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Which spells should I use?

Knowing which spells to use can be easy. If you have a bad breakup and your ex lover is stubborn go with passion panacea followed with object of desire. I'm sure you will get to see movements and results soon. But it depends on every individual and their complexity of their situation. Nevertheless you can always contact Ashra for further guidelines as she knows best for every situation we are in and is always ready to help us out. Also, it depends on how much money you can spend i.e your current budget matters.
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Is it better to cast more then one spell at a time? I heard that might be damaging but it seems as if everyone has more then one spell. I myself would like to start with one spell but should I do 2? Just be safe. Or should I see what happens first. All I want is the best for my relationship so if I need to do this all over again I will do it if it means a stronger relationship! I hope everyone has figured their situation out ):

I feel if you're confused about your situation and don't know which spells to go with, you should talk to Ashra. she will personalize a spell that think fits your situation and then you wouldn't have to think too hard on what you think you should get. Ashra told me to get Passion Panacea so that's what I am working on right now! If anyone has has some good results on this certain spell will someone let me know? I want to know the signs and other things happened during your wait.
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Hello Jewelson,

I am sorry for all that you have been facing. Its indeed a very trying time for you and your family too. Ashra will surey help you out if She gets to know of your trials. I don't know whether you believe but we Hindus believe in a trying period due to stars being crossed. Planetary influences. Only prayers and good/philanthropic deeds work as an antidote. Of course Ashra too will have postive spells to counter all these negative elements.

Just don't think whether your spells will work or not. You are here for a definite purpose. Purpose of self. Say "My spells are working and I am on the way to victory." Get up half an hour earlier in the morning and say about 50 times "My troubles are vanishing and I am getting rich; my lover is coming back to me. Make only positive affirmations. This will really help you. Its been proved. Also pray to God for strength to bear your trails with courage and fortitude. Staying postive will uplift your mood as well as others near you. Hope this helps you and you come out of all these darkness soon. Amen.
I have emails to Ashra about my latest situation with my lover. But she haven't reply yet. I really want her advice and suggestion about which spells should I get for next. I want the best for my relationship and I know that Ashra is one who knows what the best for me and my lover. I will still waiting for her emails patiently. Hopefully she will respond to my emails soon. Right now I will trying my best to earn more s to purchase for the next spells.
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Hi Amya Lynn... it's really up to you which spells you should use and how many spells you want to go with it at first. As long as I remember from Ashra's emails its really safe to work on multiple spells at the same time and it will not hinder in the process for a positive outcome of the spells. It will help the current spells to make it work quicker and effective if multiple spells are followed up accordingly. But you can always ask Ashra about what will best suit for you and your situation and she will definitely guide you on that.
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I was just coming by to see which spells you guys have recently purchased and what spell would be a great one to use on my husband this time around if you guys have any suggestions please let me know. I am about to lose my marriage of 5 years in 2 weeks.
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You should contact Ashra personally and ask her for her opinion on which spell would work perfectly for you! She has lots of them and I know she is more than willing to have a personal conversation about what is wrong going on and what needs to be fixed with the issue. Email her and she will give you the best information that she can! She's amazing and I know for sure she will help you with the spell that you need casted no matter what the situation may be.
If your not sure which spells are successful, I can share my experience. The first time when, I came to here, Ashra had recommended me the Passion Panacea for my situation. Ashra had casted my Passion Panacea on last month. Maybe this is the best spell to start with if you don't know which one you want to use.
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I ask the same question to myself. I want to know if anyone has different thoughts.

If a relationship ends, it means he/she is not your soulmate? or it can be problems to solve? Everyone wants to be happy.

which spells can give you the happiness? Which one is really safe and has no harm for no one exactly?
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I believe it really depends on your situation! The spell Passion Panacea is all inclusive for the most part. I believe if you're situation is such that you just want your lover back and to understand how much you also mean to him and to convey that message... This spell should be just enough for you! See how this spell works out first and if you need more help you can always add on later as well!

Sometimes focusing on one problem at a time can help much better than trying to resolve everything immediately.
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Hey guys, I have sent an email to Ashra about the latest situation I am in. I also proposed buying a spell which I thought appropriate for my situation :cool:. Now I am awaiting her response. I am very impressed with the spell I thought of buying and I hope she gives me the go-ahead :jawdrop:. If she does not then I will not buy it. I rely completely on her calculations, and I would not side-step her recommendations :D. She knows the technicalities and dynamics of the spells besides, knowing my situations and current circumstances :thumbsup:. It makes sense to go by her expertise. I don't want to go in for multiple spells without her saying it :p. As for now, I am accruing karma points for any exigencies that may arise :laugh:.
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There are many different spells, for all kinds of unique situations, there is a spell for everyone.

Most people who come to Ashra are looking to reconcile with an ex lover.

Sometimes in order to reconcile with your loved one, you could be needing to remove a third party from the equation.

In saying this, two of the best spells to go with, would be the Passion Panacea love spell to reconcile and mend a broken relationship. And also the Freedom Fire breakup spell if there is a third party interference that is needing to be removed.
Hey Behnaz! Ashra's spells have their own purpose actually. As for the question, I don't think when the relationship ends, you guys aren't meant to be together. We are able to determine what we will get in the future. Either way, it's you who can change the future. Your love life depends on what you are doing now. If you purchase love spells to heal the relationship, you can have your lover back. Just choose which spell is fit for your situation. I hope it helps you.
I think if you are really unsure which spells you need to use for your situation then the only person that will know for certain is Ashra.

Ashra is a great and gifted spell caster who has helped thousands of people and brought back love in there life. I always went with every spell Ashra recommended to me because I trust her and I know she knows what is best.
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Ashra has a lot of spells that you could use, Ashra has spells for many solutions.

If you are confused or unsure of which spell you should purchase, then you can tell Ashra a bit about your situation and then she will suggest the best spell suited for your situation.

I personally like to go with Ashra's recommendations because she always looks out for my best interest :)
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Hello everyone,
I'm Jasmine and I'm also in a bit of a complicated situation with the father of my 1 month old daughter. We are not currently together at the moment, but we both love and care for each other very much. We have a strong connection. A SOUL connection and even though he and I have had some pretty bad moments (mostly heated arguments), I know that he is really my soulmate and he has expressed the same himself a few times before. There are a lot of negative outside influences who have helped to "turn up the heat" on our arguing and issues. They are mainly with his mom, stepdad and the guys that he hangs around. He has opened up to them about some of the problems that we had and the issue was that he told them a little more than they should of been knowing; but they only encourage him to do the wrong kinds of things. More along the lines of cheating, lying and disrespecting me. He's easily influenced and tempted and his friends especially didn't have to try very hard to persuade him or redirect his thoughts towards other means of handling situations that we had.

I haven't gotten my spell cast my Ashra just yet, However, she did suggest the Passion Panacea spell but I was wondering if anyone had any feedback on what other spell might be helpful in this situation? Since I had broken things off Monday, he's been being seen with two different women simultaneously and I for one want to get the Passion Panacea spell cast before anything other comes to be, but something that might add a little extra strength to this spell to help speed up the process somewhat. I won't be able to purchase the second spell until the Friday after this one coming up but I was leaning towards the Freedom Fire spell but I'm not for sure quite yet.

I wish everyone else the absolute best with their spells and their situations with their loves!
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Hi everyone! Ashra has a lot of spells, but I think the best way is to ask Ashra Koehn which spells you should get. She knows the best of course of action. Just explain your situation and she will help you in any way she can.
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There are a lot of spell in our resources. We just need to check it one by one and feel the spell that is best for us. In every case there is a special spell for you. In my case I need something that could bring him back and separate him from his current one. That is why I purchased the Freedom Fire Breakup spell. But it should not end their, I need some spell that could support the Freedom and protect it also.

Whats good about Ashra is, she will tell you which spells you need for your case. Just be honest with her and she will definitely give you a tap on your back. She is like a friend who listen and when you ask for an advised she will talk and give it to you. If you will ask her what spell fit for you. She will surely recommend the best and powerful spell that will help our situation.
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Ashra has different varieties of spells in the resources and on her website. If you're unsure of which spells to choose from or go with, you could always ask Ashra and she will help you on which spell she recommends to you to get for your situation. Everyone's situations are of course different than others but it's best to choose a spell that you're confident in. For example, in my case, I had needed a stronger spell to keep away girls from getting together with ex-lover. So, I had decided to get the Freedom Fire Breakup spell to help with it. Although, I need seals to protect my spells, including Freedom Fire.

My advice is to always be honest with Ashra because that's the only way that she could help you and guide you through your situation. Ashra will do anything to help you become happy again and if you need some cheering up, she's there to listen to you and talk to you just like a friend would.
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It is always okay to go with your gut about a spell that you have in mind that would help in your situation, but if you are recommended a spell by Ashra, definitely take her recommendation. She probably understands our situations better than ourselves. She is a gifted psychic as well as a brilliant spell caster. Whenever I followed one of Ashra's recommendations, I never regretted it. I have been fortunate and she has suggested 3 things for me and they all worked well. There is no restriction on what kind of spell you can get, that is your decision. All of Ashra's spells are great.
Discussing your situation with Ashra, is perhaps the best way to choose a spell that fits your needs. She is very experienced and will know what you need to make your situation better. However, if you're still not sure, coming here and reading everyone's reviews or asking for some advice will also help. Often what I've done is I look over the spells that Ashra as available and sometimes I am continually drawn to a spell. They stronger the desire the purchase it, the more I believe that I am being told to use that spell. Then I'll come to the forum to read what others have to say about the spell. Then if I still have questions i'll email Ashra, but usually by that time I've made up my mind and I go ahead and purchase. I have never regretted getting a spell from Ashra. But discussing your situation with Ashra is perhaps the single best way to pick a spell, but her recommendation is certain to fit your needs. For all her years of experience and for all they psychic and magical talent running in her veins, she will know what is best for you.
Hello Allison!
I noticed your a new member! Welcome! I understand your situation. I'm not experienced but from knowledge I recommend Passion Panacea. Contact Ashra, she has a lot more experience. There may be one more spell that could help but it's mostly used if your lover is being controlled but I guess it can be used for your situation too. Passion Panacea severs their bond and rekindles your relationship with your lover. It fixes any commitment issues such as cheating and preventing a break up. If you get the spell be sure to keep us updated and read the guidelines to get the fastest results on your spell. I hope what i said helped you with which spells you should be using!
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I just purchased the Windsong Love spell. As my bf is a same kind of person like yours. Way to much stubborn and mindset person. He sticks to his mind whatever it is or how difficult it is for him even. I am hoping of getting positive results from this spell as I have a very strong feeling that this spell will work for me whether Ashra has told me that my boyfriend making choice to live with regrets by not returning to me. I have full faith on Ashra and she is my one and only hope and only Ashra can bring happiness in my life . Ashra didn't suggested me to purchase this spell. I wanted to added it.
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Hey guys I'm kind of confused because I'm looking for a spell that will make my lover contact me but I'm not sure which one to get. Right now I have three spells in mind angel heart, celestial mantle and wind song love spell. Out of the three I can only get one for now, so I'm wondering if you guys that had experience with these spells if you can help me to choose the one that will make him get rid of his fear and talk to me or even contact me and talk to me about normal things.
Follow your heart and your intuition. If you believe that a spell will help with your certain situation, never hesitate to get it. I went with a few gut feeling spells and I have been pleased with them all. Also, when you do pick a spell, be sure that it is compatible to your situation whether it be stubborn or long distance. Ashra has plenty of spells to choose from and they are all powerful too. You can never go wrong with any of them. But first things first, go with Passion Panacea since it is very affordable and covers many angles. Ashra recommends this to most of her clients because of its success rate. If you're still unsure, you can always ask her yourself. Sometimes in a spell report, she'll recommend a spell to you that will enhance your situation more.
Take the time to research and read every available spell that she has on her website. If you read a spell and Your gut is telling you that's the one for you then go ahead and place your order and tell Ashra your details. Ashra definitely recommend spells as well so its really not a difficult process because she can help you out With recommending spells.
If you are not sure which spells are ideal for your situation, do some thorough reading and research on Ashra's spells that are available here and on her other websites before purchasing. You can also contact Ashra directly and explain your situation and she will give you a recommendation of what she feels is best. However, Ashra also encourages us to make our own choices but going with gut instinct and choosing our own spells. Sometimes she will make recommendations along the way, but you can't go wrong with any of her spells because they are all successful and have positive reviews.
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Research and get to know all of Ashra's spells before choosing one to help you with your situation. Spells are different from others and have different purposes so choose wisely. If Ashra recommends anything to you, definitely take it right away since she is familiar with all of these spells and has done them many times before. I don't think you can go wrong with any of her spells though. Be sure to research before purchasing a spell and be sure that it is in your price range too if you decide to purchase it with money.
I took a lot of time researching the spells on Ashra's websites as well as reviews from you guys in the forums and I decided to get the Celestial Mantle instead of the Passion Panacea. If you feel like you're drawn to a certain spell, go with that one. The worst thing that could happen is it doesn't manifest the way you don't want it to. If all else fails passion panacea is a great starter-all-in-one spell. If you're still unsure about which spell is perfect or right for you situation, just contact Ashra and she will be more than willing to help you.
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Once I get the Windsong spell, what else will work better with it? I know people talk about the celestial mantle spell because it will work on stubborn situations. My lover is very stubborn and negative. I'm just not sure what to try, after the Wwindsong spell. Maybe I should try that spell out. I am not sure now :laugh:. I hope to figure out soon. I hope everyone is doing well and staying positive.
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If you are recommended a certain spell by Ashra then I would highly recommend you take it immediately and go through with it since she is a professional. She knows what she is talking about and she has worked with many others before you. Always consider her recommendations first. Then you follow your gut feeling. If you go with one of these paths, there's a good chance that you will achieve success. She usually recommends you a spell when you first contact her and corrects you if you are wrong about a certain spell and suggests a better oneZ
When you want to know which spells you should be using, I think that it's probably the best for you to look through the spells available in the resource section to see which ones suit your situation. Then contact Ashra Koehn with your chosen spells to see what she recommends for you because she is probably the one who can read your situation better than anyone else can. Then take her advice into consideration to know what your next step should be.
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Hi All, I am wondering which spells I should use in addition to Passion Panacea? I am in love with my best friend of 2 years who is also my co-worker and in the same organizations as me. I have just realized my feelings for him over a few months ago but he has a girlfriend who he just got (after he broke up with a long time girlfriend). I would really like for him to be with me and at least realize that we can try a relationship because I honestly think he thinks of me as a tomboy because I am always just "one of the boys"
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That is a good question. I decided that that would be Ashra after I told her my story. She has already told me which one she will perform. I trust her.
You can contact Ashra explaining about your situation through mail and she will definitely help you out with the suggestion with the spells that will best suit your needs. I think you need to just trust Ashra. In my situation she suggested the spells which are most appropriate for me. See there is never a no to your gut feeling. If you think that a particular spell seems good to you then you can always ask Ashra. She will always recommend the spell and correct the spell as she can analyze your situation better.
Hey so, if you aren't sure which spell to take help of, it's best if you contact Ashra and tell her about your situation and she'll suggest you the spell that best suits your situation! And you can suerly trust her with whatever she tells you as she genuinely cares for us!!
Good luck!!
Hi all, i hope all is well.
Ashra does have a resources section you can look threw and pick from a wonderful selection of spell casts.
If you are really indecisive about your spell cast you can ask ashra.
Ashra is the expert and will pick the perfect spell cast for you.
When i first came to ashra's website, i was so unsure what spell cast to have done.
I explained fully to ashra about my situation and ashra picked the perfect spell cast for me.
Ashra suggested me to have passion panacea spell cast.
Passion panacea is great for a first spell cast and will cover alot of negative obstacles.
Passion panacea can be purchased with two versions.
You could purchase the mini version, which is alot more easier to purchase.
You could also go for the full version, which will come with a recast of spell option and a report on your spell cast.
The mini version won't come with these options, but it a great option for an urgent situation.
I hope this has been of help.
Take care.
You can ask Ashra Koehn about which love spell you should buy. She will reply to you as soon as she can. She is an angel and she wants to help us and she wants that we are very happy. I like that she cares for us. She has a beautiful soul and she deserves the best. I am very happy that I found her. We are very lucky that we have found her.
For bring my lover back I look through the internet and meet Ashra. I contact with her. And she recommended me passion panacea. She told me that for my situation she is able to help me back. I know it work for me.
Hey everyone!!!! I hope your all are doing good and having an amazing day. It's always best to go by what Ashra recommends to you, she understands our situation much better and she is a great psychic too so before getting some spell, make sure to ask Ashra first so she can guide you with your situation much better and help you out, she knows which spells are actually going to help you out with your situation. She has currently recommended me to get passion panacea and that's what I am going to get, after that I am thinking of getting freedom fire break up spell but I will always just confirm with Ashra.