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Video Reviews and Testimonials on Ashra Spells

Hi deadlydesire18, I have also gone to youtube and watch alot of videos from Ashra Koehn and I must say that those videos really help me out and give me motivation to keep the faith in my spells . Those videos gives pointers and teaches us to have patients and believe that our spells will manfiest to the fullest . Ashra Koehn has really been a inspirational to her clients and most of all the videos are real people's and that's makes it even better.
Thanks Ashra Koehn for all that you do to help us through our casting.
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I've watched a few videos from YouTube about Ashra. I recently got a spell and found it hard to stay positive. Watching those videos made me have hope! I feel confident that ashra's spell will help reunite me and my ex lover. Her spells are guaranteed and powerful.
I love watching all of the video reviews that people create!
I can't wait to do another video.

It's good to be able to see real people are seeing real results because often non legitimate spell casters will lie about their success and what they can do, whereas, Ashra has proof her services are legitimate and that real people are getting what they came to her for.

If you have been one of many to see results with Ashra's spells, please do not hesitate to do a video review/testimony!
Doing a video testimony is awesome because it's good for the newcomers who are not really familiar with Ashra or anyone on this forum and they can actually look at the video and know that is real people with real results.
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Ladyshell2323 , I can honestly say that watching the videos and how much Ashra Koehn has help get back your lover through all your ups and down with your lover and all you had to do is follow the guidelines and stay positive and strong. That's what keeps me strong and sane knowing Ashra Koehn is an amazing woman who will bring back my lover soon and for good. I really do appreciate all of the videos you all have made to bring the positive energy towards us. It is so thoughtful of Ashra Koehn to share these story with the forum.
Keeping Positive
Informative videos and video testimonials are not only a great way to lift up spirits of the community, but it is a good way to spread the word about such a genuine spell caster. You can also get points from making these videos which is a bonus, but if you are going to make a video please have your audience on your mind while you are recording it so it is more natural
I've made a few videos myself about Ashra and what her spells have done for me and it honestly made me feel good when I made them. I also have watched many testimonials and videos before I even used Ashra and they inspired me to choose Ashra over any other caster because it was real people sharing their stories. 4 months later, I have achieved results and I can't wait to post about my full success story when the time is right and I am back with my lover. I love making videos and I have no problem proving that Ashra is the real deal because she is.
I just want to say thank you to all of you who post your video reviews and testimonials on Ashra's spells. I enjoy watching all of you tell your stories on how Ashra has changed your lives. Ashra has two new cinematic videos she is releasing this October. I cannot wait to watch them.
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These videos led me to believe in Ashra and to try her out. I'm so glad that I did. I sent in a few videos explaining my current stage in casting and also some successful moments with her spells. I think the media section was the perfect thing to add to the forum because people need that success and encouragement to keep trying.
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I have watched so many review videos on youtube and on here which led me to find ashra.net All the reviews seemed really amazing and positive and made me try ashra out for myself. I can really say she is a genuine spell caster and makes me happy to believe that she can help me with my situation.
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I have watched a lot of videos about Ashra. Videos on how did Ashra changed their lives, videos about how her spells works effectively, videos on how genuine she is and videos about how kind hearted caster she is.

All I could say is that those videos convinced me that she is indeed real. Thank you for those who testified that she is real. Because of those videos, I believed in her more. It inspired me more to have courage and hope.
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The videos on Ashra's forum have truly helped me have more faith in what I'm doing here. It's made what I want much more attainable because it seems like it's difficult to get to where I want to be with my lover. But watching the videos and testimonies but also reading reviews, all definitely help me see that I can be one of them at some point. These videos, I'm sure help most of the new members here on the forum understand what it is that goes on here and help them stay motivated so that maybe when they have their success, they can tell their story to other members and help them as well. The videos ashra posts of herself also help because it just shows how much experience she has doing all of this for us which just makes me have so much more faith in all of her abilities.
Watching the videos made me believe even more that Ashra is a real spell caster and her spells are real. Sometimes I watch them to put myself in a good mood if I’m feeling upset. They give me so much hope that I can get help with everything in my situation and I can finally be happy again after almost four years. These videos are also good because people just finding out about Ashra will know that real people have gotten real results instead of people pretending to be spell casters making up positive reviews to trick people.
The videos were the first thing that came to my page when I was looking for a real spell caster. I didn't watch them at first,I just read the testimonials and ignored the whole thing so I just kept on searching and searching and Ashra kept on appearing and the videos as well. So I just thought of giving it a try. I started watching them and they were so motivating and inspiring. The videos motivated me more than the comments and all. We should keep on making more and more of these videos. Everyone who appreciates the good work of Ashra, should make such videos, so we can help spread the word out there.
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I have seen some of the videos on YouTube and they definitely help me out a lot with maintaining positivity! I am so happy I found Ashra and I am happy to know she has also helped so many people and spread the love. The testimonials are inspirational and help me remain positive as I start my journey to getting a spell cast by Ashra. Thank you all who posted the videos and share you success stories!
Hi everyone!
I always enjoyed watching the videos ever since I joined the forum. They have made me believe even more that Ashra is a real spell caster and her spells actually work. Those videos also put me in a better mood especially if I am feeling sad or impatient. They give me so much hope that I can get help with my situation like others have and I can finally be happy again. The videos are also good for new members to watch. They will know that real people have gotten results from Ashra’s spells instead of reading made up reviews. They can also get some of their questions answered instead of sending Ashra a lot of emails.
I was kinda like you Kitwana00. I saw the youtube videos for Ashra first but I didnt watch them. I thought that they were like the other sites that only gave false hope. But after reading success story after success story it motivated me to contact Ashra for help. I am so glad that I did.

I have not yet had my spell casted because I am still working on it. Just reading the results have greatly encouraged me to think positively.
I have a question about uploading video testimonials. When creating a video, does your face have to been shown and also talking in the video. Or can you do slides and have a voice over recording?

I'm glad I came here to read the comments. I have been thinking about making a video of my own to contribute to Ashra's community. I want to make one of my progress so far and how well my spells she casts are working, also to encourage all of the forum members not to give up. Maybe I'll make one soon. I know that I'll be making one for when my lover returns, definitely.
I love all the videos about members stories. This is how I found Ashra on YouTube. I had no idea who Ashra was but it was the young lady testimony that got me interested. After looking at so many more I felt good about what I was seeing. I am happy I did contact Ashra and became part of the forum family. It's such a beautiful feeling to get hope and faith to stay positive from all the video post.
I love watching videos and even before I'm not yet joining here I already watching videos about how successful Ashra as an spellcaster. I love seeing many real people having testimony how good and amazing Ashra is, and I love watching many people who really changed by Ashra. That is also the reason why I ended up seek for Ashra And I'm so thankful that I found her.
I felt so inspired and still get inspired as well everytime I am watching videos from real people so it just mean that Ashra is really a legit and there is no doubt about her.
Her spells are so accurate and it will not get fool you as it's already proven for many people who are still making videos and testimonies here on the forum.
I have watched a few videos and testimonies on Ashra's spells and I really loved how she was able to help so many people. I am glad that there are these videos because it shows she has real people and not paid actors or computers that claim her spells are real. Ashra has helped so many people including me and I am really happy that the videos help people trust her when they are new to the site. Her spells are accurate and successful and will be able to help you with your situations =)
What's good about Ashra is you can't only view reviews on her on comments or testimonials. But you could comment and participates with other members in different forums.

If she is fake and not real spell caster. I don't think she could let us access other post and forums. I could not meet and talk to you guys like we are just neighbors. :laugh:.

Base on so many video her members did for her. If you heck the years, its way back so many years already. Even the color of their video is like in 50's. So in this way, we could really say that she is not only real but she is truly an amazing spell caster.
Honestly, watching all the video reviews helps make my day better. I have not been very positively lately because of some things that happened in my work place. But I come onto Ashra's forums and I know that everything is going to be ok. Watching everyone's positive success stories and testimonials makes me happy and smile after a long day. I know you are all going strong and you keep inspiring me!
I saw Masame Ashra's YouTube channel and watched every videos there. Her channel has great contents. The video reviews of people are really helpful. What I liked the most was "The Magic to Bring Back Love" trailer. Did I say I liked it? I actually loved it!! I wish she will update it with more interesting videos. I also followed her on Vimeo. There are video reviews and testimonials there too.

You can also access more videos if you upgrade your account to member-plus account. They will appear in the Media section above.

Madame Ashra is the best!! Ram ram~ :laugh::inlove:

~Love and peace to all~
Video testimonials and reviews are what keeps us going with our spells! I know sometimes I feel sad when I am not seeing movements but then I watch the reviews and realized that I must keep believing in myself and my spells! Ashra's spells has helped so many people get back with their lovers and also brought joy into this world. It is hard to believe sometimes but the videos are what keeps me going!

I also absolutely love her "The Magic to Bring Back Love Trailer"

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I made a video yesterday, and submitted it via email to Ashra. A good thing about videos is that they encourage everyone. They help everyone to stay positive, and it gives you new insight to everything.

SierraB123 you should make a video. I'm sure that everyone will be very supportive and very encouraging. You can do it. Like you I will be making one for when my lover returns to me. I am already promoting Ashra, I'll be pulling double time when my lover co,especially back to me.

Moi I second what you posted. Ashra Koehn and her videos are absolutely stunning. She is definitely a real spell caster, no doubt about it. If she was you would not see all of these testimonies of how she has helped others.
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@Breanna Batten - I made a video a couple months back giving a rundown on how Ashra's spells work and what to expect after she casts your spell(s). You can see it on her YouTube channel, and it may be on the forum as well. I think it is. I do plan on making another video soon because the aura cleansing spell I was granted and my ultimate beauty spell have worked. And when I mean they worked, they wooooorrrrrkkked!!! I am getting so much attention from men and women everywhere!! In no time, I know that my lover is gonna respond to my vibrations.
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The video reviews and testimonials of people about Ashra is actially the main reason why I came to her. I was really happy to watch all the positive reviews about her and I think she is the only spell caster who had so many positive reviews from her clients which means that she is really amazing and she has made a lot of people happy. All of the reviews of her clients and real and her clients really made them to show their thanks to Ashra. I will be really happy to share a video to this forum someday about my succes with her.
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Every time I lose a bit of positivity, I make sure to visit Ashras' Youtube channel, where she has posted videos reviews and testimonials. That makes me get my positivity back because I know that my situation is in good hand and that with Ashras' help, I will be happy again. I have had Passion Panacea casted on Friday and I am yet to see any signs or movements from it, however, once I do I will make sure to make a video on it because I know how much it helps me, and I want to be able to give the same positivity and possibly help someone else.
It is very easy to upload a video. There are two ways you can do it. You can send the video to Ashra and she can put it up on the internet to her YouTube and the forum ,or you can make a YouTube / Vimeo account upload the video to. There and send the link to the video to Ashra. Make sure the video is clear and you can be heard and seen properly. I hope this has help anyone out.
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Hi everyone! I hope you all are having a good day today :D
I always enjoy watching the videos that people made on Ashra’s YouTube channel and on the media section. Watching them always puts me in a better mood and it makes me feel really hopeful that I will be with my friend someday. The videos are also really helpful for people that are just finding out about Ashra and her spells. New people will know that there are real people who have gotten Ashra’s help and have seen results from her spells.
Ashra's testimonial and videos here are very real here. You should never doubt her. You can check the media section in this forum and you can find that there are actually a few clients who actually post videos about their experiencr with Ashra and they are very positive. If you would like to find more, you can go to youtube and vimeo. There are more videos of Ashra's clients there. This all comes from real people. Plus, Ashra never forces her clients to make videos. They do it willingly! :)
After seeing ashra’s videos on YouTube I felt really positive and i got alot of hopes. It made me feel that I found someone really genuine who can help me to get back to my normal life with my ex lover. Im really glad I found her.
Hey everyone!!! I hope you are all doing good and having an amazing day. I love watching all the video reviews and testimonials that's uploaded, it helps me stay more positive and feel good about my own situation cause this gives me so much of hope. All the videos are real and made with love by the members so no one should ever even doubt it, it's all the truth. I hope you all can feel the positivity that I feel from the videos too, it's really good. Sometimes if I am feeling really low, I love to come and watch all the videos cause it makes me happy.
I've watched some of Ashra's testimonial videos before deciding to work with her. Of course, it was a reason to convince me and make me believe more in her. I think that If so many people have made videos telling about their success and results means a lot for Ashra's reputation. I wish I was able to record myself and telling about my future success ,but unfortunately I'm extremely shy and self conscious about me on camera. I hope in the future I will be able to do it and have my own testimony about Ashra's spells on the forum.
Take care everybody.
Hey everyone!!!! I hope your all are doing good and having an amazing day. I love to watch all the video reviews and testimonials about Ashra which the other members have made, it's all filled with positivity, love, and light, watching those videos while I was hurt really helped me a lot to stay calm and strong during the tough times and I was able to stay positive. Ashra is very busy trying her best to manage with everything and do her best for everything, but just by watching these videos a lot of my doubts were cleared and I was able to have a clear understanding.
Hello everyone! I hope all of you are having a wonderful day ahead. I agree with my friend Priya Cp. Watching video testimonials on Ashra's YouTube restores our faith. I was vulnerable emotionally and felt hopeless at the same time, but knowing that lots people have gotten their results uplifts me and it's such a breath of fresh air for me. I feel like I am alive again and more positive. I hope Aahra will post more videos so that everyone here will be calmer and more patient to wait for their full outcome. Sending lots of positive vibes everyone's way
Hey Hannah,
How are you ?? Nice to meet you!! Thank you for making this thread!! I agree with you, Ashra’s website, testimonials, and reviews are NOTHING like other websites at all! We get to comment on videos, we get to talk to other clients and share our experiences, and we get to show support towards one another! That’s amazing to me. :) plus, member plus account have some privacy where only the membership accounts can look at certain topics in the forums section! :) which is great!!!
Good morning forum I have been writing testimonies on the forum. I can't wait untill I have the opportunity to be able to send Ashra a video of all my success. Ashra Koehn is a kind hearted person that take the time out to make sure all if her clients come out out with a good outcome. Now everybody situation is different so it do take longer for some to see a positive outcome but the outcome is worth the wait.
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