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Which breakup spells work for breaking up a relationship?


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I have had passion panace standard in january and Freedom fire breakup spell Fury in february and i bought passion panace Quintessense DD in april
@Ashra Koehn has casted for me now in May Battle of five armies and breakup spell.
She said that they would both work to break them up.

Link to Battle of five armies

Link to breakup spell

Link to Freedom fire breakup spell

Link to passion panacea.com spell

These are all going to help to break them up.
I hope that this is helping.


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Hello everyone! I hope all of you are having a beautiful day ahead. You can use Freedom Fire if your intention is to crush someone's relationship. I think that is the best break up spell I ever tried. I had Ashra recast it a few times as my lover is still involved with the other woman. It takes longer for some people to see results. My lover's mind is not very clear at the moment. He is still being persuaded by her. I hope this spell will remove the negative influences around him very soon. Sending lots of kisses and hugs for you all!!!

Lady Kimberlie

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@XBriX I have done just that. I got Passion Panacea, freedom fire and object of desire. All within 3 days. I will update when I see anything. Freedom fire and object of desire have not been cast yet. I have also had nothing from my love but am hopeful it will happen soon.

@Ashra I have emailed you and am awaiting your response. Let me know when you have time. I'm sure I will get an amazing report from you again soon!!!


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I think Freedom Fire breakup spell would be the best to break up any relationship that your lover might be in. I used this spell last year and believe me... it worked and did wonders. I knew the person's name that my my child father was involved with so that would be a great help also when purchasing the spell. Even until now my child father and the other woman can not see eye to eye they try to get back together but never work out. So with that being said I dont think they will ever have that type of bond they had when they first starting talking and they knew each other for many years before we met. But I also had Passion Pancea casted also, so with both spells together it was more powerful and potent. I hope this help anyone that is deciding to get a breakup spell. But also my child father is in another relationship at the the moment but right now I'm working on the person that I think and know that is my soulmate. So I left that situation alone with my child father for right now;) and working on my real love:inlove:.


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Hello everyone! I hope all of you are feeling well today. I am still thinking that Freedom Fire is what you really need to keep your favourite person from third parties. That is the situation I am in currently. I know my lover is still going out with the other woman. Although he doesn't post any pictures concerning her, but the bio on his Instagram answered my question. Ashra recast as well as upgraded my break up spell. Let's see what happens next. Just praying that it will work in my favour. Sending lots of positive vibes everyone's way!!!


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The two known spells to break up a relationship is Freedom Fire Breakup and Passion Panacea. Mostly Freedom Fire does the work for you that is all it's purposes is for and your lover and his/her lover could be in an argument next thing you know they aren't dating because of the spell. Since the spells might still be active if your lover was to try to stall someone else to date that relationship would end too. I think it might of been my Passion Panacea spell that broke up my lover and his ex. I got readings done about that and they said they broke up and both parties seemed confused about each other. How the love wasn't real and maybe my lover could be confused right now about what he wants but I would add another spell.


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I haven't ordered the Freedom Fire breakup spell but I'm confident in saying that my other spells - including Passion Panacea - broke my lover from his rebound. They broke up near the end of May and he contacted me a week after. Things were going well but now I'm in a bad cold phase with him.

My most recent spell cast was Battle of Five Armies to keep him from other women and vice versa, as well as remove any other negative influences, particularly the opinions of his mother. If you are trying to get back your lover, definitely seek all resources you have and request a spell to break your lover from the other person, who does not deserve them, and keep them and anyone else away from the happiness you deserve.


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I just requested Path to Exile and wondering if anyone has any experience with this one in comparison to Freedom of Fire.

Liam Hindley

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I have had my Freedom Fire break up spell confirmed for order, just waiting for it to be casted! I also put on priority casting because my situation is just so bizarre. I'll explain below.

So my ex girlfriend broke up with me initially on 13/12/19 and she wanted to end things on the 20th when she made her mind up. I was completely heart broke and devastated.

Unfortunately before I found Ashra I had a spell cast by a different person, but I'm not sure if they are genuine or not.

Anyway, I had suspicion she had been up to no good before the break up. Seeing a guy in his 40's (and I'm not joking I'm serious) I was thinking how the heck can she go from 2 and a half years being with me to that?! Like seriously??

I got a video on Snapchat sent to me last night, of her and him, watching movies together at his house, with his hand on her leg. She looked happy in it and it just enraged me SO MUCH. But I didn't retaliate, I'm still no contact. 3 weeks 1 day now.

I had Passion Panacea cast last week and couldn't resist getting Freedom Fire. I double sealed the Passion Panacea but not this one, I got the standard version.

I'm hoping for fast results! I loved this girl and went through so much! I'll keep everyone updated on progress.

Thanks everyone especially @Ashra @Ashra Koehn for helping me out I really appreciate it.

michelle dedel

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Hello everyone! How are all of you doing? Personally for me, the best spell for breaking up is the Freedom Fire Spell. When Ashra had casted this spell, I think just months later I had this gut feeling on checking the profile of the girl. And there it was, my lover had finally let her go! And currently, the girl has a new boyfriend! It was the amazing news ever even not following the guideline.