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Spells to Remove Curses, Hexes, Evil Spirits and Black Magic

Don't trust anyone who tells you that you or your lover is surrounded by dark clouds or negative energy. Chances are they are trying to scare you out of your money.

If you are concerned, ask Ashra to check for curses or dark clouds.
If you feel like you have a lot of negative energy around you or your lover does as well, I would only ask Ashra about it so she can look into it and give you her insights about it.

Chances are, if another spellcaster has told you that you have some kind of negativity in your presence and you need to purchase a cleansing spell right away, the spellcaster is trying to scare you and is only in it for the money.

If Ashra truly sees some negativity surrounding you, I know that she has spells where all of that can be changed and I would trust her work if I was put into that situation.
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My family is very spiritual and we deal with all kinds of things. My aunt specializes in protection so she's dealt with tons of curses, hexes, and evil spirits. I specialize in healing so my aunt and I work closely together. What I would recommend for anyone dealing with evil spirits or evil energies and you need some sort of quick TEMPORARY relief, to use salt, Hawaiian salt works best. This is just for a short stint or until you can find a professional to do a cleansing. If you are dealing with an evil spirit in a certain part of your house you can burn the salt or you can sprinkle it around that area of the house. If you deal with evil energies in your dreams then drinking Hawaiian salt and water before bed or leaving the salt next to you while you sleep is also good. I hope this helps someone. :laugh:
Hello Hayley!
I'm sure Ashra has a few protection spells. I heard of a few throughout the forums. I haven't seen any on the website. But maybe if you contact her she can help you! I wish you the best of luck! Have a great day!
The only person you can trust to tell you the truth whether or not there is something bad surrounding your lover or you is Ashra. When she does her spells on the target, I think she would know anyway but I think she would also tell you the truth about it and remove it as soon as possible. Do not listen to any other spell caster who say you have a bad aura or anything like that because they are trying to get more money out of you by scaring you into it. You can trust Ashra completely and she will remove whatever is troubling you or your lover. :)
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I'm not sure if Ashra does that, but Ashra works with pretty much anything. You can definitely email her your situation, and she will respond. As some people say, there is protection spells that you could use. But if you want to know if there is a spell Ashra could do for your situation accurately, then telling Ashra Koehn would be of best. I'm pretty sure she can you with your problem.
I think I have been cursed by someone or something because I have been suffering from a long time. Recently everything is getting ruined some how. I lost my lover and I am not getting a job also. Every person comes into my life they never stay in my life. First they came so close that I almost fall for them. When I start growing feeling for them or I think they are my real friend or they are going to stay or I am going to keep them forever, somehow I loose them. Happiness never stays in my life as it seems like a dream for me. I will talk to Ashra about this thing and hope she will help me.
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Hi everyone

I hope that you all are doing great and have wonderful results with your spells.

I was wondering whether one of you know if it is possible to purchase cleansification spell somewhere? I can only find it in the "resources" section - the one that can be purchased with karma points. I can't seem to find it on Ashra's webpage for purchase. I would appreciate if you could share a link to it - I really need to cleanse myself from negativity and blockings. While waiting on my lover to return to me, I am working on myself and to better my life and energies. I have been through a lot in my life and some of those happenings seem like curses that I want to get rid off.

Ashra was wonderful and great with the love spells she cast for me and my lover - and I know that she is busy. I have asked her about the cleansification spell, but haven't heard from her - I know that she is busy helping people and I respect that. Maybe you guys can guide me here?

Sending you all lots of positive vibes and love ❤️
Thank you for posting this thread on here because I always think when I get my ex lover back will my ex's girlfriend try to put a curse on me for some reason I do not really know why. Also I need to email Ashra if she can do one after I had casted a love spell to get my ex lover back. How bad is black magic or is some black magic good? Also how do we know if we have been cursed. Also will Ashra know who had casted a curse on us because I would love to know who would curse me because I can know to stay away from them. Thank you for posting this on the thread and keeping us more informed. Have a great day everyone and always smile more and more everyday!
I do know Ashra offers an Aura Cleansing service, just to make sure your have no negative energy around you, for you to achieve your goals in life and for you just have a positive way of life and thinking.
Ashra offers spells to remove curses, hexes, evil spirit and black magic, and you can trust her completely because all of her spells work not only her love spells even though she majors more on love spells. If you suspect you or your loved one are the victim of black magic, voodoo, a curse, or a hex, and if you are suffering from any of these symptoms, anger, loveless relationship, then contact Ashra fast because not just anyone can remove black magic and voodoo curses! Not spell casters, psychic, spiritual workers, religious people, not even yourself! Ashra has the skills and the power to remove all curses off of people. She sure fights fire with fire!
I know when Ashra casts her spells she does a check to make sure you and your lover are not plagued with negative energy. I would imagine if you or your lover had a damaged aura she would let you know or would maybe do something during spell casting to help the situation. Of course if it's bad enough she does offer aura cleansing services. I believe she has a couple to offer. Ashra is all about keeping the negativity out of any situation and I'm sure she can help anyone who is struggling with a constant negative issues.
Ashra does offer aura cleansings to remove negative energy and influences. I know that one of these spells is called the Seven Phase Cleansificstion spell. I know that there are more options, but that is the one that I am the most familiar with. You can always ask her if you need a cleansing if you feel like your life is falling apart and you just need a way to get through. I feel confident that she will be able to fix those problems for you.
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Ashra does offer binding spells and aura cleansing services which can remove negative curses/hexes. Its always a good idea to remove these influences in your life if you have them on you because they can interfere with your spells and harm your well being. I recommend asking Ashra to check your aura for any dark surroundings. If she finds anything she will immediately recommend something to ward your curses off. Anyway guys, stay safe! stay positive!
Hi Ladyshell
Thank you for your post. Where can I find this Aura Cleansing Spell? I could se that Ashra posted long time ago that she is now offering this spell on her webpage, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. I only found Battle of Five Armies - but I am not sure it removes curses, hexes or other type of magic or negative energy put on me - both from outside and inside.
Sending you all lots of positive vibes and love ❤️
Ashra has cleansification spells called the Aura cleansing spells to cleanse out bad or negative karma, karmic debt, curses, hexes, dark clouds, black magic curses, evil spirits and all negative energies from ones life if you feel like you have been cursed. I suggest you contact Ashra first, if really there a curse or dark cloud or hexes or negative energies surrounding you or your loved ones, Ashra will definitely tell you the truth and recommend what to do to remedy the situation. She is the best and I trust only her judgements.
If you feel like you have a curse or hex on you a good temporary way to relive some of it is to put salt near your doorway. If you still don't feel any better Ashra does protection spells that work pretty amazing actually and are great at removing negative spirits and energies that surround you or surround your loved ones. Please don't be taken advantages by so called spell casters that only want you for the money. Ashra is the real deal and is great at what she does. If you feel unsure check all her reviews on the forum and on her website. Hope this helps someone.
If you think you have a lot of negativity in your life then I wouldn't hesitate to contact Ashra about it and request some kind of cleansing. I know that she offered one on one of her websites a while back and I'm sure that she would be more than willing to share the link with you to get it. I would only trust Ashra's cleanings and no one else's. Other Spell casters use this method to get people to pay for pretend cleansing. Don't be one of those to fall into that same trap. Only use Ashra's cleansings if you really need it.
Don't believe other spellcasters when they tell you that you have a curse or that you are surounded with negative energy... that is a trick. One spellcaster told me that last month... he said that everything was fine while he was casting my free spell and then one week after he started with that negative energies and asked for money to get rid of them.... what a lie... as a few members said if you have any doubt ask Ashra because she will tell you the truth.
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Yes, Ashra does have aura cleansing spells to help with this. They rid you of all negative or dark energy that surrounds you, and replace it with positive and pure energy. On top of this, she also offers protection spells, which help any negative energy or bad people to go away and stay away as well. And the best part is Ashra is a professional, so her spells are way stronger than any so called curses or hexas that a crazy ex may try to put on you. And even more importantly, Ashra's intentions are always good and pure, while vengeful exes usually have very selfish and impure intentions. And good always triumphs over evil!
I am sorry to hear that all of these bad thongs happened to you... this is terrible. I hope you are doing ok. Thats just horrible to hear. Ashra has one spell that I know of for removing curses and that stuff but its best for you to email her and ask. She will know what to do. Shes the best at removing curses and I really hope she will help you. I wish you all the best to solve this serious problem.
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I would like to remove all the curses, hexes, evil spirit and black magic done to me and my family. I definitely know it has been done to us but who did it we don't have the idea. There are lot of people who could not see your happiness and in anger they do curse or do black magic. That is the reason there is so much of negativity, fights, arguments and no satisfaction in my family. We all need a peace of mind. I want to consult Ashra about this once my lover comes back to me and if there is any method to remove all this curses then will surely do it.
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I feel like I'm cursed my life is at jeopardy right now, but I contact a psychic she said I'm not cursed. I'm not 100 percent sure, but I think I summoned a demon in my house. I was experiencing being attracted and like someone wants to kill me in my dreams. These demons I summoned are succubus and incubus but I'm not sure if there is one In my house. All I know is that I have a spell protecting me from evil so I should be fine.
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If you guys are worried about having negative influences affect your spells or your day to day lives, i strongly recommend that you contact Ashra and talk to her about what it is that's going on. I know that she offers a sort of cleansing spell that can help cleanse out any negativity that surrounds you so maybe that can help you out if that's what you are concerned about. If you've done black magic in the past with someone that was not Ashra I strongly suggest you talk to Ashra about it and see if there is something wrong because she may need to step in and clear all of that out and if you did it with Ashra then I'm sure you have nothing to worry about because she wouldn't do anything to hurt any of her clients. If you guys want to know more about the cleansing spell check out the resource section it can give you more information that I can!
Hey guys I've heard of curses and things but how do you know if you've been cursed or anything bad hanging over you? Is it something that you would just know about straight away? Has anyone on here ever experienced this and if so what is it like? It sounds horrible to have a curse. I've only ever seen it in films, but if you did have one I know Ashra would help.
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Ashra has a luck spell called Blue Tooth Of Valor. It can be found on one of her websites. I used this and I’m already seeing results from it.
I believe she will be able to do that. I believe a lot of our ex's have demons possessing them! I believe my ex had something wrong with him and I am hoping she can sort him out!
I would highly recommend that you should get the cleansification spell of Ashra just to make sure if there is a dark clouds sorrounding you or your lovers, and do not believe for other spellcasters who will say that you are sorrounded by many negative energies or dark clouds because they are just not being honest obviously, and just care about money. There was a one spellcaster who told me that before and that spellcaster told me that even before nothing yet is happening so I am right for not believing on it.

Ashra is the only one spellcaster who you can trust because she is really honest, she will gonna tell if you have a dark clouds but for me I think she won't recognize it as fast because she will gonna take a look on your situation first before claiming something or any negative on you.
Ashra has a cleansification spell that will definitely cleanse you and she also have a bluetooth of valor that will surely remove bad karma on your life.

Ashra won't tell any bad or not good words on you, you have to decide by yourself if you want to get her cleansification spell to cleanse you as well.
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Ashra will be able to remove any kind of curse or hex or black magic surrounding our loved ones. Almost all of her spells focus on removing barriers or obstacles, so the black magic hexes or curses sort of fall into that category. We must keep positive to help her further, since the spells that Ashra casts feed off of our positive energy and can be disrupted if we are negative. Both love spells, breakup spells, and luck spells can work for this case but you can always email Ashra to ask for the right spell since she will have more information and insight on the matter.
Hello everyone.
If you feel like you have negative spirits or a curse on you contact ashra immedietly. She will be able to help. I know she has counter spells. She will probably be able to remove demons and hexes. Email Ashra and tell her whats happening I’m sure she will help you.
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All of Ashra's spells can remove curses, hexes, and black magic if you specific it to her once you cast the spell. They remove obstacles, which I think black magic constitute as a obstacle. It is important to know that they do take time to be removed so that way your lover or your person does not get hurt by it. Everything does take time and spells just help it along faster. Also staying positive helps a lot!
I do believe that Ashra has a cleansing if you and your lover are sorrounded with many dark clouds or something like that.
And I also know that before Ashra casting spell for us she also making sure that there's no any dark clouds or curses behind us.
Ashra is an expert about this thing so if you are getting so worried thinking about if you and your lover having a dark clouds or any curses then you should contact Ashra immediately and she will offer you her cleansing. I am sure she has a cleansing that makes remove all of those.
I have wondered about this because I do worry that my lover can be too negative sometimes and I wonder if a spell to remove any negative influences or bad clouds will help. I am not sure if there is a spell here on the forum that does this, maybe the exclusive spell Circle of protection? I am certainly gonna look into it as it may make all of the difference in my lovers attitude and his outlook on things.
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ZARAH555 hey how are you? I am doing okay just waiting to hear from my lover. It has been a while since we have talked. I was wondering if I got the Blue Tooth Of Valor spell if It would help with my bad luck and karma and remove negativity as well but I am also wondering what spell I could get to maybe do a cleansing for me and my lover because I feel we both have dark clouds surrounding us and maybe even some blockage. I have four active spells and Ashra has not said anything bout dark clouds or curses or anything but I feel there is and I just wanna be on the safe side. I would love to hear back from you. Hope to talk to you soon good vibes love and blessings your way have a good day.
I would talk to Ashra about your situation. She probably can remove all the toxins that your significant others ex wife put on you. You didn't deserve what she did to you. Putting all that dark magic on you was a waste of her time and effort. If anyone can take care of that, it's Ashra. She will be able to remove the hexes and curses. She can make it better. Explain to her your situation and she will do what she can. Good luck to you, and much happiness.
It happens sometimes you feel surrounded by negative energies. It is possible yes. It does not mean you are cursed. But if you feel like removing those bad energies, negativity and bad karma from your or your love life, you can always go with a protection spell. This spell is supposed to remove all such negative and bad energies through it's power. I have read about this spell in description and I really found it very helpful for those who always feel this way. If you want to get this spell you should always contact Ashra first , she will let you know. All of has some form of energies around us always. Its combination of positive and negative energies. Some of us are strong to not let negativity stay near us while some fail to do so. I think this spell will work perfectly for them.
Good luck. Lot of positive vibes to you all.
Ashra is amazing and she is the person to go to if you are worried about any negatives around you and your significant other. Ashra does offer cleansing spells, and if you are in need and are worried, you should contact Ashra and she will be able to guide you and will be able to give you advice. She is genuine and she does everything to make us happy, so there would be no problem to contact her directly and ask her about a cleanse. Ashra is amazing and I believe that she will be able to help you if you have any curses, hexes or evil spirits around you.
Hello everyone! If you having a negative energy that is surrounding you and your life, contact Ashra and explain your situation to her. Ashra had a lot of powerful spells. And these spells are 100% true and it really is true. Whatever spell Ashra will recommend for you, grab it because Ashra knows what is best for you and your current situation. Ashra wants to help, that is why she cast and recommend spells that are really suitable with what we are facing right now. She will do anything for you to have a positive outcome and a success with the spells. Sending love, hope and happiness to everyone! I hope everybody is having a great day ahead of them! Have faith and keep thinking positively!
Hi there, everyone where ever all of you guys are in the world! Hope everyone is doing just fine today! I am wondering if Ashra is able to help me to remove all of the negatives in my life! I am not sure if I have any, but I am pretty sure I do, and I want it all to be removed! Does anyone experience with Ashra removing your negatives, curses, hexes, evil spirits, and black magic? I would like to hear what people have to say! :inlove::inlove:
Hi everyone how is your morning
God this topic sounds a bit scary don't it
I don't know about curses but I know when a house is haunted yes ashra as got a cleanser spell to get rid of whatever your lover is cursed or eviled by
You should ask her
And am so sorry that your lover is going through this
I will check her spells on here and see what I can find for you
Sending positive vibes