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Tara Medium - tara-medium.com Reviews

Anna Maria

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I think I was conned by a psychic called Tara Medium. Let me explain what happened to me.

I was going through a very dark time in my life and I came across Tara’s website www.tara-medium.com where she promises to provide you with a free urgent and confidential psychic reading.

I thought, what’s the harm… its free and I will give her a try. A couple days went by and then I received my psychic reading for Tara where she claims something bad is going to happen to me if I don’t act in a few days. Tara said someone put a negative spell on me and that she could cleanse it so that it doesn’t destroy my life.

I’ve read a lot of negative reviews online about Tara Medium and everyone sings the same story about what happened to them. I feel her emails are designed to strike fear into someone to get them to pay Tara for her help.

Every time I delete her emails/unsubscribe, I receive another email from Tara with the same scare-tactics.

Tara Medium does not provide you with a free psychic reading. Its just bait to care you into paying her for other services she offers.

I am interested in hearing if anyone else has gone through the same thing with this phony psychic. I believe she is actually a man from Hong Kong which would explain why there is only one picture of her on her website.
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Oh wow! I used Tara four years ago and her website is fully automated. You will never be able to personally talk with Tara directly. She scammed me too, but I completely forgot about her until this topic came up on the forum. I think everyone should share their experience on her.

I recently found out that many spell casters and psychics are not who they say they are. Most represent themselves using Stock photos of other people. @Anna Maria I did some digging around and you wouldn't believe what I found! Tara is using a stock photo too! I guess all of the negative reviews you found about her were correct.


It looks like whoever is behind Tara Medium went through extensive efforts to Photoshop the image to try to cover up the evidence.

I would avoid Tara and go with Ashra Koehn instead. Ashra has real photos of herself and she is a real spell caster/psychic.
This lady is fake! It is incredible how so many people are using shutter stock to make a website and use pictures that are not theirs! I don't understand it! Tara medium is FAKE! She claims she will give you a free reading but then a few days later she will tell you something bad is going to happen to you if you don't act fast! I don't get why people actually believe this! This woman is completely a CON! She will just take your money! Some have even said she doesn't even give a proper reading if any at all!

I believe when you look for mediums or physics it is best to do your research before using them! When I went on this website it looked a bit strange and didn't look like it was put together right. I am so sorry for those that had fallen for her tricks! The worst part about this lady is that when you try to unsubscribe she will keep messaging you and pester with automated emails! The weird thing is this lady doesn't actually reply to messages so that tells you right there that she is not real! I wouldn't trust people like this!

Ashra is the only true spell caster that will actually reply to emails, help you throughout your journey, will go above and beyond to help you when you need it and she will of course update you when you have purchased a spell or are unsure about a situation or how to speak to your lover. I am so glad I found Ashra! Honestly guys these so called mediums are just a waste of time and money especially when you are in such a dark place as it is!
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Hello. I've never heard of this Tara Medium person, but since so many people have put their trust in Ashra, it seems like more and more scammers are popping up to try and snag as many victims as they can.

I've had a look at the website myself, and I must say.....I'm confused. It shouts "fake" all over it. For one, it has been proven that the picture of the person in the homepage is not Tara Medium, but a photo from Shutterstock. Another this is......what kind of name is Tara Medium exactly? To me, a lot of these scammers aren't even trying. They're only thinking of how much money they can steal from unsuspecting victims.

This person is like the 2nd or 3rd one I have seen to rip off iStock or Shutterstock for photos. I mean, do they not think that potential customers are getting smarter at doing their research before making a choice? I think these kinds of websites are why thousands are putting their trust in Ashra Koehn. She's like the only legit spellcaster out there, in high demand, and has real photos and videos of herself. There are several of them, so there's no questioning whether or not she's real; Ashra is definitely real.

If anyone hasn't checked out Tara Medium, take my advice: Don't waste your time!!!
Oh dear, another one that has been caught out! I know there are a lot of spell casters or psychics that use scare tactics to get you to pay for there services. I remember this happened to me and I got emails all the time saying if I don't act something bad will happen and I have a bad aura and need it cleansed. I advise all of you not to trust Tara medium, she certainly isn't who she says she is. Ashra Koehn is the best and always will be.
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@RubyXRed sounds like something I went through just recently on another website. I’d like to start a new thread about but can’t with my new member status at the moment.
I had this happen too! Your in a mailing list. Pretty much everyone who is subscribed to her on tara-medium.com will receive constant marketing emails from her. It’s the same message. I got them all the time. Things like. “Nows your chance for a high vibrational change but you MUST act now and contact me” such rubbish honestly. Half the things in the original reading didn’t even make sense. Makes you laugh really. It’s not even her you would speak to. Load is rubbish honestly.
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About this Tara Medium person... I have to laugh because for a while, I thought that I was the only one who thought that this person was a fraud. I too was sucked in by the “free” reading (by the way, didn’t say anything remotely close to my situation). At the time before I found @Ashra I was so caught up with having “quick” solutions to fix what was broken that I was trying anything/everyone that glittered throughout my searches. I’m thankful that I found @Ashra and this forum because I still would be looking for these type of people like “Tara” and wasting time.
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I use to use Tara Medium for like 4 years and it was a lot of hype and promises on her part. I was going to have money and love, so I spent upwards of around $1000 over the years believing her lies that all.

I got was empty bank account and broken heart, so definitely stay away from her. Stay with Ashra and you will see results that you are looking for.
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Oh I know this person called Tara Medium. She pulled some cards for me and said that my life would be in danger and I wouldn't ever find any solution on my every problem. Really that's the scariest reading I've ever gotten in my life. This is also a big red flag. A real psychic won't ever scare their clients into purchasing services. It sounds like a threat. She even asked me to do an Indepth reading for more information which I refused immediately. She is fake guys.
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Hello everyone! I hope all of you are feeling well today. I agree with you @RubyXRed. They all use the same tactics no matter what website you stumble upon. Tara used to bother me for money and kept saying that if I didn't act upon my blockages, I would lose everything and have bad luck forever. It did sound threating to me, but I knew that they only tried to get cheated out of my money. Ashra is the real deal and she has 18 years of experience under her belt. I don't trust anyone but her. Sending lots of positive vibes everyone's way!!!
I know Tara Medium!! She used to email me. Anna I don’t know why but I find that very funny :hilarious: it’s a man behind the screen who lives in Hong Kong pretending to be a woman. Where do these people find the time to do this and how did they learn!? Like I have said before I think some of these people might of been victims and became the enemy to plant it out on the victims they once were! @Fera Im sorry that happened. They are horrible and crazy.