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Which spell should I go with?

I had emailed Ashra before and I told her about my situation and how desperately I want my ex boyfriend back. After knowing my situation, she said that she was so confident and provide me details on which spell I should go with.
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Dear Friends,

Having read rave reviews about the Passion Panacea, I would rather go by it. And not even think of any other Spell.

My current situation too demands the same Spell. In fact Ashra suggested it to me.
She does so after going thoroughly through our case history.

My situation is not the regular and common kind. My Beau is a very stubbborn and head-strong person.

Being so much experienced and in this business fro the last 16 years. Ashra has Her own intuitions, confidence and convictions. She has definitely seen results before with it. So there!

Passsion Panacea is inarguably the most Favourite of all Spells, I believe. It has the same initials PP as mine :D

Gut instinct tell me to stick to it. I don't want to be in 2 minds. This would affect the Spell efficacy and bring down its efficiency as well.

For those who do not have an inkling about which Spells to buy, guys I would suggest that
"whenever in doubt, just check it out with Ashra Herself." Instead of blindly shooting arrows in the dark and doing guesswork (guesstimations) She has in-depth knowledge of the Spells functions.

Keep smiling, keep posting guys. Best wishes in your endeavours.

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Hi guys! I just wanted to know if Ashra has any spells to help with stress,anxiety, or depression? If so, which spell should I go with? I tend to get seasonal depression and ptsd due to the loss of my son. His birthday is coming up and I feel very sad, along with my boyfriend and I breaking up.

My boyfriend also has stress and anxiety (thats why we broke up). I want to know if theres a spell that helps with these issues.

Right now I'm having a very hard time coping with my boyfriend leaving and the time of the year :(
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Hey yanyan! If I am not mistaking, you are getting Passion Panacea, right? If not, which spell are you getting?
There are so many spells to choose from! If there is anyone on here who doesn't know which spell they want to get, I advise asking Ashra because she knows your situation best. You could also look at the spells in the media section and pick a spell based on what your gut feeling tells you. I have a lot of spells so I have been through this a lot of times. Lol.
I know it can be difficult to determine which spell is right. Ashra says I should get the Passion Panacea spell, and I will, but I would also like to get another spell, see... the one I am in love with, we used to be friends years ago, but due to living in another country and focusing on his music career, we haven't talked. At all. We will be starting again as complete strangers. I am wondering what kind of spell would also help my unique situation?
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If you are wondering which spell you should go with, go with your instincts... but most importantly go as per Ashra recommendations regarding spell castng because she knows best for your situation. I know for sure Ashra must have emailed back after analysing with your situation and recommends everyone what will be the best inorder to achieve the desired outcome. Every situation is different from everyone and so does the spells to work. give your problems to ashra by telling your situation through email and she will definately help you in choosing the right spell according to your problem.
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Dear All

As some of you know already of my circumstances, I will keep this brief. I have lost my job, my love, and now I feel as though I am losing strength. My health feels like it has been severely compromised. Perhaps I am depressed, but I actively put on a show so that my friends and family believe I am functioning OK despite my exceptional circumstances. I am currently working towards having Passion Panacea cast, then will work towards a money spell (whichever one Ashra recommends so that I get a job), and lastly, something for energy and strength. Do any of you know/have any idea of which spell would be most beneficial?

Note: Cannot believe sometimes I value my ex over my own health but I firmly believe his absence is the source of many of my weaknesses.

God Bless
Hi Mssdat , When I first spoken to Ashra she recommend Passion Panacea because it help every angle and brings your lover back. But Ashra said Object of desire will bring him back quickly so maybe you should just check with Ashra and see. I pray you will get your lover back and most of all take care of yourself because you have to stay strong for your ex to return.
Staying positive
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Hi Mssdat, I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I really can feel what you are feeling at this moment because i'm have been through so much and it's really hard.. But this is what life is all about right? All this experiences will give you a lesson and make you a stronger person and this is what i strongly believe. LIFE IS NEVER EASY!! But that doesn't mean you have to stop living... stay happy, positive and take care of yourself. Be strong and work on things which will make you feel better again.
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It has been a long time since I have messaged on this forum. I must tell you all that I have definitely found my own plan, while also closely following Ashra's recommendations. I still plan to get what she told me I needed, but I also and getting my spells quad cast. I feel like my situation warrants it.
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I'm curious spell spell I should use. Has any one used the Windsong love spell? I'm just a little curious if it works. I need to have a spell cast quickly so I can be back with me ex fiancee as soon as possible. So many spells to chose from, I'm going round in circles wondering which one to pick!
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Mssdat, deal on why you two broke up. If its because of status regarding money. I suggest you need to fix it first so that she will turn back positive on you. You have to take care of yourself also. There is also negative energy when your sick. For us to magnet love and positive energy we need to be healthy in mind and body.
Go to Ashra if you are questioning what route to go for a spell! She can make sure you receive the accurate amount of help and which way to guide you. I do not think anyone can really choose a spell on their own, everyone needs help for their certain situation to evolve into a better situation.
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Celestial Mantle. Is this the right spell?

My lover is very. Very. Very stubborn.
Just spending time with me is "yeah. Im not going to do that."
When we were best friends for three years and dated for three months. And now he says im "just another face in the crowd. Just another set of bones to lay to rest."
This spell seems to tackle stubborn minds and its very affordable. I think ill try to save up for it.
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Guys, I am at sea when someone asks me :rolleyes:. I rely totally on Ashra for her recommendations. I have asked Ashra's suggestion about one spell, and am waiting for her to reply to me. Then I will start working for it. Its a powerful spell and I was very impressed to the tune of captivated by its description :jawdrop:. I personally believe that it would be better to go in for a single potent spell than several less powerful ones. But in reality all spells are powerful, the only catch is that they work differentially on each one of us. So what may bring result for one :cool: may not necessarily prove to be a clincher in another's case, :D given to understand that each one of us have a chalk and cheese situation :p. So thats why due to these technicalities I would rather go by Ashra and her recommendations :).
When it comes to deciding which spell, I do agree with you! You should go with the spells that Ashra suggests because she herself knows what would work best in each and every situation. Also thats why I usually go with what Ashra suggested to me. I do know that the spell she suggested to me will work best in my situation.
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Definitely listen to what Ashra recommends for which spell you should try. Like most people here I first went with Passion Panacea and then followed with a couple recommendations from there. Then Ashra reached out to me and offered a spell she felt very confident in based on my situation. I too have a VERY Stubborn sweetheart. At her recommendation I had her cast Celestrial Mantle a few days ago. And she confirmed this spell should make a big difference especially when working in tandem with the other spells. So now I wait for my sweetheart to listen to what the spells are trying to tell him. He's got a thick skull so it may take a while :inlove: With each spell she confirmed all went well, and I believe her because in my heart I too feel the casting went well.

With each spell I purchased, I made sure I felt it was right to do before I moved forward. Ashra never tries to push anything on you. She merely suggests and I believe her suggtions are based on what she senses from your situation. From my experience she is usually spot on. So if you're having problems deciding, discuss with Ashra and then go with your heart. Ashra will always be there to guide you down the right path.
Hugs to everyone.
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Best way of finding what spells to use are first telling Ashra your situation 100% (regardless of how bad it is). Passion Peneca will always generally be a starting point. After that, Ashra will give you recommendations on which spells will work best afterwords. Another method, is looking at the spells she has, and reading their descriptions and seeing if your soul is drawn to them. I'll use myself as an example. When I had a few spells casted by her and nothing really was happening as fast as I wanted, I took initiative and got Hearts of the Enchanter at the Fury Instant level. Ashra didn't recommend me it, but it essentially made my lover drop what he was doing and focus on me (bear in mind I am in Arizona and he is in Illinois at the time!). At least how I see it, it is always best to overpower the situation if your lover is in a possible dangerous situation when he/she is not with you.
Some people choose their own spells if they feel drawn to them and feel it could benefit them and their situation.

However, I feel more comfortable asking for Ashra's recommendation.

I normally ask Ashra what spell she suggests I get next if I need anymore.

Hi Ambrosia,

You are correct, Ashra never forces anything on us or pushes us to get extra spells, it is simply our choice.

Just like you, my lover also has a thick skull that is hard to get through, even on a good day :laugh:.
Hi Gaby,
Thanks for you relating to my situation.:laugh: it's a challenge on normal days to deal with a stubborn sweetheart now we have to convince them that we still want and enjoy that challenge. Hence Ashra has been pulled into the situation. :laugh:

But you're right, if anyone feels strongly about a spell tell Ashra. She'll more than likely go with what you want. But since she is the expert it's just seems better for me to let her choose and have her explain why it's a good idea. She's very forthcoming with information that will help your case. And you're not quite sure what to do, the people here will help. ;)
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Most of the spells I have active were recommended by Ashra so I purchased them with cash.

I have 5 spells that I bought by my choice as it is important to go with what you think is best for your situation as well.

I recently bought Celestrial Mantle with a Quad cast because my lover is stubborn and it says in the description that is is ideal for stubborn situations. I bought it on Sunday so i doubt it has been cast just yet but I am excited to hear back from Ashra as to how it went :D
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If you don't know which spell you should get, just go with what your eyes are drawn to. Go with the less priced one if you really want to do it a bit faster. Before casting a spell, make sure you know the guidelines first so you know what you're getting into before you do it. Have a base spell that costs less then build on that spell you got with other spells. Just go with your gut and not your brain.
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The best way is for you to email Ashra. Tell her everything she need to know about your situation. She will try to dig and check what is best spell that fits for you. But as far as I know she always ask her client to get the Passion Panacea.

I can't blame Ashra if she ask some of us to get that, It cures a lot of situation and even breaking relationship. So if you want to separate you love with his current one. This is the best I guess even If I haven't avail it. But I base it from the experiences of the other members who saw movement and fully brings back their lover.

I would suggest before you get your desired spell, better upgrade it first so that you could get the benefits that some of us are experiencing like points and accessing the other resources and video.

My family is the same. We get hit with low blows all the time. It's really made me a pessimistic person. Growing up with the bare minimum and seeing bad things a child makes it hard to trust things that give us hope like this. I try my best to be a better person from my experiences, and I use them to learn. It's helped me trust things again. I plan on purchasing the Passion Panacea, and I think it'll get my lover and I some progress. I'm also curious about seals.
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Passion Peneca sounds like it would work for your situation. If your undecided on which spell, the best solution is to contact Ashra directly and ask her! She knows the best and will help you customize them for your individual situation. Have you emailed her yet? I'm looking forward to hearing about your success with Ashra's help!
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Go with your gut on which spell you feel like going with! If you need to decide on a spell to get. If you are still unsure because you are unsure about your situation, contact Ashra and inform her about your situation and she will more than likely suggest a spell that she knows and is familiar with that can help with your situation. Ashra will never recommend something that would not help your situation. All of Ashra's spells have proven to be successful and deliver powerful results and many have been pleased with working with her. Always examine your situation and indicate the problems that you are facing. Once you have done this, there are spells that specialize in many different situations.
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Hello everyone! It seems to be getting hard to know which spell we should go with. Like in my case, everything I do for my situation is based on my free will as I don't want to pester Ashra many times when she is still behind schedule. When it comes to looking for an ideal spell, I always take a look at the resource section and make some list of spells I take as the best ones for me. Then I ask myself many times which spell I feel connected to the most. I hope it helps you guys.
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Ashra, I'm having trouble deciding what spell I should get. My ex lover and I had a bit of issues. He always would flirt with other girls and touch them. He liked several of my friends and he called them hot and stuff like that. He kissed his old crush and likes his best friend. He used to be such a gentleman but now he is different. He went from emo to basic within a few months. He would always crawl back after we broke up but this time i think he was serious. He used me a few times to make himself seem cool but he always said he loves me. Please Ashra, help me decide which spell I should get. I hope you all have a great day!
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Like Ashra recommends, the Freedom Fire Breakup would work better than Passion Panacea for your situation. It will help break up the relationship your husband is having with the other woman. But, if you'd want to, you could have both spells cast at the same time, which will make the spell work faster, use more energy (the more, the better), and will double the guarantee of you rekindling your relationship with your husband.
I would take Ashra's advice because she know how to work with your situation and your spell so she can help you get your husband back. Now I have a couple of questions for you on here. First, do the freedom fire spell help break up a couple immediately or does it take time? Secondly, what is the time span to see results like a day, week, or month? Next, does it have the same type of powerful spell such as passion panacea? I have been so curious about that spell and I will have to look into it more. Thank you for putting this up on the thread and the community is here for you! I hope everyone has a fantastic day today and always remember to smile more each and every day!
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I personally love Freedom Fire because it worked on my situation so I would say go with the Freedom Fire because it can break up the relationship and just a matter of time and I am a true believer because the relationship my fiancé had is now all over because of this spell.
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Always follow Ashra's suggestions and recommendations if she has one given to you for a report or when she gets some information about the situation that you are going through. In other circumstances, choosing a spell based off of your gut feeling is always the best decision because you know deep down what you can benefit most from. We also have threads here discussing what spells we should get and you can also ask other members what they think based off of your situation. Some members have knowledge because they've been here longer and have maybe tried the spells that you are interested in.
There is a spell combination I think works the best. If your lover is being negatively influenced by their new partner, the Freedom Fire is the best spell to solve that problem. I would say Freedom Fire in conjunction with Passion Panacea are a lethal combination in getting your lover back to you. Freedom Fire works at getting rid of any negative influences that may have been plaguing your relationship and brings your lover back into your arms where he should be. If you're still unsure about which spell you should go with, just contact Ashra and she will help you out if you need anymore help.
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If you speak with Ashra she can help you find the spell that is right for you. You can tell her about the situation and she will try and figure out head spell would work the best.
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Hello everyone, I'm curious on which spell I should use. I was just wondering If there are any spells for friendship or popularity. At my school not many people like me. I emailed Ashra a few minutes ago but I also want to hear everyone else's opinions. Are there any spells for that. I mean I'm getting the beauty spell as soon as I get the money for it, but are there any spells to help me get more friends or make people like me? I feel left out and unwanted at school sometimes and most of my friends are moving. Someone help.
The best thing that you can do is to email Ashra and ask her everything that you want to know about her. You should describe your situation, what you want to achieve, what's bothering you and why exactly you want that spell to be casted. I personally don't know about any spell that can make you more popular, but who knows. You should be completely honest with Ashra and tell her everything.
Depending on your situation will determine which spell to go with. More importantly you don't really have to worry about this, due to the fact that once your email is sent to Ashra she begins research to figure out which spell works best for you :). From my personal experience with Ashra if you are trying to return a lover definitely speak to Ashra about the (passion panacea). She then will let you know if this is the spell you need or if it isn't she will suggest a spell personalized to your situation! As far as beauty spells money spells, that most of the time is up to you :p but anything that has to do with love contact Ashra and ger her input to make sure its the one you need :laugh:. Stay positive best of luck to all!

Much love , Ari :inlove:
Hi everyone!!! All of Ashra's spells work, it just depends on the situation you're in that you'd wanna choose the most suitable one. Passion Panacea is one of the most popular and powerful spells, but there are many others that can and will get the job done. I am about to have my lucky number 7 cast (lucky number 7 is my 7th spell I'm having Ashra cast for me, it's not the name of the spell); that spell is going to be Love Embers!!! Ashra requested it, so I know this is going to really help me in my situation with my lover Tyler!!! In a recent psychic reading I got (I can't go into details because it may change it up), I received nothing but awesome news, and I believe it because Ashra is an expert, and I have read that her psychic readings are very accurate. So, if you're wondering what spell you should go with, try your gut instinct, and if you're still not sure, email Ashra and tell her what your situation is, and she will definitely help you!!! Good luck and positive vibes!!!
I feel like if you have any questions as to what spell you should go for, that is something you should contact Ashra for. It's something that you may need her recommendation for especially if you are just starting off here. If you are more experienced then I think you could give a good look at the resource section and send her an email asking her what her opinion is on certain spells to see if they fit your situation because some spells may not give you the most or quickest results as others because they may not suit your case. Do keep in mind that it may take a while for ashra to respond because you have to remember that ashra is only one person responding to all of us. Be kind to her and be very understanding, the same way she always is with all of us.
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Hello everyone,
I recommend telling your situation to Ashra. I described my situation and she recommended some spells to me and I went with her. However, I went with some gut instincts on other spells. Always stay positive & good things happen to those who wait.