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Xara Beatrice Matsagou - www.changeyourlifespells.com reviews

Hi there, everyone where ever all of you guys are in the world! Hope everyone is doing just fine today! Hi @Nintendofan3! How are you doing today? I can't agree more with you! The very first spell caster who I found was also Xara! I also thought she was a real spell caster as well so I tried her love spells multiple times as I was trying to get my second lover back and I was trying to get his best friend to back off not like for revenge, but she was always in my way with my second lover like she was trying to be me or something! At this point in my life, I am so done with my second lover and his best friend which according to him now his girlfriend! I started to date someone new, and he broke up with me. Now I am trying to get him because I realized I love him very much! I found Ashra luckly which I realized that Xara was not a real spell caster! :arghh::arghh::inlove::inlove:
Hello everyone! I hope all of you are doing okay today. When I found Xara Matsagou's website, I thought I was in heaven thinking that all my issues would be sort out by her "spells". In fact I was stuck living in a limbo due to her false hopes. I tried everything on her page, even the eye colour changing spell. I agree with Exalted Light. It's impossible to change our eye colour unless we wear some contact lenses. The thing is I wasn't clever enough to take it as a big red flag. I also tried a reconciliation spell, but it didn't work at all. I spent so much time and energy visiting her website. Shame on you Xara. You are so fake! Ashra is the real thing. I am so glad to have found her.
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Hello everyone
Beware of Xara Matsagou and don't waste your time on her website because all of it is fake and even her. She is just an automated computer and like a robot where repeating every words on her website.

I was so crazy that I've tried and became hooked on her website even though obviously nothing will gonna change even how many times I'll try her website so I stopped.

I feel so sorry to those people who had tried her website as well, those people who trusted her and put some hopes on her stupid website. I'm happy that you are all found Ashra because Xara is absolutely not real.
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Hello everyone! I hope all of you are doing okay today. I took a quick peek at Xara Matsagou's website (changeyoulifespells.com), nothing has changed there, it seems like the person behind the computer makes a tons of scripted reviews every single day to lurk more victims. I have already known that she's a con artist, so I won't bother trying her free spells because they will never work. I am done enough being fooled by her for months. I hope those vulnerable people will find this community and contact Ashra soon. Have a blessed day everyone!!!
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Hi there, everyone where ever all of you guys are in the world! Hope everyone is doing just fine today! I agree with @zarah555! Stay away from Xara's website, it is not real, her website is run by an automatic computer! I tried her website so many time, and nothing happened! I even watched someone's video online about her, and they said that they tried to reach out to her on facebook, and Xara replying saying, she has to pay Xara to get actual help! Clearly tells you that her site is fake and shows you that she doesn't want to really help you! :inlove::inlove:
Hi there, everyone where ever all of you guys are in the world! Hope everyone is doing just fine today! I just want to come on, here again, to explain to everyone who is new about Xara! I agree with @Fera, none of Xara's spells on her spells doesn't work! I have been fooled for months going onto her website! I was even still searching for a spell caster who was able to help me! When I was searching, I found a video from someone talking about Xara that this person messaged Xara on facebook and Xara said to this person that she has to pay Xara to get more help! so Stay away from her website as it not real! :inlove::inlove:
I juat know that as pretty as miss Xara's site might be, the usage is simply not worth it. It does not take long to figure out that she is a false lying trolling scammer. I was very hurt when I found out that she just worked off my emotions and stole some time. And probably a view for my add revenue that she got everytime i looked at her site.
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I had this. One hundred percent a scam. No one would offer free spells like that. They all take certain ingredients for each spell cast and without receiving some sort how on earth would they afford to pay for all of the for each individual person they would be beyond out of pocket. No one would do that. You always have to put yourself first. The reviews also seemed like part of her page. So something she’s likely put into herself. It makes me so mad that people do this to others. Pray on the vulnerable
Good morning everyone. How are you all doing today so far? :)
I feel bad for everyone that came across Xara’s website and tried her spells. Hopefully more people will find out about Ashra and get her help. Xara is not a real spell caster and none of her spells even work. She was the very first “spell caster” that I found and I tried some of her spells like her love spell and break up spell. None of her spells ever worked.
I agree with you Samantha Masey. I also don't think Xara’s spells are free. Her page is designed just to lurk more vulnerable people for her own advantage. She knows if someone claims their services are for free, everyone will definitely try them out. Don't believe in those fake reviews. It's funny when someone said their spells worked and they wanted her to stop the effect. It doesn't make sense. Spells don't work like that. You are so right about it. It's impossible that Xara is willing to help us for free, it needs much money to buy spiritual things. Ashra is the only spellcaster who has a good heart and her free spells do work! Sending lots of positive vibes everyone's way
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Yeah I agree, glad I found this thread. I have used Xara Beatrice Matsagou before too, I'm fairly new to spells and stuff and the first thing I wrote on google was free love spells and she came up straight away. I thought I may as well give it a try to see what could happen, as if it is free I have nothing to lose anyway! But yeah, no results no nothing. & By what everyone else has said, it seems that she really is a fake indeed and her spells are fake. now it questions me, why she got up her website if shes a scam? Changeyourlifespells.com seems to be a waste of time and pointless.
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Xara was the first “spell caster” I found when I was looking for solutions to my problem. I tried her love and reconciliation spell many times and there was no effect at all. There were no results so I went looking for reviews for her and that’s when I found Ashra! Already, just from speaking to her, my ex lover is slowly coming back and that’s without her even casting the spell! Her good energy works just being around her! Before, he wouldn’t even look at me and it was hard as we do work together. I’m so glad I found Ashra and shame on Xara for taking advantage of people at their most vulnerable!
Hello Mkeaea! How are you doing? I was in a depressed state after losing my lover, the decided to find an online spellcaster. When Xara's name popped up, I immediately took a peek at her changeyourlifespells.com hoping that I could purchase her free "spells". Just like you, I also tried her reconciliation and love spells many times as she said if we didn't see result within two days, then we needed to recast them. And yeah nothing happened at all. It's a waste of time. Then I found Ashra and this community. Her free spells always worked for me. She's a genuine spellcaster not like others. Sending lots of kisses and hugs for you guys!!
It is really such a shame that there people out there like Xara Beatrice Matsagou who have no qualms whatsoever about preying on and taking advantage of people who are hurting and at their lowest point, who are so desperate to resolve whatever situation they are in. I am really sympathetic towards anyone who has been scammed by this person and her fake website that claims to change your life using spells.

So many people have realized that ( changeyourlifespells.com ) is a scam and have finally found a real spell caster like Ashra who actually cares about her clients and does everything within her power to help others.
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I agree AliciaA.
I also feel sympathetic to people who are scammed and lied to by any fake spell casters like Xara from Change Your Life Spells. It's a load of BS. Ashra so far has been one of the sweet and genuine honest casters out there. I'm so glad that Ashra is real and genuine. She can also back it up. Goode luck you guys!
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Hopefully no one else will get tricked by Xara or someone else like here. I hope more people will find out about Ashra and get her help. Xara is not a real spell caster and none of her spells even work. I found her website back in 2014 after my two friends got back together. I wanted my friends to break up and for my friend and I to get together. I tried her love spell and break up spell and they didn’t work. I even tried Xara’s money spell and marriage spell and those didn’t work either. Soon I found out that she wasn’t a real spell caster.
I wasted so much time visiting Xara's website, I spent months going on there and requesting a love spell. Of course nothing changed and I decided to contact her on Facebook, she replied to me and she wanted money for her spells.On her website it says that her spells are free and always will be so I got very suspicious about that. Not long after this I found Ashra and as soon as I emailed her and she replied I know she was real and I knew she was genuine.I am so pleased to be here working with Ashra, she is the best.
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I found Ashra whilst browsing Xara’s web page. Ashra’s name popped up and Immediately visited the forums as well joined. At that time my lover returned but didn’t last long. I contacted Ashra in August last year when he officially broke up with me(again). Ashra is awesome.
Hey guys!!!! I hope everyone's doing good and having a nice day. I had a really pretty touch times to go through and I was in desperate need for help and I found Xara and she is such a fake, I tried her twice by going to her website and trying a few spells like the love spell, marriage spell, eye color changing spell etc nothing works! It says on her website that she does these spells for free and that she will never charge someone or scam someone and even there's something written about other's pretending to be her, To be honest I don't think that someone will and she should have probably made that up to fool others, some who even reached out to her through Facebook got scammed and they lost their money. Don't trust Xara, she is not real. Her website reviews are completely fake and automated. She has too much ads on her website too, and it is made colorful to attract others.
Hello all

It was suggested that we use a completely different name on here so I used Sky...a name associated with the lover I am trying to gain back, an RP thing honestly. Before really replying I hope everyone's spells are successful and that you achieve your happiness like I am trying to acquire

About Xara... Failure to see results and skepticism that her spells were phony is what actually led me here to Ashra. I am new to her site and have been spending the past few days trying to divulge in her info on everything, to see about her helping with my situation. I am not purchasing quite yet as my situation is slightly complicated and I will be purchasing the highest powered spell I can afford after Christmas is over :laugh:. Most likely two honestly, for best results and to cover all bases once I figure out which ones are best. I have contacted her on here a couple of days ago and haven't recieved a reply yet...but she's a busy lady from what I gather so I am remembering to be patient.

Anyways, I never have attempted to contact Xara directly and from all of your replies on here I am glad I haven't. Ashra's spells seem much more legitimate, professional, and CHEAPER $400+ just for one spell, yikes. Xara’s site hasn't even been working for me after the last time I used it, maybe a week if that ago, which is another cause to me being here. Ashra practically reeks of professionalism and I am very glad I stumbled upon her already from peeking at some forums. Looking forward to chatting with you all and cheering for your success!
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Xara was a complete waste of time for me, I was visiting her website for months requesting the love spell but of course nothing changed. I am so pleased I discovered Ashra because I was starting to believe that spells and psychics do not exist but I was proven wrong. Ashra is the only spell caster I would trust and only psychic I would listen too. Stay clear of Xara she is fake and a complete waste of time.
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Hey guys!!!! I hope everyone's doing good and having a nice day. I feel so ashamed that I believed in Xara and that I was tricked by her website, I kept trying many of her spells many times hoping that it will show something or improve my situation but I was only wrong. Xara Beatrice Matsagou’s website is very computerized and automated and it's not real. Those spells are free only because she isn't even casting them, we were all just trusting her and getting fooled by her. She really did hurt many of our feelings when we were in pain, but I feel blessed that I found Ashra later on, she's the best.
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I had looked at “her” website and that was a red flag. the way it was set up was the way a 10 year old would and I couldn’t understand a damn word on there because if that Roman written bulls**t! And the “her” picture. That is obviously a stick photo I see that same photo with that big a** watermark in the front of the girls face. I’m really not trying to be rude I’m sure some of you are really awesome people but if you think that after you submit and you think something would happen. Then your nuts. I hated saying that but it’s obvious. Bless you all!
Hello, people how is everyone from all over the world! Today is a new day, hope you are all feeling better! I am so glad that I am done going onto Xara's website, www.changeyourlifespells.com
, as it was a waste of my time! I have been trying on Xara's websites for months, but I realized later that none of her spells actually work! From a long time searching for a real spell caster, I finally found Ashra! :inlove::inlove:
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I am new here but I'm glad I know the truth about the changeyourlifespells and the fake reviews plastered all over her page. I too have tried using that website but never saw any results. I am trying to get Ashra's help but I understand she is busy. I was too trusting because I thought Xara spells would actually work. I did get back together with my ex but I think it's because of me. I have tried almost all of the spells on Xara's website and I think its just a coincidence my ex came back.
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Hi, It seems like there are quite a number of people who came across that site and I have to admit that was the site www.changeyourlifespells.com. I came upon when I was looking for fast love spells. However, I soon found it highly suspicious that Xara offers spells to change the color of your hair and eyes.

I mean, even I can tell that those kind of things are out of the boundaries of magic.. I found it even more peculiar that there were some testimonials on that site about those spells. Could they possibly be writing fake testimonials? I just did not get what was happening..:laugh:

Also, there was one time that I happened to notice a testimonial that wasn't in a favor for Xara and guess what happened next? That testimonial disappeared later...

Now I know better how to get across fake spell casters and their sites..
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Hello Alysses! How are you doing? Did Xara change her profile picture on the website? I wonder whose photo she stole from the google stock :laugh:. She is really out of her mind. She thinks we don't know that everything she wrote on her fake website is all set up. I agree with you. There is no use going back and forth to her page because we won't get anything but dissapointment. I did try her spells and end up getting hurt after knowing that she is a scammer. Shame on you Xara! You deserve nothing but karma.
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Hello everyone and everybody! I think Xara Beatrice Matsagou is a scam because when you go on her page first thing you going to see how she talked about she is a real spell caster and she will help I went on there just to try it out. She said she will cast my spell at midnight, but the next day her spell didn't work. I was thinking about what she said, but her spell didn't not work at all she is a scam. Happy new year and have a blessed day don't get caught drinking and driving on the roads be safe.
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Any spell caster that is not Ashra Koehn is a scam, to be frank with everyone.:wtf: She is the only true gift to magic in my eyes at this point, anyone else I tried to work with. Took all my hope, patience and money and threw it out. I cannot wait until I'm apart of more of her anniversaries to come.
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Hello, people how is everyone from all over the world! Today is a new day, hope you are all feeling better! Hi, @INSEO HWANG! How are you doing today? Have you tried working with Xara's spells before? If you have that is good that you found @Ashra because she is an amazing spell caster! I am glad to hear you that you found @Ashra! Everyone here is here for you! :inlove::inlove:
hello, this is khaleelah. I found Xara back in 2009, like some of you, I to was mislead and lied to by Xara. I thought she could really grant me my wish when it came to casting spells. I tried her money windfall spell thinking it would help with my money problems, but nothin came to fruition. the reviews on her website are so believable and I cannot believe I fell victim to this wicked con artist.
I am totally agree that Xara Beatrice Matsagou website is not real. She is my first spell caster that I seeking for help. In the beginning I saw the website says that Xara offers free spells for people and it sounds attractive for me because I am lack of money. I am also read the reviews, many of them are positive. These specialities increases my believe to her and build an good image about her. I spent a few weeks at her website, but I saw nothing happen and no mirracles. I feel weird and decided to search other websites, I found that many people prove that Xara is not a real spell caster. I am quite dissappointed. I am happy and grateful that I finally found a real and genuine spell caster, Ashra. I am satisfied with her spells because I did saw some signs and dream of my lover. I will never ever find Xara's helps again. She is wasting my time and brings no hopes for me.
Hey you guys! I hope you all had a good day today :)
changeyourlifespells.com was the very first website that I found when I first started looking for real love spells and spell casters online that were free in 2014. I tried Xara’s love spell, break up spell, money spell, and marriage spell. Each time I tried her spells none of them ever worked for me. Pretty soon I finally realized that Xara wasn’t a real spell caster. I’m so glad that I found Ashra’s website again and I finally gave her a chance. Ashra is a real spell caster and all of her spells really work. I hope that more people will find out about Ashra and get her help before they get tricked by someone like Xara.
Hello there everyone i hope that you guys are doing just fine today. Well, I do have experiences with Xara and boy girl, trust me they were not pretty at all. I spent like the entire month and many weeks waiting for results only to find out that she was fake as the used picture on her website. I was desperate by that time and yes. I thanked god that I finally know how fake she is after discovering a real spell caster (Ashra Koehn) and i am very grateful for her
Am glad that you are sharing this information. I am in love with my ex and I want him to come back so we can live happily ever after. He is a great guy and I need help to get him back. Am waiting to get a reply back from Ashra's. Does the love spell really work to bring your lover back?
I am so glad I didn't use this xara person... But sadly I used other people that messed with me and I've spent nights pondering about how stupid and ignorant I was with my money. Now I'm being more safe and I've actually kept in contact with @Ashra and she's helped me stay calm throughout this process.
Hello everyone! I hope you all have a good day today :)
I hope that no one else comes across Xara’s website. She isn’t a real spell caster and her spells have never worked for anyone. She was the very first “spell caster” that I found back in 2014 when I first started looking for real love spells and spell casters online that were free. I tried her love spell, break up spell, money spell, and marriage spell. Each time I tried none of those spells ever worked. Hopefully more people will find out about Ashra and get her help. Unlike Xara, Ashra is a real spell caster and all of her spells actually work.
Hello everyone! I'm new to this website. And I'm glad that I found it. I've tried all these other websites to get help with bringing me and my boyfriend closer and nothing has happened. I recently used Xara's website because she offers free spells and it sounded good because I'm strapped for cash after paying all these fake spell casters for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! And of course, I got scammed again. My spell from Xara was supposed to be cast at midnight that night and I'm still waiting for my results. By reading all of the reviews for @Ashra, I know I've made the right chose.
Hello, nice to meet you!!! How are you? Xara Beatrice Matsagou was also the first spell caster I’ve worked with because I was looking for free spells as well, but I soon found out she was a fake. It took me awhile to finally realize that her spells don’t work. Xara only entertains people, she doesn’t actually make people’s dreams come true. Ashra Koehn on the other hand, actually tries to make people’s dreams come true and thousands of people have already had success with Ashra’s spells. That tells you something about Xara. Xara is a big fat liar and an entertainer. Ashra Koehn is a blessing and our last hope! :)
Xara was a complete waste of time none of her spells ever worked and I wasted months going on her website getting the love spell. I tried to contact her through Facebook and she replied charging me for her spells which I thought straight away was suspicious as it says on her website her spells are free and always will be.I never ended up paying her thankfully and not long after I found Ashra which I am so grateful for <3
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