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Which breakup spells work for breaking up a relationship?

Discussion in 'Ashra Spells' started by Mattpek70, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. ashank634

    ashank634 Active Member

    That's never good to break up a relationship. I think that you should contact Ashra and ask her about your situation. She gives the best advice and good results as well. She will assure you which break up spell to use. There are a bunch of spells and if you are unsure, check Ashra's website out and read up on her spells and what they can do for you. Use the best one that matches your situation and go for it. Good luck on getting her back. I hope I'm not too late to get my love back :(
  2. Allyson_xox

    Allyson_xox Well-Known Member

    Hey ashank634, you're never too late to bring back your love. Don't worry keep on trying and do what you have been doing since you have joined the forum and you will have your lover back in no time.
    In regards to which is the best breakup spell I say go ask Ashra. Every situation is different meaning the best breakup spell for one might not be the best one for your case. Ashra can give you her recommendations on what she believes works best for you and I have total faith in her so try asking her.
  3. ashank634

    ashank634 Active Member

    Thanks Allyson_xox,
    I appreciate the good vibes! I've been with the love of my life for 4 years and we recently split. I'm heartbroken. Its been about a month since the split :( its very hard to deal with. I know its never too late to get my love back once again but I feel as if he may have moved on. Or is trying to move on. I don't know what made him so angry at me but he had told me that we can be friends in the future (how long is the future). But in the meantime he wants nothing to do with me, he won't even talk to me. He claims to not care about me as well which hurts. I think the reason to this is because he is trying to get over me. Do you think that's the case :(
  4. Jezz

    Jezz Active Member

    Which breakup spell works great?
    I don't think my ex is in relationship, but it feels like he started having interest with other girls.

    Will a breakup spell make him loose interest with other girls?

    If he starts having interest with other girls, they may soon get into relationship, so I don't want that to happen. I want him to love only me because were meant to be together.
  5. angeliclove82

    angeliclove82 Well-Known Member

    Hi Ashank, very nice to meet you!

    I definately agree with Allyson, you should contact Ashra to ask what the best break-up spell is for your situation. She has many spells and she can customise them all to thoroughly match your situation :)

    I didn't contact Ashra to ask about a break-up spell and ordered the Freedom Fire as I had a gut instinct that this would be the best one for me, which she confirmed after ordering :) obviously if she thinks that further down the road something else would be better, I Will take her recommendation on board.

    Good luck with everything and let us know which spell you go with if you decide to have a break-up spell cast :)
  6. Kate

    Kate Popular Member

    Ashank634, sorry for the late reply! Allyson is right though. Ashra can give you recommendations for spells that you should get that will work great for your situation. I would get Passion Panacea and Windsong if I were you though. They are very successful spells and work quickly. If your lover is seeing anyone else, the Freedom Fire Breakup spell works pretty quickly too. I hope this helped you! Hoping for the best!
  7. My kids father is in a relationship with a girl much much younger than him. She is very manipulative and makes him not talk to me only our kids. If I message him about the kids, she will have his phone and tells me if they have an issue they can call him. The kids are only 4 years old, almost 2 years old and 9 months old. They all can't speak to him if theirs an issue. I found Ashra and told her my situation and she gave me a break up spell that should work. Now I am waiting to save up for this spell.
  8. bernard kihara

    bernard kihara Well-Known Member

    Ashra is the perfect person to ask about which break up spells will work on your situation. She is really caring and her experience makes it easier for her to tell the right spell. She told me to get a specific spell for my situation and its what I am going to purchase today. You can never go wrong with Ashra's recommendation. So many members have had success in their spell and its so great to read such comments. Freedom Fire seems like a great choice.

    I am trusting Ashra to help me.
  9. Teresa

    Teresa Active Member

    I have read reviews about the Freedom fire spell and I will do it once I have enough to make my order. I can't wait to get it. I really hope I can request this break up spell before my lover gets even more heavily involved with the girl he's hanging around.
  10. Kate

    Kate Popular Member

    Hey Teresa! The freedom fire breakup spell is the most popular breakup spell that Ashra has. I actually purchased 2 freedom breakup spells to make sure the energy is stronger and happens quicker. I believe there is one video on the forum where the woman said that when she got the freedom fire breakup spell, it worked in 24 hours! That's how powerful this spell can be. Hope you earn the points soon!
  11. kwng25

    kwng25 Active Member

    Can anyone share their story for their break up spell? I am thinking of adding another spell to use together with Passion Panacea. I have not really discuss this with Ashra yet. I was thinking of read more information about another spell so I will know what I need to ask when I discuss it with Ashra. But the most important part is, the spell will not harm any people in the process.
  12. Lola

    Lola Member

    Ashra recommended the spell Passion Panacea for my situation...but now I am thinking that MAYBE there might be a girl between us. Everything between my ex and I was perfect, the day we broke up he was sending me hearts and nothing unusual, we made plans to go out and when I saw him he switched pans and then broke up with me. I do not understand. Does the passion panacea work like a break up spell? Will it only work for reuniting or can it reunite and break them apart?
  13. staticx

    staticx Active Member

    Lol,I love how Ashra gave a direct answer to this thread. Like she just bust in like a boss,she is lol. That was really cool which shows that she cares and doesn't want us to get fooled around by our own ideas and thoughts. I thought that was really sweet of her. If she says freedom fire then freedom fire it is!! :D
    I don't know if Jonny is still in a relationship since he deleted his vampire freaks profile so I will never know. I'm just going to let passion panacea take care of us. :)
  14. Bearhugs

    Bearhugs Well-Known Member

    Well my situation is a little different from yours. I broke up with my ex a few months ago and we are just friends now, not close friends like we used to be before, but I'm sure he doesn't have a current girl friend. I don't know if he has anyone in mind that he likes, but it doesn't matter because there is no way he can be in a relationship because of his family. No matter which girl he likes he can't be with her. He either choose his family or the girl and I don't think he will choose any girl over his family. So yes my relationship is a bit over messed up.
  15. Bearhugs

    Bearhugs Well-Known Member

    Cherry stone, so you're saying that with Freedom Fire triple casted, it speeds up the process? I know Passion Panacea is also used for breaking up your lover with his current girl friend, but I have always wondered what other way could be possible and faster. You seem to have much knowledge about Freedom Fire and most people are casting it, but there isn't much updates. How many spells did you casted before your lover returned to you?
  16. Kingsley

    Kingsley Active Member

    Today I found out that my ex girlfriend is in a relationship with her new lover. It hurt me so bad knowing that she is in a relationship now :( It hurt me so bad until I cant stop crying just now. I don't think that passion panacea work for my ex girlfriend. She seems happy now with her new lover and I hate that. Because I am not happy! I want to stop loving her and getting her back. She hurt me so bad. This year she cheated on me like many times and I give her a lot of chances. She doesn't know how to appreciate me. She is so stupid! I hate her! I want to break them up with FREEDOM FIRE BREAKUP SPELL! I want to revenged! I don't want to see my ex girlfriend happy with her life! I want her life be miserable! I keep on sending emails to Ashra but she hasn't reply to my email yet. It's been for a week. I really need Ashra help.. I don't want to see my ex girlfriend happy.. I want to get my revenged! That's all!
  17. Fera

    Fera Popular Member

    Hey Kingsley! I haven't talked to you before, so welcome to this community by the way. I had Passion Panacea cast in September 6, 2016, and the Freedom Fire breakup spell has been active on my lover for 21 days.

    In my opinion, obstacles that your spell needs to get rid of are pretty complicated, and take much time to go back to normal. Just in case, your first spell doesn't show ant progress or movements yet, maybe you can consult with Ashra to ask for her advice about more powerful breakup spells. Do not give up or sink into the depression ocean too deep, because it can't help you at all. Please stay happy and just imagine all good things that you will reach sooner or later.
  18. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    I believe that Passion Panacea and the Freedom Fire Break up Spell are the best ones out of the category.

    Passion Panacea broke up my lover and his current girlfriend at the time within a time frame of 3 days.

    I have also seen positive reviews of the Freedom Fire Break up Spell coming to its full manifestation of 3 days also.

    Don't be alarmed if they do not work that quickly for you as every situation is unique and patience is a virtue.

    These two spells I would strongly reccomend to break up your lovers relationship with someone else.
  19. Jewelson

    Jewelson Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I kinda want that spell too that will break up the relationship with that guy my love is with right now.

    I just want him to realize that she is not the one for him and her to realise that i was the best one who she truly can connect with. I want her to see my worth. Forget him and come back to me. I kinda feel bad but I guess he had cast a spell on me and her for a break up and now she is with him because of that.
  20. kwng25

    kwng25 Active Member

    Hi Kingsley. I totally understand your feeling because my ex partner consider as cheated on me also. But sorry to tell you, I don't think you have a correct mindset. Hatred, is a negative thinking. Negative thinking won't help the spell at all, no matter what spell you are casting. Maybe unless your are getting a dark magic to harm people otherwise, negativity won't be able to channel any energy that the white spell needed. Maybe you should calm down to reassess the whole situation. Maybe get a soulmate spell for yourself. Who knows, maybe you will be the one that have the last laugh. From my own experience, I can only tell you, you do not have to worry, because karma will works on its own. If you are lucky enough, you will have the chance to see it with your own eyes. I am the lucky one.
  21. Patience

    Patience Member

    I thought the break up spells were to allow your ex to be directed back at you in a positive way and not necessarily to exact revenge. If you break them up what then? No one benefits and it becomes a very negative sad situation. Or have I misunderstood the break up spells?
  22. LeanneS

    LeanneS Well-Known Member

    I've got the Freedom Fire breakup spell active on my ex and at the moment he's still with his girlfriend, but Ashra is confident she can break them up so I'm trying to stay positive but it's very difficult. He's said he's very happy with her and just wants to be friends with me so I'm going to get a psychic reading to find out if I will definitely get back together with him. I just really want to know what's going to happen. I have faith in Ashra so I'm hoping that my spells work soon.
  23. Jewelson

    Jewelson Well-Known Member

    I really really want the spell as such now for sure after all. I really want My Ex to break up with that guy. Its really annoys me that she is with him where I have alone here. He stole my gf from me. I suspect he had casted break up spell as how everything happened between me and my ex really showed a good sign that it was probably a spell that he bought and casted upon us. Now my ex hates me while she loves him. Everything was super nice between me and my ex. Super cool and suddenly a break up. Nice that I will try passion panacea asap.
  24. Kate

    Kate Popular Member

    I believe that Freedom Fire is the best spell for breaking up two people. It is designed specifically for that which is why I believe it's the best spell to get if you just want to break up two people. I currently have 2 freedom fire breakup spells active right now.

    It is a powerful spell just like passion panacea (like Gaby said.) It also has a very high success rate which is another reason why it's the best breakup spell.

    ANTHONYMD New Member

    I just had the Freedom Fire break up spell cast, and I am eagerly waiting to see results. My love has been in an on-and-off again relationship with her ex now for about 4 years. She has tried to leave him almost 6 times now, but becomes weak and goes back to him usually after a month. He neglects her and obviously doesn't cherish her in the slightest, he only wants her once she leaves him. Ashra stated that he apparently has a hold on her and knows how to manipulate her emotions so she will come back to him. She is such a beautiful soul and hates to hurt others, and he and his family take advantage of that.

    I have known her for over 2 years now, and she has become my best friend and we've fallen for each other. I just want her to break free from him so we can finally be together. It seems like fate that we met each other, and have such an amazing chemistry . I can't wait to hold her in my arms for good, and spend the rest of our lives together.

    Thank you to everyone here, as your comments and love are remarkable . They are certainly helpful in times of need and doubt.
  26. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account


    Hi there!

    I am glad you found Ashra and decided to go with the Freedom Fire break up spell.

    The Freedom Fire break up spell has tons of positive reviews as its fast acting and works specifically on breaking up a relationship.

    Ashra will work with you to get you the best results possible.

    I wish you all the best and I hope you will update us when your lover has returned to you :)
  27. kwng25

    kwng25 Active Member

    Hi anthonymd. Your case is quite similar to mine. My ex partner had been with her current partner for 11 months. In these 11 months they had broken up for so many times until I have lost count of it. But every time my ex partner will go back to her current partner's side a few days later. Shortest record is a half day.

    No matter how bad her current partner treated her, she will still stuck with her current partner. I just hope she can be rational for once that if a person won't feel hesitate to dump you on the road side in the middle of the arguement is definitely not someone that worth anyone's love.
  28. Ashra

    Ashra Administrator Staff Member

    The Freedom Fire Breakup spell remains the best way to break up your lover's relationship and bring you ex back quickly.
  29. Phoebe Jugalbot

    Phoebe Jugalbot Well-Known Member

    The two spells that are good and popular for breaking up a relationship is the Passion Panacea and the Freedom Fire Breakup spell! While Passion Panacea covers a lot of angles, one of them being able to break up a couple, Freedom Fire breakup spell only has one purpose and does this extremely well which is to break a couple apart. It is very powerful so I suggest you ask Ashra first and tell her about your situation. She knows what's best for you!
  30. Bearhugs

    Bearhugs Well-Known Member

    I think there are many break up spells and they are very strong as well but the spell that worked for me which I didn't knew about was passion panacea. I didn't knew it as a break up spell I thought I as just to bring my lover back to me however recently I heard my lover broke up with his ex so they are now separated. So I think you should try Freedom Fire or if you want you can try the ones the others are suggesting on the forum.
  31. Sky

    Sky Well-Known Member

    I know break up spells specifically work for breaking up relationships or affairs but can they possibly break up friendships? My boyfriend has been friend with his friend's ex for a very long time. However, I don't like her since she is a backstabber and very promiscuous. I worry that she will try to sabotage my relationship. Is there a spell that could end their friendship?
  32. yanyan44

    yanyan44 Well-Known Member

    I have emailed Ashra before about my situation and problems. And Ashra had suggested to me a spell to break up the relationship. She said that the spell will works on me and she seems very confident about it. I have purchased this spell last Saturday and I am still waiting for her email and updates. I really can't wait to hear from her . And the other members also have suggested me the freedom fire to break up a relationship.
  33. LuvHim8590

    LuvHim8590 Well-Known Member

    My opinion is to contact Ashra if you feel like you need help on breaking someone up.
    If it's that serious and urgent she will have the answer. If she doesn't think it's a good idea or might make matters worse, she will let you know.
    I won't lie, if I knew that my ex was in a relationship or talking to someone I would want to break them up. I know we are meant to be together. If not i would have been over our breakup already.
    So to me if you feel that you need to resort to that, I wouldn't blame nor judge you at all because I would do the same thing if I were in your shoes! Just contact Ashra first!
  34. Kate

    Kate Popular Member

    I agree with Ashra. If you need to breakup your lover and someone else, Freedom Fire is the way to go. You can get other spells that will help to remove this obstacle but Freedom Fire is specifically for breaking up your lover and someone else. It even includes bringing them back to you. If you want to purchase the spell in the resources section, it is affordable.

    I am hoping for the best for everyone and I am sending lots and lots of positive vibes everyone's way!!
  35. ValkyrieRoberts

    ValkyrieRoberts Well-Known Member

    Personally, I find breakup spells to be a mix between bad and good. Good if you are trying to get someone to leave a very bad relationship, but I find them bad if you are trying to get someone to breakup with a person they are truly happy with so that they can be with you. I won't tell you what you can or can not do, but I will ask that anyone who thinks of using a breakup spell will consider how the other person feels with their current love first. Blessed Be.
  36. Sky

    Sky Well-Known Member

    Just wondering because I just purchased Freedom Fire over an hour ago. Ashra said that Freedom Fire will be able to separate friends as well as relationships. Would Freedom Fire be able to have my lover lose feelings for any girl he is possibly talking to? I am not sure if my lover is talking to someone else or someone new and i can't tell Ashra everything. So i'm wondering if Freedom Fire would be able to work on something i am unaware of.
  37. Mike V

    Mike V Member

    Ok my question is my ex is living with another girl, nothing sexual, but is there some kind of spell to be cast that would cause them to become mortal enemies? The other girl is nothing but trouble and a habitual liar. I also believe she is feeding my ex's head full of crap and that is where our problems started. I hope this is the right place for this topic and gets posted.
  38. Sandra J

    Sandra J Well-Known Member

    I have purchase freedom fire break up it has been active 6 weeks to break up my ex and this woman for good. Last time I check he was still seeing her last weekend, But he did come to see me that Tuesday out of the blue and stayed with me all night. I don't know what's going on with him all I know it will break up those two if it hasn't already. Just waiting to hear him tell me soon.
  39. Sky

    Sky Well-Known Member

    I actually had this problem a while back when i was trying to get my ex back and he had a friend who caused him to cheat on me and poisoned his mind. Ashra said Freedom Fire is the best spell for breakups, INCLUDING friendships! :) It's not the same as a relationship breakup, but freedom fire has the capability to break up a friendship. I really hope this helped. Sorry for the late reply.
  40. ShannonK

    ShannonK Member

    My first spell was Passion Panacea, amongst many others, and the last one was the Freedom Fire breakup spell because I was so blimming stupid contacting him to give me another chance. Now he's seeing someone. I'm so stressed because of this. My ex as only recently met this woman, I'm told he flirts with her online and that he's only telling me he is with this person...so I back off until he's ready to come back but I don't know what to believe. I'm told it's all lies and he's controlling me. We are civil with each other but this is getting too much.

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