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Spells to Change Your Eye Color Permanently

Discussion in 'Ashra Spells' started by Ina Veerapen, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. Ladyshell2323

    Ladyshell2323 Active Member

    I have not known a spell to change your eyes permanetly. I have researched a caster who claims they can change your eye color but thats not deemed to be true.
  2. misshimsomuch

    misshimsomuch Active Member

    I havent heard of any spells that permanently change ones eye color. You can ask ashra if there is anything she has that you can customize to your liking, but other than that i dont know of anything. There arent a lot of genuine spell casters out there, I only trust Ashra. I can tell you though about biokenisis, You can listen to subliminals and imagine yourself withthe eye color you want and supposedly slowly your eye color will start to change.it can be used for many things height, weight, body shape, anything you can imagine. anyway, just be safe and weary of spell casters as most of them are nothing like Ashra!
  3. Bearhugs

    Bearhugs Well-Known Member

    Is there really a spell that can change eye colour? I really wish Ashra Koehn will have such a spell cause I always wanted gray eyes. I don't know why blue and green and other colours are cool but I prefer gray I just hope she does have one in the future I, sure most people will like to try it. I have tried another spell caster that proved to have this spell but it didn't worked so I know ashra will definitely make it work if she does offer it.
  4. Kandice

    Kandice Well-Known Member

    I had a feeling Xara's site wasn't real, after the site didn't update/change after my spell was 'casted'. I was just playing around with the site casting every 'free' spell available just to see what would happen. Ironically, due to this experience, I ended up on Ashra's site and found her. So you could say there is a silver lining. Even though that experience was terrible I would've never found Ashra if I didn't have that terrible experience. I'm so sorry to everyone that paid money to that Xara person though.
  5. deadlydesire18

    deadlydesire18 Popular Member

    The only Spell caster who ever offered this kind of service was Xara Beatrice Mastgou, but she is a scam artist and none of her spells actually worked for anyone. I view her site more as an online wishing well for wishes that never actually come true. I don't know if Ashra offers these kinds of spells, but I wonder why you would want a spell to change your eyes permanently when you have things like colored contacts to help you with that. Why spend money on a spell that might not even change them fully when you can get contacts that can change your color. The only way that this could be done is to request if in a beauty spell, but even then, there's no telling if it will work or not.
  6. Coco Jones

    Coco Jones Active Member

    Hello everyone I hope you all are having a fantastic day today! I have been very very curious about beauty spell. I do have a couple of questions that come to mind, does the beauty spell help correct the flaws that we see such as a unibrow, beauty marks, and other things like hair? Also does the beauty spell help us with personality too? Lastly how long until we see a change, will it happen overnight?
  7. FreyaMysticFire

    FreyaMysticFire Well-Known Member

    Believe it or not my eyes changed on their own. I think it had something to do with the power of the Secret and the Universe all that. When I was younger and this was pass any baby changing thing, my eyes changed a few times. I started off with blue eyes and then I wanted brown. Somehow I don't even know how really I got my wish. I don't know how much longer after that I decided I wanted green eyes. My eyes changed again and this was all when I was younger, not even teen. This is a true green not hazel or any of that. It's shocking, crazy unbelievable for sure but 100% true. I love my green eyes and would never change them. I am beyond grateful that somehow even being born with blue my eyes went from blue to brown to green. I have proof in photographs too that is the crazy part.
  8. Ghazali

    Ghazali Well-Known Member

    I totally Agree with you Bidyut! The colour of our eyes suits on our face. I won't think after changing colour of our eyes we look beautiful and original. And I don't think any magic can change the colour of our eyes. Beauty doesn't lies in looks. It lies in the heart. The more loving and kind you are, the more beautiful you are. Only changing colour of our eyes doesn't make us more beautiful than before.
  9. deadlydesire18

    deadlydesire18 Popular Member

    Xara's spells do not work for this kind of thing. I don't know if anyone he spells out there that can do this kind of thing. You could always ask Ashra about this and see what she could do for help. I would assume that the only way to do this would be to request it in one of her beauty spells. If it does not work, just go with colored contacts. They may cost money, but it would be a lot better to do that than to use money on a spell that doesn't give you full results. It's just my two cents on this. I didn't think that this kind of thing would be possible.
  10. XBriX

    XBriX Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone! How are you all? Xara's spells don't work for changing your eye color. I was with her for about 2 months and never really saw results. The weight loss one barely worked. I lost only 3 pounds and it lasted for less than 3 days. At first I thought I was seeing results but turns out it was just luck. Xara is not a legit spell caster she is a scam artist. Maybe you should ask Ashra about it. Maybe she has a spell for it. Anyway, I wish you luck! I hope you all have a wonderful day! Sending lots of love luck and joy! God bless.
  11. Lana Cooper

    Lana Cooper Well-Known Member

    Hello, I do not know much about the eye color change but I do believe anything is possible. I do hope it happens for you. Its amazing to change how you look once in a while isn't it. Magic is amazing!
  12. ellavyou

    ellavyou Active Member

    Yes, I also visited the Xara's Matsagosou website and I click for beauty spells; specifically the changing of eye color. It is a scam it really does not work. Better ask Ashra Koehn by sending her an email regarding of changing your eye color. But I am not sure about this because I think her spells is only for changing the thoughts of lovers and not physical changing. But try to ask Ashra. Maybe she has a solution regarding your situation dear.
  13. Nintendofan3

    Nintendofan3 Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Xara was the very first spell caster that I found when I first started looking for real love spells on google. I tried her break up spell back in 2014 I believe to try to break up my two friends. It said that the spell would be cast the next day but they were still together. I even tried her love spell to make my friend fall in love with me, her marriage spell, and her money spell and none of her spells worked. I don’t know if Ashra has a spell to permanently change your eye color or if she can even cast a spell like that. I dunno why anyone would want to change their eye color but if you really want to then go for it! If Ashra doesn’t have a spell like that then you can try using colored contacts :)
  14. SierraB123

    SierraB123 Active Member

    Hi, ellavyou! Welcome to Ashra's wonderful forum!! Yes, Xara's website is definitely not one worth checking out; everything there is pretty much automated. Very off-putting. There are spells out there offered by tons of spell casters that claim they can change your eye color, and there are spells that you can do yourself that say the same thing, but I really don't believe that those are even possible to work. If anyone could change your eye color, it would be Ashra. I bet she could do it. Eye color is based on genetics, and sometimes change when there's a slight mutation; blue eyes may become slightly greener, or brown eyes may lighten a little. There's a condition called heterochromia that causes an individual to have one brown eye and one blue, white, or gray eye. It's more common in animals than it is with people. Anyways, to make a long story short, I think that if there was an eye color changing spell out there that would work, only Ashra Koehn would be able to accomplish it.
  15. ClownKitty

    ClownKitty Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Hey everyone! I have not personally seen anything about spells changing eye color from Ashra, but I have seen them elsewhere, but Ashra is the only spell caster that I trust. I would email her about it, I know she has beauty spells, but eye color changing spells specifically I am not sure about. I would probably be interested if she does though, my eyes are a really dark brown, almost black, but I do not really like them. Other people say they are unique and my ex lover, who will soon be my lover again, said he really liked them even though he used to like blue eyes the best, he always told me my eyes were his favorite eyes and I was his favorite everything. I miss him, but if he would prefer me with blue eyes or something, I would definitely try it.
  16. I have always wanted to change my eye color because I don't like them. My eyes are so dark, they look black. Everyone else have beautiful hazel, blue, green and I have even seen teal eyes. I know I should love myself, people like my eyes because they are "mysterious" but, I don't feel pretty. I have never heard of Xara. It is really hard to find a real spell caster(before I've found Ashra).
  17. Kiska

    Kiska Member

    I, too, fell pray to Xara's website. I knew off the bat it wasn't real and just a trap to get money off of advertising, but I was (am) desperate in my situation. I tried out her love spell and the eye colour changing spell. It just simply doesn't work. Your best bet is to just ask Ashra if that's something that can even be done. I looked around for a while and saw only one "spell caster" that claims to do that and that was Xara, which, as stated above, is a fraud. There a few things on Youtube that claims to use frequencies and such to make it possible, but I haven't tried any of those. You can look it up and try it. Who knows? It could very well work. The universe is strange like that. But, like I said, your best bet is to ask Ashra if she has something that can do that for you or if it is even possible to make something like that happen. Changing a heart and mind is one thing, but changing the colours of the eyes you where given at life could be a bit tedious if not impossible.
  18. Lol123

    Lol123 Member

    Spells deal with human energy fields. From what I understood The energy created by spell castings manipulate the energy field around a person. So it affects psychologically. And sometimes physically(I’ve heard about an experiment that proved even human blood possess energy and is connected to a person’s energy field). Significant Physical changes like changing eye color, becoming vampires or werewolves, gaining superpowers are only limited to movies like Harry Potter.
  19. dtm10110

    dtm10110 Well-Known Member

    I was also a victim of Xara. I was looking on the internet to see if there were any spell casters that could break up the relationship between me and my girlfriend. I contacted Xara and I noticed she was fake. She started asking me for money and when I told her I didn't have money she started getting mad. Thats when I figured out she was fake. I then found Ashra. I found wonderful and positive reviews on this forum saying she is real and that her spells actually work. I havent purchased any spells yet but once I do, I know she is real because of all these wonderful reviews.

    Love you guys!
  20. Lily Diamond

    Lily Diamond Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Changing your eye color seems to be very difficult since it is not something that can achieved if you don't have the specific gene for a color you want. I would say definitely email Ashra and she can direct you. If she says there is no spell for it, maybe she'll have some other options to help you. I wanted to have blue eyes but I think I have been getting it by just buying color changing eye contacts, which is pretty cool in itself already. You could try to cast a money or a luck spell so you get enough funds to buy those too :)
  21. It's a bit sad that I heard xara
    Spells didint work but
    You got ashra. Her spells work
    So does the love ones
  22. zarah555

    zarah555 Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    I already heard about changing your eye color on Xara's website. Honestly, I became hooked to her website before I found Ashra and I saw that she has spell like that, Anyways I never tried her spell about changing eye color because I don't want to change my eye color and I am already happy and contented on my eye color, I don't think that Xara's spell like that is real because it's obviously unrealistic or I mean I don't know if there is really a spell for changing eye color.
    I do believe that you can change your eye color just by listening to subliminal audios that the affirmations was that but spells Idk either.
    For me, if you want to change your eye color and you are looking for a spell, I'm not sure if Ashra has that kind of spell because I never heard about it here on the forum as well as from Ashra.
    But the best way to do is to fill out a form on a beauty spell if you already get the amount kp, and tell everything you want to change on your face I do believe that the thing like that is there on her beauty spell or you try to ask Ashra if she has a spell for changing eye color.
  23. ClownKitty

    ClownKitty Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Hey guys, I think that would be pretty cool, I would love to change the color of my eyes, I think they are ugly and boring, but my lover loves them, so I would not want to change them for him. I hope he still loves them and they are his favorite when he comes back. But as cool as it would be, I do not think there are any spells that can physically change something like that?
  24. Ranika Khanda

    Ranika Khanda Member

    I think a lot of people will like to change the colour of their eyes....and I am one of them. I don't like the colour of my eyes and i always wanted my eyes to be of different colour. As my eyes are pure black in colour and it is so much common to have pure black coloured eyes here in india...as I am Indian every third person have black coloured eyes...but spells to change the colour of the eyes it is a little weird to hear...but may be it would be possible. And it's simple why to do such spells as there are eye contact lenses available in market of different colour. One can buy as many different coloured lenses one want.
  25. Gillian9

    Gillian9 Well-Known Member

    I have never heard of any spells that could actually change your eye color. Is there even any spell thay could do it? If there is, that would be really amazing for those who want to chanhe their eye color. I am okay with my eye color because it suits my hair and my skin color. My eye color is dark brown, it just like normal eye color like what most people have. Buy, if I could get a spell thay changes eye color, I would probably make my eyes go hazel. I really love hazel eyes because they are s attractive but I don't think if would go better with me haha.
  26. Lily Diamond

    Lily Diamond Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    I think we have the natural tendency to change the color of our eyes, but it does depend on genetics. I always wanted to have blue eyes but I don't think it is within my genetic make up. I don't think there are spells that can make eyes change colors, but there are definitely colored contacts we can wear. They're really easy to use and are just like normal contacts. It would definitely be cool if we can change eye color biologically.
  27. dtm10110

    dtm10110 Well-Known Member

    This is very interesting. I always wondered what I would look like if I had different color eyes. My eyes are currently brown. I would like to see how my eyes would look like they were blue or green. I would not mind if there was a spell that would change my eye color permanently. It would be cool to see and it would not affect me in any way most likely if I changed my eye color.

    If there was a spell for this, I would totally use it!
  28. Lucie

    Lucie Member

    Does this really exist? Changing the color of your eyes? That would be pretty crazy. I wear contact lenses and I've always wanted to try colored contacts but those don't really look natural. I hope such a spell exist!
  29. Lily Diamond

    Lily Diamond Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    It will be super cool to be able to change the color of my eyes. I think changing eye color is only possible if you have the genetic capability though. Ashra cannot make something appear out of no where, even though she is very powerful. No one can defy natural laws. I do think it will be super cool if it is possible to change our eye colors permanently. I would love to have blue or green eyes. I was tricked by Xara's Change your life spells like many, but at least I didn't lose money that way to her spells.
  30. Gillian9

    Gillian9 Well-Known Member

    It would be really cool if a spell like this exists. I would love to have a different colored eye. My eyes are brown but I think different eye colors will not suit me. Asians usually have brown eyes. My hair is black and if I have green or blue eyes, it would rellt be weird haha. I have never tried contact lenses. But, if this spell exists, I would really want to try this out.
  31. NaiHelena

    NaiHelena Member

    I just considered. Ashra is a woman of her word, she would never offer you something she couldn’t 100% provide. Eye colour changing spells are very complicated and I’m not judging her level of power but I don’t think they would be easy to get right everytime. I assume Ashra has not offered the spell because it is not one she has yet perfected and doesn’t want to get our hopes up. As I said Ashra is a women of her word. However, maybe if someone asked her she would be able to offer something, there is no harm in contacting her to ask. She is a very honest, open and friendly woman who does not judge people. If anyone does contact her about these types of spells please let me know how it turns out.
    Thankyou x
  32. Lily Diamond

    Lily Diamond Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    I wish I can have blue eyes because I just have hazel eyes. Of course, have different colored eyes would be cool from a spell, but I think I should be happy with the colors I have. I believe everyone is given a gift, so definitely I would like to try to find the bright side of having hazel eyes. It will be cool to have spells to change eye colors but Ashra cannot defy natural laws, no matter how powerful she is. I believe she can do anything of course, but it also has to be feasible :)
  33. zarah555

    zarah555 Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    I don't have an idea if there's a spell that can make your eye change it's color, I don't know if Ashra has a spell for this as well.
    I think the best way to do if you are wondering if Ashra has this kind of spell that can make your eye color change, you can contact Ashra anytime and try to ask about that case.
    I am still clueless if a spell about that do exist, as for me I don't have to change my eye color because I love the color of my eyes haha.
  34. gracexox

    gracexox Active Member

    Hey, I've also tried Xara spells but they've never shown me any result at all. The only spell caster who actually give importance to her clients is Ashra! However, I haven't tried any beauty spells of hers, contacting her and asking her about it is the best idea! Good luck pretty ones! :inlove:
  35. Lee Ying

    Lee Ying Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    I was a victim of Xara too. She was the person I went to and trusted before I found Ashra. If you would like to change your eye colour then just do it. Ignore those people who say it is stupid and unnecessary. You want it to change in a natural way, not the scientific way that will not do the job properly like the nature does. Just do it. Change to whatever colour you want. I personally would not want to change my eye colour but if I ever decide then I do not see why not?
  36. Kayla Traxler

    Kayla Traxler Member

    It might not be possible to change your eyes color through spells. Although it seems like the easy way out to do a spell instead ,there are doctors who can perform the procedure to change them. Contact a local eye doctor and see .It would be very interesting to have a spell that could provide that kind of change. Good luck on your journey.
  37. Solo

    Solo Member

    I’ve heard about surgeries that change eye color, involves an implant of some kind but it comes with significant risks including permanent vision loss, which is why these procedures are banned in the USA.
  38. MOI

    MOI Well-Known Member

    I guess Ashra don't have the spell for eye change. Maybe this will categorized on Beauty Spell. But I am not sure if this is part of it. But in the Beauty Spell it said that we could be as beautiful as our idols. LOL.

    I am looking forward to avail the beauty Spell. But never in my list to include the eye color. My hair is indicated there. I am happy with my eye color. All I need with my eye is to see clearly. lol. Some wants to change the eye color. The other day I saw someone tattod their eyes into black. Oh my so ouchie.
  39. Sophierebecca140100

    Sophierebecca140100 Well-Known Member

    I like the idea of being able to change your eye colour , but I don't know whether I would do it as I am can never make decisions and always change my mind lol. I get complicated alot on my eyes so I do t think I would want to change them but I love the fact that this is possible
  40. maracx

    maracx Active Member

    Ashra does offer beauty spells and I am sure that if you ask about eye color changes, she will be able to confirm whether or not she does such a service. I would only trust Ashra with such a spell as well because at the end of the day you are asking to get something is done that could permanently damage your eyes if not done properly. I know that Ashra is experienced and I know that she would never bring any harm to anyone, why she is the only one I trust. You are better off asking Ashra whether she provides such a service and I am sure she will be able to help you.

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