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Spells to stop a divorce or save my marriage

Hello everybody! Ashra offers a lot of powerful spells that can save a marriage and stop a divorce. For me, it is better that you contact Ashra and tell her your situation. It is because that only Ashra can help you and she can recommend the best spell that is very suitable for your situation. I do believe that Ashra's spells are really powerful! Sending love, hope and happiness to everyone and good luck to all our amazing spells!
Hey everyone!! I hope you are all doing good and having an amazing day. Just to let you know, there are spells that's offered by Ashra to stop a divorce or to save your marriage. Ashra will be able to do it for you, so don't hesitate to ask for her services to help you out! She is very caring and really understanding and sees your pain so I am sure that no matter what you are facing or going through you will be able to get through it and with Ashra's help you will get exactly what you desire so don't give up your hope. Take care.
Hi there, everyone where ever all of you guys are in the world! Hope everyone is doing just fine today! To all who are looking for a spell that stops a divorce or saving a marriage, Ashra is definitely the right person to help you! @Doreen Perry, how are you feeling? From Ashra's comment, she is right, don't be too hard on yourself! Just contact her about every detail about your situation, and she will help you! I am trying to get my ex-lover back at the moment! I miss you good luck @Doreen Perry! :inlove::inlove:
Hello everyone! I hope all of you are having an amazing day ahead. I am not married yet, but I know how it feels when your wife or husband files a divorce when you try so hard to save the marriage. I think we need to think about our kids first, they know nothing, all they want is a happy family. To those who might be involved in this situation, you have nothing to worry about. Ashra has so many powerful spells to stop a divorce and have your lovers return to your arms. You only need to be detailed in the description box. I hope it helps you guys. Sending lots of positive vibes everyone's way
Hi Ashra, I must say that you're such a sweetheart and kindhearted person who has already brought smiles on so many helpless people like me without any self-interest. You are really praiseworthy.

Ashra, today I emailed my ex-husband as it is the only way of communication with him. But he doesn't reply me at all. He's busy with that other girl with whom he was involved in extramarital affair when I was his wife. Only that girl is responsible for breaking our marriage and love. I had to suffer a lot for that girl. I heard from somewhere that she used her menstrual blood to get my husband. Now, she's successful on that as she became his wife. She didn't allow him to stay with me while I was his wife. She controls him all the time. His family members used to hate her but suddenly all of them started loving her. I really don't know what she did on all of them. The person who loved me so much, now hates me so much that he can't even want to hear my name. To satisfy that girl, he even raised hands on me on silly small things and kick out from home. I had to leave my home that I decorate with my own hands. Now she's staying with him. I had so much patience to endure all the tortures being completely innocent. I didn't even ask help from Police as I wanted to save my marriage. He talked with me on 4th January, 2019 last, then he stopped all the communication and blocked me. I know that he cheated on me badly but he was never like this. That girl turned him like that. She must've done something very powerful to get my husband as her husband. When I first met with him, he came with broken heart, I gave him all my love and time to heal him. When he completely healed, then he left me alone to suffer and go back to that girl who used to be his ex-girlfriend and gave me divorce.

Ashra, I want my husband back. He's my first and last love. Please help me. I see hope when I saw some positive testimonials and reviews from your youtube channel that how you make people happy and help to bring back their love of life.

I'm eagerly waiting for that day when he will leave that girl for forever and come back into my life. My every sufferings and hardships will turn into happiness.

Thank you Ashra for considering me. I'm hoping that oneday he'll come back in my life and shower all his love on me what I deserved and waited for so long.
@zenesta you have gone through so much pain. Have you just found ashra? Do u have any spells active? Please update when u can. Sending you love
Hello Zannetta! Oh honey you are a poor thing. Please don't be sad, I will keep you in my prayers. You are a tough woman. You should give yourself some credits. I have heard of the menstrual blood. I can't believe that the other woman used it to steal your husband. I mean oh come on, there are lots of men in this world, but why she should break your marriage just for her ego. Please don't write anything to your husband. If he doesn't reply back, you will get hurt even more. Yes Ashra does offer love spells to save someone's marriage. All you need to do is to tell Ashra about your situation completely. Please don't cry alone, but just come to the forum or do something positive with your children to keep your positive. I hope you are doing okay my dear.
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Hello everyone! I hope all of you are doing just okay today. It hurts me everytime I see or hear that someone's marriage is at the brink of divorce. Marriage is a sacred thing. You and your partner vow before God. We better think twice before deciding to separate. It hurts me even more when someone says that their wive or husbands cheat on them. Ashra has love spells for this kind of purpose. I know you love your partners. You wouldn't have got married if you didn't love them. So before it's too late, you better act now to save your marriage and stop the divorce. Just be open with Ashra about your situation. Sending lots of kisses and hugs for you all!!!
Hello forum members,

I and my husband dated for 6 years before we got married. We were madly in love with each other. We got married last year but stayed for just 40 days together. His parents created misunderstandings between us and we are separate since 3 months with many complications in the relationship. Ashra has suggested Passion Panacea. I'm waiting for her confirmation after casting it. I really hope my husband comes back standing up for me. I don't want a divorce. I have been in depression since he left me and have tried putting efforts to communicate to him how much we should get back stronger as a couple. But now he has blocked me from everywhere. This is my last resort. I don't want this relationship to end. Please pray for me and my relationship. Sending positivity to all of you here. :)
I have not been married or even engaged, but I have confidence Ashra can help those trying to hold their marriage together in the same way she works to reunite broken relationships.
Hello everyone! I hope all of you are having a wonderful day ahead. I am not sure what spell is specifically customized to this kind of situation, but I believe that all love spells Ashra offers are used to fix a broken relationship. With that being said, yes you can use them to stop a divorce and save your marriage. I know how difficult it is to be separated from the one we love the most. There is nothing you can do but pray that miracle comes your way. If your situation is really urgent, just go talk to Ashra. She surely will do something to prevent anything bad from happening. Sending lots of positive vibes everyone's way!!!
Third parties or negative interferences should be banished immediately. I feel sorry to those who have a broken marriage. Before it gets worse, we should do something to stop the divorce. Ashra is the expert when it comes to finding love spells that suits your situation. Do mention what you wish to happen with her. She surely will help you with your issues. Just praying that it will be resolved soon and you can reconnect or reconcile with your husbands or wives.
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