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Spells to Remove Curses, Hexes, Evil Spirits and Black Magic


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I would like to have all curses, hexes and evil spirits removed off of me for good. This was done to me years ago by my husband’s ex wife. She is very manipulative and practices the dark arts. She cursed my husband and in-turn cursed our family. We are now bankrupt I was in a serious car accident that resulted in me being in a coma for nearly 6 months.

Does Ashra Koehn offer any spells that will break a curse, remove evil spirits and/or hexes?

Has anyone else experienced being cursed?
Hi Hayley. I haven't ever experienced being cursed or anything like that before. Have you asked Ashra if she has a spell for breaking a curse? I'm not sure if she does or not, your best bet is to probably shoot her an email and ask her. I am sorry to hear that. I hope you can find the help that you need for this. Sending you prayers and positive vibes!

Ashra can be contacted here: https://www.ashra.net/contact.php
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Hello Hayley. All I can really tell you is to ask Ashra what she recommends because when I came to her, I thought my man had a black magic spell on him. A psychic told me he did, but then someone else told me that the curse wasn't on him, it was on me. I am unsure of who has done black magic curses on us. I feel like Ashra is going to help me and my man get back together and remove all obstacles in our way of the true love we have for each other. I am not going to let anyone ruin my happiness through any kind of black magic, hexes or evil energy.
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Hayley, I know exactly what you're talking about because my family has been through something similar in the past. I don't know for sure if Ashra offers any spells that may break a curse etc... I think the best way to find out is to email her and ask her for help. I'm sure she'll be able to help you :)

Best wishes to you Hayley and I hope you'll remove all the dark energies from your life soon :)
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Hey everyone! I just want to let you know that there is a trick to remove any curses that you think might be on you. Just fill up the bath tub with warm water and put some coffee in it. Then just sit in there and relax.

Coffee removes any curses, hexes or spirits that might be on you. It is a great trick and I have done it before because I thought there was a curse on me. I actually think that there was. Right after I got out of the bath I started feeling so much better. My day was great that day. I recommend trying this!
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Hi Hayley. Yes, I do offer protections spells that will not only remove whatever is interfering with your life, it will also provide protection so that you can focus on your life without worrying about the negative energy returning in the future.

Please contact me using the link below. Whatever curse, hex or negative entity she has on you, I'm sure I can remove it.

Contact Ashra: https://www.ashra.net/contact.php
Hayley I am so sorry to hear about everything you went through in the hands of the ex wife and about all the evil things she did to you. Some people can be so evil. I have not heard of any spells that can remove curses hexes black magic and other stuff, but I do know Ashra has a spell that can be able to remove all that. Sometimes people do bad things to people hoping they wont be able to get help, but with Ashra you already have the help you need. Please email her. I am sure she will recommend to you a powerful spell that will banish the evil curses or hexes you have hanging over you.
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Hi Hayley hope all is well dear. Well your question is just as good as mine because I would also like to find out if Ashra has spells to remove bad luck and curses and stuff. The moment I find out I will indeed let you know. I also think that I have bad luck somehow because nothing in my life is going right and it just keeps getting worse. I just don't know what to do about this situation. I truly hope Ashra has these spells on her forum. I think it's better that I email her and ask from her and find out if she has those spells available.
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Haley, your very lucky because Ashra has a spell that could removed everything such as curses, hexes and evil spirits. Honestly, she has every spell we need for our concerns. Now you can live a normal life like you are wishing for.

Those negative energy that hindtance you to move and be on top will vanished. Specially the black magic that was casted on you family.
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I am so happy that she offers protection spells because that makes me feel more safe and secure. So if I ever come across a situation that seems very unstable and frightening I can go to her for help which is truly a blessing. It can be really scary coming across evil you are only trying to be a good person towards others.

I believe all the positivity can overcome any wickidness as well and Ashra can help many overpower the evilness with her amazing work.
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Listen to her Haley. I did a video on this earlier. I wouldn't trust anyone but Ashra to remove any hexes or negative energy out of your life. She has done so much for us on this forum and people are seeing signs and movements from what Ashra has been doing. I am a living witness of it because she has done alot for me and my situation and has turned things completely around for me and my family.
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Yes, I hope you get all of the curses removed from you. Does anyone know anything about shape shifting or morphing or changelings? I believe people are shapeshifting and playing tricks on me. What can be done about this? Are there any spells specific to stop this from happening?
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I am sorry to hear about the curses, hexes and evil out there that people have to deal with. No one should have to deal with evilness, the hurt and pain of someone else controlling their life. Everyone deserves their free will and to feel safe on their own! No one should fear in doubt and frustration, simply because of ones evil action.

I support everyone on the website! I want to be there for everyone even if I do not know them and the are completely stranger to me. I believe everyone needs someone and that someone could be anyone. It is important to be nice and understanding of everyone's situation no matter what that situation may be. I am glad there are wonderful people out there that care about others, that makes me really happy to know.

Thanks to all!!! Be positive towards all.
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Hi indeeplove, I have a quick question that I hope you can answer. Since your spells worked in the past did something go wrong that you needed Ashra's help again for your situation?
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Indeeplove, thank you for being positive and supporting everyone on the forum to make the right decision! I know many, many that are very confused and are in need of the correct direction and i think it is a blessing that people take the time out of their day to help others choose the correct spell caster. Because, so many are convinced by the wrong thing!! Ashes is definitely the way to go and I think she will do the job correctly.
You could try to ask her if she has any spells that removes evil curses that were placed on you. I haven't seen any spells that relate with that situation. Then again, I am a new member so she might do that for free or something. The only ones that's I know she does is love and money spells. Try looking around in the resources section of this forum.
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Hello, verycurious. How are you doing today? :). I am trying to make conversation with the ones that are active! It is nice to meet you, what was your reasoning behind joining the community? I know everyone has different stories and different situations! I came here to bring back my ex lover, but to also strengthen my love for him, since he has gone it has been a struggle for me!! But, I am getting better each and everyday. I hope everything is okay and everything goes well for you as well. Have a good day.

Hello there, Husky. How are you today? I know for sure, that Ashra is willing to help any person with any situation including anyone who feels they need a spell to break a curse! I think, that it is great people are recommending others to go to Ashra, because honestly no one is going to find better. Considering, so many spell casters are liars to their word! She is completely real and loves everyone!
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Hey everyone just curious but I was told someone placed a "mooroo" curse on me. Has anyone heard of this and if so what can I do to remove it? I have a lot of bad luck and my health has been horrible for the past 6months. I want to be healthy and pain free again
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Hey Hayley! I am so sorry that you have been passing through all those terrible things. How mean your husband's ex wife was to curse you guys with black magic. I have no experience with that, but maybe Ashra can answer the question for and help you for sure. If I am not mistaken, there is a spell called Cleansification spell to cleanse and remove negative energies such as curses or aura which prevent you from having a happy life which is pretty similar to your situation.
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I personally am not sure how much I believe in curses like this. However, you seem pretty confident in knowing that this is the case. MOST definitely you should contact Ashra Koehn as everyone else is suggesting. I'm sure she does have something that she can do for you! You are going through a rough time and its important that you don’t give up on hope. Contact Ashra to see what spells she has to break or remove curses. I'm sure she will lead you in nothing but the right direction.
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Haley, I'm so sorry to hear of all misfortune that woman brought upon you. If you haven't reached out to her already, I am sure that Ashra will be able to get you and your family's life back on a positive and prosperous road. Although I don't believe I've experienced a curse or hex I know you are in good hands by coming here. One, because Ashra will do everything she can to make you and your family happy again, and two, the people on this forum will send tons of positive vibes to you and your situation. *hugs*
Hey, I'm so sorry to hear about your extreme bad luck. It's scary to think people would do such a thing to affect someone else's life in such a negative way by placing curses and/or hexes on them.

I'm not sure I feel cursed but I do experience a lot of bad luck. Don't get me wrong, I've had a lot of luck in my life but it feels the bad luck kind of outweighs the good. I hope your fortunes have changed for the better now.:)
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What is a mooroo curse? I am so sorry to hear that someone has put a curse on you Holly Newman. Have you noticed any bad signs lately that might have led to yourself being cursed. I am sad that people have been cursed. It is really saddening and no one deserves such things. There is so much cruelty in the world and people are so harsh. They do not think about the things that they do sometimes before they do it.
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Wow this is great. I know there are a few people that I had curses that made their lives miserable. Even black magic was done on them and they had to go through so much to get rid of it. Ashra is so great to help us to get rid of something that can destroy our life. It's not easy to deal with things like that, so much bad luck sometimes I feel somebody did something to me too which is why I'm not moving forward.
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My uncle is single now and haven't marry yet. Two years ago, he found a women from foreign country to be his girlfriend. That women always ask him to give her money to spend and said my uncle was in evil charm need to spend more money to buy some material as protection charm. Last year my uncle broke up with her. She was very angry and she said she will curse my uncle, my uncle not believe her, even my parents too. Now my uncle is very poor and always lost his jobs. He got car accident recently. The doctor also discovered that he got stage four liver cancer. I believe that there got hexas, black magic and evil charm in this world. If anyone feel cursed by somebody, better find Ashra immediately before it's too late.
Wow! Ashra has spells for like anything! This is awesome! I really hope Ashra has helped you and your family and i hope you arent bankrupt again. I dont know how it is when the ex of your boyfriend or husband curses you but i hope nobody curses me. At least I know that I can always turn to Ashra to remove curses. The greatest spell caster of all time. I am so glad that she can help you with the situation you are in . Best of luck with this and i hope everything goes back to normal for you and your family
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An excellent way of removing curse or negativity is by using aromatherapy. At times when me and lover were havin a bad day, I just lighted an incense that was a mix of lavender and rose, a few moments later me and him were at ease and felt soothed by the pheromones the smoke created. Also, music is also a great way to ease negative energy. The only time negative effects damage you, is if you succumb to them, so be strong against them and don't let it even phase you!
This thread is really deep.

Hayley, I am so sorry you have had to go through all of this!

I don't understand how people can be this evil, meddling with someone's life is very unfair.

I hope you were able to purchase a spell from Ashra, in order to remove all this bad luck and curses.

I have no doubts that Ashra can help you, she is the most experienced spell caster I know, she can fix any mistakes done by an inexperienced spell caster.

I wish you all the best, please update us on how things go for you.
Hello everyone, and hope all is well today and good afternoon from my side. It really saddens me to the intent people go to to hurt other people and put black magic curses upon them. I also think I have bad luck, but I don't know if anyone ever put a curse on my life because everything in my life is just messed up. I can't find a job anywhere and as for money I have to practically beg my own father to send me money and other family members, like is just so hard. I truly would like to purchase this removal of curses and hexes cause I don't know if I'm cursed, just to be on the safe side, I will purchase it, can anyone tell me how much it will cost for a spell to remove a curse?
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I'm gonna sound old fashioned but if it's your house get a house cleansing. If its you, get an aura cleansing. Not sure if that's spelt correctly. Don't let curses or hexes ruin your life while you just sit there. Go to a professional spell caster and have a curse removal spell cast.
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Wow, I did not know Ashra can help with situations like this too! It just proves how amazing and powerful Ashra really is :D.

I think cursing someone etc is an awful thing to do. Doing this kind of thing is an evil thing and whoever does this must really hate someone and want terrible things to happen to. I am so glad Ashra can help people who have been through this, this must be an awful thing to experience.
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I asked Ashra if there was anything blocking me and my ex, she said no. However, I did purchased a protection spell to removed curses and anything else that I didn't know about. I kept feeling like something is blocking my relationship with my lover. I really don't understand why I haven't got full results along with all of my spells. I hope that Ashra really looked into my situation.
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The fact that Ashra can remove curses cast by someone else speaks volumes to the amount of power she has. I too have felt something was blocking my sweetheart from returning to me. Though I never felt it was a curse. I truly believe it's his thick head and own insecurities in himself that is blocking him. You see, I was always the one to take care of things and look after him and hold him up. Now that it's up to him to come back he's is lacking confidence. Ashra saw this too in each spell she cast. But the spells are working to build his confidence.

For anyone who is experiencing the effects of a curse Ashra will be the one to remove that for ya ;)
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I really need a spell for curses. I always have bad luck around me. It doesn't help I suffer with depression (from abuse and also the bad luck). For once I would like to enjoy life and have a good luck streak and be happy for once.
I am not surprised that Ashra can help with these kind of problems too. Ashra really is amazing and I do feel so lucky to be working with her.

It is a very good idea to get a protection spell for peace of mind so you know nothing can interfere with your spells work and your life. I suffer with anxiety so maybe there is a spell that can help me cope with that a lot better :D
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Hi Sandra J,

I'm sure if you had any bad spirits around you or any hexes and curses placed on you Ashra would have been able to pick up on them during casting your spells.

However, it is always handy to go with your instincts, you made a wise move in purchasing a protection spell just to ensure you are safe.

Sandra, maybe you should look into having a psychic reading done by Ashra for a closer look on what is stopping your lover from returning, in the mean time try to be as patient as possible.
Hey Sandra! I am happy that you purchased a protection spell to banish all negative energies or curses around you and the significant other. It's a great news that she didn't find anything wrong on you, so you have nothing to worry about. Hmm, I think the reason why you haven't gotten the full results along with your spells is because there are so many obstacles standing in the way. I also don't hold my outcome on my hands yet, but I am sure that everything is fine on my end. There's no curses or hexes blocking my relationship with him. I hope our spells manifest real soon. Sending lots of positive vibes your way.
Hello everyone!

I was on the phone to my lover last night and he was telling me that there is an evil spirit that sometimes attacks him, and when he is asleep it puts all of his weight onto him so that he cannot move.

It makes him too scared to move or talk.

Do you think Ashra can do anything to remove this evil spirit?

My lover says it has been around for a long time now and he knows it is something evil.
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I think it's crazy to think about someone putting a curse, hex or some form of evil magic over your head without you knowing! The world is a wicked place and there are a lot of cruel minded and wicked people who dwell here. I couldn't imagine someone becoming plagued, unknown to them, by a series of misfortunes and odd happenings. Things that could put their lives and possibly their kids' and families lives in immediate danger. A person has to really be harboring hatred to want to cause that kind of hell in someone's life. The scary part is, with magic like that, a person doesn't even have to know you to cast a spell against you. Just like a psychopathic serial killer. They don't have to have a personal connection with the victim. It could be a random person from off the streets who has triggered their desire to kill and that is exactly what they do. Magic that is dark like that is the same kind of thing. I hope those of you who have had hexes and curses placed upon you have been able to carefully and safely rid yourselves of these dark energies and have moved forward on a better leg of you journey with your love and in your life! Blessings to you.
I know my lover is being tormented by something. I think it's demons. He's haunted a lot by his past and he has allowed these things to alter his better judgments and where he could be right now with himself.

Even though we are not together at the moment and have things to work on, I'm wondering if there is some kind of Aura cleansing spell that Ashra might have that I could use to help my lover have a clearer mind and sense of being?

I hate seeing him like this and have, even when we were physically together. It's eating him up inside and I can't stand by and just let him self destruct. If anyone knows anything, please let me know and I appreciate you all.
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