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Spells to stop a divorce or save my marriage

Doreen Perry

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I’m looking for spells to stop a divorce. My husband want is ending our married and he wants to separate. We've been together for five years, but in November I did something stupid and he stopped talking/responding to me.

I don’t want to lose my husband. Does Ashra Koehn offer any divorce spells that will save my marriage?

We have both had a tough life and we both want happiness which we found in each other. He is very upset and angry with me and said he no longer loves me and does not want to be with me because of the arguments. We have not talked or seen each other for nearly a week. I am asking for one chance to show him how much I love him and want to spend my life with him. We all make mistakes in our lives I understand that now.
Plenty of people are in the process of a divorce or are divorced before asking for my help. They go through natural energy process just like yourself. This may be a period of him needing to find himself and rebalance his own emotions. It may not be about the mistakes you felt you made in your marriage.

Doreen, don't blame yourself for what happened. What's important now is that you are taking the nessary steps to save your marriage and stop your divorce from happening. I do have a couple spells that work for stopping a divorce. The goal is to achieve happiness and love. It was never to force a specific physical outcome, but instead to push him faster into one’s energy and wholeness to see how much he loves you. This love and appreciation for you is going to happen on it’s own physical course. You can still feel it happening if you hear his voice. Listen to the vibrations and emotions instead of the words on any subject matter and you can feel the energy working.

I hope you understand my explanation. I spent years of study and understanding to arrive to this energy process. I am glad you are not giving up your internal belief in what is right. Your gut is feeling your true soul mate, or you would not have arrived here to speak with me.

Doreen, please get in touch with me using the contact page located here: https://www.ashra.net/contact.php

I am confident that I can help you and I'm looking forward to casting your spell.
Doreen, Ashra is right. Don't blame yourself. In one way or another, he needs a break to think on your situation. I believe that she could help you to fix everything. Take her advised and you will never get lost.

Spend also your moment alone. Reflect and reminisced all the good memories you had for 5 years. Leave the bad memories and make it as a way to make you feel stronger. Don't let anger or hatred live in your heart. Whether its your or his fault, the most important in a relationship is forgiveness.

I wish you will be together and may the spell of Ashra be with you.
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Hey Doreen! Oh wow, It's my first time to comment on this thread, thank you for creating this for us, it's really good topic on divorce and spells that can be used to save a marriage from falling apart. By the way, I am really sorry that you are dealing with this difficult situation. Actually, I have no experience with this, but I know Ashra has spells to save your marriage. If I am not mistaken, there's a member who still fights for her husband, and I think you have come to the right place. It's not too late honey, I am sure Ashra will help you through good and bad moments.
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Wow! Ashra you are one in a million just when our friend Doreen seemly did not know if she is going to help in her situation, you come in and help her. You are an angel sent from heaven to help us. Doreen, with Ashra you already have the best. She has helped so many people in restoring their marriages and cancel a divorce. I believe she is going to help you too in the same way she has done to others. Try and get in touch with her... she will help you.
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Ashra is definitely right and she will help you with your situation.

I'm currently having the same issue as you. I've been married 9 yrs, but we have been together for 15 yrs.

My husband also wanted a divorce, but i didn't. We've been separated since August 2016. Since then, he hasn't said anything about the divorce, thanks to my wonderful friend, Ashra. I contacted Ashra on oct 27th 2016, before her I had another spell caster name professor khazan. He was helping me and I've noticed the small things going on with my husband until professor khazan asked me a lot of money because i guess someone was doing another bad spell on him. The amount he asked was $1500, which of course I didn't have that money, so i told him thats too much. Especially when its money gram that I have to send.

Anyways my heart was torn and so I decided to find another spell caster and thats how i found Ashra. I read all of her positive reviews about getting their love back.

I contacted her on oct 27th 2016 and immediately Ashra answered me back. I told her my problems of my marriage and she recommended my first spell. I heard that spell is very powerful and great and it has to me. So i purchased it on oct 28th and on halloween my husband called me to go trick or treating with our kids. We had fun.

I'm still working with ashra, she's been there for me since day one and I'm very blessed to have a friend like her. She is very genuine, caring, understanding person who listens to you.

He hasn't said anything about the divorce yet, so i definitely know that my spells work.

Everyone here in this forum is so nice and very supportive. If you need someone to talk, we're here for you.

There is also other forums to read if you feel very emotional and feel a little negative feelings about your situation, you can go in there read others experience.

I'm sure Ashra does have quite a collect of love spells that can prevent you and your husband from getting divorced.
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Can anyone tell me what spell this is? I just recently got divorced and I thought I would be ok with it but I'm really not. The paper said we can get remarried to eachother anyday that we want to and I want that to happen soon. He just acts like he hates me and I need something strong to hit him and not want to be with any other women please help me and let me know which spell to buy that will reverse our divorce and save our marriage.
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I am so happy for you hearing that your spell is actually working on your husband and that since Ashra cast a spell on him he has not asked for the divorce he wanted. I do believe with Ashra's help he will forget about asking you for the divorce. Its good that your situation keeps getting better. I am sorry for the other spellcaster who was trying to put worries in your mind by telling you that another person was casting a spell on your husband. I too have gone through the same thing of being told by others spellcasters that another woman is putting charms into my mans food stuff to control him, but am glad i was able to find Ashra.
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I am most definitely trying to keep myself up tonight, because I am feeling really down and I just really need some support and happiness in my life right now. I need to make myself better and to be more positive have a better outlook on the things that will make me happier in life.

There are so many obstacles I'm going through in so much doubt I have. I fear, I'm going to be alone in the spear socks because all I want is to have a future with one person that's always on my mind. But, I feel like this person does not want me as much as I want them.

It is so hard to accept the pain, the hurt and the fears. I don't want to live with these fears or doubts that run in my mind because I want to know that life is more important then to waste it on being unhappy, I do realize that there are people that have it worse than I do. But, I just want to be a better person and I want to seek happiness. I do believe, that spells can work to reignite a relationship, a marriage, and stop a divorce.

Don't give up on the person that you love. Even if, they give up on you just remember that they still want you. We feel like we are needed. But, our souls tell us different. When we feel that hurt, that isn't our heart. Not the heart, but the soul inside of the person.

I wish luck to all and a good day everything will be Okay.Please be positive please be happy because everything is about to come your way.
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Hey, Doreen!
The best spells to use to Stop a divorce is a marriage commitment spell or Passion Panacea. It makes your lover crave you in a sort of way. I agree with the all mighty Ashra on this one, it's never someone's fault when it comes to divorce. Stay hopeful and positive while you're going through this. Never give up hope on your soul mate. I almost gave up when I saw the girl of my life with someone else online. I found the amazing Ashra and now I know that there is hope for me! I believe Ashra will solve your problem like she'll do to my problems.
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Hi, Doreen. I would like to say that love never give up, never loses faith, is always hopeful and endures through every circumstance. Finding Ashra's advices is your first step to be successful to avoid divorce. If she recommend some kind of spell, you can follow and purchase it. Her spell is very powerful. She got 16 years experiences to be a spell caster. I'm sure she can help you fix the problem. By the way, I haven't marry yet, I can't introduce any Ashra's stop divorce spells to you. I'm sorry.

Sending you a big hug, lots of positive vibes and energies. ❤ Good luck
Hi Doreen. I am so sorry to hear what you are going through. I am going through the same thing right now. My wife and I were together for a few years and got married but started having problems in our first year of marriage. We separated at the end of last year due to her uncertainty with even wanting to be married, and having feelings for someone else (and vice versa). I have hung in there because I know we belong together and I know despite everything she still loves me. Before Ashra, my wife would ask me for a divorce, but since working with Ashra, she has stopped asking me. I am placing all of my hope in Ashra who has been such a supportive person in my life since I found her in February. Hang in there everyone! Our miracle is coming!!
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Thank you Ashra I needed that. Hang in there Doreen! I know where you are coming from. My husband talks about us going different ways each time we have a misunderstanding says he believes that we don't understand each other even after been together for years. He is genuinely caring when he is not angry but very little patience when I make mistakes. Unfaithfulness is really out of the question but I sense some negative aura from both our families and around us. I felt heartbroken on the dawn of the New year when hell broke loose and he decided he had had enough, why do men give us so easily? I wonder. No matter how much he vents out in anger I have always been patient because I love and can't see me without him, he has changed me a lot and made a lot sacrifices for me, treats me like a queen, I can't start over again with someone else at my age so I really need ashra to save our marriage before we make the mistakes of our lives.
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Wow this is an amazing spell. I never thought a spell like this would ever exists that can prevent a divorce from happening. This will be so helpful in many situations. There are some of my family members that went through divorce and had a devastating break up and I wish I knew these spells existed before I would have done something to help but now that I know of it I'll definitely keep this in mind. I wouldn't let any relationship get ruin in the future I'll save my family from breaking apart.
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Best course of action is ask Ashra what route to do to stop your divorce. She does have a marriage commitment spell and a binding spell at her disposal. As much as I know about those types of spells, commitment is going to be the better of the two, because it will push your husband into wanting to commit to you. Binding is also another plan, but it would be a good idea to have commitment take effect then use binding.
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I am not married, nor divorced.

However, I have seen on Ashra's websites that she offers spells to make your dream wedding happen. So I have no doubt in my mind Ashra can help you prevent a divorce from happening and save your marriage.

I requested in one of my spells to have my lover propose to me as he planned to propose before we broke up, thankfully for Ashra and her amazing gift, proposing to me has been bought to the surface of my lovers mind.

I hope you get your happiness back Doreen, I know Ashra can help you :)
Hello Doreen.
I am sorry about what had happened to you. Don't worry my dear as you have found Ashra and she will definitely help you too overcome your problems, prevent the divorce and help you save your marriage. A lot of people from around the world had successful with Ashra spells and I believe that you will also successful with Ashra spells. All of us at here will always support you my dear.
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There are people who I knew love each other a lot and then because of something minor they make a big argument which leads to divorce. I know what it's like because I have seen it happen in my family and now they are suffering because of separation and their kids are also suffering because of their parents mistakes. I'll do anything to stop that from happening in the future to any of my friends or family and I'm happy Ashra has made this possible.
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I know Ashra offers all kinds of spells that'll go to any situation. Talking to her personally she'll costumize it for you, as well, so it's tailored to your situation and needs that you asked for in the outcome. Ashra is so sweet and is willing to help almost any situation. She really gave me comfort in knowing that everything is gonna be okay with my lover and that she has a way to reunite us. It warms my heart to no belief. I know she has spells pertaining to marriages and things like that, just talk to her personally and you'll get what you're looking for! You won't regret it :) Much love to everyone and I hope everyone gets what they desire! Best wishes and warm hugs :)
I don't know what ended up happening with Doreen but I hope she is doing alright. I am divorced from the biggest narcissist who ever lived and still won't stop trying to be with me. He has interfered with my current marriage to the point where we did nothing but argue and my husband lost it. I do not want to be twice divorced and will do anything to stop that from happening. I'm hoping that my first husband will stop using as children as pawns in a game and stop using them against me if I stay with my husband. I love my second husband more deeply than I have ever known you could love someone you didn't give birth to. I won't stop fighting for that and neither should anyone despite the odds.
Ashra, you are amazing.

Guys, I came to Ashra when I had no one else to turn to, you know, it just wasn't working out with other people's advice and trying to help. I was on the verge of loosing my home of 14 years and family.
My husband had made up his mind out of sheer anger and discouragement but wonderful Ashra promised me she could save my marriage and stop any thoughts of divorce entering or lingering in my lovers mind.

Today with all confidence I can say that I am going not losing my home, I have had signs, movements and manifestations.
There has been no more talk of divorce, My marriage has been saved!!

Just trust Ashra.
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I really do think that a lot of Ashra's spells can help prevent a divorce and to save marriages. I have not been married yet because I am still fairly young and have not even started college yet, so I think that I have a little while to wait before I think about marriage. There are some powerful spells offered on her website like the Life Commitment Spell, the Soul Mate one, and even the Sarlet Love Binding spell could help with this. All of Ashra's spells are powerful though. I wouldn't doubt that any of them can help prevent divorce and to save marriages, though.
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Hi Estella, I don't think we have met before but that is such amazing news, I hope one day that my husband will return to me but he is living with another woman now and has been gone over one year but I don't give up and I believe and trust in Ashra that she can help me. Congrualtions on your wonderful news and I wish you all the happiness in the world. Sending you positivity my friend, good luck for the future.
I have full faith that Ashra will be able to stop a divorce, or perhaps help one along if that's what you want. There are plenty of people here that are trying to get their love ones back, and sadly these love ones are spouses. Ashra is completely capable in guiding a spouse back by helping them rediscover the love they felt and feel for you. I've read plenty of reviews on this forum where Ashra was able to stop a divorce in its tracks and reunite those lovers together. I'm only wanting my love to return to me. So I hope and pray when he does that our love will last the rest of our lives, and that I will not have to ask Ashra about her divorce spells. BUT I wish those who are going through this difficult period all the best of luck. Ashra will turn it around for you. I have faith she can do almost anything. And she will be able to save a marriage from ruin. Sending lots of hugs and positive vibes.
Hello Doreen! You should start by asking Ashra because she has more experience than I do about which spells work for stopping a divorce. But anyway, Passion Panacea should be the spell for you! This rekindles your relationship with your love and cut out any influences in his life. This spell also fixes commitment issues like cheating. I'm pretty sure it prevents divorce and fixes any issues you have with your lover. Just contact Ashra, she'll know the exact spell you need! Anyway i hope what i said helped you in one way or another! Have a great day and stay positive!
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I think a lot of her spells deliver the same promise of saving relationships as well as adding commitment. I do know that she has commitment spells and also spells that deal directly with marriage problems. I remember I did some reading on one of her websites and there was a spell specific for saving marriages and preventing divorce. It's so great that Ashra has saved a lot of marriages lately. I do believe that she will help me get married and to prevent divorce from ever being a topic. I plan to keep Ashra as my spell caster for a matter of years to make this happen.
Hi Guys, I'm totally new here. Still not very sure how things are done. Like, if you purchase the spells and the seals and priority casting, do you need to fill up the info form repeatedly and type in the situation repeatedly? Or can I just put all 3 items in the order form under 'which spells did you request?'

Anyway, here's a brief summary of my situation. I've known my husband for 22 years, married for almost 7 years. During that time, I waited 14 years to be with him and had another spellcaster do work for me and we finally got married in 2010. Nov 2015, both he and I ended our businesses and we were getting our 1st home together AT THE SAME TIME. Needless to say, tempers flew and things got REALLY rough between us. Lots of arguments. New years' eve, he told me about his affair-with a transgender and asked for a divorce. His friends all encouraged him to do what makes him happy and disregard me. I managed to convince him I wanted and needed him to be around and I would try to accept her. So we tried to work things out. I even agreed to a co-existence with her. But they took advantage of that. Now, he says things aren't working out and asked for a separation. Devastated would be an understatement. The past 1.5 years have been hell for me. All he does since he's with her is text, text, text. Meet, have ***, go out. They text each other for hours on end, everyday. Even in front of me. Our communication totally stopped. He said we have nothing to talk about. It was painful because we were such great friends that we talked and joked about everything and anything under the sun. It's all gone now. I went to depression and panic attacks. I wanted to give up on life. He is my world, my everything. He says we can't communicate and we operate on very different levels. He always got angry with me, for no reason. Said he's never really been happy during the course of our marriage(which I feel is nonsense). I just feel like he's telling himself that, to justify what he's doing. Said he's never knew real happiness till he met her. She makes him so happy. But he said that unless I wanted out, he told her he would never walk out on me or ask for a divorce. Now, he says the situation is different and he is asking for the separation, then divorce. I feel that life is so dark. But since he told me about the separation a few days ago, we've been able to talk more and he said things like he's sad that the marriage is dying, that he's confused and doesn't know if it's the right decision but wants to go ahead with it anyway. But that we'd always be family. He said he knows that for some strange reason, our lives are intertwined but he feels that we can only be friends. NOT a married couple. He told her that he will not stop seeing me coz we are family and he said she's not the type to stop him either. So, we're inofficially separated but still living under the same roof, just different rooms. He threatened that if I don't agree to the separation, he'll move out. So...now, I've become the friend, and the transgender has become his life partner. He's making plans to buy his own place which he's intending for it to be near her new place. The sickening thing is, her birthday-get this- is OUR wedding day.

I got my original spell caster to work on this issue once he told me about the affair. They said that the spells went very well. But for the past 1.5 years, things only got better for both of them and way downhill for both of us. That's what made me look and I found Ashra and you guys on this forum. To be honest, right here where I am, I do have a lot of doubts, I find it hard to trust. I find it extremely hard to be positive. Doesn't help that I'm the goddess of impatience. I'm so scared I'm gonna lose him. the separation is for 3 years, after which would be the divorce. This is a brief summary-won't wanna bore you folks with the details. I'm so sorry it's so long. I just had the Freedom Fire breakup spell with Dragon's blood seal casted by Ashra last night and ordered the Object of Desire this morning, as recommended by Ashra. I'm waiting to purchase the Passion Panacea on Fiverr- which I can't do until Ashra gets back from her vacation. Just waiting for Ashra's reply drives me crazy. I'm nervous, antsy, anxious, wondering if Ashra would reply and if she can help me. My case is WAY complicated and he's WAY stubborn. And I'm really trying so hard to be hopeful but things look so bleak right now. He's adamant about leaving me. I'm so, so scared. I don't have a lot of time left before he leaves.

How many times do you need to do the seals? Is it something that should be done with every spell?
If you are worried about the separation or divorce from your partner, you can get help from Ashra, she has spells that are effective to stop a divorce and save a marriage. Her spells will not only stop a divorce, it will not only stop a separation, but it will also rebuild a strong bond between you and your partner. And will also change the future of your relationship and marriage.
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Always contact Ashra if you are unsure about which spells will stop your divorce or prevent your marriage from falling apart. Once you tell her your details she can start to recommend spells to you and also you can add as many spells as you can afford. The more spells the more angles it covers.
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I'm crossing all my fingers and toes that Ashra can help stop my separation and make things better between my husband and I. AND get rid of the nuisance 3rd party.
If you are suffering this type of problem where your marriage is about to end then you can always contact ashra. If you want that marriage badly but your partner wants to break it then there is nothing wrong to cast a spell on him and bind him/her in that marriage. I do think Ashra has something to stop this kind of situation. Because she has something for every situation, And you can trust her with anything.
Ashra most definitely is the person to go to to stop a divorce and to save your marriage if you need it. The Passion Panacea, Freedom Fire, the Marriage Commitment spells are just a few spells that will help you save your marriage at a moments notice. Don't feel down about your current love situation, it is only temporary. All of these spells have amazing reviews and Ashra has helped so many save their marriages and stop divorces in their tracks. If you need more information feel free to contact Ashra, as she will be able to give you the proper information to help you in your situation.
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Stopping my divorce!
I'm new to the forum and have read so many positive things about Ashra. I too am trying to keep positive and hope my spells work. I'm down to 5 days before my divorce process starts. I've panicked and scared I'm going to lose him forever. I had my last spell cast last night and going to do all I can to stay positive and pray my spell works quickly . My husband is my world .
If you are looking to stop your divorce or stop your marriage from falling apart, it was the right decision to come here for Ashra's help. She has many spells available for many different situations with issues with relationships and love. Definitely take a good look at each of them on the resource section of the forum and keep an eye on which are the ones you feel like fit your situation best or which are the ones you want. With that in mind, contact ashra with full details on your situation and then provide her a list of the spells you had in mind as to what you wanted to keep everything straight to the point and get the answers you're looking for. Remember to keep an open mind and be patient and positive, getting down about your situation doesn't help anyone.
Hi everyone,
This is the situation I am in right now. :-( my husband filed for divorce and I really wish he didn’t. I love him so much, and I’m positive Ashra will help me bring him back and stop the divorce before the court starts handling it. I’m trying to stay positive and i have faith in Ashra.
Ashra is the right person to go to for your situation. I think Passion Panacea and Freedom Fire Break Up spells will work to help save your marriage. It is important to also stay positive during the process because the spells work by redirecting energy. I am confident that Ashra will be able to help with any situation, no matter how complicated or impossible it might seem. However, for her to help you, you also have to do your part by thinking positive thoughts. You will get through this!
Ashra has many spells to help stop a divorce and also save your marriage! Check out the resource section to read more about spells. I know Object of Desire can help rekindle your relationship and Passion Panacea can help remove barriers between you and your lover. You can always message Ashra and she will get back to you so you can get the best advice possible. Make sure to be super specific, which will help her help you.
Yes I have sent two contact forms one at 2 am last night and another one recently. I know she is busy but I guess im just really trying to find a light to help me in this. I have also replied to the confirmation if the contact but still nothing. I hope she replies soon and before the meeting with laywer tommorow as she is my only hope for saving my marriage.
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I too am looking to save my marriage. I have been married for almost 15 years to my husband and together for 17 years. We got into a disagreement about a month and a half ago and since then he's told me I haven't been affectionate enough towards him and he couldn't be who he truly is and I just don't get him. What it comes down to is that he reconnected with someone that he has slept with in the past before we were ever together. He says he enjoys talking to her and hanging out with her and her daughter. He buys her things which he doesn't know I know about and they have dinner together. Basically he is dating her while being married to me. He spends more time with her than me. He claims he hasn't done anything sexual with her. He has trouble communicating with me because he doesn't want conflict. He would rather take the easy way out.

I am looking to get some spells cast asap from Ashra. I already emailed her on Thursday but she is so busy that there is a 3-5 day wait. I'm so anxious to get started. I definitely think the Passion Panacea is what I need but more than likely also Freedom Fire breakup spell. I want that other woman out of our lives asap. We still live together and occasionally are still intimate. We also still communicate so not sure how that will work when I have my spells cast. Since no contact it part of the guidelines. That will not be possible for me since technically we are still married and live together. I guess there is a way around that. I anxiously check my emails constantly hoping to hear from Ashra. I want to have the man I married back, the man that cried at our wedding. Our 15 year anniversary is September 27th so would love to have my marriage restored by then. I know it can be better than it ever was. I believe!
Hello, how is everyone doing. I hope you guys are doing fine. Ashra must have a spell to save a marriage from divorce. It is so nice of her. I know how bad it can be for a married couple to split and it is even worse for their kids. They do not have any idea where to go and whom they should go. May all these people love each other unconditionally and take care of each other. Anamaria, Ashra is surely very busy but she will reply you soon. If it has been more than 5 days and you got no reply, then you should inform her, she will contact you as soon as possible. Anyways, sending positive vibes to all of you. Stay happy and blessed. Keep on smiling and fighting because your life is worth living for.