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Which breakup spells work for breaking up a relationship?

I am looking for a breakup spell too because I want to get this girl that my ex is friends with out of his life forever. She is so trashy, sending inappropriate pictures and videos to other men when she is married. All I want is to cast a spell to make him hate her and want nothing to do with her. I want him to have no attraction to any other women but me. I want to be the most beautiful girl in the world to him have eyes for me.
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Sky, it will definitely separate his feelings also to your lover from his current one if that is for him. Freedom fire, from the word it correct the feelings of that person toward the others. There is a palpable effect that they break up or end their relationship.

Mike, its better not to make them fight. Just ask Ashra what spell needed for you to separate them from each other. Let the spell do what it take for them to break. But lets not think they will fight. But Freedom Fire is the best for it as I can see it.

Sandra, thats a great movement. Maybe the spell is trying to give your lover the time to think thats why you he meet you that day. Trying to let the flame back again. Ofcourse its like a courting stage right. Same with our spell.
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I heard from some people that Freedom Fire is a good spell to break up your lover with their new lover. To make sure that your lover stays next to you through life will require you to get the Passion spell. It's a great love spell to get when you want your lover back. Breaking your lover up with her new lover isn't going to do the trick since she doesn't have an interest in you from what you said. The Passion spell is going to make her crave you and want you even more then she does now.
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You are so right dear! Freedom fire spell is one of the powerful spells that helps in breaking up relationship even one that one is in. I too am going to purchase it because I do have money as we are speaking.
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I have looked at the resources and have seen that she offers I spell called the Freedom Fire break up spell. This spell has the ability to break up any relationship including your own. It sounds like a very powerful spell and worth every penny! The fact Ashra has the power to do such powerful things, really does make me open my eyes! I have never met any spell caster that has been so caring and involved into their works.

She is a very hardworking and respectful woman. I am so happy for the ones that have found her, and I am so happy that I have found her website! If it was not for her, I would still be looking for a legitimate spell caster. Everyone says that Ashra is the real deal, and that is true. They are not lying.
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Both Freedom Fire and Passion Panacea can break up a relationship. Freedom Fire is the one used to specifically target to break up a relationship and to banish that person in the way. Passion Panacea can be used for both an existing relationship to remove obstacles or to bring an ex lover back :) .
I had a huge fight with my ex last night and he called me many mean names, blocked me from his phone and all social media. I found out that he is talking with someone else and my jealousy got the best of me and made everything worse. He told me to never contact him again and im so heart broken. I don't know if I should even use a spell on him. I know he cares for me. It's going to be such a hard couple of days until my heart heals a little bit. I'm thinking about getting a breakup spell cast by Ashra Koehn before him and her get serious with each other.
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I'm still familiarising myself around here and still don't know all of Ashra's spells, but the Freedom Fire Breakup spell should do it, then afterwards passion Panacea.
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I had to order the Freedom Fire break up spell I couldn't wait for Ashra response back. My lover posted a picture of himself with a girl and they look cozy in the picture I couldnt wait anymore. I just had to order right now I am totaly not well at all I did had a psychic reading with somebody else she told he was seeing somebody, but I didnt want to believe it but my lover just confirmed it posting a picture with a girl.
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In my opinion, always start with Passion Paneca first as a starting point, since it is Ashra's most flexible spell. Let a little bit of time go by and track any changes, then use the Freedom Fire breakup spell. Also, consider the power levels, especially Freedom Fire. I aways have gone with a fury instant or the highest I can afford to be extra safe, and to be confident the goal is achieved, but financial stability always comes first!
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I agree with Whitenight about starting with Passion Panacea. It will help break up whoever your lover is seeing, but it also does so much to correct the problems that caused them to find someone else in the first place. I never used the Freedom Fire breakup spell, but I would imagine it would be extremely useful if you lover is resisting the urge to end their other relationship or if the other person is being maniulative or controlling of your lover and preventing them from coming back. Definitely have Ashra assess the situation and she can tell you if Freedom Fire is necessary or would be useful. But you can't go wrong with Passion Panacea if you're trying to break up a relationship - Ashra can tailor it to fit your needs. Because she just that good ;)
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The spell that is recommended first hand is Passion Panacea as it can work on removing obstacles in an existing relationship or to bring an ex back.

It was my first spell and it is a very popular spell too. Freedom Fire is specific for breaking up a relationship and banishing anyone from coming near your lover basically.

Passion Panacea and Freedom Fire work perfectly together as you can imagine.
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Which breakup spells work for breaking up a relationship?

Personally Passion Panacea worked great for me, including with breaking up my lovers relationship with someone else, Passion Panacea broke them apart in 3 days, now they don't even talk.

The Freedom Fire Breakup spell is also very powerful in removing third party interferences.

I believe maybe even the new spell Ashra has added on Fiverr 'Path to Exile', could even be used as a breakup spell as it removes negative influences.
I've been wanting to know if anyone is still currently having any success with any of Ashra's breakup spells? I am going to get one done this coming Friday, but does anyone have a breakup spell of choice which they would suggest for me to go with? I'm doing the Passion spell but just to be on the sure side of where my ex is at I want to cast a breakup spell just in case he has actually gotten into a relationship with someone else during the time we have not seen or spoken to one another. Any advice and feedback would definitely be appreciated and thank you all for sharing your stories on this thread! Blessings!
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I am thinking of the Freedom Fire and path to exile someone interfering. I can see that a lot of great reviews and testimonials have come from these spells.
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Hi everyone.
My boyfriend of 6 years left me for someone else and we were doing a long distance relationship.

Before finding Ashra I found this youtuber that does spell work. None of her spells worked at all. So then I kept looking and I found Ashra thank goodness.
I got the freedom fire instant fury casted on my lover and I saw movement and signs right away it didn't take that long at all.
I am still awaiting the breakup which I know and feel is near ;).

I'll keep you all posted!.
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So, Ashra just casted Freedom Fire Breakup spell for me (quad cast). I don't know if my love has another woman or if he's just super stubborn (which he is). I was rather nervous :nailbiting: about this spell and I'm not sure why. But I was powerfully drawn to it to help remove ANY and all negative influences over my sweetheart. Even another woman. Ashra said it was successfully cast and it's really effective at breaking up people and bring my love back. And I believe her (as I always do). Just need some extra positivity to help it along so my love realizes what he's missing (me! :laugh:)

I had it quad cast because I felt it would be more beneficial to have the extra strength behind it because he can be very negative. Especially about himself. Keeping my fingers crossed that this is the push needed to get him to reach out to me and come back.

Thank you again Ashra for all your hard work. :inlove:
I know that both Passion Panacea and Freedom Fire Breakup Spell can breakup relationships. However, if you want a spell that does the best job at it, I would definitely consider getting Freedom Fire Breakup Spell right away. Passion Panacea has the ability to do the same, but it doesn't always happen. Passion Panacea has multiple purposes instead of just one. As for Freedom Fire, it mainly focuses on breaking up relationships and to also banish people that could interfere in the relationship. I would not hesitate to get this spell if you know that your lover is in a relationship with someone else, you have suspicion that they are talking to someone else, or you just want to make sure that there is no one else that could get into a relationship with your lover.
Ashra just sent me my update on effective break up spell it is now active on my Kenneth and that woman to finally break up their relationship for once. I really believe this is going to happened this time and I will just enjoy the ride while it take place . I read a lot about this powerful spell and it goes down to the core of the situation to remove the person who is involve with your lover. I read how this lady husband was cheating on her and Ashra cast it for her and She did break up their relationship and her husband is back home. This spell will give me the hope that I need to bring back my Kenneth for good.

Sending positive vibes
I know that there are break up spells that Ashra does and they could break that relationship up. I feel personally that I would still try for an object of desire or passion pancaea because if that is going they would end the current relationship to be with you anyway. It would seem that way to me anyway. I think you should definitely follow Ashra and her recommendations though because she is the expert. I would just want to try to kill two birds with one stone. I also think that a breakup spell could be hurtful to the person they are breaking up with and I wouldn't want to involve someone I don't care about in my spell. Have a great day everyone and be positive!
I will be purchasing Freedom Fire break up spell soon. But I have been seeing some of you guys talking about Path to Exile. Is that spell available in the resource section or was that only on Fiverr? I would love to purchase that one also. I just want the spells to bring him back to me and spells that will remove him out of any relationship he may be in and to banish the negative people away that's around him. These 2 spells will really help my situation because I know my lover like a book and he lets his friends get in his ear about everything when it comes to our relationship. Thank you to whoever replies back to me about the Path to Exile. I hope I could purchase that soon
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I've had Freedom Fire and Path to Exile cast and I feel confident they will work. I'm hoping that my spells are already causing Dean to have arguments with his girlfriend and I know how much he hates arguing so this will hopefully cause them to break up soon. I know he will realise that he doesn't love her and that he has never stopped loving me. One day I will receive a text from him and I won't be able to stop smiling.
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June 6th Ashra casted the "Freedom Fire" break up spell to break up my Love and His current girlfriend. Its now June 10th and today he went passed my house twice and both times he looked right at me. I've noticed that when i'm driving to and from places song will come on the radio that remind me of him. As well as that, I had a dream of him the other night. Are these all signs?

Anyone that has had the "Freedom fire break up spell" casted. How long did it take for them to break up?

Has anyone had results with freedom fire break up spell? Ashra casted it the other day for me. I was just wondering how it went for every one. I'm trying to break up my ex and his girlfriend.
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Hello Mattpek70!
I'm sorry about you and your girlfriend. I'm not experienced, but i think you should use Freedom Fire. If it seems like she is being controlled that may be the best for you but you should check with ashra. Tell her your situation and be open about it. Don't worry if it's embarrassing she is not judgemental. I wish you luck with your girlfriend. I'm sure she will realize your the one for her! Just contact ashra and she will cast your spell in no time!
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I too made the mistake of jealousy and insecurity, and during my relationship, I'm a hundred percent sure this girl was a part of the reason that my boyfriend left. He now hangs out with her all the time, and does things with and for her that he used to do for me. Such as wait until I got picked up from school with me. So our situations are quite similar. I explained fully in detail my situation with Ashra, and she recommended Passion Panacea. But since your ex is already in a new relationship I would recommend the Freedom Fire spell, as it will help break up the relationship she is currently having and return to you.
Hi, I'm new on the forum. I am wondering how the breakup spell worked or is working for you. I'm asking because I'm thinking of requesting a breakup spell, but wondering if it might be better to have a spell put on my ex's current fling to stop caring for him instead so she'll have him leave her alone.
Now that I think of it, a lot of Ashra's spells are capable of doing this. It's not just one spell in particular. If I had to narrow it down some, I would say that the Freedom Fire Breakup Spell would be the most known and successful to break up relationships and to keep others from interfering in your relationship. Ashra also had a gig on Fiverr known as the Path to Exile which removes someone from interfering with your relationship. Ashra also offers protection spells and they also serve the purpose of keeping negative people away and to prevent them from coming in between you and your lover.
The best break up spell is the Freedom Fire break up spell. You can have it at the standard cast, or the triple cast, the quad cast or the fury instant potency level. It's perfect for breaking up your lovers relationship and even your own relationship if you are no longer interested in a partner and want to move away peacefully. You just need to contact Ashra and tell her all about your situation. She will give you the best recommendations. She is the best at spell casting. So you have nothing to worry about.
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Hi Ambrosia_421,

I'm new here so slowly getting through the forum. Have you seen any movement or results from your Freedom Fire yet? I'm hoping you have since you last posted here. I too, had my Freedom Fire and Object of Desire casted yesterday. Kinda difficult since right after the casting, my husband went out and spent the night with the other woman. So...kinda woke up to a bad day. But gotta try to keep my head up and get through the day. Chin up everyone!
Hey everyone! How are you guys? Freedom Fire is for sure the best spell for making your lover break up or make sure no one is in their life except you but I admit I purchased only Passion Panacea and Object of desire and my lover told me (in our role play) that he is single. He is able to say that it means he broke up with that girl or he doesn't lover her so much to can't even say he is single, I guess it depends on situation.
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Krystal Pearson, I really don't understand what you're saying about the break up spells. I feel that the spells Ashra suggest us to purchased is for a reason to get back our lovers even if it break up the people they are involve with. My feelings about whomever the person is doesn't have anything to worry about due to the casting of ashra spells and for me personal I will continue to fight for my lover to move that person out of his life and to bring back my lover for good. The moment Ashra cast those spells on our lover to come back the person involve with them plays a big part regardless. Once your break up spells are cast that's it.
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Hello Krystal! How are you doing? I like your point of view anyway. Everyone has their own thoughts when it comes to powerful spells for a particular situation. I personally think that it is Freedom Fire that really works wonders to break up someone's relationship. Based on what I have experienced with this spell, my lover ended his new relationship he lived for some months. At first I didn't think that he's already single, but when he messaged me for the first time and added me back on whatsapp, that is when I knew that the girl was gone permanently. They are still friends indeed, but my break up spell won't ever let her or other potential girls be in the picture. Sending lots of positive vibes everyone's way.
Hello Mattpek70,

I understand your situation. Although, im not sure which spell you should get. I only purchased 1 spell from Ashra so far and that was Passion Panacea. I've seen good reviews on a breakup spell called Freedom fire. It's supposed to sever ties between you lover and the person their in a relationship with and return her to you. Even though I haven't tried it i'm a it curious. I hope what I said helped you! Have a wonderful day and stay positive!

Hiya Samuel!

Freedom fire doesn't just break them up it returns her to you. Email Ashra about your situation. She most likely may recommend Passion Panacea. That's a common starter love spell and Ashra recommends it if its your 1st time with her. If you want you spells to be powerful add on other spells too it. Maybe even a seal to ensure a fast effective spell. I hope what I said helped you! Good luck! Sending good vibes! God bless you!

Don't forget to stay positive and keep smiling.
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Hi everyone, I can honestly say this is one of my favorite discussion boards on the forum. I have seen so many positive reviews and outcomes. This forum has so many success stories that bring many who read it hope and light. I was upset when I found out my ex boyfriend was dating someone new and he seemed happy. It hurt because while I was suffering for him he was going out of his way to find someone to help him get over me, but now with this spell and these great reviews. I feel 100 % confident I will get the same results as everyone who has gotten this spell casted and a success towards their situation. I believe and I have faith and I'm genuinely happy :) I don't see the other girl as a threat for I know she will vanish from his life due to this spell. Any advice on what people did to get faster results. All you that had results quick and got their ex to leave their relationship with new B to get back with you. Please and thanks :) I'm currently very happy. Much love to you all here
Freedom Fire is my FAVORITE breakup spell. It has broken up my fiances relationship with another woman. they've been together for 2 months and it was 2 months to long for me! I requested Freedom Fire and I give it a week and I found out they've been arguing a lot about me and broke up!
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Her well known breakup spells are none other than the Freedom Fire Breakup Spells. The higher the potency, the better the outcome in my belief. Online, you can have it casted up to the fury casting which is 8X stronger than the standard potency. On the forum, the Freedom Fire Breakup Spell is offered up to the Quintessence level which is 16X stronger. Most who have tried the Freedom Fire Breakup Spell got the results they were looking for and it has been a success. There is another Breakup Spell offered on her website, but the popular one is the Freedom Fire because of its success rate. I'm waiting to see more movement from mine, but I have full faith that my lover will no longer talk to other girls.
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The Freedom Fire breakup spell is my favorite it because it broke up my lover's relationship in 3 weeks back in April and I don't want her to return again. I know that my lover is coming back to me and I can't wait to see him again. I know that I do belong to him he is my lover everything and he is going to return to me I just can't wait to hug him and kiss him sending positive vibes to all and enjoy the evening tonight.

Another spell I want to get is Ashra's Path of Exile to remove negative people out my lover life. I hear it is insanely powerful at remove third-party influence.
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Hi ladyshell2323, wow congratulations. I am honestly thrilled and very happy that this spell has worked for you. What a coincidence that the arguing was about you. That's awesome. I got this spell casted as well and I am so positive I will soon get the same results as you. There is no doubt in my mind. You have given me more hope, so thank you so much for sharing your success story. Did you get your spell sealed and did you get regular casting or did you do an upgrade? I got mine at triple cast cause I wanted higher strenght, however I didn't not seal it. I emailed Ashra and asked if she could seal it at her own expense just to help me out. I hope she says yes. But I am really happy for you :)
Hi PitaH, Nice meeting you and yes the community is always good to have discussion about how our spells are working and our daily lives dealing with our lovers. Ashra Koehn has really did a good thing to have made this forum to be able to talk to each other and to uplift ones who is down and having bad days during the waiting of their casting. I feel good whenever coming in the community to meet people and have a general conversations. I understand how you feel our lover so quick to break up with us to move on but this is what I found out once Ashra Koehn cast these spells the attitude is different. My lover told me that I can't let go, I told him he can't either knowing all the time Ashra spells are working on him day to day. No you don't have to worry about his new girlfriend staying around much longer because Ashra Koehn spells will remove her and the problems for good and your man will be back in your arms.

Hi Sweet Dreamer, Ashra Koehn has different kinds of break up spells to end your lover relationship with the other person. Freedom Fire Break up is a powerful spells and it has fast results. Ashra always recommend this break up spell to help with your situation to bring back your lover. If you aren't sure then ask Ashra and she will help you to purchased what is the right spell for you to have cast on your lover.
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Freedom Fire is the spell that is used to break up a relationship, if you can you should get this cast at a high potency to see quicker results as it has made all the difference before. This is being offered on the forum now in 5 different potencies which is awesome. The other spell that can be used to break a relationship up is Passion Panacea, it has a lot of purposes but it can remove people from your lovers life too.
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