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Which Spells Work - Jessica Adams - whichspellswork.com


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Everyone should avoid WhichSpellsWork.com because the spell casters listed on her website are a scam and could not be verified through authentic agency or organizations in the society. After spending a few thousands, I am here to expose Jessica Adams as a fake spell caster because I went out of my way to find out. I want you to know how she scammed me to protect yourself.

Jessica said that she created “Which Spells Work” to help people find real spellcasters online. However, the sole purpose of her website is to build trust through a well-crafted story about her life! She wants to help you find the 3 most powerful magick sites that work through her research. The reviews she created about these love spell casters are fake.

On her page, you will see three recommendations for spell casting:
  • Patrick - Real Black Magic Spells – www.realblackmagicspells.net
  • Maria Spells of Magic – Maria de Costello - mariaspellsofmagic.com
  • Elizabella - Psychic Love Spell - psychic-love-spell.com
Its important to realize that WhichSpellsWork.com is owned and operated by the same person who is behind all three love scams listed above. The template and design code of the website was traced back to a real witches coven of sisters.

Patrick from “Real Black Magic Spells” is the one that scammed the most money out of me. I was so in love and needed a fix. The warning signs are there, but I ignored them because I trusted the information Jessica Adams talked about on her recommendation website. I also found someone called DoktorSkull at www.doktorskull.com and it looks EXACTLY the same as Patrick’s website.

Has anyone else had an experience with Jessica Adams any of the spell casters listed above?

Did you notice all three websites talk the same? How much money did they take from you without spell casting the rituals?


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I have been scammed by Patrick too. I have emailed him asking for a refund as he his spell did not work, but never heard back.