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Video Reviews and Testimonials on Ashra Spells

I love the media section as an easy way to watch video reviews from Ashra's clients! Of course talking with everyone on the forum is a great way to stay positive but when we actually see each other in a video speaking positively it is a big help. There are so many motivational videos in the media section. It is also a good way to cheer yourself up again if you are feeling down.
Ashra, I love the videos you make too because I can feel the energy when I'm watching it on my phone. I hope you make another video soon when you have the time :)
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You're right Liza her videos are indeed inspiring. Those videos actually prove how strong her spells are and that she is real. I'm happy that many people are making these videos so that we can all see and appreciate ashra more.she is doing everything she can to help us and I try appreciate the efforts and hard work she puts in every minute of the day just so that we can be with the person we love. Whatever happens I know ashra will help us all.
The video reviews that I watched before I joined is another reason I'm here now! The reviews and testimonials I've seen since I've been here give me hope and encourage me to stay positive because I know there is a beautiful silver lining to my situation! Everyone that has made a video I truly thank you! I can say that I've shed many joyful tears while watching the videos! I'm so happy for each of you!

I've made video's even though I haven't ordered my spell yet. I plan on making another soon!

Someone said that this isn't like any other community because we all interact with each other. This is true! We keep each other going all the time!
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I am so glad that I have upgraded my account. I also can access to the media section. I have watched a lot of video at there, I really love it. The video is made by the real people that have a successful result from Ashra. The videos at the media section are so inspiring me and make me feel confident. The videos have prove that Ashra spells is powerful and real. I hope that Ashra will put some new videos at the media section soon. Because I really love to watch the videos.
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I can't wait to post video testimony when i get back with my ex. It's so exciting how people are getting results. I'm feeling so good now knowing things will get better real soon. I'm going to stay positive and keep trusting in my spells so that it will really work on my ex lover.

Keep posting videos my fellow friends here in forum so that other people will get encouraged and will help them in achieving their results they want.
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A lot of these videos are really inspirational for me and really help me remain patient when I can. They tell me a lot about what I may be getting myself into. I only hope that this spell can work faster, but I realize the effort behind it, so I will be more patient in the future and hopefully one day I can make a video of my own and be able to have my own success story posted on here!
All of the videos that are on the media section there are so inspiring. I really love to watch the videos. I am so happy and positive after I have watched the videos at the media section there. I really feel happy for seing that a lot of people have successful with Ashra spells. I will thinking to making a video to Ashra when my spells successful soon. Hopefully, my spells will works amazingly on me. I can't wait for it to happen.
Is there a link I can have access to in order to view other members’ testimonials and updates regarding their spells? I am curious to see the positive results apart from the written testimonials being posted by forum members. Is there a youtube link that I could perhaps have access to?

Once I have my spell casted I will most definitely be positing a video review on updates and positive changes. Especially upon the return of my love! Then more videos for each and every spell casted!

Looking forward.

God Bless
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If I am feeling extremely down I would go to the media section and watch a few videos of others talking about the different of topics. Honestly, whenever I watch them I would feel positive, calm and strong because each and every one is very inspirational. It also helps me feel better about everything too. I love watching those video stories of others because their videos are very touching and it helps you believe even more.
Hey Mssdat! In order to view the videos on the media section you have to be an upgraded member which you will need a member plus account for that. You can upgrade your account by buying the subscription for 45 Karma Points I believe :). I hope this has helped you sending you lots of love and positive vibes.
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The same goes with me here. I really want to watch those videos and also how one can upload a video testimonial would be helpful. Being new here and I don't really know where I can get access to all these video reviews. Like I have mentioned earlier, I really can't wait to upload my video testimonials about my spells that it worked so that other people like me who are heartbroken and skeptical about their spells will once again start to believe that spells does really work.
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Videos I've watched are intense of positive words. Inpiration in short. That is the sense of making one is to inspire everyone. I am more on actual and visual type of person. If I can't see it by my two eyes, I won't easily believed. Whats more when I watch your true to life experiences with Ashra's spell. Its hard to believe when it is only written a story right. But videos are great evidence that it works. Its true. Those testimonial are best not to have any doubt on Ashra. What we need to do is not to give up.
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I am still remember that when I have upgraded my basic account to member plus account, the first thing I was doing is went to media section there to checking for the videos. All of the videos there are so interesting and I am really love to watch all of the videos. All of the videos listed makes me feel so positive and very inspired me.
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I am looking forward to watch these videos. It must feel great to watch success stories and how their life has shifted towards happiness.
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Hello guys :), I think the video reviews are a really good idea because then you can hear about what others have been through and their outcome. I would really love to post a video review soon after my work wit him Ashra is completed!

I want to thank all for taking their time to explain this site and all of what it is.

I finally got the chance to get on YouTube and watch several reviews that were given towards Ashras spell casting work. They were all positive! People had so many great things to say about her and how she has changed their lives. This woman is a blessing to all and even to families! I heard a story about a woman on one of the forums, who wanted a child but the chances were not high. She went to Ashea for help, and next thing you know, she has a beautiful child, a daughter!! Such a beautiful story. I am so amazed by Ashra and what she has done for people.
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Hi, everyone. I'm haven't purchased any spell yet due to saving up for it. I just made a motivation video to Ashra. I hope that this motivation video review can send positive vibes to you all and encourages people not to give up. :woot: But now I have faced a question and a problem. I would like to ask is there other ways to send the video to Ashra, except sending the link through Vimeo.com and Youtube? My video is taken around 1 minute and 30 seconds, but when I uploaded my video, I found that my video is repeat and became 3 minutes. I try upload again, but the results are same. It's there any suggestions for me? I'm very pleasure to receive your guidance. Thank you. :laugh:

Wish you all have a good day and realize your spells soon. ;)
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I have watched a lot of videos at the YouTube and at the media section there. The videos had make me feel so positive and hopeful. A lots of people had successful with Ashra spells and it is very great. I haven't make any video yet to Ashra but I know that I would after i have successful with Ashra spells. And I believe that the miracles will come to me soon. Ashra, you are so amazing and I am so amazed by you.
I have watched a lot of videos that is posted on Ashra's YouTube site. They are really inspiring. When you hear a successful story of getting their lover back and get something they desire, it just Automatically cheers you up. Please guys keep posting videos with successful story because it will encourage others and make them stay strong and positive about the spell. Keep up your great work and don't forget to share good news:)
Videos are a great way to share your reviews. I did a video for ashra last night and uploaded to Vimeo.
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All the videos and testimonials I've heard are all good. They always talk about their success with Ashra. They say only good things and I've seen the videos and read the comments. These people are real commenting on here, I'm never gonna actually be 100% positive but their way more realer than what other spell casters have on their websites. All the video testimonials are really reassuring to watch. They give me hope when I don't have any. They are really magical to watch. The videos Ashra makes are so magical you can literally feel the magic.
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Okay correcting myself here. Tried vimeo at first but wasn't able to send the video so I opted for YouTube after which I sent the video this morning, Ashra finally got back to me and thanked me for the video, ain't that sweet:p sincerely the video wasn't the great meaning the picture itself but ashra was kind enough to even acknowledge it, she is great like that. I look forward to make another video soon to talk about the success of my spell:thumbsup:
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Hi Guys,

I love watching Video reviews and Testimonies, every time I see a video review from one of Ashra's clients I feel amazing vibes from it.

You can see how happy the people are in the videos, from Ashra's work.

Their glow, and smile on their faces all because of Ashra!

I hope to do more video reviews on my progress seen so far in the near future!
I really enjoy watching the Videos on the forum there are so motivational and I really enjoy watching them now and again.
You can see how many people she has helped and they explain their situation which helps. I cannot wait until I make a video and tell you all about my experience and the situation with my lover. I know it will motivate you all.
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The video reviews are awesome! I made one back when my lover came back but Ashra didn't post it. It's just as well that she didn't because he left me again not long after I made the video.

Hey guys! I notice that you all are talking about video reviews and testimonies. Well I'm just wondering if I'm missing out? Where are you guys seeing this at? Is there some new ones that I've missed? I hope not. Can someone please let me know? I notice that Ashra hasn't added any videos to the media section in awhile. And the last I checked her YouTube channel I didn't see anything new. But I haven't checked in awhile.
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I made a video and I believe it is in the media section. I talk about Ashra being amazing and nice and just so awesome to allow me to be on the forum. Ashra is hands down he best spell caster that i have ever met. She really shows that she cares about us all and she always gives us amazing opportunities and stuff like the spells we can get for free. I think it is amazing that she lets us do all kinds of fun stuff. The forum is my favorite thing to go on because everyone is just nice and awesome. I hope ashra does spell casting for a while and I hope she has fun doing it.
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I would love to see how Ashra has helped other people and use it as motivation to stay stronger! Except, I still have a ways to go regarding that with my Karma points, but I know i will be getting to that point very soon! Besideds, I want to also share my experiences with Ashra so far and what she has done! Also, I hope the day comes when my lover does come home and stays, and that I can share a video of me with him saying thank you!
I have watched the videos at the media section there and at the YouTube. I am really enjoy watching all of the videos and all of the videos are very inspired and making me feeling even more hopeful . A lot of people have successful with Ashra spells and I can see theirs smile are so sweet. I am really hoping that I can also successful with Ashra spells soon and I will definitely making my own video to Ashra after I have successful with Ashra spells.
Old thread, but I can attest to all of what was covered. First, I can relate because before I really looked on Ashra's site, I assumed that I would be disappointed after all the let downs of past "spell casters". However, after a little more research and a more thorough search on the site, I discovered that Ashra was and is indeed the real deal! And on top of that, she really cares to help people and make their situations happy in the end, so that's a plus! She's amazing :) and to the first timers of this site. If you wish to share your reviews about Ashra, then you can do so by recording a video. I did mine about why I believed Ashra could help me and how I met her.) but afterwards, you can either send it by email, or you can upload it to YouTube and send Ashra the link. Since I had a difficult time sending it to her through email, I opted for the second option. When she told me she got it, I then deleted the video off YouTube to her request. You won't be disappointed with Ashra, that's for sure.
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I have viewed all of the videos on the forum and I have seen the ones on YouTube as well, there very ideal to watch if you are having a bad day and need some motivation. I do it when I feel down or need to be picked up. I do want to post one on here for all members to see but at the moment I feel quite shy to do that ha ha :D. If I ever do get round to making one I will make it as motivational as possible.
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To be honest I watch the videos over and over and especially Ashra for some reason her video makes me feel better and it gives me motivation to continue to fight for Kenneth and believe that everything will be alright between us and it want be long he will be back in my arms for good. I want do a video when he is completely with me and everything is fine.
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I've done a couple of video reviews myself for Ashra. The first one was an introduction telling how I met her and why I think that she will be able to help me in my situation. The second one, is a motivational video for everyone within the forums who are still waiting for their spells to manifest and show any kind of signs and movements. I know we all get pretty worried / nervous and anxious when it comes to our spells being put forth. Not knowing how long it'll take to show results is the killer and as days go by not being able to have contact with our love unless they contact first and not seeing or hearing from them only can put more strain on it. But maintaining a confident and positive nature to these things will I feel help things to move along alot quicker.
We could learn so many things from her testimonials and videos. When we try to watch it over and over again it brings positive vibes on us. We could do our job and task for the whole day as light as the cotton.

Some people or members do understand it more by watching videos rather than reading. Honestly when I read I fall asleep right away. So watching is the best way for me to understand it more. But videos is my weakness. I can't make one but I can watch more than one.:laugh:
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Whenever I watch the media section, it just strengthens my belief that Ashra's spells do work and they deliver the work that they promised. The testimonials are always great to read too because it reminds us that with positivity and patience, that our situations will be fixed with Ashra's help. Every situation is different and I have done some reading on some situations that seemed tougher than my own, but they were resolved and it makes me trust that Ashra will fix my situation and it will be permanent this time around.
Hello Deadly! I visited Ashra's YouTube last night and found out that some of her clients submitted testimonial videos there. I haven't watched them completely, but I just love the way they encourage us and bring positive vibes through those videos. Sometimes, it is better see someone real talking about their success on videos than to read through posts laid down on the forum. I hope I have an opportunity to share about my success stories with other people through my own video. Have a good luck!
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I love how Ashra posts these video reviews in relevant threads. Watching and listening to a real person speak about the things that trouble or concern us really makes me believe that much more in Ashra's abilities. I don't really need any more convincing but watching these videos does help ease the tension from waiting for my love to get the hints Ashra and I have been sending him through spells. Silly boy, I love him so much even though he is SOOO stubborn. I can't wait to hear his voice speak my name and to hold him in my arms again. *Sigh* happy thoughts :hilarious:
Hello Hannah!

Thank you for making this thread i found much valuable information on here! I hope you're having a wonderful day!
You should upload a video! I would definitely watch it! You should be able to spread the word about how ashra changed you life and how she solved your problem. I hope what i said helped you in one way or another! Be sure to stay positive and be patient while waiting for your spell. Keep smiling!
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Yeah, this website is completely different than any other spell casters. Ashra is very professional and organized, and generous for all the help has been offered. No other spell caster would do that. I'm not sure how to send in a video because I have not made one. Here we can discuss our problems, and ask questions, and expect others to support and respond so kindly. That's great though that you want to make a video, I love watching the videos.
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Good testimonies! I just watched all the videos from YouTube and watched it here again. It has given me the hope to keep on pushing because I nearly gave up before finding Ashra.
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I watched her videos on Youtube and I must say Ashra is really good at what she does. I wanted to say that Ashra has really guided me on the right path on being positive and reading the forum everyday makes me happy it really helps me believe more in the spell working but we must also have patience i do trust Ashra into fixing my situation and i am not going to give up! I think reading her testomonials and viewing her videos really strengthens beliefs it helps us understand that we must remove the negative and fill with positive. I am glad I found this website and I have no regrets. I just wish i found it sooner. We all are supportive of one another and i can't wait to have my spell casted.
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You can always send in video testimonials to Ashra about your experience working with her and she will enjoy what you have to say about her work and what she has done for you. One of the main reasons why I've come to trust Ashra is from all of the stories that are presented in videos that are shared on the media section and also on Youtube. Real people make these videos and they are living proof that Ashra's spells really do work and we are the clients sharing our stories about how they worked and what they did to help our situations. It's always so inspiring to watch an Ashra testimony.