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Which spells should I use?


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I need to know which spells I should use to get results.

I am glad I found this forum. My name is Allison and I have a very troubling situation with my ex. He has lived with me for three years and we have had many issues during our relationship. Richard met another woman and was secretly seeing her behind my back for two months and was planning to leave me to live with her. My ex has now moved out and is living with her.

I found out about the situation about a week or two before it's fruition and asked him what was happening? Richard said he did not love me anymore and had no feelings for me. He said he wanted to breakup. I know that we had problems and I know that I had involvement in those issues, but I never thought that it was not solvable. I wrote him two long emails explaining that if he had just talked to me about things that this would not have happened. Richard said that it is too late now. I feel that this other woman had lured him away promising love, passion, understanding and the things that we didn't have at the time because we were working on issues. It's such a shame because if he had just come to me to talk about how he felt before this happened I am sure I could have assured Richard that I loved him and wanted to marry him. Anyway, I have been so heartbroken for the past couple weeks after this happened as I feel so broken, let down, deceived, and just plain sick.

What is the best kind of spells for this situation? A breakup spell? Return lover spell? I had contacted another witch to cast a 3 day ritual for me in the UK over the full moon and my ex did call me yesterday, however, it was only to pickup his remaining things from my house. I know nothing about finding a good spell caster. I have read a lot of positive comments about Ashra Koehn. Does her spells really work and how long will it take for her spells to show results?

so if you cannot really try to help me please be honest. I would very much appreciate it. Thanks,

Allison Vasylchenko
I'm new to to this forum. However, I had Ashra cast a spell for me last week and so far the progress has been quicker then expected. like yourself, I tried other spell casters prior but never saw any meaningful results. Ashra has been very personal and seems to understand exactly what has been going on with my husband.

I went with Freedom Fire because she said it would hit two birds with one stone; breakup my husband's affair and bring him back.

We are at the stage where he is no longer seeing this other woman. Now I notice that he is being more affectionate and going out of his way to show that he still loves me.

The thing that surprised me the most is that Ashra actually cares about me. She emails almost every day asking me how everything is going from my side.

I wish I found Ashra Koehn first because I wasted a lot of my time and money on a lot of fake spell casters.

Which spells should you go with? Try Freedom Fire as this spell worked perfectly for my situation.
My name is Tyler. I have a complicated situation and I want to get your advice before moving forward.

Last summer, my marriage to my wife Emily was a not in terrible shape, but needed some help. I was slowly recovering from severe stress related illness, and the strain of that had taken a great toll on our relationship over the past year. I was finally starting to feel better and looking forward to spending a beautiful summer with her.

Early in the summer we met another married couple and became friends with them. Amber Riya and Adam Tanter had been having marital problems also, and seemed to be working through them.

Amber and I had an instant, deep connection, much deeper than physical attraction, although that was present as well. She shared many of the struggles she and Adam had been through, and many of the self-help materials they were using to try to strengthen their relationship. I read those materials and tried to apply them to my marriage.

However, my wife did not like the friendship Amber and I shared, she felt threatened by her presence, and although I was aware of that fact, I did not act on it. Amber's husband Adam did not like our friendship either. The more we conversed, the worse our own marriages became. The worse our own marriages became, the more Amber and I felt attraction to each other, and confided more in our struggles.

This culminated in me leaving my marriage in August, and moving out. At the time Amber was supportive of Emily and not speaking to me, as I was seen as abandoning the marriage.. I felt very alone and foolish. Within a week, however, Amber and Adam also separated, and she was moving out.

Because of our earlier friendship, I offered a lot of help to Amber, which she accepted. I helped her pack and move, loaned her money for rent & food as she wasn't working yet. Over those few weeks we connected even more, became great friends, and began to fall in love.

The synchronicity that surrounded our friendship right from the start were phenomenal. 11:11 appeared everywhere, as did 10/24 (Amber's birthday is 10/24/1985) and 8:10 (my birthday). We shared so many commonalities and similar interests, synchronicity from our childhoods even. A psychic reading she'd received several years ago had foretold these events, and described me in detail as the one she was meant to be with. It was as if we were the perfect match, and although we shared many opposing perspectives, we easily overcame them to see each others point of view. Opposites attract.

I still missed my wife a lot, but our separation had been very difficult, with her family becoming involved and a lot of yelling and screaming at me. I avoided her for the time being, afraid of the conflict and stress of more arguing.

As Amber's life settled down a bit and we became more comfortable, she resumed her work- as a massage therapist, she also practices reiki, and is an intuitive empath. She also works on the side with another man Don, who is roughly 54 years old.

Don and Amber have worked together for 3 years. He is quite a bit older, and makes no effort to hide his infatuation for Amber. He loves her completely, and believes they are destined to he together. Amber does not love him, but tolerates his signs of affection for the sake of the work they do (as far as I know). I have never met Don; she had been worried about his jealousy if he learned of me, so she kept our new relationship a secret from him.

Don learned of Amber's marriage breakdown, and asked her to go to California with him this winter. She realized she must tell him about me. She did, and he was so upset he stopped talking to her for week. She was very upset to lose her friend and co-worker. After a week, they patched things up and resumed working. Within only a few days after that, Amber came to me and explained: Don had told her that her new relationship was interfering with their work. If Amber wanted to continue working with Don, then I couldn't be in the picture until their work was completed, which may be another 3-5 years. I have no idea what was really going through her mind.

She cut off physical contact with me out of fear of upsetting Don.. In the few weeks following, I emailed and text to try to understand, and fix whatever I had done wrong. She became more distant immediately, and the more she worked with Don, the more hostile she became toward me; accusing me of being dishonest and manipulative, that I couldn't be trusted, etc. It is to the point now where I can have no contact with her whatsoever, although I still have feelings for her.

During this time I also started trying to rebuild a friendship with my wife Emily. We had been together for 16 years, and I didn't want to just never speak to her again. I still care for her a great deal. Emily was very reluctant, which is understandable, I had hurt her very badly by leaving.

Believing that I had made a huge mistake by trusting Amber, and accepting that I had made many mistakes in my marriage, I wanted to reconcile with Emily and get our marriage back on track. I found marriage counselors, therapists, and had other spell casters help, etc, for us to see (I'm seeing several therapists myself now) but she has refused everything, and now I can have no contact with Emily either.

Now I am alone and feeling terribly foolish. I am not a bad person; I truly believed I was following the universe's prompting which pointed towards Amber. I fell madly in love with her, and gave up a very comfortable life to be with her, although I do feel used by her.

I still also love my wife Emily and want to start a family with her. I want to be home now with my loving wife, but I have no more options to pursue to make that happen.. Patience is something I've always struggled with, and procrastination is something Emily has always struggled with, she ignores my & our friends urging for reconciliation.

I feel like I need a deep intuitive look at what my best options are.. I'm so lonely; I'm a family man at heart and being single is not something I want at all.

I've read a lot of good comments about your work Ashra, I'm interested in trying one of your spells, I have a strong belief in the university energy of love, having witnessed so many unexplainable synchronicity this year. I don't know what would be the best option for who to cast a spell towards; I'm hoping your reading can shine a light of clarity on the situation.

If There's a possibility that this may need custom spell or several spells, I'm open to that. I've been very negative lately, lost in despair over this issue. I know both Emily and Amber have shown a lot of stubborn negative emotion also. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
Hi Tyler! I'm glad you provided the level of details you did about your situation with your wife Emily. I strongly believe that Emily still loves you which is why she felt threaten when Amber came into the picture. Although your feelings for Amber grew strong, she was not your soul mate and her lack of interest on her end confirms this.

A lot of marriages are faced with challenges along the way. I don't know of any relationship that hasn't been tested in some way or another.

When you left Emily, she was badly hurt and cried herself to sleep on many occasions. 16 years is a long time to be with each other and I know that Emily's trust in you has been affected. However, in her heart she does want to give you another chance. This good news!

The thing that concerns me is when you said that you didn't know who you should have a spell cast on (Emily or Amber).

Please take some time to listen to your heart until you know with complete certainty who it is you want to be with.

I can help you restore your relationship with Emily. However, I know Emily couldn't take her heart being broken again.
Ashra, I have given what you said a lot of thought today and you are definitely right about Amber being the wrong decision. I'm sorry if I came off like I was considering both options equally. My heart belongs with Emily and I would like your help bringing her back into my life.

Which spells do you believe will work on her?

Trust me when I say that I will never break her heart again or take her for-granted.

Please help me.
I need help on which spell I should use to leave my marriage and build a connection with someone new. I am in desperate need of your help! Currently, I am married, however I think I'm in love with another man. Todd is my husband and we do not see eye to eye on anything! I'm miserable! I met Arnie and he's all I think about. When he looks at me he looks into me. He makes me feel things I'm not sure I've ever felt. He's beautiful! I think he feels the same way but I'm not completely convinced. I was already mentally prepared to separate from my husband prior to meeting Arnie so he is not the reason I am leaving Todd. I don't know what to think?

Ashra, please let me know which spells you think I should go with.

This is an urgent matter and I would like to get started as soon as possible.
I'm having trouble deciding which spell I should use on my boyfriend. Julian & I were together for 12 years then he exploded against his family & me and needed time to be alone. During this period, he still called me, we saw each other often but with no intimacy. Shortly after & about a year ago he got cancer & I solely stood by his side and took care of him.

It's now been 6 months or so since Julian completed his treatment & is cancer free, but he now says he needs to concentrate on getting his financed back on track & establish steady work and doesn't want a relationship with me. He still calls every few weeks and asks me out, buy again we are not together as a couple and there is no intimacy. I truly believe that he is my sole mate, we went through having a strong positive relationship and then it all went down hill and think he exploded and made a decision in haste. I want Julian & I to get back together for good and have the strong solid loving relationship. Please help me.

Ashra, I admire the work you have done for others, and now I need your help. Which spells should I go with?
Ashra, My ex-partner and I broke up last November and had no contact with each other for almost 4 months and we would see other in a public place and as well, she told me she was already seeing someone else but I did not comment on it-anyways, we have known each other since 2004 and I can't seem to let go of her. even though I don't contact her in any way...so I would really like to have the chance of making our relationship work. It's important that she comes back so that's where I need your help.

I have been reading this forum for a few days and a lot of people are having success. I trust you can help me to, but I need to know which spell to go with.
Maybe I can help Wesley. I decided to go with Passion Panacea after having a reading done with Ashra Koehn. I found out that Julian started a relationship with another woman shortly after he said that he no longer wanted to be together.

My spell was cast over the weekend. It's early but there has been progress to say that everything is moving in the right direction. He is talking to me again and apologized for the way he has been acting lately. I will let you know what happens.
Ashra, recently my boyfriend of two years broke up with me. He were high school sweet hearts. The reason we broke up was because he felt that I was too jealous and controlling. I understand now how that affected my relationship. He was my first love and I to him. Its been 3 months since the break up. I still love him and I know he does too but I don't understand why he threw away 2 years like nothing. I miss him so much and I want him back. I have tried literally everything to get him back. Which spells should I use that will work on him?
My Ashra, this is Alice. I messed up my relationship and need to know which spells will work on Carey. My boyfriend and I broke up on Saturday I have really been trying to get him back with me, but it hasn't worked. He says he still really cares for me. I did something stupid last Wednesday and met up with a past ex, but we just consider each other best friends, I told Carey nothing happened and I can understand why he wouldn't want to get back with me because me and the ex have had a past. But I have fallen in Love with Carey, and I just want to get back together. I would do anything just to get him back. Let me know which spells will help with my situation! I've been sitting in my room in tears because I'm lost with out him!
Passion Panacea was cast for me last month and I'm happy to report that Julian and I are now engaged! Thank you, you have no idea how much this means to me Ashra! That girl he was seeing is long gone and I think she is dating someone else. I'm just happy to have him back and I am looking forward to starting our new journey together.

You should be hearing from my friend today. She needs your help too!
I started with one spell and I just recently ordered another when I started seeing progress. It really depends on your personal preference. Some say adding more then one spell at the same time will cover multiple angles and speed up results. Others like to add spells in stages once they see movement.
Ashra Koehn knows what she is doing. I saw results and posted about it under a different thread. What impressed me the most was her ability to know exactly what was causing the problems in my relationship. She kept in touch with me all of the time and I still hear from her asking me how everything is going now that he is back.

Our relationship continues to improve and we haven't had any issues arise since. The Passion Panacea spell worked for me if anyone is curious as to which spells to use.
If you don't know which spells you should be using, ask Ashra and let her know what is going on in your life. I find she is always there when you need her advice or have something on your mind. A second opinion never hurts.
Hi everyone! I'm super stoked that Ashra Koehn is casting my spell tonight. My only concern is whether I am doing enough to bring him back without delays. Passion Panacea will be cast for me tonight. Which other spells should I use? I was thinking about including a breakup spell. Is this recommend?

btw. I love all of the positive comments. I'm new to the forum so it is a welcome that people seem so supportive.
Adding another spell is optional. However, if you are looking for a suggestion, you might want to consider adding a separation or removal spell to get his new girlfriend out of the picture.

Have you talked to Ashra Koehn about your concerns?
I'm torn on which spells I should be using to bring my ex back. We have two beautiful kids and he left me right before Christmas when I found out he was cheating. I know for sure I will need a break up spell but I was thinking of including either Passion Panacea or Evocation of Favorable Opinion. I will be asking Ashra for help tonight. Any suggestions?
I went with my gut instinct on which love spells. You can not go wrong. Ashra changed my ritual for a better one because my situation required it. I think she would tell you when you pick wrong. Go for the one you like the most!
I get so confused on what is the right spell to go with. However, I have found the best thing to do is to speak with Ashra herself. I explained my situation and she suggested the spell she thought was right she also made adjustments to suit my situation. I felt an enormous sense of relief when I spoke with her. My mind felt clearer and I now know I made the right choice so I would say if in doubt ask Ashra which spells you should use.
Before deciding which spells you should use, my advice would be to read the description on each spell, they describe how fast they will work, and what exactly they do. If your still stuck on what spell to go with them email Ashra your situation and she will suggest to you what spell will work best. Its your choice if you would like to add a seal or purchase priority casting.
The best recommendation is to contact Ashra directly, be honest about your situation and she will guide accordingly.

Another, option is to read the forum to see what other members is saying about their situation which might be similar to yours.

Ashra is a one stop shop, you don't have to look any further you are in the hands of the best.
When I wanted to upgrade my spells, I wanted to get either the twilight moon seal or the triple cast upgrade. I kept reading through the descriptions trying to decide which one I wanted to get. So then I contacted Ashra. She said it was a good idea to get an upgrade because it would speed up everything. Then I asked her which upgrade would bring my lover back quicker, and she told me. So orjon8659, I'd contact Ashra and ask her. She knows what spell would fit your situation. You can trust her and she will help you make the right choice.
Hello everyone, I'm contemplating which spells I should add. Has anybody used the Windsong love spell here? I just read about it. I want the feedback about that spell. My ex is a stubborn person. He feels love for me but because of his stubbornness he won't admit it. I know him very well. If he fixes something in his mind strongly, whatever may happen he will stick to it. I need some spell that will defeat his stubbornness completely. He should never show stubbornness towards me. If that quality is out of him, he is the gem of a person.
I haven't used the Windsong spell before, but I've heard a lot about it! I know that it is a very powerful spell and is good to use in stubborn situations. I think in the description it says that it manifests in days, but I'm not sure. It's about $160 I believe if you're going to purchase it with money. With the karma points, I think you need 190 of those.

I understand how annoying it can be with a lover who is stubborn! It's like they can't cope with themselves. They don't listen to their inner voice because they want to keep their life the way it is. That's just my opinion. He will be back soon though! You have to believe it! If you feel like getting the windsong spell, ask Ashra if it will help and take it from there.
Hey Everyone! Needing some advice!
Ashra reccomends i go with the "Soulbound Destiny" spell. she explained the spells using Destiny Points are more exclusive.
i was wondering peoples thoughts on a seal? When i purchased my first spell in june last year i purchased a seal "Ivan Sheild" or something. I forgot what its called as it was 8 months ago!
but my question is would i need another seal? Or would it make a difference?
Any feedback or suggestions i would appreciate! ☺
I was thinking about the Quad cast upgrade i think. I'm not sure which one I should use. I'm not sure what any of them do really. After i read a bunch of them i end up having them all confused. Has anyone gotten the Quad Cast? If so does it work really fast? I know i need something with my situation ASAP. I know they don't work like that but, it would be nice. Does anyone know of a really must have spell?
Hi Cyndi,
The quad cast seal says it works 4 times faster. But Ashra often reccomends the twilight moon seal.
Have you emailed Ashra on which spells you should be using? She is the only one that knows your whole situation, she will know what seal is best for your situation. She can give you suggestions.
i emailed her about a seal and she told me that i should get the soulbound destiny spell as a seal just enhances and protects your spells ☺
I just got done getting the Quad cast seal. She said that should help. Every time we get a spell we have to write all that stuff down again. I feel like i'm reliving it all over again. I had to write down everything that happened today. That was not fun at all. I hope this works and i will soon be with my love before he leaves. If not and I have to get another spell i don't know if I will have enough time to get karma points.
Just stay hopeful! April is still over a month away and there is still plenty of time to still get karma points if you are wanting another spell ☺

You REALLY need to stay POSITIVE Cyndi. Ashra means it when she says negativity won't help. Ashra's spells work effectively, but if we dont play our part then its just a longer wait! we have to still do what the guidlines tell us too.

Think of what the future will hold for you and your ex when he returns. Think of all the good things. Leave the past behind and look forward, dont turn back! Our eyes are placed infront of us for a reason. ☺
Hi friends, someone in the forum has used the Windsong spell, I do not remember the name though. So the one who has done this spell, can you please tell a little bit about your situation. I mean this spell is especially for stubborn person. Is your partner the same in attitude? Have you seen movement with it? I am collecting karma points for a spell that best suits my situation. Of course I will definitely leave the decision over to Ashra regarding which spell to go with. But I still need to see myself about it. I understand that every situation is different and spells work differently with different people depending upon their situations. It would be of great help if I get feedbacks on WINDSONG SPELL.
No matter which spell you go with, it will all work out! Also, one thing I learned when filling out the order form for the ritual, it helps if you already have a description typed up somewhere on your phone, tablet, or computer. Then you can just copy and paste it. If you need to add more things, then you can. I've found that to be much easier than sitting there and typing out everything again.

In my case, I got Twilight Moon Seal AND the Triple Cast with my destiny points. If you don't feel like getting another spell, you can getting another upgrade if you'd like.
I have asked Ashra to do another spell for me I have seen movement, but I am hoping for this situation to be resolved from start to finish this has all been going on for nearly two years and now I am so ready to be together properly. There have been so many obstacles in the way with my ex husband making my life and A's life hell. Ashra has really helped with her first spell, but now I want a relationship. Ashra has suggested a new spell, which I am now trying my best to save destiny points to add a seal to it. I wondered if anyone can help me as I don't understand the difference.
So does anyone have any idea what spell i should ask for? I don't want to be all greedy. However i am in a bind and at this point i will do anything to get him back. Also my last spell hasn't been cast yet so i should wait and see what the outcome is on that one. I'm so grateful for everything that she has done for me. I just wish i could get a little bit more information out of her. Do any of you have that problem?
Maybe you should try the Windsong love spell. I heard that it is very powerful and works quickly. Passion Panacea is good too. (I forget if you said you have that one already, I wasn't sure.) I think at this point any spells will work. I also hear that Golden Kiss works pretty fast. I think the description is under the resource section of the forum. I'll check again. I've had a bit of a problem getting more information from Ashra too. I don't blame her though because she is very busy. There's a lot of spells in the resources section with the description for each one. See which spell you think would most help your situation.
Yeah, I have been waiting since Thursday for mine to be cast. Ashra has just emailed me apologizing for the delay. She has been busy I have asked a few questions as I am desperate now for results. I am so grateful for me and my ex are talking, but it makes it harder at the same time, I feel like he is there but he is just still out of my reach. I just want to start our lives together. I have been waiting two years now I just wish I found Ashra sooner that I did.
So i have had the Passion Panacea, Freedom Fire Breakup spell, and the Quad cast seal. Which spell should I use next? Should i need another one. I would like to get the one that you need 500 kp for. However I don't think i will be able to get enough points in time. Maybe get another seal? I'm not sure anymore. Can Ashra make a spell for you that fits the problem that's not listed? I didn't know if anyone has had her do anything like that for them.
Maybe you should get instinctive Love Pulse. That one is 120 kp. I'm going to be getting that one soon. I know you are still debating which one, you could get the Twilight Moon Seal to keep the energy stable and strong. Ask Ashra. That's what I've been doing lately. I'll give her two or three spells that I am thinking about getting and I ask her which spell would bring my lover back quicker. Email her about it and she will help you make the right choice. Keep earning your karma points. See where the rest of the day takes you. Email Ashra and wait to see what she says. I hope this helps Cyndi!
Cyndi, Ashra has numerous spells that are not listed! Ashra, has casted several spells for me which are not listed on her website and she definitely customizes the spells for my situation. I suggest asking Ashra and telling her your situation so she can recommend spells for you. Sometimes, the ones she has listed is the ones she may tell you to request or she might even give you spells that no one knows about.