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Xara Beatrice Matsagou - www.changeyourlifespells.com reviews


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I am very skeptical about Xara Matsagou. Are her spells real or is Xara is a complete scam? The reviews I've read about Xara Matsagou are not good. Yes, I see she promises to help people for free, but the emails I receive from her are automated. It's like I'm talking to a computer script and there's no one else on the other end.

The more I read the reviews about Xara Matsagou being a scam, the more I'm starting to believe that she is one. Her site is littered with ads and when I tried navigating her site I kept accidentally clicking on these ads. There is no doubt in my mind that her website is nothing but a trap to make money off advertising. Xara is in my opinion a fake spell caster. I don't believe she casts any spells.

She wasted my time and lied to me about casting free spells. When my friend received the same generic email from Xara, the red flags went up and I knew I was scammed and robbed of my time.

Has anyone else had the same experience or is it just me? I hope I'm not delusional. I wanted to believe that Xara Beatrice Matsagou was real, but the reviews about her spells say otherwise. I strongly discourage anyone from using changeyourlifespells.com unless you like talking to a robot.
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Hey Andria! Welcome to the forum. Yes, Xara is definitely a scam. I've tried her "spells" many times and never ever saw results. A spell cannot be casted automatically online for free and a spell cannot work in only two days. That's only in rare cases. You should stay away from the site because she is not real. Ashra is real though. Her spells have proven to be successful and we can trust her 100%. Ashra is the only spell caster I'll ever trust.
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Hey Andria! I completely understand where you are coming from. I visited Xara Matsagou's website many times and kept casting her spells but saw absolutely no results or any manifestation. It also said if it wears off you have to keep casting it every 2 to 3 days. Love spells should be permanent so no one should be doing that!

I don't know her email address but I usually spoke to her via Facebook and she told me she could help me but was going to charge 250 rupees which is about 240 pounds... Then when I spoke to her weeks ago she said 50 pounds which was a big change in money.

I'm done with Xara and I'm heading in a new direction now. I've got to speak to Ashra these past few weeks there's just something about her I feel comfortable with. I finally feel like I've finally come to the right place and am in safe hands!

Hope everything is okay Andria.
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Chearrie, thank you for giving me a shoulder to cry on. I lost a lot of valuable time trusting that Xara could help me. I should have known better. My husband is sleeping with two other women right now and he doesn't care about me or his children. My marriage is falling to pieces and I need a real spell cast to knock sense back into him and get my husband to come back to his family.

Xara's site is very misleading and a wast of time. I'm glad a found Ashra. I sent her an email about what is currently going on with my husband and I hope she can help me.
I tried Xara's spells so that me and Emily would fall in love. Maybe it kind of worked because I immediately found Ashra who is a real spell caster. I believe that Xara is a scam. It is much better that you found Ashra and I'm sure your experience with her will be life changing.
Your welcome Andria. Don't worry everything will be okay. Ashra has been casting spells for 15 years now and will be there for you every step of the way until you are completely satisfied with your results. You are in the right place now darling. You will have your husband back in no time!
I've tried xaras spells many times but no results. I'm sure she's not even a real person. Just someone using that beautiful woman's face to attract people. I wish it was real though becasue I have used it so many times since last year for so many different things.

Ashra I know is real though. Her replies are not fake and computerized. She is amazing and I can't believe I found her.
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This is so true, I trust Ashra because of the years of experience she has with spell casting and the fact that she actually has shown her face - we know who she is and she isn't just some faceless website. Plus she takes the time to respond to all of us individually, and doesn't pull the "works within two days!" stuff. Any spellcaster that guarantees results within an exact time frame is not legitimate, because a real spell caster knows that magic works in its own timeframe most of the time and it's difficult to tell exactly when a spell will manifest for each situation.
I visited Xara's website so many times. It said if it wears off, we should keep casting it in every 2 days. I think I wasted so much time with her free spells, I tried all of them, but none of them worked. They said if we kept thinking positive, it would come true faster. I waited for the day to happen for 2-3 months I think, but still no results. I'm sure it's only an automated machine, I mean it's like an online wishing. Well, maybe we don't need to pay some money for her spells, but it's like she leads us to her website to have a look at some advertisements there, so the more people visit that site, the more she takes advantage of that. I'm like "How come she casted many spells all day long without getting some rest. It's impossible she's always online". I think she's a scam, and all testimonials are scripted though.
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Xara is a cheater, a woman who hoodwinks thousands of people who are either lovelorn or in need of help!
Can you trust a woman who claims she can change the gender or an eye colour of a person with a spell?

It's impractical, unscientific and absolutely nonsensical! The tall claims that she makes is itself suggestive that she is a fraudster!

She does not cast free spells, rather she does not cast spells at all! She is a big imposter and just demands huge chunks of money to be sent to her via Western Union.

I hope she stops her cunning ways and means of decieving the innocent masses!
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Well I have tried Xara's spells and none of them worked so I had contacted her on Facebook and asked her about the spells and she told me if I wanted a more powerful spell she would do it for me, but only if I gave her some money. I told her no thanks and I haven't heard from her. Also when I asked her questions she would reply with something out of the blue but when I ask Ashra something she is right on what I am talking about. Xara is computerized and fake and Ashra is the real deal! I love Ashra so much.
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I fell into the same trap Andria!

Before finding Ashra I tried her free website for a while thinking I would get somewhere, but I then did some research and thoroughly looked at her website and realised she's a scam.

I also emailed her to try her out, I didn't receive automated reply's but she was very rude and abusive to me, the first reply I got from her was to tell me that if I wasn't going to purchase any 'real powerful' spells then to not email her.

I wasn't surprised that she acted that way.
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I too fell for Xara's trap. I never bought a spell from her. I just tried the "free" spell she claimed she did. However, how can you possibly do some of those spells she claims she did in such a short amount of time?The testimonials on there make it out to be like it's the real deal. I even saw a youtube video of a girl claiming Xara's spell changed her eye color. I did the eye color change for the heck of it and my eyes didn't change colors. I'm so glad i found Ashra. I will not trust anyone else but Ashra from now on.
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You can clearly see that Xara makes up fake profiles to write her own testimonies.

Xara is a scam, she is not who she says she is and the picture she has displayed on her fake website is not her.

Also, she claims that with her love spells you just need to write your name and your lovers name then the spell will be casted within a few hours, she says it's a group spell, meaning she casts the same spell for a group of people at once.

I believe a lot of people fall for this who don't know much at all about magic.

To get real accurate results and a spell cast properly, you need to come to Ashra Koehn.

Ashra will never mislead you!
Xara is just scripting! It's computerised in its entirety. If you request a spell and then if you just change the time of your cellphone and go back to her page, you will see a message that your spell has already been cast! This just shows she is fake.

Also, I don't think it is possible to change eye colours using spells. Because that's something you are born with!:) Only scientific methods like occuloplastic surgeries can do the job! I knew she is fake and I even wanted to submit a testimonial stating that she is not real, however one just cannot submit a testimonial! There is always an error!
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Xara is a confirmed con-artist and fake. My friend who works in digital media found images of the girl used on Xara Matsagou's website. It's a stock photo that anyone can purchase.

Evidence Below:


You can purchase this model's photos in different poses.

Below is a copy of what Xara is using to sell people on her spells:
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Wow! I think we all fell for Xara and I'm pissed about her wasting my time! I wish I would have found Ashra first. Maybe things would have been different. I requested Xara's help immediately when things got bad with my guy and I kept requesting spells from Xara all the way until I got help from Ashra in July. By then 4-5 months had already passed since I heard from him. He already blocked me, so Xara didn't fix anything :(. I just wish that I would have found Ashra instead of using Xara's spells because there is no doubt in my mind that Ashra could have fixed everything before they went that far. So many months had passed. I know things would have been different and better.
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I requested a lot of spells from her. Many different one and some were every day. I was convinced that it was going to work because of the many testimonials that were on there. I think its someone using her pictures. Its attracts people.

Although I didn't get any results, I'm not going to slam her on here because there are people who claim to cast spells and take your money without even casting a spell. Atleast she does not take any money from people. The whole idea of that site is to get people positivity and hope. That's what I believe.
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I also tried Xara. But it didn't work. I tried many times without results. Fortunately, I found Ashra before it was too late. Xara is not a spell caster. She is wasting your previous time claiming to be real when she is not. This is your chance to have a better life. To bring back your lover before it's too late. Contact Ashra and tell her your problem. I'm sure she will definitely help you.
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I think all of us have crossed path with Xara and were lied to. I used to visit her site regularly and make a wish but it never come to pass. I was tired of doing it everyday with no results and thats why I decided to look for another spell caster and I found Ashra. I am so happy that I am here in this amazing forum and that I found a real person who knows about spells.

We should now be happy that we found someone who cares about us.

Ashra is the best.
Xara is probably laughing at us as she watches the money pour in from everyone visiting her website. Some people lost a lot of money off her while others wasted close to half a year talking to a script (automatic program) thinking that they were communicating with Xara Beatrice.

When my friend provided me with evidence that Xara was a scam, my jaw dropped. The reviews and testimonials on her website are fake.

Computers cannot cast spells and that's a fact! Don't waste anymore time with Xara.
I know I was the exact same way as you and thank God that I found Ashra or it probably would be no hope on it's own. i wasted my time on Xara every day wishing the same thing over and over for 4 to 5 months. Then, I got so sick and tired of having to go onto her site every day to request the same spells over and over to get it to come true.

I still have not seen results. If anything, things have gotten worse. I went on her site changeyourlifespells.com so much I felt like beating my head against the wall because it was that mentally exhausting. It felt like a chore that was a big waste of time when I could have been doing something that actually works. However, if it weren't for Xara I probably wouldn't have found Ashra. It was the failed attempts with Xara it lead me to find Ashra.

I'm glad I found Ashra. I just wish I would of found her sooner. Thank God! If I wouldn't have found her, I would probably still be wasting my time on Xara's spells. It was only after Ashra casting my spell that I made the decision to give up on Xara and stop getting my spells recasted all the time.
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Xara is a confirmed con-artist and fake. My friend who works in digital media found images of the girl used on Xara Beatrice's website. It's a stock photo that anyone can purchase.

Evidence Below:


You can purchase this model's photos in different poses.

Below is a copy of what Xara is using to sell people on her spells:
Andria where did you find this picture at on change your life spells ( www.changeyourlifespells.com )? I'm just curious because I never saw this picture on Xara's website before. Can you please let me know where to find it? That is some amazing evidence! I wish i would have seen it sooner and accepted that she was fake a long time ago. God only knows how much time slipped away from me and went out the window all because i was wasting precious time on Xara and her spells.
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The woman you see in the photos below are the same person just different pose. Xara purchased this photo from shutterstock.com (as seen from the image below)


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Omg that's terrible! I should have known it wasn't really Xara. Look how pretty she is... you might as well figure she was a model. The misleading thing is Xara did say on her site on the about her section that she worked in the modeling/fashion world. I guess that's how she justifies and covers her butt about where the source she got her picture from.
The image Xara Matsagou is using belongs to Julia Savchenko (juliasavchenko.com)

Xara is not a model or a spell caster. She is using a model's identity and concealing her own.

More evidence! Other companies have purchased stock photos from the same model (See image below).


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Hey Andria. I totally agree with you. We all fell for Xara's website first before coming across with Ashra. I requested so many spells from her, and I was convinced that they were going to work as soon as possible if I kept thinking positive. She said in the instruction, we better enjoy our life than waiting for the spells to unfold and let the universe help you. I think the website is only an online wishing, how come she stayed awake all day long just to cast the spell for people from all around the world who have a different time. It's really nonsense and impossible.
I have fallen for Xara free spells trick. I actually went to post a testimonial and it deleted right when I posted it. I don't know why. Probably because it is all fake and Xara is manipulating people so more and more people will fall for her. I am glad i met Ashra which is a very real truthful spell caster.
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Yes, even I know Xara is not real. I messaged her and she gave me a reply that she will not take money. When I told her my situation, she said that it is very complex and she will need about $900 to cast my spell. I am not a millionaire. If I had money wouldn't I make my work faster rather then collecting points? Xara is definitely fake. No one is actually real. Please people, just don't compare that fellow with our Ashra. Because stones (Xara) are not compare to diamonds (Ashra). Comparison is just not possible.
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Hello, I think almost every person who is on the Ashra's forums must have came across Xara. I am also one of them. She isn't real... it is just a computer generated website and is monetized by ads. No spells are cast! It is fake website and fake spell caster. Ashra is real and she exists. You must go with Ashra to get what you want because she is the only spell caster who can help you.
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My friend continues to send me more compelling evidence exposing Xara. SHE is likely a HE. This would explain why HE is using photos of a female model. You will also notice that there are only 2 pictures of Xara that are used to promote the hoax. Why no variety? You don't need to look far to find the answer.

Change your life spells works as a money generating website with little to no work required for person behind the scam to make money. Google sends a cheque in the mail every month for a portion of the ad revenue Xara generated by her ads.
Hey Andria. I couldn't agree with you anymore. She's is a big scam. In the instructions, she said that if we notice the spell wears off in 2 days, we should cast the same spell again by going to her website. I do know what she wants to imply by that statement, it means that the more people visit her website, the bigger revenue she gets from the advertisements. It's like a hook that many people will come back to her website all over again.
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Okay, so change your life spells is a scam, but whoever is behind the concept of Xara is a pure genius. Of course no one will see results with Xara's spells so she tells you to revisit her website every couple days to have it done again. Chances are you will intentionally or unintentionally click on her ads. Either way, Xara Matsagou will make money from misleading people.

It's one thing to say you are going to cast free spells, its quite another when you mislead people using a false identity and cleverly constructed scripts.

Should you be upset? It depends... If you are using her site because you want to change your eye color, then no... Where's the harm... However, there are thousands of people who use her website because they are in a dire situation and need real help. These are the type of people who should be very upset with Xara. You wasted your time and didn't see a stitch of results.
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Luckily I have no experience with Xara's spells whatsoever. I hadn't found her when I first began looking for spell casters which I am so grateful for. When I first joined the forum, that was how I discovered Xara. Based on what I've read about her, she seems absolutely horrible and it sucks that that's how she's making money: from other people's misery and desperation for help. I am so sorry to whoever here has suffered because of her but look on the bright side guys, look at where you are now. You're with Ashra and she will help you without a doubt so don't worry about the past anymore and look forward to the future with her help!
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Xara Matsagou and Mimi Bieber are the same person. They are fake alias names used by a man located in the United States to deceive people. What's funny is how Xara and Mimi are both four letter words containing two letters and the same vowels. Mimi Bieber's website praises Xara as being real while calling every other spell caster a scam; including Ashra.

Xara is a scam-artist. Stay away from her!
I've tried Xara's spells a few times, and I believe they've backfired every time. That is, if they are even real to begin with. At first I thought I was seeing results, but they ended up blowing up in my face and causing more problems than I originally had. As a result, I found Ashra, and I'm trying to save enough so that I can afford one of her spells!
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Tell me about it! I feel the same way about Xara Matsagou. If I wasn't seeing no results, they backfired! I had a spell cast on my ex to reconcile and forgive me. However, when I contacted him he just ended up blocking me on Facebook and to make matters worse he ignored my message. Facebook didn't show that he even read my message. I assume he ignored it and went straight for the block button. Xara didn't fix anything... she made things worse!
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Do Xara's spells work and are her spells actually free? No, Xara's spells do not work and her spells are technically not free because no spell is cast. Xara is not a spell caster and she does not have any special powers to help you. The reviews on Xara and her spells speak volume. Her website is automated to trick you into revisiting her website every few days and exposing you to advertisements.

There are many spell casters who offer real free spells similar to what Xara is promising you. The difference is that real spell casters will actually cast your spell and personally reply to your emails.

Yes, Xara is fake and none of her spells really work.
Thanks Andria! You should post this everywhere so people will not fall for this fake website. There are many people looking for an answer to their problems, but Xara just play with the hopes of foolish people as myself. I tried a lot of times, and never gave up, till I read this hahaha.
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I don't think Xara's spells backfire though. In my opinion, she hasn't cast any spells from the beginning. I do believe Xara Matsagou is a scam who wants to fish us to revisit her websites and click on advertisements that generate her money. Xara doesn't cast any spells at all, so that's why she claims that she works for free. I don't like the way she fools people with her tricks. It's not acceptable!
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