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Video Reviews and Testimonials on Ashra Spells


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I just wanted to come here and tell everyone that i have met so far a big thank you for your support! Honestly, when i came here I thought it was going to be like all the other sites I had went on but this site is completely different and you can actually interact with other people, not just look at their comments. I greatly appreciate all of you and Ashra. By the way, does anyone know how to upload a video review? I wanted to upload one so I could get 30 karma points (I think that is how much) but I am not sure how. If anyone can tell me I would love to know. Any donation to me is appreciated as well, again, thank you all for support. :)
For the ones who have upgraded their account please do not forget to LIKE, RATE, COMMENT on all the videos and reviews. Honestly, I am sure Ashra would appreciate our contribution and participation in the media section of the forum. I am sure her videos and testimonials mean so much to her. Our participation on each video will only spread more positivity. Please do LIKE, RATE, AND COMMENT! Thank you Ashra members!
First you have to upgrade your account using 30 Karma Points. Then if you want to upload a video, send it to Ashra through email and she will handle the rest.
Hi Hannah!
To post videos you need to update your account to the user upgrade in order to post or watch the videos. It costs 30 Karma Points to upgrade. You wont regret it!
Does every video that you post get you 30 karma points? Because if so, then I'll probably do that first :) :)
I know i can't wait till he's back. I will be on here so fast and doing a video review on Ashra spells. I will be dancing around this house. It will be an exciting time that's for sure. I will make him take us to the same place we had our first date. I have all these plans before he leaves. So he needs to hurry so we don't run out of time. We have stuff to do and people to see. We need to get our pictures taken and just stuff!!!!
Just to let everyone know, you dont have to wait until your lover is back to do a video :)
I have already posted a video and I just just spoke about my results so far. I also said what you need to do to help your spells work. When I get my ex back i will be doing another video! I will find it so hard to contain my excitement while making the video for Ashra. I am still getting good feelings going through me. I will be purchasing another spell very soon so im excited!
Two new video reviews have been uploaded to the Media section of the forum. I would like to take a moment to thank everyone for supporting me. It truly does motive me when I hear that my spells have helped another couple reunite. I will always be there for my clients because I see each and every one as a close friend.
I already viewed both of them and rate them. WOW! Seeing more testimonials is giving me hope and confidence during this really hard time I am having dealing with my emotions. Knowing Ashra continues to bring success and results was what I needed to see and hear. Although, I am still sad and at my desk sad.. I will remain hopeful and give the benefit of the doubt to Ashra and her amazing pristine spell work!

Hannah you are right, every video review and testimonial will give 30 karma points and you will earn + 10 karma points as trophy points. Ashra herself clarified with me some 5-6 days back. Its indeed a good opportunity to earn 40 karma points at a time because earning them through posts is a very time consuming job. If I am not mistaken I remember you are in a need of karma points for getting a spell casted. I am also preparing for getting the video done this weekend. I wish you all the best. Have you upgraded your account?
How is all about your situation currently? Stay strong and positive.
I have a question. Are we just allowed to post one video review only or can this be done multiple times. I already uploaded my testimonial video of mine about my progress. I wanted to create one that will be an encouragement video about putting our hopes while waiting for the spell. Also, i wanted to earn points to purchase either quad cat or instinctive love pulse :) I will highly appreciate all who will help me on this one. Thank you!!!
Yes, as long as the review or testimonial adds value to the community, you can submit multiple videos to earn more points.
Oh thats great to know. Ill make another one maybe tomorrow so that i can purchase a spell again soon. It is one quick way to earn points. It wasn't easy to do though because I need to have a lot of takes just to come up with one which i will send as my final video. Oh, by the way i am having difficulty in uploading my video in the media section directly.
I am very excited to gain points so that I could purchase Ashra's spell. I really want to see how spells work for me and all the positive changes that it would surely bring to me. I have hope deep within me now. I have watched videos and reviews as proof that Ashra's spell really work for each and everyone of us. How I wish, my points are now enough to purchase a spell. I cannot wait to have my spell cast and see my lover rushing to my arms again. I am very much happy to have and meet Ashra in my life. She is really very helpful to make everyone happy. She is really a friend for me.
Hello everyone! How are you? I have just finished watching testimonial videos of Ashra and I feel more energized now. I feel very happy and I feel like, if there's an obstacle on my way, I am more than being ready to face them all! I am so happy that I found Ashra as well, as I have found you all here in this community. I really belong here. Just keeping positive emotions with me right here now. I know, my ex boyfriend will come back very very soon. I feel it. The positive energies that surround me now are telling me that he is on his way back to my loving arms. I feel so pretty now. :laugh::laugh::laugh: I feel loved and I feel valued ever. Thank you guys for your never ending support ! For all those who are still having negative emotions in their hearts, just watch the videos submitted by other members. You will find all that hope and strength you were looking for. Goodluck!
Hi everyone! I made another video about a minute long wishing everyone well and sending positive vibes out to everyone on this forum! I sent the video to Ashra a few weeks ago, and she emailed me a few days ago saying that she will email me as soon as she can. I hope all of you will enjoy my second video! I think the videos are a great way to interact with everyone on the forum besides posting comments all the time. I also hope that my video will make you guys feel even more positive with your situation!
Hi Katie! I would love to watch your new video. Thank you very much for sending us positive vibes everyday. Yes, videos are great ways and the most effective way to encourage somebody here not to give up and trust Ashra as well. Like me, after watching testimonial videos, I tend to trust Ashra 100%, have some faith and belief that my lover would really come back to me through Ashra. I really love the guy and before, no hope of winning him back. But now, no more, I have all the positive energies within me and nothing could stop Ashra's spell to tell his heart that he should come back soon to me... He should and he would really do come back to me.
I decided many times to make a video, I also rehersed, but something always clashed and I was not able to do so. I need a time where I could be just alone at home and concentrate on making the video.

Katie you made two and I am still planning yet for it. Anyways this weekend I shall try to take out some time and go ahead by making a video.
Katie you said that you e-mail the video to Ashra. I saw there is an option to directly upload the media in the resource section. May I know why didn't you use that option and sent it to Ashra for uploading.. Would be helped with this answer.
Watching videos is really good. It captures the mind more than what we get from posts. Anyways... I hope I make a video soon.
You are welcome mystery girl! I love sending positive vibes out to everyone each and every day! It even makes ME feel more positive. I love the fact that Ashra made the media section because the videos give us some more faith! I felt the same way you did before coming into this forum. I felt so lost. Nobody understood my situation, and it's not like I could talk to anyone about it either. Once I came into the forum, my mindset completely changed! It's almost like in a whole new person just because I am thinking more positive!
Hi swati! I completely forgot about the other option. (Stupid me, :laugh:.) Unfortunately I accidentally deleted the video from my phone a few days after I sent it to Ashra to email. She said she will upload it as soon as she can, so the video should be up soon. Swati, I hope you make a video! I love reading your comments and it would be great if you made a video! It will add even more positivity to this forum. More positivity is always a good thing even if the video is only a minute long (like the video I sent to Ashra.)
Hey Katie, do not call yourself stupid men, it's obvious. It's like you made the video and you became so anxious that in the anxiety you completely forgot that there could be an option to upload the video. However I hope Ashra uploads your video as soon as possible. I will be very happy to read it.
Secondly thank you for your compliments. I want to tell you that I look at you and get inspired since I have read your post in Introducing the new members thread that you are only telepathically connected to your man and have never met him in personal. I am looking forward for making the video, but not getting a free time. My daughter's annual exams have started andcfeore that I was busy with her preparations and revision for the same. Probably this weekend I will arrange for the time. Warm hugs and have a nice day.
Yes Katie! You are always right! Through the videos and our reviews, some of us could really change their mindset from negative to positive. It's a real review about the spells. Because there are people who could tell that these accounts here in this community might been just done by Ashra, but to see the videos themselves, will show all of us and also them, the real proof that there are really people who Ashra had cast a spell on them and they are showing their faces with delight. The videos would really contribute a lot to our trust, faith and belief.
I am curious what's the video making about? I don't see an option to do one on my account.
TL16, you need to upgrade your account first before you see an option to make a video. You need 30 karma points I believe to upgrade your account. Then you will find the media section with all of the videos. Once you make a video, you can upload it to a website you have an account on, then post it on the forum. (You will see once you upgraded if you haven't yet.) The other option so to email the video to Ashra and she can upload it for you. She did it for me for my first video, and she is going to upload my second once she has time to do so.
I just uploaded an image of a love quote with an inspiring description under the media section! It has to be approved by the moderator first, but I'm sure that it will be! I wanted to keep the positive energy flowing. We have all been through so much lately. I figured that a picture with a quote and a positive message to go along with it would make everyone feel even more hopeful. I felt great as I was uploading it! I hope it will be in the media section soon!
That's awesome you are re-energized. My ex lover called me yesterday but for a bill he had and wanted to know If I had put this bill in his name. We talked for 5 min. He said he would talk to me later . Wekk, I texted him after the phone conversation but NO reply. I had asked him if he wanted to hang out sometime. No Response... So, I texted him back and Told him I don't care either way. Then I texted cya..
Weird, he called about a bill...oh, well.. We are getting back together, I feel it in my heart. Wish me luck. But I wish everyone the best possible outcome of getting your lover back All I know is that I can not ever stop loving this man!!! He is the only one for me!:)

I guess I had better earn those Karma points. I hope everyone is doing good!
My video was just added to the media section of the forum! It's all the way at the top of the page. I really hope all of you enjoy it! Stay positive everybody!!!!
I am curious what's the video making about? I don't see an option to do one on my account.
Hi TL16! You would just create a video of yourself, telling what your problem is, then how Ashra's spell helped you with your situation, what happened after the spell and what spell have you requested from Ashra. Or maybe, about a video on how you are dealing with your spells right now. Then, you would e-mail Ashra about the video, upload it as an attachment and Ashra would be the one to post it to the media section. You wouldn't be identified who you are even though you are showing your face. Your video review will surely help others to become positive despite of their situation. I am looking forward to see your video uploaded in the media section. Goodluck!
I have 30 karma points and I tried to up grade my account but it keeps saying error. I was wondering if anyone had trouble before?
I was also wondering where the site to check how much karma points I can get to receive a free spell.
I hope everyone is well and being patient.. I have not contacted my ex .I have backed off totally and decided to stay strong and keep moving forward in my life. WELCOME NEW visitors!!
I really want to do another video to give members more hope and uplift their negative thinking! I have already done a video of the movement I have seen so far from my spells! Does anyone have any ideas on what I should do one about? I don't like the sound of my voice on camera or the way I look when doing a video but I do it so that Ashras clients get more reassurance knowing that Ashras spells do work!
If I were you, I would do a video to give people more hope. I am thinking about doing a 3rd video on my progress so far because I want to keep people positive too. I don't like the sound of my voice in a video either! Lol! When I recorded my first video and watched it before I sensed it to Ashra, I thought I looked weird! I think it's just a natural way to feel when you are looking back at yourself ;) I hope you do another video soon Gaby!
I will probably post a video over the next couple days about the results that I've had so far; I have to be a little careful because I basically work for a Catholic church as an administration for a university campus ministry... so I can't really let it be known what I am doing outside of school and work hours. I know that there is nothing wrong with it, but they may not be so accepting...
You should definitely post a video. I would watch! Also, keep what you do outside of school and work hours to yourself. This forum is the only exception. You have to keep the spells and this forum a secret at all times. As long as you do that, you don't have to worry about them finding out and not accepting what you are doing. All of us on this forum are here to help you. You know that you can tell us anything, even if it's bad. Everything will be okay! I am sending positive vibes your way!!!
I really want to do another video to give members more hope and uplift their negative thinking! I have already done a video of the movement I have seen so far from my spells! Does anyone have any ideas on what I should do one about? I don't like the sound of my voice on camera or the way I look when doing a video but I do it so that Ashras clients get more reassurance knowing that Ashras spells do work!

I watched your video it really help cheer me up, I would say go over from the start as a update on the first video then add what's happened up until now, People love to hear details, What's happen between you and your lover and the ways you have stayed positive and motivated during your time waiting for the end result.
Good luck with it, I'll keep an eye out for it, Positive vibes your way.
Phoebe, I'm sure not showing your face will be a problem. we all know Ashra has real people on the forum. Ashra will understand why you do not want to show your face while doing a video. not everyone is comfortable with revealing their idnentitys. Hence why some people don't have their real names on the forum or their full names. Ashra wouldn't have made the forum like this if she wanted everyone to expose who they are.
Hi TL16, has it let you upgrade your account now? You shouldn't be having any problems if you have the right amount of points to upgrade. If you look at the top right hand corner where it says 'credit' it will show you how many karma points you have. Also, if you look under the resources section on the forum you can see what spells are available to purchase using karma points and destiny points. I hope this helps, happy purchasing ☺
Its so nice to hear from people who have similar issues as mine. Today felt so much more positive because of the media section. I think its very brave of you to make a video about what stage your in and things that have happened so far. I would love to watch your videos and wanted to say thank you for sending out waves of positive feed back! I have yet to get a spell done and have become impatient but then I realized it is a journey. Everything happens for a reason I belief that when the time is right that's when I will be able to get my spell done. I think it's extremely remarkable that everyone on this forum lifts each other up when we are in darkest of hours. Keep up the good work!
You're welcome Elizabethque and to everyone on this forum! I felt as if I wanted to contribute more to this forum and give everyone more hope that their lover will return. I made the first video testimonial because people were asking me to do it, and I'm glad I did! With the second video review, I just said whatever I thought of that I felt would make everyone stay positive! Even if you haven't seen results yet, you can still make a video explaining your situation, progress you have seen, etc. I love watching the videos! I haven't watched them in a while but I might when I get the chance!
That's a great idea tubbs! like a refresh video! I will be doing another one as soon as I have the time and I'm not so busy. the videos are the best way to prove to other members that are in doubt that Ashras spells do work. her spells bring natural results. Its as if you haven't had spells casted for you. thank you for the positive vibes! I will send you positive vibes in my next video!