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Video Reviews and Testimonials on Ashra Spells

Discussion in 'Ashra Spells' started by Hannah, Feb 26, 2016.

  1. Kate

    Kate Popular Member

    You're right. I feel as if some people who first come on here have some doubt in their mind. They don't know if what everyone is saying true or not. But once they watch the video and actually see the person speaking and the emotion in their voice, they know that Ashra and her reviews are real. Also like you said, Ashra's spells bring natural results. She just has that ability. Luckily she was willing to use that to help others out with their situations!
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  2. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    I am thinking about waiting until I have got a psychic reading from Ashra, then I might do a video on that, so I can give people positive hope on what Ashra can see for you if you get a reading from her. I am hoping she can see something that I have not told her before, so that I can share it on a video, I know it will be an accurate reading. what does everyone think?
  3. Kate

    Kate Popular Member

    That's a good idea Gaby! At least in the video you can explain the details more instead of having to write a really long paragraph on here. I would love it if you made a video on what Ashra said in the reading!
  4. A89

    A89 Member

    Also Gaby, what site are you ordering her psychic reading from? I see she has different options on her lovepsychics website, but I don't know if that site is still active?
  5. Ashra

    Ashra Administrator Staff Member

    A new video review has been uploaded to the media section on the forum today. Videos are an excellent way to leave reviews about how my spells have changed your life.

    Thank you for the supportive. This motivates me to continue working hard for my clients.
  6. Kate

    Kate Popular Member

    Yay! So happy there is another success story! I love watching the videos. They help me stay positive so much. I might do a video soon about progress that I have been seeing lately. I want to give people even more hope that their spells will work. I will also do a video once I have seen full results. Love and light!!!!!
  7. Saber

    Saber Active Member

    So once upgrade is done then we can see the video reviews? I was just wondering because I do not see a media section yet and look forward to seeing these videos. I need to earn four more points before I can upgrade.
  8. mystery girl

    mystery girl Well-Known Member

    Yes you're right Katie! I think, most of us being fooled by previous spell casters are now afraid. However, Ashra has proven that she is genuine and watching video reviews, testimonials uploaded by clients really proves that Ashra is real. We could see how her clients were satisfied with her spells works. The videos would really motivate you to have Ashra's services and trust her 100%. She is indeed real. I am never having any doubt with Ashra right now. Her 15 years experience in spell casting and more has already given her a mastery of her craft. I hope, those who could watch the videos will also be motivated like us. It would really give themselves a chance to turn their lives for the better.
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  9. Kate

    Kate Popular Member

    I think that maybe once I have the opportunity and start seeing more progress, I will make another video. I love the last 2 videos I made that are under the media section! Everyone on here deserves their lover back and needs to be sent positive vibes. Every video and review gives people more hope that their spells will work quickly. You can never be too positive! It is one of the best feelings you can have in life. In my next video I want to give people even more hope!
  10. mystery girl

    mystery girl Well-Known Member

    Hi Saber! If you upgrade your account, you would be able to see the media section and other features of this forum. Four more points are already close. Congratulations! When you watch videos, you would be more positive in your life and you will have that feeling that you belong here. In addition to that, the proof that Ashra is real and there are really clients who have been successful and satisfied with her spells would be seen, themselves, in the videos, thanking Ashra for having their lovers back in their lives. We would have our strong belief and vision that since they have been successful with their spells, then ours would be, too, soon. Keep positive and keep us posted! Sending you positive vibes your way! Goodluck!
  11. josh

    josh Member

    Sounds good I can't wait until I get more points I really like her short video where it says this is Ashra its really cool
  12. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    I think Ashra did that video up for a good effect of knowing who she is and what she does. It shows people that she is real. People get an insight of what she sounds like and what she looks like. So many people hide behind a phone screen or computer screen and are not who they say they are. With Ashra's video everyone can see with their own eyes that she is a real person. I thought it was pretty cool how she even wears the cloak like witches lol.
  13. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Hi, I haven't seen the other options that Ashra has for psychic readings. I have only seen one. What website are you looking on? I've only ever seen one psychic reading that Ashra does.

    I have been trying to keep up with the posts, I have just seen the latest video, its so good to see another success videos and that Ashra lived up to another promise. I wish my spells worked as quick as they have for some others. Its been a long journey for me. I don't feel like I'm getting anywhere.
  14. Kate

    Kate Popular Member

    I've been seeing a lot of progress this week so far, so I really want to make a video very soon! I want my progress to inspire all of you to stay hopeful! I'll make a video when I get the chance!

    Update: I just made a video and sent it to Ashra to upload! I tried to upload it myself but it wouldn't work. I can't wait for all of you to see my new video! I talked about the progress I've been seeing lately with my spells. I hope my progress inspired all of you to stay hopeful. I tried to include as many things that occurred as I could. I can't wait for all of you to see the video!
  15. enkeleida

    enkeleida Active Member

    WOW, thats a really great way that we can post videos and reviews on Ashra of the spells that work. Actually, I would really like to hear people saying all the good things that their spell gave to them. I am sure I will be posting my video as soon as I see results. I promise that I will let everyone know how it will change my life. I am really so exited now about this.
  16. Daniela Souza

    Daniela Souza Well-Known Member

    I can not wait to upgrade to watch the videos too. I get so amazed reading the reviews, imagine watching the testimonials, must be incredible. For sure I will have something positive to say too.
  17. Rahul

    Rahul Member

    Hey Katie Nice to hear that you are seeing progress and I wish that you get your desired out very soon. I have seen you and some other members quite active on the forum and spreading positivity. Its not just Ashra you people are also doing a great job by helping others who need support and help. Its great that you made a video testimonial and I sure it will be a great contribution from you to the forum. A lot wishes and positive vibes for all!!
  18. Kate

    Kate Popular Member

    I made a new video updating all of you on the progress I have seen lately! I sent it to Ashra a few days ago but I figured out how to upload the video to youtube and then to put it on this forum. I clicked "save media" so now it is just waiting to be approved by the moderator. I cannot wait for all of you to hear the progress I have seen lately! Only a couple things changed since I made the video, but for the most part it's pretty up to date. I hope all of you enjoy it!
  19. Rahul

    Rahul Member

    Hey Kate, That's really great I have been reading your post since I joined this forum and somehow your story is quite different. its great that you made a video of your experience with Ashra. hope it will get approved very soon. I think you also get many spells (Correct me if wrong) so from your video we can also get insight of different spells. Thank you for making it.
  20. Brittany2016

    Brittany2016 Active Member

    I'm really enjoying my upgrade! Watching these videos reviews on Ashra are putting my mind more at ease seeing how eveybody is a believer and seeing there success stories I juss love it.
  21. Kate

    Kate Popular Member

    Rahul, I have 9 spells currently ;). I did not mention all of the spells that I have in the video but I discussed the progress that I've been seeing lately. I tried to include as many details as possible to keep people hopeful about their situation. I hope it makes everyone feel positive! Maybe in a week or two I will make another video on all of the spells that I got. I don't think the one I made a few days ago is up on the forum yet... But it will be soon :)
  22. brokenpelo

    brokenpelo Active Member

    All I can say is thank you for the support. This forum, the reviews, videos and testimonials really boost our morale; especially when we feel down. Reading the reviews and testimonials really give us confidence that we have come to the right place. Ashra is the best and I had the best experience ever since day one when I contacted her. She was so friendly! The videos help us a lot to stay positive that all is well.
  23. Indeeplove

    Indeeplove Well-Known Member

    Kate which one is your video? I have posted some videos as well. I have 5 spells active and i am still awaiting results, but I have faith that they will work. Literally as I'm sitting here typing I have so much joy and faith and positiveness and that makes me think that my husband is thinking about me.
  24. Princess9

    Princess9 Well-Known Member

    I just had a question to ask you guys. I haven't submitted a video as of now, it I am contemplating creating one shortly. So I wanted to know that once your video has been uploaded, is it visible to everyone; I mean people other than the members of this forum???
    I meant the ones who frequently do a lot of you tubing and stuff. My only concern is that I want to keep this a secret and I don't want anyone around me to know all this. I am only comfortable with the members of this forum and I would love of my video is visible only to them and not to the rest of the world.
    So those who have already submitted videos, would you please guide me a little more on this? Can we use some privacy settings???
  25. Vesperavega

    Vesperavega Active Member

    Since I still did not upgrade my account to post or watch videos I would like to know one thing... I know that people are posting there all kinds of videos and I am really interested how many of them are made with successful spell results?
  26. Allyson_xox

    Allyson_xox Well-Known Member

    I think that all of these videos and testimonies are very beneficial to everyone really. It helps to put a face behind a username, it assures us that this is all very real, and helps us make decisions on what will be our next step or at least that's the way it is for me. These videos and reviews have allowed to recognize who's who here on the forum. This is nice because it reminds me that we are all real people going through these tough situations, but we are getting through them together. These testimonies help me keep faith and keep pushing me to get what I want which is just to get my lover back. If I wasn't so shy and could do one myself, I would do it in a heartbeat so that someone else could feel the same way I do whenever I watch a video or read the reviews. You guys should definitely do the videos plus you get a reward for them so it's a win win situation for all.
  27. Shelby

    Shelby Well-Known Member

    Kate: which ones are your videos? Because none of them obviously say who sent them in and I think they should because that could help us identity each person and I think it will help newcomers realize that this isn't a false forum. The reviews are real and were not all paid to promote Ashra. They will see that each person is patiently waiting for their spells to work and trying to keep everyone upbeat and happy. I'm not sure if I'll ever upload a video because I'm never alone in the house to do one and I'm not sure what I would even speak about either.
  28. adrella Williams

    adrella Williams Well-Known Member

    I have watched alot of people's video that they have shared and they are so inspiring. The ones that are sharing their success stories really make me feel good because it shows how dedicated and how much energy plus time Ashra put into bringing their lovers back. They believe in Ashra and one day I will be one of those people posting my success story and honest review.
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  29. ashank634

    ashank634 Active Member

    Everyone is here for a reason and we are all supportive to one another. That's what I love about this site. Like Roshmodayz said, I think that you have to upgrade your account first to do video reviews. I think I'll get my first spell cast and then upgrade my account. Oh, and I'm sure you can send her your video through email or YouTube. I hope that I helped.
  30. Kate

    Kate Popular Member

    Videos are a great way to keep the rest of the community positive and also it's a great way to earn karma points. When I had to save up for a spell that needed a lot of points, making videos helped me earn them a lot faster than I expected. It helped me out a lot while keeping the forum positive and giving advice at the same time. Making videos are a great thing to do to benefit the community! :)
  31. Jezz

    Jezz Active Member

    I have a question to ask. Well i just want to know about the videos to upload in this forum.

    What type of video should we upload?

    I'm thinking of making a video but i don't know what type of video i should made.

    Since i have not even had experience in ashra spell, i cannot make a video to share my succesfull spell so guys please suggest me what video should i make?

    I believe in Ashra and I know that my lover will come back to me once my spell has been cast by Ashra.

    Can we dedicate a song of thanks giving to Ashra for her care for us and for the love she has given us?
  32. Sourabh Mushre

    Sourabh Mushre Active Member

    Ashra told that submitting a video can make one earn 30-40 karma points instantly. Question is that can a non upgrade account member can submit a video. and will he or she be able to get the same amount of karma points for the same or there is a need to upgrade account for submitting a video. Can anyone explain it briefly because i am unable to upgrade a account currently because i am collecting karma points for passion panacea because it is very important first and upgrading requires 45 karma points per year.
  33. DeAnthony Clark

    DeAnthony Clark Active Member

    The videos are an amazing way to do your testimonial review of Ashra. I expect to do one soon too.
  34. Allyson_xox

    Allyson_xox Well-Known Member

    I feel like the videos and testimonials are really helpful. I know that when I first joined the forum, I didn't have the upgraded account membership yet so I couldn't have that much of an understanding of the way things worked around here. I read the reviews and I got my first spell without the upgrade so I figured my way around it. However when I got the upgrade, I saw the videos and I felt more informed and I actually felt more connected in a way I guess to the forum like by watching people actually speak about their experience with Ashra and how well it worked for them, it gave me hope for my future with my lover like maybe I could be like one of them soon.
  35. Princess9

    Princess9 Well-Known Member

    I am looking forward to submit a video review about Ashra!:)

    I am extremely happy with the results of my spell and the fact that Bryan is actually back with me!
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  36. HaveFaith644

    HaveFaith644 Active Member

    Princess9, Please tell me every detail! ! I'm so excited and happy for you! This is such good news to hear! This review gives all of us hope that are still waiting. I want to know everything! :) which spell you had casted, how long all this took, what is you and Bryan's story! So happy for you Princess9!!!
  37. raregemstoneamber

    raregemstoneamber Well-Known Member

    I recently upgraded my account and I must say that I'm so glad that I did because I got to see all of the awesome videos! I watched all of them in just like an hour. However I do wish that there were more of them. I really hope that people make more videos and that they get added soon. Because they make me positive and feel like everything is working out. I love to hear everyone's stories and stuff
  38. Bearhugs

    Bearhugs Well-Known Member

    I have seen a few videos of people posting in YouTube about how successful their spells were and it made me want to post one as well but I can't until I actually cast my spell which will be a few weeks from now. I honestly can't wait to cast the spells I really need help and my first spell will be a job spell definitely because it's more important for me right now than any other thing in my life. I have a lot of bills to pay and I need a job so I'll cast a love spell after that.

    IHEARTEMILY Well-Known Member

    I have posted a video about how me and Emily first met. I may make a few more videos soon because i am saving for another spell. I am trying to stay positive and i suggest you all do the same! Our lovers are counting on it! making a video can make your points go up by a lot so it is worth it too! sending love and light to all!
  40. Verycurious

    Verycurious Active Member

    I can't wait to finally be able to upgrade my account so I can have access the members section and be able to look at everyone's videos and testimonials. That will definitely make me a lot more positive as well excited about my situation.

    Every post that I make I am one step closer to being able to access a treasure trove of new goodies that I currently don't have access to yet. So I should finally be able finally see them hopefully by the end next week!
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