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The Extraordinary Chris - oraculum.psychic-readings-for-free.com


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I read a review on Tara Medium today, but does anyone know if The Extraordinary Chris is a real psychic? His website is oraculum.psychic-readings-for-free.com and I watched a very convincing video on his website about his services.

He charges between £5 to £60; depending on the type of reading you select. What raises concerns is I don't see any pictures of who "The Extraordinary Chris" really is. You only hear his voice in the video that prompts you to select one of the three psychic readings.

I need guidance and advice on if I should use his services or is he fake like Tara?
This person is completely fake! Very fake! When I first went to this website the first impressions were wow first of all no picture of the person, no testimonials, and there is not much written on his website! The layout on the website looks really bad. I did some digging around and found a few people stated they were scammed by him. I would personally not trust Chris. There is nothing extraordinary about him! The thing is when listening to his voice it sounds like it was almost faked out! If he is a real person why doesn't he have a picture? The website was VERY poorly designed as stated before. I would personally only trust Ashra! This man only has three options and the fact that he has NO testimonials is not a good thing either and also proves he is a FAKE!

Ashra's readings have been very known to be accurate! I wouldn't waste my time with anyone else. Ashra is the only one to be trusted in all honesty! This man is just hoping to have people fall into his trap and give him free money!
Greetings. This is the first time I'm hearing of The Extraordinary Chris, so I have decided to hop on the website and do some extensive research.

From what I have discovered, this person uses a different currency from the US dollar. It's actually the British pound, which translated to USD is gonna be less value...... One British pound equals $1.41 American, so, if you're in the US, you'd be paying more than what is listed.
The website is run by a company in Gibraltar (a British oversees territory on the south coast of Spain). I say these are red flags. Why use the British pound as payment when Spain uses the Euro? Something doesn't sit right with me about that.

Another red flag I discovered, not only is the site poorly put together, it was created this year, in 2018. So, it has only been up anywhere between 1 to 4 months. Not a good sign.

They also offer a 100% guarantee or be reimbursed. From having done enough research on other spell casters and psychics, this always raises awareness. Usually, scammers will place a money back guarantee on their sites to lure in unsuspecting victims. Of course, getting your money back would be nice if you're not satisfied, but the reality of it is that 98% to 100% of the time, most people will not get refunded.

The site has no spells listed. All it says is that you can choose a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd psychic reading at different costs. Please be aware of any website that isn't thorough and descriptive about their services.

Bottom line, I would not trust The Extraordinary Chris. He, or she, appears to be an "extraordinary scam". I can, however, suggest that you give Ashra Koehn a chance of making your dreams come true. She is absolutely amazing and loves all of her clients like family. She has over 17 years of spell casting service and is a master at her craft. She won't do you wrong.
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I also ran into this website as well and red flags went up for me because very little on the website and it seemed really fishy payment wise. Really weird because I found extraordinary Chris a year ago also... I guess maybe the website has been refreshed or a little change in the website name since it’s showing the page was made 2018. I guess the other site caused too much red flag and commotion so time for the scammer to change sites!!
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ANASTASIYA, it's better not bother to deal with Chris. No need to know how he manage working with his clients. Oh well, its still up to you if you wanted to. But my opinion and suggetion is ignore his offer or site.

I support someone that could give you a real result. A real movement. A real sign. All we need is patience and trust. Dont look for his service, Ashra could do that also. Just ask her. She might return on you for a couple of days but she will help you.

Trust me. I am with you and wishing you to have a successful result. That is why I recommend her more than anyone else.
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I have been following the extraordinary Chris. He’s very convincing. He knows quiet a bit about me that other people don’t. This has occurred with several instances. However, I’ve been writing him and from his email he’s not received my emails. This makes me Leary.

Site indicates to email him, but no response from my questions. I appreciate candid talk so I know now NOT to send money. I’ve only spent 5. Instead of $199 I was getting a bargain.
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It is very odd reading what you all are saying about this Extraordinary Chris. I have come across this website as well, though I don't remember it only having three options? I have purchased services from him before. Nothing really happened, not that they were spells or anything that would show results. The only spell that I have bought from him is a do-it-yourself love spell which I have only cast once. I'd say it worked because as soon as I cast the spell my lover (well ex-boyfriend, but I am avoiding the word to encourage positive thinking) and I started talking properly again. The last step in his spell is for us to send a letter or a message or call our lover and tell them how we feel and that initiated the conversation after a few months of minimal contact. However, I have also read other reviews about him and not only that he seems to be a scam, but he possibly deals with black magic (read a review where someone got a portal opened in their home after putting a talisman from the Extraordinary Chris under their pillow for a week and they started seeing things) All in all my experience has not been all that bad, though I probably won't go back again as that review I read really scares me.
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It is completely a red flag. Those kind of strategies are to patronize clients to purchase services. If the site is poor and just recently created then it is completely scam. You should ask services to the person who are long in that field an has many successful feedback by clients. Don't settle to those you never know or afraid to be known by people. If you are doing good services there is nothing to let yourself be know by your future clients, right? Don't waste your money, effort and time and choose the reliable person who can give you a satisfaction of results.
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I looked into the Extraordinary Chris, and all of this seems like a scam to get people's money. If u need answers, Ashra does readings. I have noticed since a lot of you have brought up so many scams and red flags I started seeing a lot of people offer free readings and can make you rich give you your lucky numbers etc.. But when you read reviews it isn't as convincing. Thank you for starting this thread because alot of people need to hear it and see it. this scamming stuff is what gives real spell casters a bad name.
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