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Which spells should I use?

I would ask Ashra what her thoughts are and what result you are after. Sometimes I have a look at her spell and i think that's the spell I want to buy, it sounds perfect for me... But then she would recommend a different spell that she think is more suitable. She knows the outcome of her rituals best. I have used her break up spell in the past and I can tell you its powerful it works! :)
Hi Nikki, may I know which spell you use and what happened? I really don't know what is your story and I am very interested to know. Before i got an access in this forum i have seen that regularly posting in this forum:)
Cyndi, Ashra has numerous spells that are not listed! Ashra, has casted several spells for me which are not listed on her website and she definitely customizes the spells for my situation. I suggest asking Ashra and telling her your situation so she can recommend spells for you. Sometimes, the ones she has listed is the ones she may tell you to request or she might even give you spells that no one knows about.
Ashra is casting a spell for me that i don't think is listed. I lost some of my emails and pictures and whatever else. Anyhow i can't remember the name of it but, she did say we are getting close. I do remember i'm not to tell anyone about the spell. However i don't know anything about it anyway's because i lost a lot of it. Anyhow i'm excited whatever it is and i'm hoping for the best.
It seems like I lose sight of what I want... Or what I'm asking for... Does anyone else feel this way... I guess im getting impatient since the blocking spells I seem to think are not working he seems to be more grasping at the person. I have been fillowing ashra guidlines maybe im just a lil down today. Thanks for listening.
Ginger, how have you been? I have not see you on this forum in a while... Almost a month. I truly hope you have seen movement, progress, and hopefully results from this spell! If you haven't, remember to stay POSITIVE. We are here for you on this forum. I truly hope you come back on this forum and will see this post! You deserve to have your lover back, if you haven't already. If you have your lover back, then I am extremely happy for you!!! Ashra's spells are truly amazing. I hope your day is going great and that you will see this post!
I have an ex who says he has a new girlfriend,which I think not to be rude I love him to death but it's HIGHLY unlikely he has a new girlfriend,because he's not exactly a Justin Timberlake or Channing Tatum... but i can't shake the feeling maybe he does. I know that can't be true he said this before and he never did. Which spells should I use? should I buy Passion Panacea AND The Freedom Fire Breakup spell just in case? Or just Passion Panacea?
Hi Ginger, sometimes we feel mixed emotions and they get the best of us. Don't let your mixed feelings take over. Just simply find something to do that makes you happy and will change your mood. Look at the thread on here on how to stay positive. I can relate to how you are feeling at times. I have had my days/nights where I don't feel myself and start missing my lover much more then usual.
If you are not sure which spells you should use, I would ask Ashra if I were you. Tell her what your lover said, and then let her make her judgement on what spell you should get. If I were you, I'd probably get both but I'm not too sure. The more energy the better! You can never have TOO much energy. If your lover is with someone else, at least the spells will fix that. If he's not then he's probably just trying to make you jealous. I am sending positive vibes your way!!!
You could very well just email Ashra. She is very kind and very helpful. She'll help you choose the best spell for your situation if you feel that your situation is complicated. I ended up purchasing 4 spells, and I may get a couple more if necessary. I'm going to give it some time and see what happens.
My problem is that I am incredibly impatient, but I am trying and it is getting better than I was...
I have an ex who says he has a new girlfriend,which I think not to be rude I love him to death but it's HIGHLY unlikely he has a new girlfriend,because he's not exactly a Justin Timberlake or Channing Tatum... but i can't shake the feeling maybe he does. I know that can't be true he said this before and he never did. Which spells should I use? should I buy Passion Panacea AND The Freedom Fire Breakup spell just in case? Or just Passion Panacea?

He might be saying it to get to you or to hurt you. before you purchase either of those spells ask Ashra if she can somehow see if there is anyone else, she may be able to check if he has a connection with another girl. then you can determine weather you want to just get passion panacea or the freedom fire breakup spellspell AND passion panacea. if he is with someone else then don't panic, Ashra has the power to bring him back to you.
Hey roshmodayz, I read your writings here. You said that you have ordered many spells from Ashra.. Are you seeing any result? After how many days of spell casting? Can add another one to speed up my process?
Hi Kishori, you do not need to just have one spell active. It's completely your choice on what you do and which spells you use. Ashra does say the more spells the better as its more energy working on you'd situation and it will speed up results. There are no limits. You can request as many spells as you like, Ashra's spells are all designed to work together. They intwine with each other ☺
So katie, which spell upgrade did you chose? I'm thinking about dong the same and adding an upgrade. I'm deciding between Twilight and triple cast, maybe both... What are your thoughts?
Thank u Gaby for your advice.. I asked Ashra about this because I wasn't sure which spells I should use. She suggested Passion Panacea. She told me about this when we first talked. However, because of my international transaction issues I was not able purchase it. Now I will be ordering this spell. I am in so much love with my guy. When I talk to him and see him, I feel like I am in heaven. Though he is 43 but he is so dashing, handsome and smart. My mom is going to start seeing guys for me for marriage. I hope soon my guy falls in love with me and ask me for marriage. Fingers crossed.
Hi Everyone , I'm Ash i just ordered Passion Panacea spell. I'm wondering which spells I can use to speed up the results if that's possible?
Your very welcome Kishori. Anytime! If you are curious on which spells you should us, Ashra often recommends Passion Panacea to people as it has a high success rate. its a very popular spell. I hope for your sake that your man falls in love with you and asks for your hand in marriage before your mother finds someone for you. it would be great to be able to marry the man of your dreams and not someone that has been chosen for you. I wish you much luck on all of this!
Hey guys! Last night I emailed Ashra about something strong and super powerful. I can't wait much longer and I need the love of my life back because I'm ready and just way to anxious. Ashra said she is going to help me find which spells I should be using. Hopefully she emails me back today I am super excited.
Hi Everyone , I'm Ash i just ordered Passion Panacea spell. I'm wondering which spells I can use to speed up the results if that's possible?

Hi, I would reccomend you either get the triple cast so that it gets casted an extra 3 times, or to get the quad cast which works 4 times faster then the other seals I believe. I will soon have 3 seals working on my relationship, there is nothing wrong with adding numerous amount of spells or seals. Also, I would recommend to get the battle of five armies put on if you have any negative influences hanging around ☺
I was thinking a lot about my next move since my situation is getting complicated every day... there is currently an ocean between us. I need something really powerful to overcome that. That is why I decided to work my way to the Heart of Enchanter spell. I think that spell is could really work for us and bring him back to me. Since I have already Passion Panacea working for me, it would be easier to keep collecting my points. Does anybody know after how many days, after casting without results, should I be worried about my spell?
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So I'm not sure which spells to use.
My situation is there's this girl that I really like and have strong feelings for, but I don't think she likes me at all and I think she's into another dude.

So... I'd not sure what to use or if I should have it triple casted for a stronger result. if anyone could give me some feedback on what spell I should use that would be great!
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If you curious about which spells to use, I had passion panacea casted a few days ago. I am anxious to see movement. I also read in the comments in this thread about peoples success stories from this spell. I feel so happy and I almost cried. I am glad I got this spell to help. Ashra definately knows our situation better than us and she knows what spells to go with. I am confident in Ashra that the spell is definately going to work. I just cant wait to be with my lover. I love him so much with all of my heart and soul. I will comment updates as soon as I see progress. Best wishes everyone!
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If you are not sure what spell you should be using, you should also email Ashra for her recommendations. Sometimes you won't even need to email Ashra and she will email you when you least expect it, updating you on your situation even if you haven't asked and what spell she thinks you should use next to help things along. She has done this with myself, twice. I have been getting on with my life and opened my phone to find an email from Ashra telling me she has had a psychic vision about me and my ex and also told me a lot of personal things that she wouldn't know unless she was real, before recommending me a spell. :) I have always followed Ashra's advice because I know she won't lead me astray and she only wants the best for me. Another way you can decide on a spell is reading through each one. Each spell will appeal to you but you will clearly stumbled across one that speaks to you on a deeper level. This is the spell you should get. I have researched a lot of spells that Ashra offers but it was Celestrial Mantle that I had this amazing feeling about so it was this spell that I chose to use the karma points system to save up for. You will know the spell you need when you open your mind to what the universe is trying to tell you.
Ashra has a list of her spells on both her website and on this forum. The list includes a description of the spell itself and which situations it is most useful for. If you have no clue which spell to choose, try to look at what and really take a deep look at your situation to make sure that you know what it needs. If you still are uncertain, definitely email Ashra with your situation details and she will find the best solution for you. That is what I did right off the bat, and she knew almost immediately which spell would work best in my case.

We are very lucky to have Ashra as a wonderful source of knowledge and wisdom, so please take advantage of this opportunity. It would be so awful to have your situation not quite work itself out because you thought that you needed one spell when you really needed another.

Good luck to everyone!
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I sometimes look at her website as to what spells I want to get but then I also look at the resources section and decide on which one is better, but I also would recommend that you email ashra and ask her what type of spell is best for your situation. She is familiar with her spells and the outcome of them so she would never steer you wrong so that would be the first step.
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Oh my, really? I never knew that Ashra had more spells that are not listed, this is all new to me, thanks. I was wondering why I was only reading up on a couple of spells. And yes, Cyndi I recommend speaking with Ashra about your situation, she will definitely recommend you with a spell best for what your going through. I think that Ashra will know more about her work then anyone. I hope we can help :)
If you are unsure on which spell to use, just ask Ashra. I have asked her a lot of times for recommendations and sometimes she would recommend something I wasn't thinking. But Ashra knows our situation best for sure. Or you could look through the list of spells under the resource section and go with your gut feeling. That always works. I am hoping for the best for everyone on this forum!
I am not sure what spell to get next. I have emailed Ashra and asked what spell she recommends next. I am waiting patiently for her to email me back. There are 3 spells that I am considering. Forever Yours, Promise Me Forever and The One. I feel that these spells will help my lover feel the exact same way as I do about him and he will know and realize that I am the only one for him. I miss him so much and I love him with all my heart and soul. I want us together forever.
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hi Valerie, those spells are quite powerful.

I was also drawn to those spells! Love is an amazing feeling isn't it!

I have recently had a spell cast by Ashra, before she had told me she had casted it I had very good feelings go through me, I love it!!
I think we should tell our problem thoroughly to Ashra, and she will recommended which spell is good for us. Ashra is still the expert in this field. However we can always explore her website and members' suggestions and reviews to learn more about other spells so that when we purchase spell from Ashra, we know what we should ask for further discussion. This is exactly what I am doing now. Nothing's wrong in learning more.
In my opinion, we had better ask about this to Ashra. She knows our situation more, even to the core, and of course she is going to recommend which spell we should go with. To tell you the truth, I don't know either what spell I should go with next to boost my first spell Passion Panacea. Some members here have recommended me Freedom Fire Break up spell, and I also read through the description about it, and it sounds great and perfect for my situation. However, I would still discuss with Ashra about my plan.
Ashra will never steer us wrong because she knows our situation best. I have gotten lots of spells so if anyone has any questions about any of the spells I could answer them. Sometimes I ask for advice too because as of now I don't know which spell to get. Ashra said she is coming up with a plan but I could use some advice from everyone on this forum. I can't wait to hear a reply from you guys!
Maybe you should ask Ashra which spells are the best ones to use for your situation because she knows how her spells work and how it will affect the person that you are in love with. All you have to do is tell her about your situation and she will pick the right one for you and your situation.
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Hey, Noriaydra. If you want my two cents, I would suggest that you go with your gut instinct when it comes to finding a spell. If you are still not sure about what spell you should get, then you should consider sending an email to Ashra and ask her to make a recommendation for which spell you should get. She has got a whole bunch of spells for you to choose from.
Intuition is a powerful human sense that we aren't typically taught about. It doesn't normally lead you astray, and is very powerful. Trust it, and it will lead you to the spell that's normally best for the situation. If you can't decide which spells to use, talk to Ashra about the problem, and she'll be able to help :)

Also, there's a little bit of a problem that I'm facing with a spell that Ashra suggested. The girl I love, the one I lost, left me a while back, and the spell that Ashra suggested was the Passion Panacea spell, which would sever her current relationship with her current lover. Now, I don't know him personally, but I know that he doesn't deserve the emotional conflict that might come out of the relationship being broken. I've been discussing this issue with myself for the past two days, and every part of me says the same thing; we don't want to break their relationship through a spell. I want the one I lost to love me like she used to, but I don't want to hurt either of them in the process. :(
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I have few problems. One thing is i think there is a dark spell upon me and my family for years that has been making our lives difficult. The more i try to fight back that dark spell, the more it breaks my life or my families life. It has already took my brothers life through cancer. He was just about to graduate and get a good engineering job but he got cancer in his back and past away within 7 days after we he was diagnosed of cancer. It has kept my dad alcoholic. My mom is always hardworking.... , my sisters are having difficult times dealing with everyday stuff. It has taken away my dad's business. Kept us poor. It has kept love and good friendship away from me. It has kept girls away from me even after being so handsome or good looking. It has kept me from completing my studies. Its too late for that. I m 29 for any studies although i could do a course of diploma and try for a job. It has made a problem for my sister to get a job. her previous job gave her very low salary and then company where she should have raised Rs.5000 had only been raising Rs.500, Making only Rs.11500 ($171) per month as her salary after 3 years of work. I have been jobless. And the job i got was not well payed .. nothing more than $160 per month.

After many years, i finally found my soulmate but that to didn't last long as 2 month after our new love relationship, I got very sick due to GERD which was very bad. I felt like dying due to the symptoms it had. Heart palpitation, chest pain , breathlessness. If i went to diagnosis all reports came normal. Weird. But I suffered it for 8 whole months in out 10 months of relationship, which weirdly ended on the week i fully recovered and started to get back with her. It made problems between me and my lover. Ashra you know. I have been more open about my love.

The dark spell has kept any progress and prosperity. We have no property, no relative support, no house. We live on rent. I got no friends. I have just given up as more i go against this spell the more things gets worst.

Plus Without money I dont know how do I even buy spells or which spells should I go with. I can't use paypal worst don't have no money left in my account. Even worst paypal won't work for my country.
I have been staying single, alone, depressed, Ignored and unlucky, withdrawn from a good life. My family laughs when i fall instead of lending a hand to pick me up. My relationship with my father is worst.. dont want to talk to him. He is liar, cheat and make it worst my mom cant get a divorce with him as we don't have money.

Dark spell is keeping my family sad and on the edge of bankruptcy and alone and helpless. Its not about money. Its about freedom we want from this curse.

Because i was using this website these things happen to stop me from collecting kp
1st my PC hard disk failed.
2nd the internet connection broke off.
on the same day.
Somehow i managed to start the pc without hdd. I am a geek.

This dark spell is taking everything away. I WANT to know how can we deal with this as going against it will only harm me. Can a spell be enough? if yes which and how will i afford it?

To add more, my lover was gonna give me money. As breaking that relationship not only did it me her break up but also made things bit worst with her leading to blocking me away. That dark spell did not let me get that money and it made it sure i don't get it by making things worst between me and her to such a point. Creating a huge misunderstanding and making my action look like i intended to hurt her.
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Jewelson, I feel very sorry for everything that you and your family are going through! Have you told Ashra about any of this? If not then I believe you should. She can recommend a spell to you that will help he rid of this darkness looming over you and your family. She can help make things better. I recommend talking to her so that she can help you to the best of her ability. Or maybe you should get a psychic reading to find out exactly what is going on. I hope this helps!
Hey guys if you are unsure as to what spells you want to get, you can ask Ashra for what she recommends for your situation. You could also just try looking through the different spells she offers here on the resource section and read the brief description of each of them before purchasing. If you really are clueless then contacting Ashra would be the way to go because she would know which spell would work best for you and your situation. She won't steer you in the wrong direction so you can trust in her opinion for what she believes is best for you.
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I think the first thing you should do is to explain to Ashra your situation. She's more experienced and is willing to understand and help you out on which spells to use. Since she is very experienced and a very skilled spell caster, she would know what's best for you or which spells work best for you and your situation. You might think you need this spell but Ashra knows better. She also knows spells that go together or help you with your problem faster. There might me spells that she would suggest that are not in her website. It doesn't hurt to try and contact her about your situation :)
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Hi everyone I wanted your help. I'm curious on which spells I should use. Actually I want to try the beauty spell. I need help to know how can I purchase it. I want to try it since a few people did and had results. Is there any suggestions what I can do I was thinking about emailing Ashra but I'm sure she is busy so I'm asking you guys for help.
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Before I contacted Ashra, I had seen a lot of spells that she provided on the web. I really had no any idea about which spells that I should choose. So I emailed Ashra, and I told her about my situation and told her how I desperately want my ex lover to back to me. She told me that she understand my problems and situation and she suggested the right spells based on my situation. Personally, I think that it is better we tell Ashra about our situation, so that she can recommended the right spells for us.
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