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www.chiefshealingtees.com reviews on Ariana from Chiefs Healing Tees

Priya CP

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Hey guys!!!! I hope your all are doing good and having a nice day. Ariana looks like a total scam to me, it's sad that the website used to be about horses and it was really nice and the fact that it was taken down and used as a website for spell casting, but whoever was doing it, doesn't look very smart enough to me as they didn't really change the link of their website. She looks so fake, I even doubt if she even casts any spell for someone as she responds back to the emails back so fast with a very long message, it has to be copy-pasted to everyone. And, if you couldn't even explain your situation then that's kinda creepy too. Anyways, I hope you all find Ashra instead of getting scammed by others.


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Yes Chiefs Healing Tees is definitely a scam artist! I recently ordered her $50 e-gift card through Amazon to cast a love spell and she never got back to me at all but before that was getting emails for the spell all the time. Thank God Amazon refunded my money I will never do that again!


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Hello everyone! I hope all of you are doing just okay today. Oh so this is another con artist. I haven't deal with this person called Ariana, but seeing so many bad reviews about her only indicates one thing that she is not a real spellcaster. @Priya CP I agree with you girl. A scammer tends to respond back to us within minutes. It's only an automated email. Also they are so persuasive. They will use so many ways just to get us to purchase their products. It's something that Ashra never did it. She never forced her clients to get more spells. It's optional. If you are allright with it, then just buy it. If you are not, it doesn't matter either. Please stay away from this person guys. There's nothing extraordinary about her.