is scientific. hence, you can change thoughts which are abstract but not physical features. Things are evolving in the spell and spiritual world too so maybe when Ashra does it we all will request. As for now I am concentrating on retrieving my lost love. We can also order for beauty spells if required which will make us more attractive. As for eye colour, we all are fine the way we are. God has made each one us unique. We need to believe this and tap our own potential.
You know, I understand we all have something about ourselves we wish to change. None of us can claim perfection. But we can all claim beauty. And eye color, to me is something that should not be changed. The eyes are the windows to the soul... As they say. I personally love my eyes, they are a soft blue, that do change hues depending on my mood. BUT, I think one should love what they've been given in life. Own it, love it, make it yours and no one can take that from you. Each one of us is beautiful in more ways than we know. Embrace that and love yourself and everything else will fall into place. In short, try not to envy others for their physical attributes. Instead love yourself for who you are and you will be in a much better place. Hugs to all :inlove:
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Hey Ina! I'm sorry about your disappointment with Xara. We all know her eye color changing spells don't work.I was also a victim of her scams. Try contacting Ashra. I'm sure she has some spells that can help you with what Xara couldn't help you with. Ashra has many spells and they have high success rates. In my opinion you would be better off with Ashra's spells. She has a lot of experience and her spells are genuine. I hope what i said helped you in one way or another. Keep us updated about your spell! Did you see results? I hope you have a great day! God Bless!
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Yes, Xara Matsagou is a scam. She's the first person I went to before Ashra. Her page is littered with advertisements, meaning she most likely gets paid for putting them there. Before I actually contacted her, I read reviews, and they were all negative. And that's when people were saying that Ashra is the best of the best. I'm not sure if Ashra can change your eye color. I'm sure she can though. I think I've seen people say they've asked for her to do that for them.
Ashra can do a lot when it comes to spell casting but a lot of what you're asking her to do is to much and I feel changing body parts and all that isn't really necessary to ask Ashra to do that. When I found Ashra Koehn it was for one reason and that is to bring the love of my life. If you feel the need to change your eyes and body parts then go see a doctor to help with serious situation. I know that we all have faith in Ashra but maybe we should think about what we ask her do.
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I don't know of any spells that have been designated to change your eye color permanently. I feel like if you really wanted a change, you could try and include this in a beauty spell order form and explain what you want changed with your eye color and to choose what color you would like it to be. I feel like the only spell caster capable of doing this is Ashra Koehn herself. It is worth a shot to include this in a beauty spell because I do know that she offers those. I just don't know what the beauty spells specialize in.
I was a victim of Xara. I remember searching how i could change my eye color and her website popped up. I was so excited because I thought her website worked and I really thought the reviews were real. After realizing she wasnt who she said she was really brought me down because theres people out there that say they want to help but just want your money but Ashra is not like that she understands our situation. I think emailing her would help because she might have a spell that she could perform to maybe change your eye color. She probably doesn't but it is worth a try. I do understand because I want my eye color to be hazel:laugh:
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