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I'm wondering if anybody here has ever tried Talisman Love Spells? It's run by some lady named High Druidess Alisson, she's offering wicca spells for free. I'm currently waiting for results from a love spell but she emailed me a couple weeks before telling me to go get my aura cleansed or something, but the cleansing service wasn't free. She said it might not work if I didn't and things might get worse and now I'm a little worried. I cannot afford the cleansing.
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I have tried High Druidess Alisson's love spell before. However, I didn't see any result from her spell. She told me that the spell will manifest within five weeks and I saw nothing. She have also emailed me about the aura cleansing, but I just ignored her email. Personally, I don't think that she is the real spell caster because I have seen a lot of other fake spell caster, like Talisman Love Spells, that have also offered the aura cleansing service after they have casted our spell.
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Yes, I have tried Talisman Love Spells last year out of desperation and they did the same to me. They sent an email saying I needed my aura to be cleansed in order to get results and so they asked for money. I refused to pay and they even started sending me to different websites saying my case is very hard and so I need to get it casted by someone else called madam Caitlyn or something. They don't seem legit. They knows how to scam and fool people who are desperate and take advantage of their weaknesses. Please don't fall victim for them. Go with Ashra and you won't have regrets like I am now.
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Nengpi, I am very agree with your statement. I also think that the talisman love spell (talismanlovespells.com) is not a real deal and they know how to scam people. They have also send me an email told me that my case is very hard and complicated and they suggested to the another spell caster to cast my spell. But using her services need to pay for money, but I know that they all are the same and they just want to scam us. By the way, have you casted any spells from Ashra? I can't wait to hear from you.

Sending you a lot of positive vibes and a lot of love.
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Hey Guys,

Relax and don't get worried and tense. High Druidess Alisson sends an email to everyone about the aura cleansing which costs 200 USD. I did not have that kind of money. I guess I was lucky, having no money to pay her, which helped me. I did not ignore her, but sent her a mail expressing my inability to pay which is true. Your situation cannot get worse due to anyone/man-made other than natural barriers. The only barriers you could encounter are your beau/GFs mind-sets and stubbornness. These so-called-free spell casters only try to entrap soft targets/people. How I wish they would not do such things as we are already so vulnerable.

Cast all fears aside. Why fear when Ashra is here? She is the most genuine spell caster and is committed to our well-being. She is not into spell casting only for the money but to help people with their situations. You have been steered here by Divine Will.

Nengpi is right. We all need to remember that we should not fall for anyone's tactics and be a victim. Please spread the word around.

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Casting spells for free seems like such an enticing proposition, but I'd be worried about having one spell caster send out their energy and then engaging Ashra with her energies. It could possibly clash. That's just my theory - I wouldn't employ the services of multiple spell casters, especially Talisman Love Spells was appears to be a scam.
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Hello Mssdt,

My dear, these free spell casters like Talisman Love Spells haven't cast any spells in the first place for them to clash with Ashra's. Always remember those who cast free spells do not ask for money. How can so many people need Aura cleansing? :unsure: This free is only a subterfuge. Think of Polo mints. Its like saying "the mint is free; pay for the hole" :hilarious: And Ashra is not new to this scenario. She has handled such cases from a long time. Many of us have come here after being to other spell casters. None of us would have known about it until we experienced. Its only after these unsuccessful attempts that we stuck to Ashra. Thanks to Ashra for being a genuine spell caster :)
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Wow, this review on Talisman Love Spells opened my eyes. Thanks guys, now I know not to wait too long. The spell probably won't work at all.

I emailed her too about how I couldn't pay and she never replied. Wow.
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I also got email from High druidness. I told him that I don't have any way to pay the money. I don't know much about that spell caster. Till now, I found Ashra reliable and worthy person with whom we all can share our thoughts and get proper solutions. Yes, we should not fall into someone's trap and prevention of being victim should get more priority than other issues.
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I have tried this spell by High Druidress Alison from Talisman Love Spells sometime back last year. I found it on the internet as one of the free spells offered by her. Since I was in a desperate situation I emailed her about my situation, gave her all the details about me and my ex. Later she confirmed through my email that she was going to cast a spell for me. I can attest to it that she is also genuine because i saw the results after wards there are a few among the genuine, but still I can say that Ashra is still the best at what she does. The talent Ashra has can not be done by anyone else.
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I have also used this spell caster and the email response are the same so it's generic. Once she has casted your spell you will receive an email about how her friend was there to cast the spell also. After the allotted time is up she will then tell you that you have negative energies around you which must be cleared but she will not do the cast herself nor will it be free. It will be directed to another spell caster. Your best bet is to actually talk with a spell caster. I have tried several and Ashra is the only one who when reading the email wasn't generic in the slightest. She also states if you want to ask any more questions to do so and responds to your questions.. I hope this has helped.

The free spells on talismanlovespells.com don't work in the slightest at all. Its a way for them to waste your time and get your hopes up. They will contact you about the spell being cast but several days later tell you something went wrong and ask you to be directed to another spell caster who will cast the spell at a might higher price some of them can become quite threatening in there emails. A real spell caster will talk to you about your situation and will ask you to fully discuses on you desired outcome
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I looked at the website and it all seems really shady to me. For any new people coming to this forum post to see what others say about this site, do not trust it. This site seems shady as hell and I do not want any of you to suffer. Please stick with what works.
I have heard of this site Talisman Love Spells and I believe the spell caster goes by the name of High Druidess Alisson. I remember them emailing me saying they cast my spell but I apparently had a bad aura surrounding me and needed it removed. Obviously they asked me for money and I just knew it was a rip off so I didn't reply back to them.They haven't emailed me since but I just had a funny gut feeling something was not right with this.
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Talisman Love Spells is definitely scamming you because at first she said it was free and now she's claiming that it is not free. That is A red flag and I would not worry or even stress it. What people do is try to scare you into giving out your money which is really sad that the world does this to people but it happens to most to everyone because people want money so bad and they don't truly care about how people feel they only care about how they feel and what their needs are. Do not be afraid talk to Ashra if you are uncertain about the way you feel or you're very scared. I wouldn't let it get to you!!! That lady is evil for even trying to trick you into giving out your money like that. I am so sorry sweetheart.
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Yes see I think that she is trying to scam you out of your money. Cause she was offering the spell for free but then said to go get your oura cleaned, which that costs money. So that should be a sign that High Druidess Alisson may not be real and may only be in this for the money. I don't trust any other spell caster except for Ashra, and the reasoning is that Ashra does not care about the money at all. She genuinely cares about her clients and their happiness. So that's why i only trust Ashra. :thumbsup:

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I have tried Talisman love spells. I didn't hear back within the 24-48 hour time frame, more like 50 hours it took to respond. Even then I replied with a question and I never received an answer to it. Looking at other reviews, people have said its a scam.

It's not right for someone to do something like that... to build up hope, when in reality nothing was done for it. I feel Ashra has the ability to help me and my case, more then what Talisman love spells could do, that's why I'm working hard my next spell. I've heard nothing but positive outcomes from her, and I look forward to the day I have my lover back.
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Omg! I used them too and I haven't got any results, they were so good at making me change my mind I guess out of desperation. I just really wanted anything/anyone to reach out to me because I felt the need to have closure/answers? I haven't received a response from High Druidess Alisson, just they had casted a spell but no results. I was scammed a lot and its sad to say that you don't know who you can trust these days.:( Deep down I didn't feel too good about using talismanlovespells.com but I was so desperate I wish now I had found Ashra earlier, but I'm hoping for better results through her.
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Update from my situation. I emailed High Druidess Alisson a question regarding my spell being cast, and she never replied. Its been almost a week and still nothing. I haven't seen any extreme changes in my ex returning. Just a few looks here and there that he gives me but who knows what they're from.

Maybe its because I just dyed my hair from a light blue to a dark blue, he always liked the colour blue.
But anyways, I don't believe it's legit.

Update on my last post:

Yeah, I got that email today that everyone else is talking about receiving.

Where you need a cleansing, and its like $200 yeeeah. No thanks.

It said I had a negative energy blocking my subliminal mind. When I know Thats not necessarily true because I can easily enter my subliminal mind with my pendulum. I wouldn't trust it.
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I've tried that and I regret going through them however I found them before I got back from Ashra. It's sad thought because you so vulnerable and people are out there trying to win your money over. Especially when your feeling down and your desperate there are so many people out there who will do anything to try and make things worse.
Hahaha! Dinah :hilarious:! I thought I was the only person that got that email claiming how I had alot of negative energy blocking my success and that they could see the huge black cloud surrounding me. God when they first told me this I was so shocked. I could ask myself questions all the time, then they gave me a link to see where i would be able to purchase the cleansing spell and they could tell me how I needed to do cleansing once in a month and the charges would keep increasing as months went by. They were just making me be afraid so that I can do all that they are asking. Don't trust Talisman Love Spells. They have horrible reviews! Thank God I found Ashra she has been of great help and she is not like this scammers.
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My mother tried that high druidess princess Alison. Alison said to her she cast a spell then two weeks later sent an email saying she feared for her spell. She needed a cleansing spell which she left a email of someone else so her spell would not work if she didn't sign up for the cleansing. Also, the payments were monthly of I think she said was 9.99 at the time. So I believe they don't cast spells for you to start with. They just want you to sign up for something that your not going to benefit from long term. I know I say this all the time, but excuse me for it... but I do believe Ashra's site is genuine and she's here to help everyone so don't waste your time any where else on the internet.
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Last night I contacted High Druidess Alisson. Here was the initial email I received:

Dear Andria,

Before I check your info and cast your free spell, I need you to confirm your sign-up by clicking on the link below. Thank you.


Click the link above to give us permission to send you information. It's fast and easy! If you cannot click the full URL above, please copy and paste it into your web browser

If you do not want to confirm, simply ignore this message.

Thank you,
High Druidess Alisson
3141 Piper Lane E 237
Charlotte N.C. 28208

When I verified my email address with Hight Druidess Alisson, I received the next email:

I got your email and will cast your spell in the next 48h

My Dear Andria,

All the information you sent me to cast your spell are now in my possession. I will check them out and will cast your spell within the next 48 hours according to my schedule.

I will send you a confirmation email after your spell is cast.

I will be communication with your spirit during this process. It's normal if you have the feeling that someone is watching you, I will be with you. You could even make the experience to hear my voice if we are getting along well in our telepathic communication. Everything will be done gently, with love, and in accordance with the Wicca laws.

With love,
High Druidess Alisson

Once Alisson emails back, I will post her reply. I'm sure it will match what everyone else has been receiving from this lady.
I've used this lady before and Alisson never responds back to you. The same email she sends about your spell being cast and I was in look her friend a more powerful spell caster just happened to be in the neighbourhood. Then after a while about your aura you need to contact this person they can do it as a matter of urgency. Mmm all fake. It's not good when people like this con other poor people and tarnish other spell casters who are legitimate.
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I remember emailing this High Druidess Alisson too and she said something about I needed a cleansing as my aura was bad or negative.

I stopped emailing her after that because I knew that she was a scam and I just could not trust her. It was not long after that I found Ashra and it was the best thing I have ever done. Ashra is amazing and I am absolutely sticking with her.
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I'm waiting for her as well I haven't got any emails back for her at all and I've been waiting for weeks.
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I have never had a talisman love spell done and I have actually never heard of High Druidess Alisson. My advice is to stop worrying and just work with Ashra. She is not going to lead you wrong and she is here to help you no matter what your situation is. There are definitely a lot of fake spell casters and psychics out there. Ashra is definitely the real deal. She is very sweet, caring, generous and honest.
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Yes... I have received the same text from Talisman Love Spells. It is exactly the same case like some of the astrologers who offer you a free tarot reading. Actually I kept receiving emails about that I need a special reading because "my case is more difficult" than others and obviously those were not for free. So my mailbox was full of emails trying to persuade me to continue with this ezoterical business. Anyway, what I found out is also that when you register somewhere, its far too hard to cancel your registration. Things in life just change, you want to enter somewhere and when you decide to move away to a different direction, you even do not have a chance to go away. Which is strange... so I keep receiving those newsletters from High Druidess Alisson.
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All these sites are rubbish. There is always a catch with them. Some even go as far as saying you have a black cloud following you and it needs removing. The thing is they don't even give the free spell cast chance to work before they actually tell you that your free spell hasn't worked. Why offer a service and advertise it for free then hurt you even more knowing you have been let down. I looked at a lot of these sites like Talisman Love Spells over last few days and I personally wouldn't waste my time or day on them. I'm glad Ashra is genuine and a real spellcaster who says exactly what she can do and help you with. Thank God for Ashra she's has a lot a members and made a lot of friends along the way. I would recommend anyone to her god bless her and setting this website up.
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I received an email this morning from High Druidness Alisson, and because I read the forum about what was expected I quickly scrolled down to see and I saw the message where it said I needed a Aura Cleansing Service and I figured that was the case, now my emails are filled with all these fake cast spellers, I wish I found Ashra before, I was so desperate for help that I basically went with anything and anyone
Pleas don't waste your time on these type of people they are in true un interested on your situation they offer you a free love spell then all off a sudden a while later there is an issue with the spell that they have cast and try and refer you to another spell caster who can help but this time it costs money. They are very untrue in what they tell you and are more than happy to scam you.
This is a scam! High Druidess Alisson is the last person that I tried before finding Ashra. I found Ashra the very next day. I tried her free spell and I had high hopes that it would work and not long after I got the exact same email from her as you did. She told me I fear for the results of your spell and that I needed to get my aura cleansed. And that I had to pay I'm so glad that I ignored her and that I ended up finding Ashra. And another website called blackmagicworld or something like that offered free spells just like talisman did and they sent me the same email as she did about needing my aura cleansed. And in fact one website I can't rember which one, (maybe it was talisman or blackmagicworld) had me to burn a candle and chant something which I did and I thought that it would work by then they emailed me saying that I had to pay to get my aura cleansed and that my spell might not work or whatever. Anyway it is a scam don't believe a word they say and run far away and never look back.
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I tried receiving a free spell from High Druidess Alisson on her site talismanlovespells.com. What happen was quiet messed up. She requested a free spell for me. (A love spell) to bring me and my lover back together. So, she claimed she had casted the spell and later went on to say that I had to pay her to get cleansed. I said, no because the spell was "free" and that she lied to me into getting my money for me to worry about needing to be cleaned from bad spirits etc.. she's completely fake and I would advise everyone to stay away from her since she does nothing but trick people into giving her their money.

I hope everyone eventually realizes that Ashra is real. She is willing to work with everyone and she will understand any type of situation!! I love her to death and I know she is stranger to me, but I do have trust and hope because of all the positivity on the website. Everyone seems to have a success with her and that makes me feel really relieved.

I wish good luck to all and better days to come.

I have never heard of talisman spells. Do they seem to be legit or false? I know there are many false spell casters and I know that Ashra is real because of her professional side. I can see that she is professional. I have seen many sides that are not very professional and they do not seem to be who they claim to be.
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Hey Husky, Thanks for the post, yes you are right, when two people grown in love and trust each other at first me and my lover had this, however we lost our love and forgot about how we ended up together, but I do believe we love each other he just needs to wake up and realise, yes! its hard when your love feels betrayed but I rather fight hate with love and kindness then fight hate with hate, its not me, and its not nice, treat others the way you will like to be treated :)

HI Electra, I did too fell in the trap, did you get a response from High druidness Alisson after you sent that email, its sad how there are people who are there who scam people for money, I Know Ashra is real its nice to see that you are sharing your issue with everyone, so everyone realises who is real and who is not? Ashra has been nothing but great to each and everyone of us and I am thankful for her work as for Talisam Love Spells, I have learnt my lesson to be honest lucky I came on the forum before they had emailed, I would of been one to fall for the trap :(
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Hello, raregemstoneamber the same thing happened to me!! High Druidess Alisson tried to say that she would give me a free love spell. She told me to follow her steps in order for it to work and later said that she needed me to pay her for aura cleansing.

I really cannot believe how much my a fake phony she is. She is literally cancerous. She steals people's money, she lies and that's just messed up. The best thing to do is to ignore her and speak to Ashra for help!
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I have a question about this Alisson spellcaster. All of you guys are saying that she asks for money as a cleansing ritual. How much does she asks, and is there any possibility that her spells might work? Because in a way or another no one would do anything for free. Maybe that's her way of tricking people into getting spells from her, but has anyone seen results? She seems a scam most likely but I don't think the problem stays in the fact that she asks for money, I think it's in how real she is and if people have been able to get results.
Okay, last night High Druidess Alisson told me I need to cleanse my soul and aura. WOW! I've quoted the emails I received from her below. Let me know what you think...

I have finished to cast your spell. Please read the information below:
My dearest Andria,

I have followed your directions and have cast your spell. While I was preparing your spell, I even received the visit of a good friend who is an experienced witch - she's much better than me! - and we did a ritual together that was specially directed at your case.

Now, let me describe to you how a Wicca spell works, so you understand a little bit more about what's going to happen. Wicca absolutely respects free will, just like white magic does. It's harmless and safe. So the results you should expect are not going to be spectacular, it's something you need to know.

It's all going to work slowly, smoothly, but surely. The Divine Wicca energies will influence the positive outcome of your wish. And if your wish respects the different laws of harmony that Wicca spells must always respect, you will definitely see your life changing in the next weeks and I am sure you will love these beautiful results I have designed for you through my spell.

It is normal that the results show in 2-6 weeks from now. I will be sure to contact you after 6 weeks.

With Love,
High Druidess Alisson

Then I received the email below about needing my energy cleansed.
Greetings Andria,

It has come to my attention that you have a dark cloud of energy around you that will hinder the spell from connecting with your subconscious mind. Even if the spell would be able to penetrate this negativity, it's certain to weaken the spell so much I fear it might even turn back on you and make the situation, you wanted to deal with, worse!

Andria, I strongly recommend you to use this guild approved karma and aura cleansing service (click here) to counter the negative energies. It's the only thing that can help right now. It will boost you with so much positive energies that no negativity will ever stick on you!

"I've been searching for so long for a service like yours and when a dear friend recommended you I knew it was a greater power that guided me to you! Your amazing cleansing ritual have changed my life for the better and I am forever thankful! "

Do not hesitate Andria, the karma and aura cleansing,
performed for you by Mdm Caitlin, is about to close the sign-ups (She can only do the cleansing for a certain amount of people at this time!).

With Love,
High Druidess Alisson

When I clicked on the link it took me to some Sedona Aura Cleansing and Karma Cleansing website (http://sedonaauracleansing.com) The whole think seems very scammish.
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I don't think High Druidess Alisson is an actual love spell caster since she uses a common type of business behavior that every other spell caster but Ashra, has. All of them always care about one thing: money! It's best not to trust anyone but Ashra on the internet when it comes to spell casters. Don't go any further and just give up on that spell caster. Stay around Ashra and you might get your spells casted.
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Hey Electra! I was also trapped by this scammer called High Druidess Allyson from Talisman Love Spells. I thought she was legit, especially when I saw her website, it's like she made up anything here and there in a good way, even she addded something like "I cast a free spell on you!! It's free!". For me, when someone puts lots of full stops at the end of their words, it shows that they tells us the truth, or some sort of emphasy over their good work. I used to believe that this talisman would work on me. She told me that I only had to wait for 60 days. Before my spell reached the 60 day mark, she warned me that I should purchase a cleansification spell to save me from bad karma and energies, and she told me how much it cost. Since then, I never notice her emails.
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Hello, Andria. Do not worry, you are not alone! She has is lying and she has been doing this, to several people to scare them into paying her money. We all, definitely do not need to believe her. She is a phony and I really hope NO one gives her a penny!! I would hope no one ever goes to her for help. She always pulls the same story towards all of her customers and the ones that come to her for help. I feel sorry for the ones she has tricked and the ones she has lied to.
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This is so wrong. Talisman Love Spells are prying on people being at there lowest so they can get money out of them. I think it's disgusting I'm so grateful I found Ashra she is so amazing, she lets you join her forum to get her help. It shows you that she is a true spell caster people come first before money.
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