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Which spell should I go with?

As for me, Ashra suggested which spell I should have in my situation. Its just Passion Panacea. She just added the free valentines spell. I am earning points for me to have atleast twilight moon seal :)
Which spell should I go with. I'm trying to decide between Passion Panacea, Freedom Fire Breakup Spell and Soulbound Destiny? I had a lover who was stolen away from me by another girl. Suddenly, he just became as cold as ice, or even colder. He doesn't talk to me the same way he is doing before. He is no longer sweet to me. He doesn't want my company anymore. He no longer spent longer time with me. Like as if he is always avoiding me. I am thinking that this other girl might have cast a spell upon my lover for him to neglect me that much and to lost his love at once. Please help me decide. This is my very first spell to purchase. So please, all of you who had experienced having spells cast upon you, what spell could you recommend for me?
I finally know which spell I want to go with. I have decided that I will get the quad cast upgrade! I was considering the Freedom Fire Breakup spell but I feel like that would be taking things too far. I think another spell is capable of getting my lover's ex girlfriend out of his life. I just want him home as soon as possible. I want him to contact me very soon and I know that he WILL! I had the triple cast done for passion panacea so I want the quad cast done for Instinctive Love Pulse. I am anticipating the moment for when he contacts me!!! I am feeling extremely positive right now!
Hi Mystery Girl,
Passion Panacea or the Freedom Fire breakup spell will make him leave the girl he is with. Soulbound Destiny will drastically reduce him getting with any other girl.

I have had Soulbound Destiny casted for me along with Passion Panacea. I normally ask Ashra many questions before requesting a spell.

I would go for the Soulbound Destiny spell because you need destiny points to get that one, the spells you need destiny points for are more strong in power and are exclusive. I hope this helps.

Katie, the Freedom Fire Break up spell would be great to go with if your lover was with someone, but he is not. So I feel you have made the best decision going for the quad cast. Have you tried any of the spells that you need destiny points for? Ashra told me in an email that they are stronger and more exclusive. I would highly reccomend you try one of those spells.
Hi Mystery girl, it is really very confusing when it comes to choosing something that is very much right to fix our problems. There are many here who have had these spells casted. Some got quick results and some are still in queue. However, now what's more important is that you should choose a right one. What I personally think about this is that you should request Ashra to choose the spell for you. I think that is the right way of doing work when it comes to spell. A master is always right and so is Ashra. I also asked her and I have ordered the samesame wHich she recommended to me. No doubt that our friends here will guide us correctly, but still Ashra's selection should be your choice. She knows better than each one of us. So please email her and ask her which spell could be the best suitable for your case. Stay positive and keep hopes... warm hugs
You are right swati. There have been times where I'd look at a few spells for 20 minutes, think about ten for another 10 minutes, then look at them again! It would be so hard to choose which one I thought would help my situation the most. I emailed Ashra a few times when I was stuck. She was very helpful and helped me to make the right decision. Sometimes I would have a gut feeling to pick one spell, but she would recommend another. Like you said, she knows better than us which spell would make our situation better the most.
Hi Swati! I had Passion Panacea cast for me first, followed by Twilight Moon Seal. Ashra recommended those spells. I am getting ready to have my third spell and thinking of Freedom Fire Breakup spell. I want him to leave his other girl and never to return to her again. I also want him not to be attracted with any other girl if he is already with me again. I am very soon leaving our country and it seems like I'm in a hurry to do every spell for him. I love him this much and I cannot bear the pain of losing him in my life. I really want us to go on with what has been planned, to pursue with our marriage and to have kids with him. Wish me luck guys!
I'm trying to figure out which spell I should go with. I am about to request Instinctive Love Pulse...but I am not sure it will help him back. My situation is a bit... complicated, My lover has left me once before, but had a mental break down... and then nearly 1 month or so later he came back. Now he won't come back ive waited nearly 2 months for him to come home. I have also had other spell casters cast a spell for free but there is no movement. Should I go with Instinctive Love Pulse, Freedom Fire Breakup spell, Stonework Soul Calling, or Passion Panacea?
Hoping that another spell can really bring my love back. I'm thinking of sense forgiveness or something else.

I'm really getting nervous about the awkwardness that there between my ex and I.

He talks to me, and calls me.. but yeah... there is still a great deal of awkwardness between us at times, and sometimes when certain people are around, as well.
Hi Kuro, I would say that it's isn't easy to find out which spell is best suitable for our situation. When you read about each spell in the resource section you get confused about which one to go with. So I would suggest you that just tell all your situation to Ashra and ask her to recommend a spell that best suits your situation. As she is the perfect person related to this she will have a definite spell choice for fixing your problem. So it would be better if you mail her about it. I wish you get the right one for you. Just be there ...
Hoping that another spell can really bring my love back. I'm thinking of sense forgiveness or something else.

I'm really getting nervous about the awkwardness that there between my ex and I.

He talks to me, and calls me.. but yeah... there is still a great deal of awkwardness between us at times, and sometimes when certain people are around, as well.

My advice phoebe, let your other spells work first. You have only just had yours casted. give them time first! let them manifest like they are supposed to. Ashra may also say the same thing, its too early for anymore spells just yet, see how these ones go first. play it day by day, over time the awkwardness will fly out the window!
You both are still fairly close, your spells will work in no time flat!

Lately I've been asking Ashra which spell I should choose if I am stuck between two or three. I am going to email her today and ask her which spell I should go with next. I know that she truly understands my situation and knows what is best for me. I also asked her for an update on the spells that I had boosted, but she hasn't replied yet. I will keep all of you posted on my spells!
Yes, you are right swati. I do not know which spell to choose right now. I requested Freedom Fire Breakup spell from Ashra but until now, she is not in contact. Yesterday, my ex boyfriend hurts me very badly that I'm still crying until now. He told me that there would be no chance of us being together again. It hurts a lot. My world has been crushed and my heart has been stabbed a million times. I cannot bear the pain. I do not know what to do. I do not know how to approach Ashra because she is not in contact for a week now. I'm still hoping that this week, Ashra would be found. I know she is too busy but I really really cannot bear the pain.
I have been experiencing the same curiosity. There are so many different spells for specific things its difficult to know which one to choose. I've been reading up about certain spell casters, but they charge way too much money. There was even a spell caster asking for the money of the spell that he was going to cast AND wanted me to send him more money for some sort of 'ring ' or charm which my gut then told me not to go there. There also was a woman i have spoken to, she isn't cheap but apparently she is a very good and successful spell caster. I turned to Ashra because I explained my situation in a lot of detail and she was convinced she could help me :)
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Sometimes i also get confused to which spell i should use, but i feel the spell that Ashra has recommended for me is the right spell. I have been recommended Passion Panacea so i guess thats the spell i should go with, even though at times i feel its not the one for me. Not that I don't trust Ashra, but because I feel I need extra power for the spell to work extra fast.
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I think I have finally figured out which spell I want to get cast on my husband next and im pretty excited about the outcome of it and the progress that will be made. So far ashra spells have worked for my situation and days are getting easier and easier to get by because I see him almost every night and I get a chance to enjoy my husband as if I was still there in the house with him.
I think the Passion Panacea spell because I'm in a similar situation. Me and my boyfriend broke up and I really miss him. I want him back permanently, so in my opinion I think you should go with the Passion Panacea spell.

Maybe you need extra power or maybe you should try believing harder. Have more faith in your spell and you will be surprise. I'm not saying you don't believe in magic or in Ashra, I'm just saying believe in your spell more and it will help you.
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I was kinda confused if I should go with Windsong Love Spell or maybe something else... so yesterday I decided to email Ashra and ask her advice. I was kinds shocked that she replied so fast. Yesterday night she told me that she would strongly recommend getting Windsong Love Spell since it is working well with all her clients.
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I would explain your situation to Ashra. Ashra will recommend a spell for your situation that will work best. I know its hard to decide what spell to go with. Email Ashra about what spell is right for you. Just keep being positive and believe in Ashra and the spells. I wish all the besr and I hope Ashra recommends a spell for you. I hope you get the spell you need for your situation. Sending positive vibes your way!
How many love spells are there? Is there a list of them on Ashra's website and are love spells guaranteed to work accurately? As I've never cast one before and I'm really confused as to what one to pick cause theres so many that work differently.
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I feel like for each person who comes onto this forum the first two spells you get should be Passion Panacea and Windsong. Another combo that could work is Passion panacea and Freedom Fire if there is someone in your lover's life who needs to leave. At least you would have two very powerful and successful spells working for you so you can be with your lover fast and as soon as possible.
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Wingsong seems to be the second more recommended spell by Ashra after Passion Pancera. I believe she uses Passion Pancera as a first spell and also as a guideline so she can see how complicated your situation is when she casts it and how much help you will need. She probably also uses it to figure out the average time it will take for your lover to come back but doesn't reveal this to us, because people will take it as a definite. Wingsong seems to be recommended so highly because a lot of people see results quite quickly after they have had it cast. Seeing results within two to four weeks from what I have seen on this forum. Wingsong is a very powerful spell and you should only be cast if you are 100% sure you want your lover to come back because you are positive this is the person you want to spend your life with. I know everyone on this site does want their lovers back because they wouldn't be here otherwise. But you have to truly question yourself and be absolutely sure that the person you are having the spells cast on is your soulmate. Forever is an awfully long time when you choose to spend it with just one person so you need to truly be sure that this is the person you truly want.
Shelby I agree with what you said. Passion panacea was my first spell and I am glad that Ashra recommended me it. Your right Ashra probably does use it as a guideline to see how complicated our situations are and to recommend spells to get next after the spell. When it came to which spell to go with next, she also recommended the Windsong love spell. I am 100% positive I want to be with my lover forever. Ihave felt this way about him since we met and I just know in my heart that he is my soulmate and we are meant to be. I just know and I cant explain it. I love my liver so much and I want spend forever with him.
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Shelby, I agree with you. Ashra knows we all want our lovers back quickly and she knows that Windsong works very fast, so she recommends that. But then again, Windsong isn't meant for all situations and only for the complicated ones. I am going to wait until tomorrow to email Ashra and see if she has an update. She said Windsong would be casted for me last Sunday but I gave her some extra time because I know she's behind schedule.
Ashra Koehn you are the best! I'm reading so many positive results from everyone! I wish to have the same positive results once my spell is casted. Aldo, I'm having the same spell casted as soon as I save up enough! That's great that you have her back. May I ask how long it took to get her back? And what did you do in the meantime, how did you cope with everyday life? I feel like I worry too much and that isn't healthy. Please inform me about the spell and your results. For those people who don't know which spell is ideal for them, just ask Ashra.
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I would definitely have passion panacea as my first spell. I think that my situation will work out with this spell and bring back my lover to me.

I don't think my situation is that complicated, its just a matter of misunderstanding between us and some obstacle so i think this a perfect spell to cast for my situation.

Which spell do you guys think I should be using? Will this work out for me?

If I didn't see good results after this spell is cast, what spell i should go with next after passion panacea?

Suggest me some spell which will help to manifest result The quickest.
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I'm having some trouble figuring out which spells I should get. As most of you already know my friends with benefits situation. I'm not sure what to do.

I could really use some help. I can't stand being away from him anymore.
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I am 100% certain that I want to be with my current partner for a lifetime, but to be honest, I've never really heard of spells before and didn't realise how many different ones there were. I'm in a very upsetting situation as my relationship could be ending as he does not think its fair to be with me because he doesn't feel like he has fallen in love with me and I am so desperate not to lose him. I think this is the only thing thats going to save the relationship from ending :'( I just need helping on which spell I should be going with.
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When I told my problem to Ashra, she recommended me Passion Panacea. As she is the expert, I would choose the spell that she recommended me. However I wish to add another spell on top of Passion Panacea as I do not want my ex partner to have anymore contact with her new partner after this. Of course I have not consulted Ashra on this. I plan to explore around and discuss with Ashra when I purchase Passion Panacea from Ashra. At least I know what I should ask Ashra later.
I need help with what spell to cast next. I am really confused because want my lover back. I was thinking of quad cast but then I read about Celestrial Mantle. After reading the description I thought its the right spell to go with. Who had any success with any of the two spells, I truly need it.

I have emailed Ashra about which spell I should go with, but she is so busy and she has not replied to me yet. I really hope she will get back to me asap.
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Ashra has a whole array of spells that you can choose from, but what Ashra would recommend is that you go with your gut instinct when you are choosing a spell. If you are still not too sure about what spell to get, I would suggest that you send Ashra a message and ask her for a recommendation. And after she casts a spell, she will send you the report that will have another recommendation on which spell to get. Of course, she always advises her clients to purchase what they can afford. And it's totally up to you to decide if you want to get another spell cast.
Did anyone pick the spells I had success with? I picked some crazy potent expensive ritual and combined it with a cheap seal to keep energy inside. It was the best decision of my life. What worked for everyone else?
The last time I talked to Ashra about my situation she recommended the Passion Panacea spell. But I wanna see if there is something stronger than that. I would like a spell that is powerful enough to actually keep my lover with for a long time. The Passion Panacea spell is something I will still use. However I'm gonna be on the lookout still.
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Hi Joanna, If you are having trouble deciding which spell to go with, I would highly recommend you use Passion Panacea for your first spell. My lover is EXTREMELY stubborn, you have no idea!, however, this spell really gave me amazing results!

Why wait any longer to be the one you love, cherish and adore?

There is no limit to how many spells you get, If you decide to get Passion Panacea you can get more spells after that, not all people need more then one spell, however, Ashra has plenty of spells to choose from that will cover all angles of your situation causing all obstacles to be removed.
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Oh, there is way better! You have to ask her directly for the more expensive and potent rituals. I went through some type of criteria to show that I really loved him and was a good person in my heart. I wanted the love spell for the right reasons! I think Ashra makes sure she is doing it for the right people? It took time to find out.
Kylee there are many people that are going through the same problems as you are. I can't believe I'm reading about this because I know it's very important for a woman to become a mother otherwise she is looked at differently in public. Nobody doesn't cares why a person can't give birth all they care about is saying bad things about the person. No matter what your situation is Ashra will be able to help you, you will become a mother some day just hope for the best.
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My family and I suffer a lot of misfortunes. We have been stuck in poverty, I don't find jobs or if i do then the pay is so low that it is not enough for myself too. I suffer losses in my life, love relationships which for me is like winning a jackpot really. While Every small comfort of my life is been taken away by life. It depresses me a lot and life is really being hard on me. Feel like i am stuck and poor family. They and I deserve better. I want to know which spells I should go wit to turn things around.
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Hello everyone! When it comes to spells recommendations and which spell you should go with, I always ask Ashra first to know what she will suggest me to go with next. For my third spell, I purchased it
based on my heart's willing since I have heard of other members that Windsong is perfect for stubborn situations, and I did analyze the reviews in the resource section, and yeah I'm sure that's the best choice for me. Just pick up the spells when you think it could help you out wonders and do not hesitate to ask Ashra's suggestion if you are completely unsure what you are supposed to do next.
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Hey guys, I just want to ask which spell I should get in order to get my ex BF back? He broke up with me a few weeks ago because we fight a lot in our relationship and he says i took him for granted. Also now he is back in a relationship with his ex gf. I contacted Ashra and she suggested that I get the passion panacea spell. Any other suggestions for a much stronger spell or do you guys think passion panacea will help?
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There are a lot of people wondering which spell they should get. I will try with Windsong spell or soulboud destiny because of my complex situation and my stubborn darling. I know that we have around as a lot of negative people who make us problems ans wish us bad. I want him back and this is happening for more than a year all this mess between us.
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You said it best Fera! If someone doesn't know which spell to get, usually what I do first is go to the resource section and see which spell I feel the most connected to. Just go with your gut. Then ask Ashra if you're not sure and she will be able to give you the best recommendation. Also we are all here on this forum to help each other and we can help give recommendations for other members too.