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Which breakup spells work for breaking up a relationship?


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Does anyone know which breakup spells will work for breaking up a relationship?

I broke up with my ex and I hope it's not too late to fix my relationship.

Ashra, I met Aren at the end of July and we dated for about 6 months. We broke up a few month ago. I fell deeply in love and truly care about her and believe we belong together.

She did care about me deeply as well but we broke up because of some issues I had such as jealousy and insecurity. I've since recognized and addressed my issues and believe I've fixed them and grown as an individual and am now ready to be the man she deserves and wants.

I believe we truly had a deep connection with each other. But unfortunately she is seeing someone now and won't give me a chance to show her I've changed. This guy was around during our relationship and I believe he played a part in our breakup.

I know in my heart that he or any other guy will not love and care about her as much as me. Ashra, I need your help to open her eyes and see that I am truly the one for her. Make her realize that this guy she is with is not real love or happiness. That I am the one that can bring her the most happiness and give her real love that she deserves..... Please Please Help me. I really do love her with all my heart.

I was thinking about going with two spells. One that will get her to forgive me and another to break off her relationship with this other guy.

Does anyone else know what I should do? Ashra, are you able to help?
My situation was similar to yours except that I had an affair because I was going to a mid-life crisis. It's fair to say that I made a lot of mistakes and never believed that I could get her to forgive me or come back. She did find someone else and I felt that I didn't deserve to have her in my life. Depression started to take over to the point where I didn't care about myself. I avoided my friends and family because seeing them happy only made my situation worse.

Ashra changed my perspective and helped me overcome most of the problems I was facing. I started to see where I went wrong and what I could do to make sure I never took her for granted again.

I had Ashra cast Scar Healing and Freedom Fire together to cover all angles. A shortly time later they had a falling out and my wife needed someone to talk to. One thing lead to another and we are now living together again. Communication has improved and we have both agreed to be open and honest with each from that point forward.

Maybe going with the spells that worked for me will work on Aren.
Maybe I can help answer your question. My husband was having an affair with a much younger woman. I contacted Ashra and she suggested I go with Freedom Fire at a triple cast level because it was a lot stronger then the standard breakup spell. Its been a little over a week since she cast this spell. My husband did stop seeing the woman and I am starting to notice him become more affectionate towards me again.

Ashra was more then helpful with my situation so I would assume that she could help you with Aren.
I request a breakup spell from Ashra this morning and I will keep everyone posted on my progress. My husband of 17 years left me for another woman. I believe she is slowly conditioning my husband to hate me.

Ryan has told my daughter that it's nothing serious between them, but he will not talk to me anymore and he avoids me whenever possible. When we do see each other he won't even look at me. I have tried to get through to him but nothing I say is getting through.

Let's hope my breakup spell works. I have a feeling it will.

I previously had a bad experience with another spell caster and I have been looking over the spells on Ashra's website. I lean more toward going with Freedom Fire breakup spell based on what everyone is saying. Let's hope it works. Any thoughts or recommendations will help.

I will keep everyone posted!
My boyfriend broke up with me last week. I think there is something still there and want him back. I am miserable without him. We may not be perfect, but I love him so much.

I am having a hard time coping with the breakup. I believe we can really make things work.

I feel Freedom Fire would be the right spell. However, it would help to get a second opinion from anyone who has used this spell.
Update: I requested Freedom Fire from Ashra Koehn on May 21st and she completed my casting on the following day. Today I received a call from my husband. They broke up this morning and he said that he never wants to see her again.

We are meeting up tomorrow night for dinner. Don't worry, I will be myself and let him take the lead on the conversation. I'm following your advice verbatim and I will let you know what happens over the weekend.

Wish me luck!
I received my update from Ashra Koehn on Friday. She cast Freedom Fire and I feel confident that it will work. I haven't heard from by boyfriend ever since he left me last year. All of the sudden he called me a day after my spell was cast. I doubt this would have happened if not for Ashra's help. He is complex and stubborn and it is not like him to change his mind.

I'm very impressed!
Does Ashra's breakup spells work for breaking up my relationship? I'm no longer in love with my husband and I have been having an affair behind his back for over a year.

I'm very much in love with the new guy, but I know my husband loves me deeply and I know he will not want to let go of me.

I can see that people have used Freedom Fire for releasing their ex from another relationship to get them back, but I need out of my existing relationship with my husband so that I can start a new life.

Any advice?
My husband ended his relationship with this other woman and kicked her to the curb. He admitted that he was wrong for leaving and will be cancelling the divorce. It has been an eventual but productive day. Ashra Koehn did exactly as promised.

The spell I went with was the Freedom Fire breakup spell and Ivan Shield.
I went with Freedom Fire and I'm happy to report to everyone that my spell worked and it only took about a week. As far as I can tell he is no longer communicating with her and we are spending the July 4th weekend together.
Just thought I'd touch base with everyone. Freedom Fire was cast for me on June 25th and on Thursday I asked my husband for a divorce. He agreed to end our marriage and we are moving forward with the divorce next week.

I no longer love him and I want to be able to focus on my new relationship without needing to hide it from my husband. Now I can and it's a great feeling:)

Thanks Ashra!
My husband left me in February after I found out he was having an affair. She has an A-type personality and she wasn't afraid to speak her mind to me. All communication I had with my husband was blocked, he changed his number and threaten to get a restraining order if I tried contacting him again. I know this woman was behind it all but I felt powerless in this situation.

Ashra Koehn cast The Freedom Fire Breakup spell for me last month and they broke up on Tuesday. We are talking again but he is still a little rattled by what just happened between them. Good start so far. I hope to have more to share shortly.
My boyfriend was very control over me; very mentally, emotionally and verbally abusive. Took advantage of my illness of being bipolar and blamed me by saying that all of our argument were all my fault. He is 52 and his mother makes all decisions. I'm convince she influence him to breakup with me and to avoid all contact. Now he is in a relationship with a 22 years old woman.

Ashra, in the very beginning we were so in love with each other. He wasn't acting like he is today and I know his mother's influence over him is the reason why he changed.

I just requested the Freedom Fire breakup spell. I hope this will get him away from the younger woman and also remove the the negative influence his mother has over him.

I read how much this spell has helped so many people. Now I need this spell to work for me.
:laugh: I don't know what you did, but their relationship has fallen apart fast. The arguments between him and this younger woman caused them to break up recently. I want these cracks to not be mended between them, and to actually motivate them to never talk to each other again.

I love how quickly the Freedom Fire breakup spell worked.

Thank you for everything.
I’ve been reading a lot of positive feedback about Ashra. I wanted to know if my situation is even possible to fix. My girlfriend recently broke up with me around the end of May, and I tried a spell caster about two weeks ago but got scammed. I researched more about spell casters and came across Ashra Koehn as being spell caster of the year and would love her help.

I would like some feedback on my situation and whether or not using breakup spells will work.

I would like my love returned to me. We been having a long distance relationship and she recently cheated on me and told me she is staying with the guy until she comes home. I miss her with all my heart and I wanted to know if it's possible to cast a spell when we are so far apart.

Everyone is saying that the Freedom Fire breakup spell does work. I’m just sacred that somehow my situation is different; especially with distance involved.
Spells work on an energy level and are not affected by the distance between two people. I feel Freedom Fire will work and you will be able to submit additional details before I cast. I always customize my spells to ensure fast and effective results.

Once she is away from him and back in your arms I know she will feel regret for cheating. I will also work on the problems that caused this to happen in the first place.

I hope I was able to answer your question. I look forward to working with you Samuel.
Hi Samuel,

Based on all the reviews and my situation I am sure Ashra can handle this. I myself have a long distance relationship that I have ruined and I am trying to get it back with the help of Ashra. I have the Panacea Passion spell done one week ago to be exact. I have not seen any movement, but I am positive it will work out. The Freedom Fire breakup spell seems to be a popular one that produces timely results.

Do not hesitate to reach out to Ashra she will be more than happy to assist you. She is a very kind and sweet soul that truly work on behalf of her clients. Customers service is awesome as well, drop your worries and fears, you are in good hands.
Ashra Koehn’s breakup spells worked and I just wanted to thank her for the time and effort she put into my situation with Michael.

I also wanted to let everyone know why I am so happy right now.

On Friday afternoon, I asked Michael not to contact me because of something that had come up in a conversation we had. He honored my request and did not contact me all weekend. On Friday night, I received an email from Ashra Koehn stating that the Freedom Fire break up spell had been cast successfully. I thought, "great, I just told Michael not to contact me"! Now, keep in mind, I have not seen him in a month, yet he works 15 minutes from me. I would get a phone call or text maybe once a day. He had also told me numerous times that physical intimacy was not important to him and that he could go for months without having his needs met.

So, like I stated, he honored my request of no contact all weekend. Then, on Sunday evening he texted me stating that he needed to talk to me! I spoke with him and all he did was talk about how he couldn’t stop thinking of me all weekend. How he was sitting by the ocean remembering all the great times that we shared together. I was shocked!

Then on Monday, he called me and was talking about how much he wanted to get together to share some intimate moments... I didn’t think he was serious because I though he was still seeing someone else. Then yesterday he started texting me at 6:30 in the morning and all day up until 2:30 PM when he showed up on my doorstep! I couldn’t believe it! He ended his relationship with the other woman!

I could never thank you enough for all your care and thought that you put into each and every one of your breakup spells. The personal emails, the additional suggestions and the genuine concern for people that you have. This is what sets you apart from the other spell casters.

I have already started recommending you to family...

Many thanks again for everything. You are absolutely spectacular!
If you are wondering which breakup spells work for breaking up a relationship, I would go with Freedom Fire.

Ryan and I met in college 17 years ago. What attracted me to him was his personality. He was smart, saw life as an adventure and was always able to make me laugh. However, he was easily manipulated by his friends and other females.

Everything between us was great, we had the perfect relationship until Nikki came into the picture.

He met Nikki at work and she was able to get in his head. He denied that they were involved with each other but it was obvious she was more then some friend, and he was starting to disrespect me like he didn’t care. Ryan was texting her all of the time and having lunch with her.

I read a lot of great reviews on Ashra and how her breakup spells worked. Everyone was seeing results with the Freedom Fire Breakup spell so I decided to have this spell cast too.

Over the weeks that followed I knew something was bothering Ryan because he would call me like he wanted to talk about something but instead he ended the conversation abruptly. I contacted Ashra about it and she revealed a lot of details about how Nikki was manipulating him.

I suspected that he was catching on to her lies or there were other problems between them.

On Tuesday he called me in tears and explained what happened. She broke up with him when she was confronted by Ryan about some of her activities.

I guess she could get out of the hole she dug herself into, and left.

We are back together and he moved his stuff back in yesterday.

Freedom Fire worked and I’m happy to have my husband back home. Hopefully this woman stays out of his life. I never want to see her around him again.

Ashra, you may be wondering what she was caught doing. When Ashley Madison’s website got hacked, he found out she was frequently visiting the website and having relationships with many other men behind his back. Ryan never knew about it because he works long hours and she was self-employed working from home.

Go figure… You were right! Thank you!

The Freedom Fire Breakup spell worked perfectly and they broke up as planned.

Guess what happened over the weekend? The breakup spells I had cast by Ashra have worked and they are no longer together. I checked their Facebook status too and contacted a mutual friend to confirm this!

I seriously owe you a big thank you Ashra!
Nothing is greater than the pain of a difficult breakup, especially when you know that they are the person you are meant to be with. When my fiance got cold feet a couple of months into our engagement and secretly rekindled his relationship with an old flame, I was destroyed. I knew that she was awful for him and I knew that he was not meant to be with this woman, so I decided to seek some help and guidance.

While I understood why my ex felt that things were unresolved with his ex, it was really heartbreaking and I wanted his infidelity to me to be over. My goal was for them to break up and for his commitment to be renewed once he returned to me. Ashra listened to me and was compassionate and understanding. After telling her about my situation, she agreed that a breakup spell would help us to reunite.

After Ashra Koehn cast the Freedom Fire breakup spell, my fiance and his ex were broken up once again, and he sought me out quickly. I had wanted him to return to me with an understanding that our love was deeper and more profound than anything else either of us had experienced in the past, and that is exactly what happened. He sought my forgiveness and has worked hard to rebuild our relationship.

I'm forever grateful for what Ashra Koehn has done for me.
Last December, I made the biggest mistake of my life. I cheated on my girlfriend of 18 months while under the influence. I came clean and told her immediately, but the damage was already done. She broke up with me and was totally devastated. Where did she go? Into the arms of her ex fiancé. The first woman she dated before she was with me.

We continued to talk, and after a few months, she finally began to forgive me. However, she was back with her ex and wanted to see where it would go. I could tell her ex was staying with her and trying to build up their relationship in part to spite me and cause me to be jealous. This toxic cycle continued, and her new love was winning; I was jealous. She had the person that I loved the most, even though I messed up.

I tried everything to overcome the guilt and eventually came upon a solid option; to break them up with complete certainty so that I could have another chance. I knew that this was the best thing for us. I had Ashra Koehn cast a breakup spell, and sure enough, my former love broke it off with her ex and was ready to give things another shot with me.

I can't say that I'll ever completely stop feeling badly for hurting my relationship in the first place, but I'm so happy to have her back. I feel that our relationship is better than ever.
Ashra is casting a spell for me tonight. However, I've been reading more on breakup spells and wondering if adding this spell would help. My boyfriend left suddenly with no explanation. I found out recently he left to be with another woman.

I'm trying to pull myself together. I believe in Ashra and hope she can bring him back fast.
Ashra doesn't pressure anyone to add more spells. However, I have read from multiple members who decided to add the Freedom Fire Breakup spell to go along with their original casting. I assume the breakup spell is concentrated energy focus on one specific task like separating two people.

Trust your gut. If you feel this woman is trouble, it may be a good idea to add a breakup spell.
I have a weird request and I would like Ashra's help.

My husband and I have been together for 10 years, married for one.

I have always know something is amiss for me but was not really able to admit it to myself. Right after we got married it was like I was done and found something in me to start standing up for myself to him. This summer was the first time I realized I really wasn't happy, and for the first time admitted to myself that I wasn't happy. Admitting I wasn't happy made it real for me. He often gives me shit for things I haven't done yet. And he and his dad treat his mom this way. And it just wears you the **** down. And I don't see it changing. And if we were to have kids and my kids treat me that way? Can't handle it, I would flip a switch. And I can't relax around him, when he's home it's work work work and no down time. He can work on his hobbies but I have to be doing something productive unless I'm watching him do his hobbies, then that is acceptable. But I can't sit down to read a book, or watch TV, no I need to be doing housework or yard work. And I work full time it's not like I'm a stay at home mom and have some downtime during the day, I'm at work, all day. And when he has nothing to do he just picks at me and expects me to be his entertainment. It is so draining. I'm tired and I want to leave him.

I would like to request a breakup spell from Ashra to get my husband to mutually agree to end our married. If we are going to separate it's a good time b/c we don't have kids so there will be no ties. But I want this to be his idea. I love him but I am no longer in love with him. I don't want this to be a big fight. I don't do dramatics very well. And if this is his idea than it will be a lot smoother of a 'roller coaster ride' than if I bring it up.
He isn't as unhappy as I am in the marriage so it could be tricky.

Does Ashra's breakup spells work for ending a marriage? There is no hesitation on my end. I want move on and start a new chapter.
Yes, Ashra's breakup spells will work for breaking up your relationship. I did the same thing... I was no longer in love with my husband and asked Ashra Koehn to cast a spell to end my relationship. It worked. I must admit I felt a bit silly using her spells as a way to help me get what I want out of life but it's working and I love her service. I do believe there are things out there bigger than I am and I guess I'm not afraid to try to use them to sway an outcome. Not sure if that's the right way to word it but anyway...

If you are serious about moving on, her breakup spell will work.
I hope Ashra can help. I am currently in a relationship with a man that lives with another woman, they are not legally married but yes, while I am not proud of this, I am the "other woman". I never thought that I would be in this situation but love played me a hand and I ended up finding love in this someone who is already committed to someone else. He says he loves me, and I truthfully do believe him because I can see it in his eyes when he looks at me. What I need is a breakup spell that will separate them permanently. I want to marry this man, not only so that I can have him by my side, but to make him happy.

Do breakup spells work and can Ashra help? I was thinking about going with Freedom Fire. Any suggestions?
Daenerys, you can't help who you fall in love with. My situation is very similar and hope you get the happiness you want.
I want to move forward with Ashra's break up spell but before I do, does the potency level matter? I noticed that I can select standard cast, triple cast, quad cast, ect... What does this mean? Of course I want to go with the strongest spell I need to make sure they break up permanently.
Have you contacted Ashra yet about this? She would know which potency level is idea for your break up spell. I believe the potency levels are exponentially more powerful as you go up in level. I went with the standard cast which worked fine.
Personally, I always try to get the highest potency level! I believe it does make a difference. If you have any more specific spell questions I believe Ashra can explain more to you. Especially, if you tell her your situation. Ashra, cares about all of us :)
Has anyone has success with break up spells? I have had a spell cast by Ashra back in November and I see movement, but there is still something holding him back. We are chatting, but he is on edge as he has been instructed not to talk to me at all or he will lose everything. I am trying my best to have faith that everything will work out. I know Ashra is doing everything she can to help but I wondered if adding another spell would help.
So Ashra just told me i need to get the breakup spell. So if anyone is in the way that spell will take care of that situation. However i have to use my karma points so it might take a while to get there. I seen on the videos how fast the breakup spell worked. So i'm excited once that one is done he might be back soon. Has anyone else had success with this spell? I would love to hear about it.


I actually just asked Ashra if i needed a breakup spell. I don't know if my love is with someone or not. I don't get on my social media or talk to anyone about him. So I have no idea what he's doing. So anyhow, I just asked her that and waiting for an answer. I hope I don't need one. I was also thinking about maybe a spell that brings them back quick. Unless she has a special spell that could move things a little faster. I just feel like time is not on my side and i need to act fast. What do you all think?
Ashra will guide you in the right way It is one of the things I truly love about Ashra she is always honest with you and she won't tell you that you need to add a spell unless she truly believes it is needed unlike other casters who just want your money.

Her honesty is one of the reasons I went with her in the first place she asked for lots of information about my situation and then suggested the best route to go down. I have asked a similar question myself recently. Let me know how you get on. xx
Cyndi, I think you did the right thing by purchasing a breakup spell. If I were you, I would've done the same thing. You don't know if he's with someone else so you took the right action to make sure that nobody else is in his life. If he's with someone else and you didn't purchase the spell, then him and the other woman might grow closer. If he isn't with anyone else then I think the breakup spell will prevent anyone else from coming into his life. Hold on a little bit longer and he will be back! Don't think negatively and try to go with the flow. In the end, you will be happy and will have seen full results from the spell!
I have a question. If you get the Freedom Fire Breakup spell, does that include your lover returning to you? I was just wondering because in the description of the spell I think it mentioned that your lover returns to you too with the spell. This woman keeps bothering my lover. She was his ex, or at least that's what I think. My lover told me that him and her are broken up. So I was wondering if I purchased the Freedom Fire breakup spell if it would return him to me too?
Kate. Yes, it involves your lover coming back. I read comments in early forum posts that clients just requested the Freedom Fire Breakup Spell and that was the only spell needed to do the trick and bring their lover back home! I believe that spell will definitely help your situation. I believe in stubborn situations more help is needed. Hope everything is going well and you are seeing movements in your situation. Hang in there we all will experience happiness soon.
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