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Witches Coven - Diana Hall - www.witchescoven.net


I recently went through a divorce. I’m trying desperately to bring my husband back. In the last 6 months, I have spoken to a few spell casters who claimed to be real and promised that they could bring him back. However, I cannot tell the difference between a spell caster that works and the ones that talk-the-talk.

The last spell caster I used was Witches Coven. I had a custom love spell done about 3 months ago, but after finding some negative reviews online about them, I’m starting to believe I was scammed.

The website I ordered from was www.witchescoven.net and I paid a decent amount of money.

I asked this woman for a photo of herself doing the spell casting, but she will not provide any evidence. Diana Hall is listed as the founder of their coven, but there are no photos of her or any of the other 20 spell casters she claims to be involved.

Has anyone else used Real Witches Coven? I really don't know what to do at this point.
Witches Coven sounds very familiar to me because I think that I came across www.witchescoven.net before, but it was so long ago that I don't remember for sure. When a spell caster doesn't have any photos or videos anywhere on their website, this can be seen as a red flag and that they could be scamming you. The only reviews I was able to find about them were on websites they control.

A real and genuine spellcaster will have actual pictures of themselves, along with, videos and testimonials from their clients. A fake spell caster will take your money and make unrealistic promises.

@Evaross I'm so very sorry that you felt scammed by them.

I would recommend reaching out to Ashra Koehn. She is, in fact, a real spell caster and has been spell casting for over 20 years now. You can trust her and her spells do work. I felt like she did the right thing for me.
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@Evaross it is so easy for someone to have poor intentions and try to basically lure people in that seek guidance. Then pounce on victims that fall into their trap and then they make you feel lower than you did before. I am sorry that you had to fall into that trap, I have fallen into many myself. Much like @Ginas, I do recommend going to @Ashra Koehn because she will NEVER let you down and take you for all you are worth. I have worked with her since 2018 and I say this with 100% honestly that she is reliable. She is who she says she is and will begin to change your life :partying_face:
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No photos, no proof, then no way! Don't trust any spell caster who does not have at least a few photos that are not stock images. I just checked out Witches Coven and I believe they are fake.

This person or group of people have multiple websites that are connected to each other. I listed them below:

Mystical Website: https://mysticalwebsite.ecwid.com
Black and White Magic Spells: https://blackandwhitemagicspells.com
Real Spell Casting: https://www.realspellcasting.com

The Witches Coven also created a bunch of phony review sites. Not only are there no photos, there is no business address listed on their website. Should we believe that they are located in Los Angeles California?
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@leogirl Wow, the fact that you were able to track all of these phonies and link them to each of the websites you've displayed. It both showing how easy it is to see how fake they truly are and they haven't covered their tracks, clearly. Oh Witches coven, you've been trapped by the almighty FORUM. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: *FIST PUMP IN THE AIR* This could be created from different locations to not be tracked honestly, who knows where they actually locate.
I'm extremely disappointed in Witches Coven. I wrote them a very detailed email about my situation and they didn't even bother to provide any feedback. Instead, I received a generic response from support@readingsandspells.com saying...

"We are sorry just now getting back to you, we been casing spells for others. Yes, we can help you and that kind of spell falls under our custom spell casting. After you had paid for your spell on www.witchescoven.net, please send us all of your information."

They just wanted my money and didn't care.
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@Christine97 I don't blame you for being disappointed with the Witches Coven, and you have every right with be angry and upset with them. You'd think they would do the professional thing of providing feedback to you. I just also didn't like the fact how they sent you the message about casting spells for others first. It is a huge slap in the face because they treated you as if you were not important either. You are absolutely right about them for not caring about you and your situation at all. I'm sorry this happened to you. :(
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I look back and all the fake caster that lured me in. I think to myself, Karma will reach them and never forget that lessoned learned and keep a look-out for red flags always. This is the reason I only stick with Ashra because she has never misled me. @Christine97 I know it may be heard to trust again, but if you're ever curious as to trying a genuine caster, I recommend Ashra always. I have not heard anything positive about Witches Coven.
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