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Which breakup spells work for breaking up a relationship?

I think that the best spell to do this is the Freedom Fire Breakup Spell because it has been known to work fast for some people and some people got results faster than normal. I've tried it myself and it hasn't fully manifested yet, but I know it will soon and I'm going to save up for another one at a higher potency and see the other wonders that it will do for me. This spell not only breaks up relationships, but it also has the capability of removing negative influences and banishing other people that could be seen as distractions or competitions.
Hi everyone
I have for a very long time been worried about whether someone has cast a break up spell on my lover and I - mostly because everything happened so fast and he changed so fast from being loving and caring towards me, to being very mean and fighting all the time. I wrote to Ashra about it, asking whether there's a spell cast on us to make us part, howevershe never commented on it. I believe that her spells are able to remove it if so.

There were many interferences from his ex, other women and some jealous friends and ex'es from both sides, so I wouldn't be surprised if someone did something. What got me worried even more is when I read your comments about what happens with the break up spells you've cast - they make things change very fast and there are usually fights involved.

I have purchased break up spells as well for my lover - to remove those interferences from others and to remove his ex and other women - and I have no idea whether they are working. I have no idea whether - if so that someone put a curse or spell on us - that also is removed. I just want all the other women out of his life now and all negative people standing in our way, other obstacles and curses removed. We had such a wonderful relationship before it went downhill and we both lost it completely. And I miss our love and bond that we had. It was so great and strong - and I just want us to have that again and that no one and nothing can harm that nor us.

There's not much to do about it right now anyways. I'll have to wait patiently for him to come to me and hope that Ashra perhaps will get some extra time to tell me whether I am worrying for nothing.
I am glad to read that so many of you are having great results with your spells.
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Hi ladyshell2323, that's brilliant isn't it, that they are arguing about you, I see you wrote that on July 6th, has there been any more news since then, I haven't been on the forum much lately so have lost track on what's going on to be honest. I really like the sound of the break up spell was it freedom fire you had cast, sending love and luck to you.
For me the best break up spell is Passion Panacea because it worked for me, my lover and his ex broke up like 2 weeks later after I got it casted. I was so shocked to hear cause I though I'll have to get Freedom Fire, but then it turned out I didn't and I was really happy. Like you can see Ashra herself said how powerful Freedom Fire is so there is no doubt it is amazing.
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Ladyshell, thats amazing that Freedom Fire worked so quickly for you. Freedom Fire is one of the most potent, powerful and quick acting spells that Ashra offers. From what I've seen this is probably the quickest acting spells that breaks up your lover and whoever it is that they're with and brings them back to you. If you're unsure about your lover being with someone else and not you, definitely use this spell to have your lover come back to you as quickly as possible.
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I have had Ashra cast Freedom Fire Fury Instant to break my lover's relationship with another man. This spell seems to be very effective after reading the reviews here. I will wait patiently and hopefully will see a result very soon!
There are three break up spells that are offered by Ashra and I have tried two of them. Passion Panacea is known to have the capability of breaking up a relationship and getting your lover to come back to you. But my favorite is the Freedom Fire Breakup Spell. I think it is working for me because I have casted it three times and my lover was intimate with me last week. She also offers a Breakup spell on her website. I personally haven't tried it yet, but I'm sure it's just as wonderful as the other two. I hope you all like these spells too and see results from them!
If you want to break up your lover with their current ones then freedom fire break up spell is the one to go for. I can surely say and give my word that this spell will do wonders for your situation. I am seeing some amazing movements with the spell. And the higher the potency the better and quicker the results. So i would say not to dwell too much on which spell to cast to breakup the two of them and instead blindly opt for freedom fire break up spell at higher potency.
Since I am still feeling really drawn to freedom fire breakup and have been close to ordering it several times, I'm putting in my order for it. I know passion panacea has the ability to remove obstacles but there is one woman in particular who just can't seem to show herself the door out of my lover's life and her presence is holding him back (she keeps reminding him that if he was happy and loved me he wouldn't have left me). They are not technically dating currently but he isn't letting go of her and is feeling her actions too deeply. It is having a really unhealthy effect on his emotional and psychological state. I know this spell can separate that emotional link and remove her from his life.
How powerful would freedom fire and passion panacea be together? I want my ex to leave his girlfriend and come back to me. I've heard amazing things about both spells. I need something fast working. I really want my ex back bad. I don't know if passion panacea will do that by itself.
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Ashra has casted the Freedom Fire Breakup spell for me last Sunday!

Freedom Fire Breakup is not only good for removing any person out of your lover’s life but it is also very effective for removing mist sbout anyone such as your lover’s friend, roommate, family member, etc... out of their life, especially if they were one being very negative on your lover! It is also a very good spell to make sure that your lover does not fall in love with anyone else unless it is YOU and it is also useful for preventing all the people from going after your lover thus removing everyone from your lover’s social circle to make sure no one interfere in with the process of getting in the relationship with your lover.

I was being extremely detailed with her in the form after purchasing the Freedom Fire Breakup spell. I will explain a bit what happened though not too much details as some of them are pretty personal. I ordered this spell for the guy both my partner and I really liked. Both my partner and I am gay and polyamorous while the guy we really liked is bisexual and polyamorous which is more difficult because it mean that he would be going after both men and women while having both men and women chase after him so I trust Ashra to do all the hard work to make sure he’s only focused on us and no one else.

The guy also is currently living with his roommate for more than three years who is known to be extremely negative because his roommate have the narcissistic personality issue where he was extremely controlling and manipulative to tell what the guy to do and basically run the guy’s life. He would actuslly emotionally abuse the guy and often guilt-trip to make him feel bad so the guy would start to do whatever his roommate want him to do and the guy told me that he plus his roommate is planning to rent s new house soon so I told Ashra that I do not want the plan on the guy and his roommate to move in a new house to success and to make sure that his roommate is out of the guy’s life and only to never return.

And second thing I also told Ashra about is basically the guy’s entire family who have been very negative on him too. They don’t accept nor support him for who he is. They basically suppress him so he couldn’t get to embrace who he truly is and had to project a fake image of himself on who he is just to make his family happy and that his family often drag him to Ben involved with the problems that he have NOTHING to do with too. The guy think that he isn’t meant to have a happy life thanks to his family. So yeah.. I also had Ashra work to remove his whole family out of his life so he won’t have to deal with them ever again and actually have a happy life with my partner and I where my family fully accept and love him for who he is. :)

I am also considering about getting Battle of Five Armies spell because it is pretty similar to the Freedom Fire Breakup spell in lot of ways except that Battle of Five Armies tend to make the guy act on stuffs and make him actuslly get away from the negative influences while being protected with a sort of barrier to make sure no more bad/influence come in his way as well.
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I have heard about the freedom fire spell and the great results it brings. I know it will help if your lover is in another relationship after your breakup or if there is a third person trying to avoid you two being together. In my case I don't need this spell since my lover isn't yet in any relationship but who knows maybe he might be in a relationship and I might not know about it so I'm very confused if I should get this spell also and add it up to the ones I have had casted already.
Ashra will help you with this! I have heard hear break up spells work like a charm! She knows just how to break two people up! Keep you head held high she will do wonders for you!
Freedom Fire Breakup spell is really effective in breaking up a relationship. I would also get Passion Panacea to cover all angles, because it can also help break up a relationship AND bring your lover back to you. Freedom Fire is great if you just want to break up a relationship, so adding it with other spells makes it a great combination. Of course if you need something urgent, the Passion Panacea mini cast will always work, and you can read more about it on the other posts and threads on this forum :)
Hi Lana, so you are saying that this spell will break up the relationship between me and my girlfriend forever? I want to cast this spell because I want her out of my life forever. I've seen a couple of video testimonials about how the break up spells actually work and that they actually work really fast. I can't wait to try it out.
Hello everyone
Well I think the best spell for break ups is no other than the Freedom Fire because it is really for break ups only and this spell is really focus on breaking up someone else into their current relationship.

I do believe that some people who got this already have their lovers back on their arms because the freedom fire is really a powerful spell for break up.

Many people have been succeed from this spell so it will definitely do wonders for any who really wants help for breaking up their lovers with it's commitment to anyone else.

However the spell passion panacea is good for break ups as well but I think the best will be the freedom fire as it's focus is just on about break ups.
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Hello everyone!
I heard that passion panacea works great with freedom fire. If you get a 3 way combo of object desire, passion panacea and freedom fire your lover will be back in no time! If you still feel confused you should email Ashra Koehn. She will have the answers! I wish you all luck with your journey to get you lover back!
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Hello Everyone I did purchase Freedom fire Quad about two weeks ago in February Ashra said this spell is much stronger and will do the work to break up my lover and this woman. Ashra has been great helping me and I believe this powerful spell will bring good results from it. I have thought about the Overmaster spell to go ahead and break up that relationship fast because I want my lover back before April 21st my 50th birthday .
Hey everyone! How are you guys? I am sure Freedom fire breakup spell is the best to breakup a relationship. I trust it with all my heart and it is my next spell, a lot of people saw signs with this spell and it broke up many relationships so I highly recommend you to purchase it :) Don't forget to be specific to Ashra how you want them to break up with details. If your situation is urgent purchase the mini casting version
Ashra has a very specific spell for breaking up relationships and that is freedom fire break up spell. A lot of her clients purchased this spell and the have gotten results within a few days. I have this spell active too and I am waiting for this spell to manifest.
I am planning to purchase a Freedom Fire Break Up Spell after I can avail Passion Panacea as a first spell.Freedom Fire Break Up spell can be the most suitable for breaking up a relationship & bring your lover back to you.My lover is with someone else because he left me because of cheating.I am in desperate need of getting him back & also wants to break up his relationship quick.I will purchase this Freedom Fire for him to come back to me for good!
For anyone who has gotten Freedom Fire break-up spell, how soon after it was cast did you start seeing signs/results? Did your lover come back to you, or did they just tell you they broke up with the other person?

I recently purchased this spell and I am jut curious. Thanks so much!
I know that if you look under resources it will show you all of the spells that Ashra does and does not offer. I would choose freedom fire breakup spell. It sounds like that would be very powerfull. I would personally see what Ashra has to say about your situation. I understand that you are going through a hard time right now but remember the importance of being positive. If you remain positive and trust Ashra good things will happen to you. Best wishes, and good vibes are sent to you.
There are two breakup spells that can be used for breakups. Freedom Fire Breakup and Passion Panacea spell. Both work to break up a relationship, however, from other people's reviews, the Freedom Fire Breakup spell is a better spell to use as it has been specifically designed to help with breakups. I know that Freedom Fire Breakup spell is more effective, so I would say that starting off by purchasing Passion Panacea would be beneficial as the spell will start doing its' magic and when you add on the other spell you would get better, stronger energy from both of the spells.
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Well if you want to just break up a couple, then the best spell would be the freedom fire break up spell, but if you want to break them uo and bring a lover back to you, then passion panacea would be the best spell to go for. Both spells work best especially if they are at a higher potency and if you believe that it would work, then its definitely going to work. Those who got both spells got results, so just be focused and think which spell would you like to get.
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Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful day. What Maracx stated before me is right. There are two spells that are perfect for breaking someone's relationship up. They are Freedom Fire and Passion Panacea, you can check on them on the forum. If I am not mistaken, Ashra also offers another break up spell on her another website. I got good result with my Freedom Fire spell. Hopefully it will kick in and my lover will come back to me. Have an awesome day!!!
@Alley -Hello , i am wondering if you’ve had any movement or success with this spell? I am close to ordering mine but just looking at everyone’s else’s experience with the feeedom fire break up.
I personally think that both the passion panacea and also the freedom fire break up spell are just perfect for breaking up any relationship. But if i had to choose one spell, then it would be the freedom fire break up spell. I have read the description and the reason why i chose this spell was because this spell is specially made for breaking up a relationship. And i highly recommend that you guys go and get the standard version.
Freedom Fire Break up Spell is suitable for this situation for sure! I was really unsure if I should get it because I already had Passion Panacea for me, but having your back covered is always the best option. I remember Ashra telling me that my person was approached by another woman and I was shocked. Only then did I realize that I've made the right decision and I was finally relieved to know that whatever was happening between them will be over soon. And I was right. I mean , Ashra was right:laugh:. Never underestimate this spell, and if you gut is telling you to get it , just do it. It's really powerful and you shouldn't waste more time to think twice about it. I hope I've helped you.
Lots of love:inlove:.
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If I were to purchase a break up spell would it break up any type of relationship? Not a romantic one, Even one with a family memeber?
Hey everyone!!!! I hope your all are doing good and having an amazing day. I believe that both passion panacea and freedom break up spell would work really good with someone's situation. I am currently saving up to get the passion panacea, once that's done I will be getting freedom break up spell but still I will be confirming with Ashra just to make sure. I really look forward to see how these spells would improve my situation and help bring my lover back to me. I would highly suggest getting both as it's necessary but asking Ashra before getting something is much better.
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Hello, people how is everyone from all over the world! Today is a new day, hope you are all feeling better! There are so many spells that Ashra offers! Out of all the spells she offers, the best spell that will help to break up a relationship would be the Freedom Fire Breakup Spell! There is also the Panacea Passion Spell, but I would say that this spell is best for getting your lover back! So I would suggest the Freedom Fire Breakup Spell! :inlove::inlove:
Well, if you want to break up a relationship, the best spell to go for is the freedom fire love spell. If your lover is with another woman, if that person is influencing him and destroying your relationship, then the freedom fire break up spell will help you because this spell is a break up spell which break your lovers relationship with another person. Always think first before casting a spell. The request would be to let the other girl break up with the guy and don't wish them ill will. Just ask the spell to let the girl fall out of love from your lover so that they will be separated and so that he can come back to you.
Guys I need your help. I'm quiet not sure if shes dating someone or not, but i want to do this just in case if she is. The issue is i don't know who shes dating meaning don't know his name or date of birth so will that be a issue to add this spell. I also wanted to ask, if i do Freedom Fire will she come back to me after the break up Spell. It’s very urgent. Thank you
One of the most common spells used for a breakup is the Freedom Fire spell. Some people use the Passion Panacea spell for this too.

I have used both of these spells, however, not for all the reasons that one may think.

The Passion Panacea I used to work on my lover and I, but I also included details for a break up to happen. Which worked by the way.

With the Freedom Fire spell, I used it to remove negative energy and to seek forgiveness from my lovers family, so far I have seen movement, I realised this spell was working for me when my lovers sister unblocked me on social media, she had me blocked for 3 years or so.

If I had not got this spell she would of kept me blocked so this was no coincidence!
I purchased both freedom fire and battle of five armies last week. Hopefully these will help in breaking my ex and his new girl up. Ashra confirmed that she is manipulating him and states that these spells will help. I have purchased passion panacea in early February so with all the spells I’ve purchased this will help! Staying positive and awaiting results :)
Hello everyone! I hope all of you are having a nice day ahead. Ashra has a lot of spells that will be customized to our needs. As I am aware, the best spell that will prevent thirds parties from interfering your relationship is Freedom Fire. It worked successfully to kick my lover's past girlfriend out of his life. I got my second break up spell cast a while back and Ashra even boosted it for me. Now I am still waiting on the outcome of it. My lover is involved romantically with someone else. I actually don't get why he is seeing her. I mean this spell is supposed to stop him from dealing with other females. There might be some factors on why this happened and I won't think negative. Hopefully they will break up soon.
Hello there and good morning everyone. Currently I have both Passion Panacea and Freedom Fire spell active. But I know that Freedom Fire spell is the best spell for breaking up a relationship. But Passion Panacea also works in breaking relationships too. Whatever spell your getting or purchasing, always ask for Ashra’s spells recommendation because she knows what would be the exact spell for your situation. I hope all of you are having a wonderful day ahead. Good luck and take care to us all!!!
I think Freedom Fire is the best break up spell. I am not sure whether I should purchase this spell again. My lover seems connected to the other woman. I was told that the relationship they have isn't existing. I don't know what to say as I also don't get a better picture of what is going on. I have upgraded this spell a few times. I should be seeing movements. I don't want to give up on him. He is the love of my life. I hope he will come back soon.
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