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Which spell should I go with?


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I'm having trouble deciding which spell I should go with.

I need some help. I have been looking over two spells, but I am not sure which one will work better.

My Husband left our home in Georgia and now living with a married woman by the name of Tricia . She will do any thing his family wants, so he decided that he wants to be with her. He his travelling back to Georgia tomorrow to visit the kids then return back to her. This hurt so much. I refuse to be a slave for his family and be miserable just for him to be with me. We are christians, but he no longer believes that there is a god. He has change and no matter what I say his favorite thing to say is that he doesn't care. This woman has befriended his mother and his sister in order to take my husband from his family and leave me a single mother. The day he left i intercepted a letter his mother sent telling him to leave and more back to Florida. Please help me please decided which spell will work. I want my husband back quickly.

Is it better to go with the Freedom Fire breakup spell or Passion Panacea? I want a love spell that will remove Tricia from his life and bring my husband back permanently.
Hi Lority, I can sense that Tricia knew he was married and yet she decided to interfere by manipulating his perception, marriage and Christian belief. She is acting the part and going out of her way to please his family.

Going with Freedom Fire is the best option because it will not only help to breakup their relationship, it will also remove her control over him and rekindle the connection you both had before she entered his life.

Once she is removed from the picture, you will see your husband make an effort to come back and focus on his marriage.

I look forward to working with you and I hope I have pointed you in the right direction.
Ashra, I am having trouble deciding which spell will work for getting pregnant.

We had a miscarriage in 2010. I had problems for 4 years conceiving went to drs may 2012 they discovered a large cyst had it removed july 2012 took out left tube and ovary right still remains. I went for a checkup in sept 2012 and had another cyst had that removed in dec 2012 were able to save tube and ovary. I went to the doctor again in june 2013 I have another cyst which is to small to remove. I really want a baby I just want a miracle a little girl would be nice twins would be great I think I deserve it with everything I been through but I am not picky. please help me.

Will the fertility spell work and is it possible to personalize my spell so that we can have twins? I was referred by a friend who used your service in 2014. You helped her and I wanted to see if this was something you could solve for me.

Talk soon!
My situation was a little different but the answer should be relevant and helpful. I was diagnosed with PCOS years ago and met my husband and was ready to start a family.

My doctor said the likelihood of getting pregnant was slim and to consider IVF. I didn't have that kind of money to follow through with ivf and started searching until I found Ashra. I had her cast a fertility spell last year and she was able to customize my spell to have twins. I was also able to determine which gender, so I don't see why you couldn't do the same.
It's official! I talked with Ashra back and forth over the last few days and felt very comfortable with her on many levels. She addressed all of my questions and didn't give me vague responses like I got from other spell casters. I received confirmation from Ashra this morning about my fertility spell being active.

I will keep everyone in the loop!
This message is for Ashra Koehn. I have been on your site for about an hour and there are two spells that I believe best suit my situation. However, I would like your opinion on which spell I should ultimately go with.

We are both females and have been together for almost 10 months. I need her to understand I really am someone she can trust in love .. I need her to love me back show it with action while looking at the bigger picture that we are here for each other that we vow to make it work. I'm wiling to do whatever it takes to make it work but I need the same commitment back from her. I just want her to come back to me so we can start out life together I love her.

Should I go with the Same-*** Relationship spell or Passion Panacea. Both seem powerful. Is one better then the other?
I am in a lesbian relationship with a woman I love with all my heart. We have been together for almost 4 yrs.

Latoya, I went with Passion Panacea because a few months ago things took a turn for the worse. I caught her talking to her ex-girlfriend and she was saying that she needed space.

Before I used Passion Panacea, I asked Ashra if this spell would work for a lesbian or gay couple and she said that it would. I wanted my girlfriend to love me and want only me just like when we first met. I knew she loves me I just needed to make her realize it without anything or anyone interfering.

This spell worked like a charm, she stopped talking to her ex. She is now focused on our relationship and we are looking into moving to a state where we can legally get married.
I took a pregnancy test today and found out that I am pregnant! THANK YOU! You have no idea how happy I am right now Ashra! I will follow up with you once I see my family doctor later this week.

My husband is still in shock but very happy too!
My boyfriend came back yesterday night and stayed over until he had to go to work this morning. I'm meeting up with him tonight for dinner and a movie. So far I'm happy.

The spell I went with is Eve of Love and it's working so far.
I need to know which spell I should be going with. I'm scared to death of losing my husband and I think there are people turning him against me while he's been gone. He won't talk to me right now. Ashra Koehn please help me I can't lose him I'm begging you. I want unconditional and faithfulness from both of us it's been an issue in the past and I also want him to be able to forgive and forget finally focus on your relationship.
I feel hopeless and I don't know where to turn for help. My husband has filed for divorce and we are now separated. He is the love of my life and would do anything to get him back. He is the perfect man and i love him dearly. Ashra, I need the divorce to stop and for us to save our marriage and be happy together. I just requested Passion Panacea and I hope I selected the right spell.
Clay and I have had a lot happen in our relationship; mainly from others interfering and trying to pit us against each other. We both made mistakes and said hurtful comments that I wish I could take back. I had Ashra cast Scar Healing so that we could both heal from the past and focus more on our future together. This spell was cast for me last month and so far it has worked. Clay and I are no longer fighting about past issues, nor does he bring up negative events. His commitment towards me has changed for the better and I am started to feel the love we had in the beginning. The trust is coming back too.

I know that I cannot rewrite the past. However, this spell has allow Clay and I to heal from what happened and have the purity of our relationship back.

I'm truly glad to have her help.
Passion Panacea does seem like the right spell.

We have been together for 5 years, have a child together and he proposed in January. But he has left several times when we get into arguments and come back. This time we said a lot of nasty things to each other and it escalated pretty far. I think he chooses his work over family life. And I feel like this time it really is over for him and he's moved on. Because of outside bad advise. Please help. Will Passion Panacea work for my situation?
Hi Ashra, I read the success stories others have posted on this forum and I'm in need of your help. My fiancé and I are trying to have a baby together. Which spell should I use and will it still work if I had a tubectomy?
Ashra has a fertility spell listed on her website. I was diagnosed with PCOS and her spell still worked like a charm.
My boyfriend broke up with me today due to a serious misunderstanding. I tried to sort it out but it didn't work out. He told me not to contact him anymore and leave him on his way. I love him a lot and want him back in my life. Since 6 months, our relationship is not going well due to misunderstandings all the time. I want him to love me like earlier and be with me forever. Please help.

Is Passion Panacea a good spell to use or should I go with a commitment spell?
Go with Passion Panacea. The only time you would use a commitment spell is when you are still together or once your lover is back in your life.
I went with the Passion Panacea spell to find my soulmate. It worked as expected. I believe Ashra Koehn customizes her spells so you could have a completely different type of situation and this spell should still work fine.
I went with everyone's recommendation and had Ashra cast Passion Panacea. Crystal and I are back together and she is wearing her engagement ring. She has been very affectionate and talks about the future like kids getting marriaged. The best part is that we haven't had a single fight or disagreement since her return which is absolutely incredible.:inlove:

Ashra, I’m very impressed by your work and I would like your help.

There is a woman I am crazy about. She is an amazing person, very artistic, creative and talented. She is also drop dead gorgeous and has the body of a goddess. I want to marry her and us be a complete whole family. She has two boys that I love as well.

I need and want her to give me a chance to have a serious relationship. We have been intimate a few times last year and it was awesome! Ashra, I know without a doubt she is the one. Which spell should I go with to make this happen?
Can someone help me determine which spell I should go with?

The current relationship to my love is that we have recently broken up. Our split was well handled, but in the week after I was depressed and acted purely on emotion and without thought. We originally agreed to work towards a friendship after and since the week, we've slowly been heading back into that direction. We were together for almost six months and met with an instant attraction and connection to each other. The causes for our separation were fights caused by both sides of the relationship where I would develop random annoyances over little things while he would sometimes be the cause, and belief in a lack of growth in the relationship.

I've been willing to focus on myself and work on my flaws as well as exuding a positive outlook that things will get better for him, me, and us. I'm coming to you as I believe that our relationship still has time to grow and I believe that he is one of those special people that come into your life that you never really will part forever from. I've learned from this experience that there is still a chance to change things and that he still does truly care for me as I care for him. I've researched many spell casters and love spells and the workings of energy about them and believe that my situation may be helped with one. I'd just like to know if you can possibly help and get back to me as soon as possible--maybe the Passion Panacea spell might be suited for this.
Maybe I can help guide you Cheyenne. Passion Panacea was cast for me a couple weeks ago and I have seen improvements. The girl I love happens to be a close friend and I went with this spell because I wanted her to have a serious relationship with her.

This past weekend I went to her place. We had a BBQ and I was able to spend time with her and her two boys. We were intimate again and she wanted me to stay the night. The next day I made breakfast for her and her children. She kissed me and hugged me from behind. This has never happened to be before!

When we left to spend time at the park we held hands and talked while her kids were playing.

I would agree that you should go with Passion Panacea.
I answered this question in another thread. When you don't know which spell you should go with, contact Ashra Koehn for some guidance. Let her know everything you are going through. Be detailed and as accurate as possible.

She has always been there for me when I needed advice and guidances with my relationship. I'm sure she treats everyone the same way.
I read the write-up on the Passion Panacea spell and I believe it's the spell I should go with. However, I'm new to spells and I would like to be sure.

I have been involved with this man for several years and he has just shut down. Speaking to me in a very abusive way. Stating he is done with our marriage. Just a few weeks ago everything was fine. I was beautiful and we were loving. Now I repulse him (can't stand me, I'm fat ugly, never been good enough) and he's threatening to go have an affair so I will kick him out. I want to know which spell I should go with :( I love him. He has done this before, things get better, then it's surfaces again. The things he "knows" aren't the life we have been living. When he gets mad everything we are becomes not true, a lie, or not good enough. I need a spell that will permanently change my situation with him. I cannot continue going back and forth with him.

Ashra... or anyone... Let me know what I should do. Am I wasting my time on him?
Anita, Dawn was right. If you are not sure which spell to go with, contact Ashra Koehn. I did read your comment and I personally see no reason why Passion Panacea wouldn't work on him. Ashra will customize your spell like she did for me when I hired her for help.
There were a few spells listed on her website that I felt would work. I decided to go with Passion Panacea along with another spell to repair the damaged caused by my husband's overspending. We are fortunate our situation didn't get to the point of no return.
Hi everyone,
Has anyone has experience with the Overmaster spells?
How long did it take before you saw results?
Hi everyone,
Has anyone has experience with the Overmaster spells?
How long did it take before you saw results?

Hi Love!

Ashra, casted the Overmaster Love Spell for myself as well along with the rest of my spells as you know... I really am hoping that the Overmaster Love Spell would do the trick, but on my part and decision I requested Ashra to cast a spell or two for me tonight. Also, this Friday I am asking Ashra for some advice on what other spells she can do to cast on my lover. I will update you if I see any movements. I believe the Overmaster Love Spell is a really strong spell since I feel it does need super duper extreme full concentration for Ashra's and cost more than other love spells. I am hoping my lover will get down on his knees to come back to me!

I am waiting to get my results for both spells last night. When you got the results for the Overmaster, did Ashra say whether or not she is positive that your ex will come back in a short period of time?.

How different did she say the overmaster was in regards to all the different spells.
I am nervous as well as anxious waiting.
My boyfriend came back yesterday night and stayed over until he had to go to work this morning.
This is such a good thing. I am happy for you! I am waiting for mine to come over at night too. He only comes around at lunch time. It has been hit and miss.
I'm very interested in knowing about all the spells. All I did was read the reviews and felt like I had to do one last attempt. So i emailed her and got a response along with which spell i should get. My spell was cast last night or early this morning. She emailed me this morning with great news. I was able to email her and she responded several times. I'm very hopeful that i will get some kind of movement with my situation very soon. However i would like to know more about the Karma Points so if I do need something else then maybe this will be another way of helping.
Hi Cyndi, I have been working on accumulating Karma Points too:) Ashra did post a detailed explanation on how to earn Karma Points here: http://www.ashra.net/community/threads/how-to-earn-karma-points-badges-and-levels.27/

As soon as I collect enough points, I will decide which spell I should add to enhance the results I've already received from her work.
I also think being on here has helped a lot as well. Sometimes i feel numb like he's never going to come back. I know I'm to stay strong, but it can be a bit much at times. I'm hopping to get points to see if i need another spell done. Ashra said at this time i don't need anything else. So i trust her and i know things don't happen over night. I hope you get results soon. I'm just tired of being sad.
Hi Cyndi! I know we are all tired of being sad and randomly I would get my moments in being negative as well. However, just let go and DO NOT WORRY. Ashra, always told me to not worry and if you feel sad, numb, or you want to just let your feelings out. Just come here to the forum and express how you feel. Expressing how you feel will make you feel better and there are so many supportive people here to send you virtual hugs, love, and warm vibes. Please, let me know if you need anything! HANG IN THERE YOUR LOVE WILL BE WITH YOU!
Thank you so much for that. I just started getting on here Friday and Saturday morning my spell was cast. I try not to worry but it's hard. It seems i walk around with a fake smile and it just seems to get to be to much sometimes. I have been asked out on dates and I can't do it. I feel like I'm cheating on him even though we are not together. Then I think well he's out having a good time with whoever and not thinking about me. I just feel like everyday we are not together he's getting further away from me. I just don't know what to do anymore. Everything is just so sad.
Don't worry Cyndi. My lover is out with someone else today for Valentine's Day and it hurts. However as long as my love comes back because of Ashra's help, then I will definitely be okay with that. All I want is him in my life and I want that now. I truly understand what you are going through and it is really painful as well. My heart is aching so much at the moment and I have random times where I just start to cry. We are human and of course a breakup or separation from our love is going to hurt. We all have to hang in there and just be patient, trust, and know our spells will work because of Ashra. As I am typing my heart is aching so much and I wish my lover is here with me, but I just have to really take baby steps each day and stay positive. We are all here together and we all will get all we ever wanted because of Ashra's amazing work!
I'm sorry you are going through this to. My story is very upsetting as well. I'm just tired of playing games. I want things to go back to being normal. I'm afraid that if we do get back together both sides of the family might go crazy. So with said my reaction to that would be as long as i'm happy don't worry about it. I just hope everyone gets some kind of results or movement today. We all could use something positive today.
I think it doesn't matter which spell you get because either way it will help boos the other ones. Ashra always says in her emails to me "the more energy, the better." If you are not sure, email Ashra and ask her. It will definitely not make anything weaker. The more spells you have, the more energy there is. Object of Desire may or may not be right for your situation, but you have to get that confirmed by Ashra. It never hurts to double check. She will tell you if it will boost Passion Panacea.
I have now requested to have "soulbound destiny" cast for me. Im very excited. Ashra says the spells you need to purchase with destiny points are more powerful and exclusive. I also read that its for the more complex situations. So i hope it makes my ex forget about the past and brings him back to me. I am waiting for Ashra to tell me which seal would be best to get! I am hoping the soulbound destiny spell and the seal will be enough to finally brong him back! I have been waiting for nearly 9 months.
I have emailed Ashra yesterday as I think I should have a substitute. I am waiting eagerly for her reply. I saw that the karma point have been increased by 10 for all the spells. I do not know which spell she will suggest me to take.

Katie your post made me feel a bit easier. Your words no matter what spell it would certainly enhance the earlier one.

I do not know what's happening inside me today. There is a confusion.